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"I know where you are with my eyes closed. We are bound to each other with huge, invisible threads."
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Soleil Whitaker 06/24/17 Hmm, present?
-too distracted to ask-
-pulls her into a kiss-
After. Okay.
-serious heart eyes, is ridiculously in love-
Soleil Whitaker 06/24/17 -can only nod-
I love you.
-soft smile-
I really do. More than anything.
Soleil Whitaker 06/24/17 -hands automatically move to her hips-
-blinks at, clears throat-
Inside. Let's go inside.
-is so flustered-
Soleil Whitaker 06/24/17 -hums-
Uh huh. Great idea.
-gets distracted-
Wait. Wait... another kiss.
Soleil Whitaker 06/24/17 -huge grin-
You're everything to me, Rhiannon. I mean that.
-pauses to marvel at how beautiful she is-
I don't know how I got so lucky.
Soleil Whitaker 06/24/17 -wraps arms around her neck-
I always sleep well with you by my side.
-leans in for another kiss-
Was last night okay? I know it wasn't as, you know... exhilarating.
I just, I love you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/24/17 -all but dives into hot tub-
Hi baby.
-slides closer, plants wet, affectionate kiss to her lips-
Hot tub before 10? I'm here for it.
Soleil Whitaker 06/24/17 Darling Wife
Excuse me? You know I would've said yes had you told me about a hot tub beforehand.
I'll be there in 2.
Soleil Whitaker 06/24/17 Love of My Life
Where are you? I'll get the med kit, too.
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 -beams at-
Do you mean that?
-starts leading her up to bedroom-
You're mine, and I'm yours. Always.
-glances back at-
There's no one else in this world better suited for me than you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 -steps back, holds out hand-
Upstairs, then?
-clears throat-
I know it's a little more traditional than what we've grown accustomed to, but I...
-shuffles feet-
I wanna get close to you, feel all of you under my hands. I just... I love you so much, I want you to feel it.
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 I'm always missing you. But, it was really nice to just lay in your arms, you know?
-strokes her cheek-
You're my best friend.
-hooks fingers into her belt loops-
I wanna take my time with you tonight.
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 -lifts her onto washer-
-slips hands up her thighs-
I just want to love on you, babe.
-leans in close-
Is that okay?
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 -squeals-
I f*cking love you, woman.
-kicks legs-
And I think it should be my turn right now.
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 The movie can wait.
There's a pause button for a reason.
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 You're the cutest!
-is so smothered-
-can't help but grin-
Yeah, babe?
-prods own tummy-
What abs?
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 Chris Pratt glowed up from when he was on Parks and Rec.
-catches glimpse of him on tv-
He's a cutie regardless, but especially now... I can appreciate that he's a good-looking man.
-sits up and faces her-
-pulls her into a kiss-
Definitely not as good-looking as you, though.
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 -giggles-
-glances back at-
I just love you, that's all.
-cranes neck to plant a kiss-
Do you really like it? We can change it, if you want. I won't mind.
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 -settles into her arms-
-hums happily-
Honestly, it's one of my favorites.
-geeks out a little-
The CGI, the sound, the combination of genres. I don't understand how people can hate on it.
Okay, it's a little cheesy, but...
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 -nods-
Lemme pause it first, I actually want you to watch this with me.
-pulls her into slow kiss-
You'll appreciate the music. It's very you.
Is that okay?
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 -grins sheepishly-
I'm sorry, I can't help the words that come out of my mouth sometimes.
-rolls eyes-
It's tragic, I know.
-glances down at her hand-
That kind of lovin' might not get me to be quiet, though.
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 -fends off pillow-
Uh huh, they always come back.
I need to just stop talking.
-wraps arms around her tightly-
Please don't leave me. I love you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 You are soft. But, it's okay. I am, too.
I'm like baby poop. Soft and sh*tty.
-leans in for another kiss-
-pulls back to cackle-
I can't believe I just said that.
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 Babe. Margot isn't dead. I'm just not sure if she's here or at her new apartment.
Stop. You're gonna make me emotional.
-takes her face in hands, kisses all over-
I'm just so grateful for you, and for all that you do for me.
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 -pulls shirt off, too-
It's nice having the place to ourselves, no? Besides Margot, if she's still around.
-wraps arms around her, kisses top of her head-
D'you know how much I love you?
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 The first Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe?
-grins at-
I think you'll really like the soundtrack, at least.
-sets down coffee, sweeps her into arms-
To the couch!
-laughs loudly-
Soleil Whitaker 06/23/17 -yelps, almost drops cup of coffee-
Oh. Hey there.
-steals a kiss-
Movie marathon sounds like heaven to me. It's supposed to be crappy all day, anyways.
What're we gonna watch?
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 I know. I trust you.
-tilts head back to kiss her jaw-
You will always be cherished by me, as well. Always.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 -nods again-
-settles in her arms, sighs-
I listen to your heartbeat all the time, you know.
-closes eyes-
It's my favorite sound in the world.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 -nods-
And you're mine.
-parks car, takes keys out of ignition-
C'mon. Let's get you some ice cream.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 Not 'just fine,' Rhiannon. No one does it better.
I hope you know I mean that. And I'm not just talking about in bed, either.
-faltering smile, gives her hand a squeeze-
I know, I promise. I love you, too. Always.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 It's alright, I shouldn't have said anything.
-waves idly-
Large mouth. Little forethought. You and I both know.
-brushes thumb over her knuckles-
Love you too.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 Wow, okay. I was kidding.
-blinks, runs free hand through hair-
I mean, I don't know how else to prove to you that I only want you, forever. No one makes me feel the way you do.
-steals a quick glance at, returns gaze to road-
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 Oh, like it's a chore.
-rolls eyes-
I can get the job done myself if it's such a burden.
-smirks, knows that won't fly-
I'd be getting ice cream, regardless of whether or not I earned it.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 I hope Nancy was watching.
You know she only asks because she's secretly into it.
-rests hand over hers-
Either that, or she needs to live vicariously through us.
Anyways, ice cream?
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 -slips into driver's seat, snorts-
Yeah, babe. That's one way to put it.
-buttons shorts back up-
Do you think we could get kicked out of the neighborhood for that?
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 I'm not the one who has trouble with staying quiet.
-reaches around to cop a feel-
-grins wickedly before shifting closer-
-is so here for it-
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 Here.
-presses firm kiss to her neck-
Right now.
-lowers voice-
I dare you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 -wraps legs around to keep her close-
It wasn't a challenge.
-leans in, whispers something in her ear-
-pulls back-
Don't think I won't, either.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 -squeaks-
-spins around, swats at her hands-
Rhiannon, public setting.
-leans against car-
At least if you're gonna do that, give the neighbors a good look.
-takes her by the waist, pulls her into fervid kiss-
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 Rhiannon
Meet you out front.
I love you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 Rhiannon
Since when did you start asking for permission again?
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 Rhiannon
Mhm, that's what I thought. ;)
Yes, please. I'll drive?
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 Rhiannon
Excuse you.
If my memory serves me correctly, you used it last.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 Rhiannon
We're out of whipped cream....
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 -yelps-
-kicks legs-
Put me down.
Yes to ice cream, though. Yes to the other thing, too.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 -stumbles closer-
-tangles fingers into her hair-
Flex all you want, gorgeous.
-pulls her back into a slow kiss-
I'm yours.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 If? No, when we retire.
-leans against desk-
We'll retire to Paris. How about that?
-arches brow-
You can take advantage of me any time you'd like, darling. You know that.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 -blushes-
-leans in to kiss her on the cheek-
Do you know how much I love you?
-grins back at-
A beach house? Already planning for retirement, babe?
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 -saunters in-
Hey babe.
-wraps arms around her from behind-
If you've been procrastinsting so much, how come you asked for a distraction?
-kisses her shoulder, slips off to the side-
Lemme see what you're working on?
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 You Can't Blame Me
Well, I know that. I was asking if you were working on something in particular.
Dogs are fed, want me to bring anything up?
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 Not Jealous, Just Territorial
I'm not worried, babe. I just hate when men think they're entitled to a pretty woman. Like, f*ck off.
Whatcha up to?
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 Rightfully Protective
"Two women treating themselves to a night out. Maybe next time you'll let me take you?"
The look on his face when I told him you're my wife was priceless. Nothing better than crushing a male ego..
I'll be up as soon as I feed the dogs.
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 Rhiannon
Still not over how blatant our waiter was in flirting with you.
I wanted to kill him.
I should've killed him. 😡
Soleil Whitaker 06/22/17 Later.
-leans in for one more kiss-
-ushers her toward Mustang-
Now, let's go. This restaurant has three Michelin stars, so It took hella long to get a reservation.
Winter Summers 06/21/17 Rhiannon
Okay love of my life when you say everything do you literally mean everything?
Or just the important stuff?
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 -big smile-
I love you, too.
-follows a few steps, then pauses-
-pulls her close, dips, presses a firm kiss to her lips-
C'mon. We're gonna be late if you don't hurry that perfect ass of yours up.
Winter Summers 06/21/17 Rhiannon
Video scrapbooking?
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 -gapes-
Holy sh*t, babe. You're a vision.
-slips arms around her waist-
I have to take you out now. Just so I can show the world that you're mine.
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 Rhiannon
Front hall in 5, then?
I'm ready to show you off. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 Rhiannon
Have you seen my heels? The black pumps I wore last time we went out?

