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Born: November 08, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 7
Affiliation: Azhi Dahaka Mail Replies Sent: 77
Home City: Los Angeles Mail Sent: 10
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11/20/18 at 10:09 pm
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 My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
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Darius Rayne

Autumn Summers


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Livia Vlcek

Dexter Gein

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Los AngelesLife after Death
Created by Will Summers
Sophia Noire 11/10/18 Sophia was late, but at least she was making her way to doing it. Trying to find the one named Will was difficult because well.. it wasn't like she knew everyone to begin with. Finally down a random hall, a face that she didn't recognized or even think she'd seen before. That MUST be her! "So! I was just going to say welcome! Since you're kind of new around here..." What if this wasn't the right person. This could be bad. "Uh.. if you're the wrong person.. just pretend you heard nothing and that I'm not wrong. And um.. welcome anyways!"
Genesis 11/10/18 You managed to break out Will Summers.
"Quickly, they'll catch on soon enough." ~sneaky grins~
Dexter Gein 11/09/18 Welcome the gang.
Adam Frankenstein 11/09/18 Welcome!
Livia Vlcek 11/09/18 *blinks* I...I'm flattered. But, uh, I've made this deal with myself that I wouldn't have any more relationships.
*ponders* I mean, if there's no strings attached, then you know, I'm down.
Genesis 11/09/18 Welcome to Azhi. I call dibs on all explosives and Livias underwear drawer!
Autumn Summers 11/08/18 The fear in her sister's voice tore at Autumn's heart, but she could not afford the distraction. Will needed her, and that was that.

"Darling, you have nothing to apologize for. Listen to me, I'm coming to you and we'll have time to talk then. We will talk about everything, I promise you."

Fingertips tapping on a keyboard could be heard over the line. "Right now I am booking you a room at The Culver Hotel. Anything you need, charge it to the room, yes? I'm also going to send a car to find you, even if they have to drive the whole goddamn street. Twice. I'm be there as soon as possible, love, but I need you to get to the hotel and stay there until I arrive. The Culver Hotel on Culver Boulevard. Can you remember that?"
Autumn Summers 11/08/18 The number had changed, of course, for various reasons. It took a bit of finagling but Autumn made sure calls and text messages were directed to the new number, just in case someone needed to find her and did not have the information.

An unknown number appeared on the screen of her phone and she debated allowing it to ring through to voicemail. She didn't care to deal with anything other than her current situation. Past experience, however, told her to answer.

So she did.

And got a hell of a surprise.

"Will? Hey, hey, I'm here." It didn't matter how long their separation was or why, she'd always be there for her siblings. "Calm down, love, I need you to focus and give me details, anything to pinpoint your location. The screen says the number you're calling from is in Las Angeles in America. Look around and give me landmarks." Her words were quiet and calm, but firm.
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