Are you almost ready to go? Also, I love you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 -blinks-
-is... weirdly too turned on to fight for control-
Babe. New weight training. Good.
-great at complete thoughts & sentences right now-
-definitely flustered-
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 -arches brow-
Excuse me?
Whatever happened to being polite?
-sits up, slips shirt off-
You're lucky you're cute when you're angry.
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 -grasps her wrists, pins her arms to the mattress-
It's my show right now.
Part of it, at least.
-wicked grin-
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 Up to you.
-peppers her with more kisses-
Less to take off when we get home, though.
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 -glances at the clock-
I have a few minutes before we need to start getting ready.
-slow, lingering kiss-
Wear something nice tonight. Like that gorgeous red dress.
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 How about we skip Broadway?
-leans in close-
We can get dressed up for dinner, come back here, and put on our own show?
-nips at her neck-
Because you know I always want you, Rhiannon.
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 I know, I didn't forget.
-stands, walks around to her side of the bed-
I made a reservation at Eleven Madison Park for tonight, and then I figured we could catch a show.
-pushes her back into bed, straddles her hips-
As for the issue of me not wanting you...
-pins her arms down-
Well, you know that's simply not true.
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 -scowls-
-is not in the mood to be f*cked with-
Fine, you do those things. I'm gonna go look into applying to school.
-presses chaste kiss to corner of her mouth-
-moves to get up-
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 Holy f*ck.
-clears throat-
Sorry. Uhm... wow.
-squeezes affectionately-
Can I see? Please?
Winter Summers 06/21/17 Rhiannon
Oh ho so you are one of those types eh?
tsk tsk!
But fear not! I got your back!
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 -keeps grinning-
Lemme prove that I have self-control?
-peppers her with kisses-
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 -wide eyes-
A present? What kind of present?
-toothy grin-
The sexy kind?
Winter Summers 06/21/17 Rhiannon
Oh my god you two are adorable!
So keeping this picture like oh my god!
I totally will! I will ask all the questions!
Okay maybe not all the questions I'd have to call for that and I hate how my voice sounds on the phone!
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 I can see that.
-snickers, tangles fingers in her hair-
-smiles against her lips-
God, I love you. Do you know that?
-pulls her into another kiss-
I can't get enough of you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 -practically sprints up the stairs-
I'm here. I'm here.
-dives into bed, proceeds to kiss her all over-
I missed you on our walk this morning. The dogs were... excitable.
Soleil Whitaker 06/21/17 Rhiannon
Successful shopping spree, if I do say so myself.
Shame about that black lace bra, though - totally my fault.
Taking Fish and Luna for a walk, pick up coffee on my way home?
I love you, wife of mine.
Winter Summers 06/20/17 Beautiful
You got another dog!?
What kind!?
What Gender!?
And yes to the baby!?
For real real not for play play?
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 Is there something you wanted to get?
-bumps foreheads together gently-
-is totally into the groping, but won't play along-
My treat. Anything you want.
-pauses, squints at-
Within reason.
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Rhiannon
I think this was Halloween. :/
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Rhiannon
This is Sol we're talking about. Perfection is his thing.
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Rhiannon
WTF is this?
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Rhiannon
I've never actually googled him.
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Rhiannon
That's the one.
And he's better looking than Tom. Just saying.
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Rhiannon
Stay away from Solomon.
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Rhiannon
Sorry, sweetie. I like the real deal.
Means real man bits.
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Rhiannon
I like men.
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Rhiannon
Yoga? Yoga is for sexless homebodies.
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Rhiannon
You made the switch. Clearly, you enjoy the abuse.
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Rhiannon
Oye. Knees to f-cking chest, new girl.
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 -shrugs-
I dunno. I have to buy you a new scarf.
-steals another kiss-
I just felt like going shopping today.
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 -yelps-
-catches her by the waist-
-pulls her into a kiss, then guides her out the door-
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 Rhiannon
Hurry up.
I miss you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 Rhiannon
Babe, no.
You know exactly how I like it. ;)
You almost ready?
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 Rhiannon
Excuse me. I don't abuse you.
All your bruises are hickies. You know I don't like being that rough in bed.
And you know I'd never lay a hand on you. :/
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 Rhiannon
You still like me though, right?
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 Rhiannon
Take your time. I have tea in a travel mug for you, when you're ready. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 Rhiannon
Wanna go shopping?
I'll get you that Hermès, too.
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 Oh, good. You're starting to accept that I have the natural tendency to bite.
-flashes teeth-
Can't leave room for people to doubt who your wife is.
-winks, then steals a kiss-
-flips over, straddles her hips-
I'll get you anything you want, my darling.
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 Keep that in mind for when I'm done with you.
-smirks against her neck-
I think the forecast will be cold enough in the coming days for you to wear a scarf.
I'll even run out and buy you an Hermès one as consolation.
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 -presses a lingering kiss to her lips-
You know I love you, babe.
-pulls her closer-
And you know that I always want you.
-trails kisses down her neck and across collarbones-
You don't have to like me right now.
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 -catches her around waist before she can get up-
No, I said when you're cooking.
-pulls her back into bed-
Stop. I like you just like this.
-nips at her neck, hums-
I want you, you know I do.
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 You could burn yourself. Be so careful.
-wandering hands-
I don't like that you cook naked. I mean, I do. But, you could hurt yourself. And that...
I don't like that.
I just love you. I love you a lot.
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 Where did your clothes go? Did you make waffles naked?
-is so concerned-
-gets distracted-
-hands immediately go to her hips-
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 Rhiannon
Wow, babe. Eloquent.
I like all those things too, especially with you.
So, hurry up!
Soleil Whitaker 06/20/17 Rhiannon
It is 6:45, my darling wife.
Big ass waffles or not, I have no intention of getting out of bed for at least another 15 minutes.
How about you bring that ass of yours back upstairs so I can hold it?
... you. I meant, hold you. 😬
Winter Summers 06/20/17 Rhiannon
Note I will also be excited with a new pet but not nearly as excited!
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 -presses kiss to her head-
We're gonna be alright, beautiful.
-runs fingers through her hair-
Everything works out in the end. Right?
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 -wraps arms around her shoulders-
He'll be alright for the time being, darling.
-kisses her cheek-
I'm sure it's just as hard for him as it is for us to say goodbye. But, soon. Okay?
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 I know, baby. 30 minutes might as well be 30 seconds.
And saying goodbye isn't getting any easier. But, we have to be patient.
-gives her hand another reassuring squeeze-
It'll be worth it, Rhiannon. Don't you think?
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 -cackles-
Babe, Jesus.
-leans forward-
You can't fight Susanne because she's the woman who decides. We need to maintain a healthy, working relationship with her if we want Wilson to come home.
-amused smirk-
You'd kick her ass, too.
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 Aw, babe.
-squeezes her hand-
We're all gonna be great together. Think of how well he got along with Fish and Luna. How natural he looked here.
-soft smile-
There's no one else in this world I'd rather do this with.
-glances down at plate-
Anyways, new subject. Potatoes.
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 -looks down at hands, brushes thumb over her knuckles-
Thank you for dinner.
-beams at-
This is wonderful. I didn't think it could get much better, but just thinking of having Wilson home with us is...
-shakes head-
I can't even begin to describe how good it's going to feel. Even if the fridge is stocked with juice and finger foods.
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 Just like you ha... hah, yeah.
-blinks, clears throat-
-hops down, grabs fruit salad-
Meet you out there, then.
-pads away-
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 You sure you don't need help with...
-beckons to rest of food-
Plating or whatever?
-cups her cheek, leans in close-
I love you, wife of mine.
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 Argentinian.
-pulls out bottle-
Catena Zapata?
-shrugs, pours two glasses-
It was recommended to me.
-hops up onto counter, wine glass in hand-
Anything I can do to help?
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 Steak? God, I adore you.
-moves to get wine glasses-
Good thing I picked up a bottle of Malbec earlier.
-steals a kiss while slipping by-
Back patio?
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 Rhiannon
You know the answer to that.

-trots into kitchen-
-immediately wraps arms around her from behind-
-kisses her shoulder, slips of to the side to observe-

Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 Rhiannon
No, babe. I promise.
I'm just taking a second to regroup.
I'll be downstairs in a sec.
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 Rhiannon
I'm not being bashful. I just need a second, okay?
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 -clears throat-
-brow furrows-
I mean, I understand.
-cups her chin, pulls her into a slow kiss-
I'm yours.
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 -mumbles-
You only want me for my body.
-is still nodding-
Yes please. You can take your time, too.
-toothy grin-
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 -is mildly offended-
No. I need you. I don't need the dogs.
You're not going anywhere without me, babe. It's you and I. Always.
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 -grins back-
If we were on a sinking ship, and someone yelled, "grab two things you love!" I guarantee the first thing you'd go for is my boobs.
-snorts, shrugs-
And I'd be okay with it.
-doles out more affection-
I'd grab you and the nearest... dog, maybe?
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 -pulls close, presses kiss to her hair-
I can handle that, yes.
-has serious heart eyes-
You know that I love you though, right? Like, you know I'm crazy about you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 You know you love me regardlesa of...
-swallows hard-
Oh. Okay.
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 -leans in for a tender kiss-
I know, darling wife. I just wanted to hear you say it.
I like the way it sounds. Almost as much as I do when you say 'I love you.' But not quite.
-brushes her hair back, presses gentle kisses to her face-
Your voice is my favorite in the world.
Winter Summers 06/19/17 Rhiannon
Oh should I?
What kind of news?
You finally found me the perfect man?
Are we getting another pet?
Are we finally getting the baby!?
Should I stop guessing?
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 Baaaaaabe.
-tries to grab her wrists-
Stop... stop tickling. It's not funny!
-flips over, pins her down-
Say you like me. Please.
Winter Summers 06/19/17 Beautiful
You could wear them if you wanted to!
I am sure they would make your ass look fan-f#cking-tastic!
They do mine!
Nah keep them there!
It give me an excuse to come back!
Not that I think I really need one but still!
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 -pouts, whines-
Say you like me!
-defends against onslaught of tickles-
Winter Summers 06/19/17 Rhiannon
I believe this time I left a pair of my briefs.
Silky rainbow?
Is the poor baby there?
One of my favorite pairs!
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 -wide eyes-
-totally unapologetic-
I'm kidding, babe. You're good for much more than just sex.
-more kisses-
Pancakes, for example.
-buries face into her neck to prevent getting slapped-
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 -wraps arms and legs around-
I love you.
-nuzzles, grins up at-
Thank you for coming to cuddle with me.
-kisses her jaw-
I missed you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/19/17 Rhiannon
Come back to bed, wife of mine.
I want to love on you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 -sniffles-
-heart eyes-
-takes her face in hands-
Babe. F*ck, I'm so crazy in love with you.
-long, slow, loving kiss-
To wake up next to you every morning is the greatest honor I could ever possibly fathom. You're the love of my life, you're the reason I'm here. You're the best to and for me, and I will never have the words to sufficiently express what you mean to me.
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 -blinks at-
-wraps arms around her shoulders tightly-
Yes. Of course. A wedding.
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 Lucky you're stuck with me, then.
-threads fingers through her hair, pulls her in for a kiss-
You and I. Always. You promised.
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 Oh, I understand. I welcome it, even.
-sly grin-
You know I can't get enough of you, woman.
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 I'm gonna take a bite, regardless of what you order. Marriage is just glorified food sharing.
Leave enough room for dessert, babe.
... both kinds of dessert, if you know what I mean.
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 -snorts-
Sure, babe. Whatever you say.
-toothy grin-
Whatcha feeling for dinner? I'm torn between pasta and that swordfish that looked good the last time we went.
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 You said that last night.
How'd that go for you?
-huge, unabashed smirk-
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 -hums-
Becco. Perfect.
Either. Although, I could go for some good wine tonight. Let's see what they recommend?
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 I'm showing you off. Period.
-sticks tongue out at-
Mhm, that sounds like a good idea. Dinner, though. You'll need the fuel.
-smirks, kisses her knuckles-
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 You're biased. Terribly, terribly biased.
-pulls her close, kisses her all over-
But, you're good to me.
-huge smile-
You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life. Can you blame me for wanting to show you off?
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 -blinks at-
-trots upstairs to get dressed-
-is ready in practically 2 seconds-
-so eager-
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 The happiest, and the most wholesome.
-hums happily-
I don't know how I got so f*cking lucky. You're a blessing.
-just stares at, so lovingly-
Let's go on that walk. Then we can come home, and I can stare at you for a little while longer. Okay?
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 -beams-
Yeah? Nice.
Like you said, Aunt Margot will be a big help, too.
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 Was it okay?
I just wanted to love on you.
-smiles at-
-so soft-
I think they think we'll be more... tame when Wilson comes home. Jokes on them, right?
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 -rests hands on her thighs-
Yeah? What's gotten you so distracted, then?
Do you ever wonder if the neighbors think they're living next to rabbits?
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 Good answer.
-flips around, lifts her onto counter-
Waste of good pancakes, but good answer, anyways.
-leans in for a kiss-
We should go on that walk we skipped last night.
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 Pancakes?
-beckons to food-
Don't you always have a craving for pancakes? They're you're favorite...
-pauses, snorts-
Second? Second favorite thing to eat.
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 -yelps-
-automatically drapes arms over her shoulders-
You could've woken me up, you know.
-arches brow-
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 -chokes-
-swats at-
It is first thing in the morning. Could you at least wait until I'm awake?
-is totally there for it anyways-
Soleil Whitaker 06/18/17 -pads into kitchen, wrapped in a blanket-
Good morning, beautiful.
-quick peck in the cheek-
Early Sunday, huh?
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -involuntary whimper-
You've gotta let me drive, babe.
-wraps arms around her waist-
In a minute, though. It feels good to have you this close.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 We'll swing by a liquor store on the way home.
-moves hands to her hips-
I'd say we could pick some up now and drink it, but I have to drive.
But, after for sure.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -squints at-
I've been reduced to 'hot piece of ass' wife.
Alright, I can work with that.
-tugs her head back gently, presses lips to her neck-
Where does 'woman with incredible stamina' fit in?
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 Wife, first. Warm body, second.
And then the person who makes you pancakes in the morning form time to time.
-threads fingers through her hair-
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 Damn right you my wife.
-is such a f*ckboy-
-definitely just ruined a moment-
Damnit. I have to stop doing that.
-can't help it, grins sheepishly-
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 You make me so indescribably happy, Rhiannon Whitaker.
-0 to hella mushy in like, 3.5 seconds-
You are all I want in this life, and in any other lives I may ever live.
-stares in awe-
You're breathtaking, my god.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -almost immediately pulls over-
-then practically pulls her over center console-
I need you in general. And not just in the physical way.
We were made for eachother.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -grins-
Ugh, I love the way you think.
How'd I get so lucky, huh?
-heart eyes right back-
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -leans over at red light for a kiss-
Is it bad that part of me wants to skip straight to champagne in Central Park?
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 Huh? Yeah.
-just can't stop thinking about kissing her-
I'm good, promise.
-laces fingers together-
-kisses her knuckles-
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -blinks-
Movies, and then champagne. Yes.
-touches lips-
Definitely champagne.
-can't think-
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -soft smile-
-strokes her cheek affectionately-
One more kiss. Then, we can go.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -wraps arms around her shoulders-
I love you, Rhiannon.
-whispers against her hair-
So much.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -so smug-
It's alright, babe.
-takes her by the waist, presses her into side of car-
I know it was a test.
-quick kiss, winks-
I think I passed with flying colors.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 Good.
-presses slow, fervent kiss to her lips-
Now, keep quiet. I have just about 15 minutes until we have to head to the theater.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 Shh.
-slips hand under hem of dress-
Put my hand here.
Does this answer your question?
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 Boring?
-incredulous sideways glance-
We do not have boring, house sex.
-checks time-
-pulls into nearest gas station, drags her into bathroom-
Boring, you say. Really?
-pushes her against wall, leans in to leave a hickey-
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 Oh, I'll venture, thank you.
-sticks tongue out at-
Just in the confines of my own home, where I can't get arrested for public indecency.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -scowls-
I know you've taken charge of the laundry, but I also know that grass stains are a b*tch to deal with.
-squeezes her thigh-
Picnic blanket. That way when I put my hand...
-clears throat-
Nevermind. I don't want to get arrested.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -nods-
... you're gonna be my snack for later.
-glances over at-
Champagne and a moonlit stroll sounds like heaven. Central Park?
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 Sure. Snacks on me.
-slips into driver's seat, hand immediately goes to her thigh-
But, your mouth is going to be preoccupied. So, don't go too snack-crazy.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 A drive-in?
-arches brow-
Won't we have to put the top up, then?
-grins over at-
At least in the theater, we can hide in the very, very back.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -leans back into-
I love you, even if you're the biggest cheeseball in the world.
-leads her out the door-
Yeah, babe? What'd you decide, then?
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 Anything for you, darling.
-saunters down front hall to door-
Stop staring at my ass.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -squeaks-
Great, let's go.
-slaps her ass, smirks-
We can decide when we get to the theater.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -reaches up to cover her eyes-
Would you stop it? You're such a dork.
Wonder Woman sounds great, babe.
-brow furrows-
Unless you wanna see a trash movie and make out in the back?
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -blushes-
Rhiannon, stop.
-pulls her close, presses affectionate kiss to her lips-
I'm the lucky one, we've already discussed this.
-kisses nose-
What movie are we going to?
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -barrels down the stairs-
-sweeps her into arms, kisses her all over-
I love you, I love you, I love you.
-is literally a puppy-
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 Rhiannon
Yes please.
Come home quick, I miss you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 Rhiannon
Meet you in there. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 06/17/17 -can't complain-
-only nods-
I'm all yours, babe.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 That's more like it.
-kicks bedroom door closed-
-tosses her onto bed-
My turn first.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 We don't need to make up in order to have good sex.
-shoots a sideways glance at-
I think we manage just fine, Rhiannon.
-picks her up at top of the stairs-
-presses her into wall, kisses her neck-
I'd like to think that we have great sex, actually.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 ...oh.
-hops up, holds out hand-
Shall we, then?
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 No.
-runs hands up her back-
Right here. I'm too lazy and impatient to move upstairs.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 Rhiannon. How am I supposed to focus?
-puts hands on her hips, squeezes-
I mean, the cast is attractive, yeah. But, you...
-cops a feel-
You're simply exquisite.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -is already shirtless, too-
-puts food down, beckons closer-
C'mere, you. You're too far away.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -watches, amused and impressed-
God, I love you.
-shoves own handful of fries into mouth-
I dunno, she's not as perfect as you, though.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -plops down on the couch with wife in lap-
-grins proudly-
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -chokes-
Record? Huh.
Yeah, definitely. You're so smart, babe.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -hands her food, hops out of car-
You're so soft. Stop.
-opens passenger door because chivalrous AF-
-sweeps her off her feet and into arms-
I'm gonna carry you to the couch, and we're gonna have a cuddle puddle with Wendy and Wynonna.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -beams-
-waits until stop light to pull her into a slow kiss-
Don't cry. You'll make me cry, too.
-has been too soft lately-
C'mon, I'm starving. And a new episode of Wynonna is on.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -tries desperately not to get distracted-
I really f*cking love you, Rhiannon. Have I told you that lately?
-glances over at-
You're my best friend. The love of my life. All I could ever want and need.
-gets all mushy and sentimental-
Don't go anywhere, okay?
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -laces fingers together-
Next to you, of course.
-squints at the road-
And Kat Barrell.
-gives her hand a squeeze-
But, you're the hottest, for sure.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -sideways glance-
I bought you the 'stang.
And you only let me drive it because you think it's hot.
-reaches over to put hand on her thigh-
Don't deny it, I know you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 Rhiannon
Food's coming out now.

-slides into car with huge bag of food-
-leans over to kiss her cheek-
Adorable toddler, at least.

Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 Rhiannon
I'm next in line.
If you'd agreed to put shoes on, you could've come in with me.
Chocolate or vanilla frosty?
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 I don't 'put up' with you, babe.
-nips at her neck-
I love you. Now, shush. I have 18 minutes left.
-smirks, leans in for a kiss-
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 I'll prove you wrong.
-sets her on washer, reaches around for buttons-
I say 20 minutes, tops.
-wicked grin-
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 Huh? Oh. No reason.
-rubs forehead-
-slings her over shoulder, carries her down to laundry room-
I'll be quick, I promise. I want you more than I want food. Always.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -grabby hands after-
-groans, bumps forehead against wall-
-steps out after another minute-
-pads into bedroom-
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 You're a tease, but I love it.
-presses her into shower wall-
But, it's my turn.
-leans in, interrupted by loud stomach growl-
... oops?
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -eye twitch-
Why do you derive so much pleasure from teasing me?
-cups her cheek-
-presses slow, lingering kiss to her lips-
It's like you enjoy my suffering....
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -squeaks-
-squeezes affectionately-
I'm yours. And you're mine. Always. I wouldn't want it any other way.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -blinks-
-clears throat-
Yeah, I mean, I could...
I could definitely be into that.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -cups her cheek, leans in for another kiss-
I'm so in love with you, Rhiannon.
But, I'm gonna turn into a bear if I don't get some solid food in me.
-helps her off sink, nudges her toward shower-
-strips, steps in-
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -shrugs back-
-steps away to turn shower on-
We don't have to, then. I'm hungry, anyways.
-comes back, kisses her gently-
Later. I'll give your body a rest.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 I never said I wasn't.
-sets her down on bathroom sink-
-puts hands on her thighs-
I think... I think we have a couple extra minutes before Wendy's opens.
-is such a f*ckboy, doesn't care-
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -slings her over shoulder-
-smacks her ass, laughs-
So good that you're sore, huh?
-trudges to the stairs-
I love you, you know.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -wide eyes-
-smirks, almost high five's-
-holds her close, nuzzles-
Shower together? Like, actually shower because I'm hungry.
Mainly for food, right now.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 Shower, Wendy's, cuddles?
We can take our food to go, and cuddle up on the couch. Catch up on Wynnona?
-pulls her close-
Pretty sure I had my way with you on the kitchen counter last night.
Soleil Whitaker 06/16/17 -pads into kitchen, rubbing temples-
-notices empty Tito's bottle-
That was definitely full yesterday...
-looks around-
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 -rolls eyes, swats at-
There was like, maybe a week between Wendy's and Nick's. You were pretty forward when we left the bar.
I'm gonna... I plead the fifth on that one.
-was waiting for a text, definitely checked phone every 5 minutes-
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 -feigns offense-
Rude. Thinking you could take advantage of an unsuspecting young woman like myself.
-fervent, lingering kiss-
I would've gone home with you, who am I kidding?
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 You weren't geeky!
-stifles a laugh-
You were... cute. And yeah, you walked into a couple things.
-bumps foreheads together gently-
You didn't make a fool of yourself, Rhiannon. But, I was a fool for you.
-brow furrows, thinks back-
You had a look on your face. You were going to f*ck with me at first, weren't you?
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 I love you. I've loved you from the second I saw you.
-laughs quietly-
I don't believe in love at first sight. But with you... I knew you were it.
-serious heart eyes-
I was made for you, and you for me. Yes?
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 I know, babe.
-presses lingering kiss to her forehead-
Well, we're here now, right? And this is the best life we can live together.
-holds her close, strokes her back affectionately-
You and I, Rhiannon. This is it.
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 No, no.
-waves idly-
You're right, babe. You two had real feelings for eachother. It's rude of me to trivialize and diminish that fact.
-takes her face in hands-
I shouldn't insult him. It's petty.
-leans in for a kiss-
I love you though, Rhiannon. Just know that, okay?
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 -blinks at-
I was actually trying to be nice.
I have other things I can call him, and they're not quite as... tame.
-weak smile-
But, you're right. I'm sorry.
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 Winter? Hmm, this is his home too, no? I mean, considering... things.
-grins sheepishly-
Babe, you have two - no, three dogs already. And plus, shrivel di-
-clears throat-
Callum needs at least one friend, you know?
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 -shrugs-
I suppose. I mean, I hate saying goodbye. But...
-plops into her lap, wraps arms around her neck-
Now we have the house to ourselves. Margot agreed to move into my apartment, we talked about it earlier today.
-kisses her cheeks-
This is going to be ours soon. Just us. And Wilson.
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 -trots out onto patio, copper mug in hand-
What about my ass, now?
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 Rhiannon
Yes please.
Imma make a Moscow Mule, want one?
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 Rhiannon
Are you upstairs?
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 Rhiannon
I don't think pastels compliment my complexion, babe.
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 Rhiannon
Social membership at a country club?
Wilson can swim, you can play tennis.
And I can be a country club wife. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 Rhiannon
A pool membership?? As in a public pool?
That's unsanitary. We can't let Wilson swim in that.
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 Rhiannon
Where would we put it?
Come say goodbye to Elouise.
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 Aw, babe.
-beams at-
You're so cute.
I love you, too. More than I could ever sufficiently express.
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 Well, the answer will always be yes. You should know that by now.
-reaches to cup her cheek-
I could never get enough of you, Rhiannon Whitaker.
-wicked grin-
Now, stop wasting time.
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 -eye twitch-
You know you always have consent, babe. You don't really have to ask.
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 Rhiannon.
-swats at-
Don't. You know I hate mind games.
-might actually be pouting for real-
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 You're a f*ckboy.
-snorts, tugs at her hair-
Unabashedly. But, I love that you are.
-slips out of shirt-
You only love me for my body.
-pouts jokingly-
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 I am capable of being quiet.
-arches brow-
But, why would I want to be?
-pulls into kiss-
What're you muttering about, babe?
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 Yes, you can. You know my body better than anyone, of course you can help it.
-slips hands under her shirt-
I know you're plotting, Rhiannon. I see right through you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 -arches brow-
Just a massage??
Sure, babe. But you know what those hands do to me.
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 Rhiannon.
-rolls eyes-
Jesus. How about we celebrate once El's gone? I'll be as loud as you want.
-leans in for a lingering kiss-
We can ask Margot to take a hike, too. If she's still here.
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 -pulls close, nuzzles-
Of course I do, babe.
-coy grin-
I think El's leaving today, so... we'll have the house back to ourselves.
-lowers voice-
At least until Wilson arrives.
Soleil Whitaker 06/15/17 Rhiannon
Are you, though?
Hurry up, I wanna kiss on you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 -keeps mouth shut-
Just... below the collar?
-looks up at-
Remember that we have caseworkers coming.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Rhiannon.
-wide eyes-
Elouise knows. We were just talking about how undeniable it is that I'm yours.
-squeaks, reaches for her wrists-
Babe. You don't need to prove anything.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 -nods, amused-
I can tell.
-brushes fingertips against her cheek-
I get distracted by you, too. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 -nods-
Of course, darling.
-pulls her up for a kiss-
Did you hear me, though? I love you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Oh my god, you're such a f*ckboy.
-rolls eyes-
-can't help but laugh, though-
But, you're adorable. So, I can't get mad.
-threads fingers through her hair-
I love you, you know.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 You know what else is soft?
-flips onto back, pulls her on top-
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 -pauses to look up at-
I know, babe. I trust you.
For the most part, all the bruises are healed.
-shifts to kiss her on the lips-
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Uh huh.
-too busy kissing her all over to respond properly-
Gently, sure. However you like, babe.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 -nods-
I know, babe. But, you're gonna taste better.
And I can take my time.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 -nods-
I know, babe. But, you're gonna taste better.
And I can take my time.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 You already know my answer, Rhiannon.
-leans down-
-grins wickedly-
And I know you knew you'd what you wanted in the end.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Babe, I...
-wide eyes-
Yeah. We can do that.
Won't it be messy, though?
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 I'm not angry, I just...
-gets distracted-
-clears throat-
Uhm, yeah.
-slips out of shirt and jeans-
As I was saying...
-squints, still distracted-
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Yeah, well...
-doesn't have a response-
-instead slings her over shoulder, carries her upstairs-
F*ck the ice cream.
-tosses her onto bed, immediately straddles her hips-
You may be right about the whole 'transcends time' thing, but me saying that I love you most and forever isn't stupid.
-brow furrows-
I mean it with all that I am, Rhiannon.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Aw. You're adorable.
-cups her cheek-
I love you most. I'll love you forever.
-pats her cheek gently-
Maybe I am ridiculous, but it's true.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 I was only gone for a bit, babe.
-glances back at-
I missed you too, though.
-turns around, drapes arms over her shoulders-
Love you even more.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Well, I take my time eating some things.
-winks at-
But, I can be quick here. Want some?
-starts scooping out two bowls-
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 -takes up grocery bag in arms-
-pouts while shuffling to bedroom-
I just wanted ice cream...
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 -squeaks-
-blinks at-
-clears throat-
B-but I got waffle bowls?
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Babe!
-calls out, trots into kitchen with grocery bag-
-dumps it all on the counter-
Ice cream's here.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Rhiannon
This is gonna be great.
Be home soon.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 OG F*ckboy

(Not Quite) OG F*ckboy
Should I get chocolate sauce and whipped cream too, then?

Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Rhiannon
Went out to get ice cream.
Rocky Road, or do you wanna try something different?
Text me back quick. I'm standing in the aisle like a moron.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Except your talking, darling.
-crooked grin-
I love you, regardless. Talking and all.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Stop.
-prevents more talking by tangling fingers into her hair, and pulling her into long, slow kiss-
Good thing you don't have to share me just yet, huh?
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Hi. I love you, too.
-presses foreheads together-
Forever, Mrs. Whitaker.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 I know people know you're mine, Rhiannon.
I don't leave much room for them to doubt.
-shifts up to kiss her once more-
But, a little reminder never hurt.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 I can stop, if you want.
-nudges with nose-
We can cuddle instead.
-is such a little sh*t-
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 You took too long to respond, so I went ahead and...
-presses a gentle kiss to a glorious new hickey below her collarbone-
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 -pauses-
Below the collar, then.
-looks up at, another wicked grin-
-slips hands under hem of her shirt-
Permission for free rein?
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 Cute isn't the word I'm looking for.
-flips over, pins her down-
There are certainly more fitting adjectives.
-leans in to nip at her neck-
I hope it's cold tomorrow. You're gonna need to wear a scarf.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 -squeaks-
-is thrown into bed-
-arches brow-
Well, c'mere, then.
-beckons over with a wicked grin-
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 -tsk's, rolls eyes-
I am too, but let's actually do what our wives think we're doing...
That made more sense in my head.
But, yes. That's what I meant.
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 -takes her face in hands-
-keeps her close-
I love you, too. With all my heart.
-leans in for another kiss-
Wanna go upstairs?
Soleil Whitaker 06/14/17 -swats at-
Babe, stop. You're making me emotional again.
This is all I've ever wanted.
-cannot stop grinning-
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -leans forward to press lips to hers-
We'll be lucky to have him, too. You're my blessing, he'll be our blessing.
We'll be better than fine, Rhiannon. We're going to be great.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -still bewildered by the notion of having a son-
We're going to be moms.
-sits, mouth agape-
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 Darling, she has a child of her own to worry about.
-pulls back into arms-
Wilson is our son...
-pauses, wide eyes-
Son. He's going to be our son.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 We're out of popcorn???
-gasps, leans away-
-eye twitch-
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 Babe.
-reaches up to thread fingers through her hair-
I'm not a criminal, never was. I mean, other than drugs and underaged drinking.
-presses lips to hers again-
I'll remind you tonight? In the shower, over the bathroom sink, on the edge of the bureau.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -tries to stifle uproarious laughter-
You were made to protect me, too.
How does it feel to know that you're married to, and have been housing a fugitive?
-tilts head down dramatically, quirks brow-
The things I've done to your body are worse than the things I've done in my past.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -waggles brow-
I'm still a bad ass, thank you.
I was never a money launderer, babe. I was too... irresponsible for that kind of thing.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 Only because you're the convert. Otherwise, you're nothing like her.
She's a b*tch, and she doesn't deserve Alex.
-reaches for Teddy Grahams-
Uh-huh, not a money launderer. Anymore.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 Why am I Big Boo?
-arches brow-
I thought of myself as more an Alex type...
OG lesbian, you know?
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -scoffs-
-subconsciously lifts hand to throat-
Not if you took charge like you did last night.
-peers over at-
You definitely have the crazy eyes.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -gets lonely while she's gone, pouts-
Aw, babe.
-beams, pulls her into slow kiss-
-then proceeds to shove Teddy Grahams into mouth-
I luh you.
I don't know, maybe? I feel like she's a toxic person.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -laughs-
Okay, sure.
-squeezes affectionately-
Can we just cuddle today? Maybe watch the new season of Orange is the New Black?
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 I love you, too. I love you, I love you.
-keeps muttering it over and over because soft af-
-wraps arms around her tightly-
There's no one better for me than you, Rhiannon.
-presses kiss to her hair-
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 That's not really my cup of tea, honestly.
-nuzzles gently-
I have a better idea, though.
-slips shirt off-
-lays back, pulls her on top of-
Don't be grumpy. Please.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 No.
-takes her hands-
At risk of being repetitive, you're all I need.
-leans in for a kiss-
You're lucky I heal fast.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 If you're ever ready, then.
-looks at earnestly-
Just know that your past means as much to me as mine does to you.
-drops forehead to her shoulder-
I know it's your job to protect me, but I'm not entirely defenseless. You, of all people, should know that because you know who I am, what I am.
I love you, Rhiannon. No matter what, I hope you'll always feel the same for me.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 We don't have to talk about it until you're ready.
-gets self-conscious about bruises-
-drops gaze-
Sad, kicked puppy. Something like that.
I didn't know I made you that angry last night.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 I don't look like a lost puppy.
-definitely does-
-leans into contact-
What's this?
-takes paper, gives quizzical look-
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 Rhiannon
I'm sorry I angered you last night, Rhiannon. I hope you know I was joking about therapy. It was callous, and I wasn't thinking. But, I meant it when I said that you're all I want and need. You're absolutely everything to me.

Pancakes and tea downstairs for when you wake up.
I love you.

Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -brow furrows-
That doesn't make se- oh.
-buries hands back in her hair, tugs-
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -tightens grip-
-stares right back at-
I was kidding about the therapist. We have no issues or problems to address.
-finally lets go, places hand over her heart-
No one else knows me the way you do. You are all I want and need.
-drops hand, chews on inside of cheek-
I'm sorry, Rhiannon. I didn't mean to insult you like that.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -wide eyes-
-is taken aback by the aggression, but is also kind of into it-
-takes ahold of her wrists-
Rhiannon. You know I love when you're assertive in bed, but I'm sensing something else is going on now.
-isn't letting go, either-
-arches brow-
I refuse to let you hate f*ck me right now, and then pretend everything is okay in the morning.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -nods emphatically-
Yes. Yes please.
-pulls her into desperate kiss-
I love you, Rhiannon. Innuendos and all.
-wraps arms around her neck-
Maybe we should start seeing a couples' therapist?
-gets distracted by her lips-
Right. Tomorrow. Discuss tomorrow.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -blinks at-
Rhiannon, I...
-hastily wipes away tears-
-panics, says first thing that comes to mind-
You're soft.
-absolutely knows tender moment is ruined, wtf-
Wow. Maybe I'm the issue, here.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -sighs-
Words aren't enough, you know?
-reaches up, strokes her cheek-
You're everything to me. And I just wanna be able to prove i to you, you know. Okay?
-small smile-
Always. Yes is always the answer.
Soleil Whitaker 06/13/17 -threads fingers through her hair-
I just love you, Rhiannon. And a lot of the time I feel like I don't have the words for it.
So, I try to show you. Not just through sex, obviously. But by being gentle and intimate. I just...
-shakes head-
I love you. That's all.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 I just, sometimes I try to have a tender moment with you, and it always backfires.
-frowns, tad bit grumpy-
I love you. You're adorable. But...
Eh, I don't know. I'm probably overreacting.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -grunts-
Why do you have to be like this?
-retrieves pj's from bureau, changes-
I'm going to get water, do you want anything?
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 The only thing I'm hurt by is your attempt at nautical puns.
-shuffles forward, laces fingers together-
Ditch the Captain's hat for tonight.
-cups her chin-
I just want you. Nothing else.
-presses a lingering kiss to her lips-
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -squints-
-points to the door-
Show yourself out.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -groans loudly-
-is tempted to put her down-
-trots upstairs instead-
You know, babe, I think...
-tosses her onto bed-
I think just for that, I'm steering this ship tonight.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -tries to ignore the cringeworthy pun-
We're gonna... I...
-rolls eyes-
-clenches jaw-
Sometimes, I wonder about you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -bites lip-
Yes please.
-stands, sweeps her up too-
To the bedroom, then?
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -sits up-
-leans in close-
Luna stays out of the bedroom until we're done.
-wraps arms around her waist-
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -smirks-
Hard to focus on anything else...
-swallows hard-
I love you.
-puts hands on her hips-
Do you know that?
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -snorts-
Jesus. No filter tonight, huh?
-slips shirt off-
Here, before you have another stroke.
We won't be able to do this when Wilson arrives...
-shakes head-
Sorry. Not the time.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -takes Luna, places her gently on the floor-
-pushes wife back again couch cushions, climbs on top of-
Rhiannon. I'm not doing anything without your total consent.
-leans down to kiss her gently-
If you want Margot to pay rent, then she pays rent.
-cups her chin-
Now, stop pouting. It's making my heart hurt.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 I own that apartment. I worked like a dog, played a couple shows to afford it.
-shrugs again-
I know we're not a charity, but I've displaced her. This is her childhood home.
-bumps foreheads together gently-
Least I can do is give her a place to live instead.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -rolls eyes-
I'm telling you, babe. It's no big deal.
-squints at-
We sit around in our underwear and watch Netflix all the time. Who are you to judge?
We don't put up with your sister, Rhiannon.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Babe.
-reaches for her hand-
I know she's a grown woman. But, think about it.
-gives her hand an affectionate squeeze-
It's no bigger than a shoebox. Total strangers have been renting it out for months now, it doesn't feel like home anymore.
I know Margot, at least. And I trust her.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -blinks-
That's... perfect.
-leans over to kiss her all over-
God, you're so smart.
I won't even make her pay rent. In fact, she can have it, if she wants.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -kisses Fish on the head, scratches behind Luna's ears-
The dogs will be fine. Wilson's gonna love them, too.
-purses lips, nods-
Yeah, I think Margot should know...
-arches brow-
-eyes widen, lowers voice-
Maybe she'll find her own place?
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 I think of lifetimes spent kissing you, Rhiannon.
-smiles back-
If I were so fortunate to come back to this world after I die, I'd find you. In whatever vessel you've taken. I'd know you in any form.
-knows it doesn't work like that, but can still dream-
I'm not so sure about that, but I'm certainly going to try. I already love Wilson, and we're still in the beginning stages of the adoption.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 No, no. No.
-takes her face in hands-
Babe, you haven't rushed anything.
-kisses her gently-
I just didn't have time. You know my past. It wasn't particularly conducive to time spent thinking about things like this.
I was too caught up in bad things to think of any future other than the next day. You know?
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 It's not self-doubt, babe. I promise.
I'm better about that, now. I just... I never thought I'd be here. I didn't have the time to think about getting married, about starting a family.
-closes eyes, sighs-
But, this feels so right.
-broad smile-
This is exactly what I've been waiting for.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Who the f*ck names their kid Eric?
Wilson Rhyland Whitaker. He's gonna be quite the guy.
-moons over-
I can't wait, babe. I really can't. I never thought...
-starts getting emotional again-
-shakes head-
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Maybe. But, I haven't gotten there yet. So...
-lifts hand to stroke her cheek-
This will have to suffice for now.
It'll be a change, for sure. That's why I'm trying to get in as much wife time as possible.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Wait, wait. One more minute.
-snuggles closer-
This is good. You and I.
-smiles happily-
This is my kind of heaven.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 What? Can't I just admire my wife?
-leans in to kiss her neck-
You're a vision, babe.
-lifts her off counter, trots into living room-
-plops down on couch-
Cuddle puddle?
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 You're perfect.
-rolls eyes-
Don't tell people I'm soft. Please.
-lifts her onto kitchen counter-
Lemme just look at you for a second, yeah. You're so beautiful.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 I'm sorry. I just... I love you, wife of mine.
-smiles at-
I'd like that a lot, actually.
-presses forehead to hers-
Can we snuggle with the animals, too?
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 False. You're an angel, Rhiannon.
-Eskimo kisses-
-gets all mushy and emotional-
You're the best for me. You're everything I could ever ask for, and more. The love you show me day in and day out baffles me because never in my life did I think I'd find something so pure.
-might be tearing up because soft-
I love you, babe. I'm glad that you're what I've got.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -shakes head-
I don't deserve many of the things you give me. I don't necessarily think I deserve you.
-steals another kiss-
But, good god, I am grateful.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -arches brow-
-pulls her close-
You're adorable, do you know that?
-tangles fingers into her hair, tugs gently-
Not as delicious as you, my darling.
-plants long, slow, lingering kiss to her lips-
Last night was beyond words.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Babe, oh my god. Are you okay?
-serious heart eyes, thinks she's so cute-
Here, breakfast.
-grins at-
Work on anything good?
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 -saunters in, tea and croissant in hand-
Good morning, beautiful.
-kisses her cheek-
I missed you. Did you sleep okay?
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Rhiannon
Of course not. Even if they did, I only have eyes for you.

Parking. Office or bedroom? Or kitchen.

Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Rhiannon
I'm moving as fast as I can!
Seems like everyone and their mother had the same craving as I did. Rhiannon
On my way back. Finally.
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Rhiannon
Aw, babe. You're so cute.
I love you, too. More, most, always.

I'm in line. I miss you.
Can't wait to come home.

Winter Summers 06/12/17 Rhiannon
Your wife is very attractive it's true plus that personality! She is the whole package!
You are my hero!
And thank you!
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Rhiannon
What, why? Are you okay?
I'm turning around.
Winter Summers 06/12/17 Rhiannon
What is that not enough?
I thought 20 was pushing it!
I do not! I understand jigsaws puzzles can take forever!
Unless the person helping you is ugly then you finish that sh#t as fast as possible!
But that is not the case here!
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Rhiannon
Be back soon, babe.
I love you.
Winter Summers 06/12/17 Rhiannon
Everything is fine honest! I heal quickly!
Finish the jigsaw puzzle with your wife!
Also when you come home bring tacos, I got a serious craving!
Like 15 at least!
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Rhiannon
I woke up this morning with a craving.
I'm just throwing on some clothes. Can I take the Mustang?
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Rhiannon
I'm about to run out and grab breakfast.
Coffee or tea?
Croissant, too?
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Rhiannon
Are you in your office?
Soleil Whitaker 06/12/17 Rhiannon
Yes. Come back to bed, now.
Soleil Whitaker 06/11/17 -is already nodding-
Just a little here, then.
-slips hands under her shirt-
-cops a feel-
What's the point if you keep the outfit on?
Soleil Whitaker 06/11/17 -squints-
Winter and El are home, though.
-plays with her hair-
I'd rather sin within the confines of our own home, I suppose. Especially if it's that kind of outfit.
Soleil Whitaker 06/11/17 -arches brow-
An outfit?
-might have a heart attack
-blesses self-
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned....
Soleil Whitaker 06/11/17 I'd say you spoil me too much.
-eskimo kisses-
But, I'd also say you need to cut it out with the surprises. You know how I feel about them.
-squeezes her sides-
What is it?
Soleil Whitaker 06/11/17 -moons over-
No, look at you. My god, you're perfection.
-cups her chin, pulls her into gentle kiss-
I wish I had the words to express just how much you mean to me, Rhiannon.
I just can't get enough of you.
Winter Summers 06/11/17 Rhiannon
What why?
Is something wrong should I stop smoking and go into attack mode?
Don't really have one but I can scream real loud and maybe startle the intruder?
I can also attempt to seduce him or her!
I'm generally good with that!
Winter Summers 06/11/17 Rhiannon
I may have gotten into a fight it's not big deal!
I will go grab it once I am done with my ciggy here!
Winter Summers 06/11/17 Rhiannon
Do we happen to have a first aid kit somewhere in this house?
I mean I heal rather quickly but this is taking forever...
Soleil Whitaker 06/11/17 Yes, dear.
I am now, at least.
-slips arms around her waist, nuzzles-
I love you, too. More than you'll ever know.
-pulls her into lingering kiss-
Soleil Whitaker 06/10/17 Yes please.
-threads fingers in her hair, pulls her back into a kiss-
I'm yours.
Soleil Whitaker 06/10/17 Oh... oh my god.
-still roars with laughter-
Please stop, one of us is supposed to be mature in this marriage.
-wraps fingers around her wrists, pulls her down on top of-
I love you. Kiss me?
Soleil Whitaker 06/10/17 -hums happily against her lips-
God, I love you.
-wraps arms around her neck, cuddles-
Hold on a sec, I just... I need this moment.
Soleil Whitaker 06/10/17 -yelps, hates being tickled-
Stop! Oh my god. Give, babe. Give.
-tries to tap out, gasps-
I'm sorry. I won't... I'll promise not to do it again if you stop.
Soleil Whitaker 06/10/17 -takes her hands, presses them to mattress above her head-
-arches brow-
Even when I...
Soleil Whitaker 06/10/17 But, I...
-watches as phone is tossed-
-flips over, straddles her hips-
I think you need a lesson in manners.
Soleil Whitaker 06/10/17 You stop texting Claire.
How'd Ma get your number, anyways?
-arches brow-
Is this a hands-on lesson, then?
-is such a f*ckboy-
Soleil Whitaker 06/10/17 Babe.
-strokes her hair-
I know I'm very f*cking married. I love you, and only you.
-smiles warmly-
You have all of my attention, all the time. You're the only one I want to pay attention to, anyways.
Soleil Whitaker 06/10/17 Anything and everything together, babe.
You and I, always.
I'm actually glad we're both the jealous type.
Soleil Whitaker 06/10/17 Only for me.
-gives her a squeeze-
Teasing. I'm teasing.
-runs fingers through her hair-
I'm only okay with sharing when it's Winter. And maybe our kids.
I can already tell you that I'm gonna be the worst kind of jealous b*tch.
Claire Cross 06/10/17 Child o' mine
Of course dear. The more the merrier.
Soleil Whitaker 06/10/17 -pauses, squints-
You're either referring to a threesome, or to our future kids...
-squints harder-
I can't tell which one, though.
Claire Cross 06/10/17 Child o' mine
I'm out every night kiddo.
Soleil Whitaker 06/10/17 I have you right where I want you, babe.
-wraps arms around, pulls her close-
You know how much I hate being away from you.
-presses kiss to her hair-
I really like getting away with you like this. No distractions, just us. Heaven.
-ridiculously happy sigh-
Soleil Whitaker 06/07/17 -gapes-
-clears throat-
Anything. Everything. -eye twitch-
I don't know, babe. Just... anything.
Soleil Whitaker 06/07/17 Rhiannon.
-voice cracks-
-grunts in frustration-
Just do your thing. Please.
Soleil Whitaker 06/07/17 -nods-
-can't stop grinning-
In fact, I encourage it.
Soleil Whitaker 06/07/17 I like it.
-leans down for a slow kiss-
It's doing a lot for me right now.
-smiles against her lips-
Soleil Whitaker 06/07/17 -blinks-
-is being straddled-
-grins, puts hands on her waist-
This is good.
-is such a teenage boy-
Soleil Whitaker 06/07/17 -laughs louder, is so smothered-
I love you, Rhiannon. I really f*cking love you.
Yes. Yes please.
-automatic nodding-
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 You forget I have impeccable hearing.
It's a little late for that, no? There won't be a church open at this...
-is such a sucker-
Oh. Oh.
-smirks, nods-
Yes, please.
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 Rhi, c'mon. They're my parents.
-knows it's true, but still defensive-
I know there are other communities.
-cups her cheek-
I just want to be with you. Okay?
-smile widens-
You and I, right?
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 I do want it. I think... I think I may need it, honestly.
-presses lips into a thin line-
I want to spend time with you. More time, anyways.
-sheepish grin-
My parents were Catholic. I've only ever known the Catholic church, although I'm sure it's changed some since I left.
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 -fidgets with hem of shirt-
I'll get there, wherever that may be. I'll find God, I'll find faith.
I thought I was doing a good thing by just being open to going to mass again. It's been years.
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 I can understand why it'd be very uncomplicated for you.
-arches brow-
But, I'm not you. And I'm not an agent of God. I don't have the capacity of blind faith.
-takes a deep breath-
I'll get there, Rhiannon. I promise.
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 You said my faith was my own path, Rhiannon.
I know there's a God, but it's...
-frown deepens-
It's more complicated than that.
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 I'll come to that conclusion on my own, darling wife.
-small smile-
Let's just start with mass, okay?
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 No take backsies. I promise.
-hearty laugh-
I... uhm, I know this is going to sound corny, but...
-clears throat-
I fell away from religion after the accident and sh*t, but meeting you, loving you? It's made me think that maybe there is a God.
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 The babies, and the Mustang. Right?
You just make me so indescribably happy, Rhiannon.
-cups her chin-
Can I come to mass with you on Sunday?
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 Because.... just because.
-continues to grin-
-presses forehead to hers-
I'm not complaining. I don't have a reason to, babe.
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 I am entirely impartial, thank you. I only state facts.
-leans in for another kiss-
I can't get enough of you.
-grins widely-
We're becoming that gross, overly affectionate couple, aren't we?
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 You're biased.
-slips hands under her shirt-
I'm in love with you, Rhiannon. Do you know that?
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 -cups her cheek-
You're beautiful.
-is getting emotional-
-kisses her gently, tangles fingers in her hair-
-mutters about being the luckiest woman alive-
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 -puts hands on her thighs-
I want to love on you, first. You've had control for the last few days.
-leans in close-
Not that I'm complaining, but I think...
-presses firm kiss to her neck-
I think it's my turn.
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 You're mine. -practically kicks the door open-
Desk. Now.
-grins wickedly-
You know I don't like to share.
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 You're giving everyone on the street a show, babe.
-follows her upstairs-
Wait. Office.
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 -opens door without breaking kiss-
I love you, I love you, I love you.
-pats her ass-
C'mon, hurry up.
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 Or we can go back upstairs?
-arches brow-
Same result, you know?
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 -reaches around, grabs her ass-
Well, patience must always be rewarded, right?
-presses lips to her neck-
I was thinking Roy Woods today. He has a song you might like.
-looks up at, smirks-
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 Wife

-slips into passenger seat-
-leans over, pulls her into fervent kiss-
Have you really been sitting hear since 5?

Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 Rhiannon
Babe. Seriously?
I'm putting clothes on, hold on.
Soleil Whitaker 06/06/17 Darling Wife
Are you just sitting out there...?
Soleil Whitaker 06/05/17 -catches her around the waist, holds her close-
Wait a second.
-another slow, lingering kiss-
I know I don't have much reason for it, but I missed you terribly today.
Soleil Whitaker 06/05/17 -smirks-
-picks her up, spins her around-
-sets her down, holds out keys-
Soleil Whitaker 06/05/17 Margot and I are on good terms. Why would I want to spoil that?
Marrying me was a big promise. I think you can handle this one.
-steals a kiss-
I just love you, Rhiannon. Can you fault me for wanting to spoil you from time to time?
Soleil Whitaker 06/05/17 I was so tempted to trade in Margot's sh*tbox for it...
-sticks out tongue-
But, I figured she probably wouldn't have appreciated that too much.
-is tackled, grunts-
One condition, though.
-wraps arms around her waist-
You have to promise me that you'll always love me more than you love the car. Okay?
Soleil Whitaker 06/05/17 -smirks-
-jingles new set of keys-
Is that a yes, then?
Soleil Whitaker 06/05/17 Rhiannon
Wanna go on a drive and christen the back seat of the Stang, instead? ;)
Soleil Whitaker 06/05/17 Rhiannon
I'm in the front hall.
Soleil Whitaker 06/05/17 Rhiannon
I love you too, darling. This morning was bliss, waking up next to you.
Speaking of driving, did you see that 67 Mustang parked out front? DAMN.
Soleil Whitaker 06/04/17 -bursts in-
You are joking, right?
-waves phone around-
That's the username you chose?
The phrase is definitely not a thing. But, I would absolutely not oppose if you wanted to prove the act is a thing.
Soleil Whitaker 06/04/17 Rhiannon
Add me: soleil-oquy
I'm not sure "sexing you down" is a phrase you can use, babe.
Soleil Whitaker 06/04/17 Rhiannon
It's a gateway to more nudes, Rhiannon. It was created for that purpose.
Would you be opposed to coming downstairs?
Soleil Whitaker 06/04/17 Love of My Life
I'm marking this down as the day you discovered gifs.
Gimme one second.
Tell me again why you refuse to sign up for Snapchat?

Apple of My Eye
[IMG Attached]

Soleil Whitaker 06/04/17 Wife of Mine
El went out with Winter, I think.
I'm home.
I can send you nudes, if you'd prefer pictures instead of the real thing.
Soleil Whitaker 06/04/17 Rhiannon
You know I'm downstairs, right?
Soleil Whitaker 06/03/17 Soleil almost rolls her eyes at the sappiness of Rhiannon's words, but struck by their sincerity, she can only smile. She sits silently for a moment, allowing for Rhiannon's affirmations of love to settle in her heart. Finally, she replies, arms slipping around her wife's slim frame to pull her closer, "I don't know how I deserve you."

Truth be told, Soleil knows she’s not worthy of the angel. Rhiannon is too pure, too good for the mortal realm, and so her choice to remain present continually baffles the young Whitaker. Nevertheless, she is beyond grateful, and she recognizes that her own purpose on this Earth is not simply to be a part of The Order, but rather, to be a constant in Rhiannon’s life. To love, support, cherish her in all the ways she knows how. Perhaps it’s a trivial existence, but for Soleil, it is more than enough to get her up each morning.

Winter Summers 06/03/17 Rhiannon
Where do you keep the broom?
Soleil Whitaker 06/02/17 -loves that she's being so forward-
-strides over, hops up-
Do you know how much I love you, Rhiannon?
-reaches for-
C'mere. I wanna kiss on you.
Soleil Whitaker 06/02/17 -biggest eye roll-
Babe. Kitchen counters are for...
Attention to detail, yes.
-glances at current countertop-
I'd say these complement the walls pretty well.
Soleil Whitaker 06/02/17 -wrinkles nose-
That was more of an addition in my mind.
-waves idly-
-eyes widen-
Rhiannon. For f*ck's sake.
Soleil Whitaker 06/02/17 -squeaks-
-clears throat-
Y-yeah. Yep.
-slips arms around her waist-
Can the countertops be our first official change to the brownstone?
Soleil Whitaker 06/02/17 Sorry.
-grins sheepishly-
-is being dragged-
I love that you're taking charge, too. Like, f*ck.
-smirks, is being such a teenage boy-
That's hot.
Soleil Whitaker 06/02/17 -smiles against her lips-
God, I love you.
-beckons for her to lead the way-
-unabashedly ogles-
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 Rhiannon
I have a handprint on my ass, and it hurts to sit down.
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 -taps temple-
I'm getting used to kids. I'm a fast learner.
Tonight, then. You, me, short shorts and that whistle.
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 -is already straddling her hips-
No time for that, babe. Sesame Street will be over soon.
-pushes her back against the pillows-
Tonight, though. I think I could get into the whole gym outfit thing.
-nips at her neck-
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 -wraps arms around her neck-
-leans in close-
It is a stupid name. And so is 'SoMo.'
-plants kisses all over-
You're not cute, you're hot. Smoking hot, and I want you. Right now.
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 -is caught off guard by 'the Weekday'-
-leans away abruptly-
The Weeknd, babe. Weekend, not weekday.
You're so cute, oh my god.
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 -saunters back in-
It's fine, I told him that he can only used it when he's with us. Lloyd and Cait will never know.
-sits on edge of bed-
What's this about heavy petting, now?
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 Rhiannon...
-shifts uncomfortably-
What are you getting at?
-brow furrows-
Winter Summers 05/07/17 Rhiannon
YES! He is SO nice to stare at especially when naked!
Also he has the whole bad boy but actually a sweet guy thing going for him!
Maybe that's where I am going wrong...but I don't think I can pull off the bad boy thing.
Winter Summers 05/07/17 Rhiannon
God I love how you remember their names!
Ultimately though cluster is bring the sexy!
Especially the one with the big trunk!
You are totally gonna get my reference I know it!
Winter Summers 05/07/17 Rhiannon
I will bring both of those things!
And probably candy! I have a serious sweet tooth!
And right!? But it's not even just the cluster!
Lito boyfriend would bang, Nomi's girlfriend would also bang!
I really hate how I can't remember their names right now...
Winter Summers 05/07/17 Rhiannon
Oh my god yes!
That show has the SEXIEST people in it!
You know what I am saying? Of course you do!
Sidenote will be bringing tissues that show just gets me sometimes.
Winter Summers 05/07/17 Rhiannon
What are we gonna watch?
If it's gonna be something that makes me board the feels train I am bringing tissues as well!
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 I think I'm good, now that I have that out of my system.
You're the only person I ever want to dream about.
-takes her face in hands-
You're my favorite person in the world.
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 -sits on edge of desk-
I'm still pleasantly surprised we went through with it.
I take it that I didn't get jealous like you had predicted.
-leans closer-
Do you know how much I love you, Rhiannon Whitaker?
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 -saunters in-
I'm sorry I don't remember much, babe.
-loiters out of arm's reach-
Did we really have a good time?
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 Rhiannon
I'm downstairs. Tell me all about it if I come up?
Or show me, sans Winter? ;)
Winter Summers 05/06/17 Rhiannon
You got it beautiful!
Any idea if your lovely wife would want anything?
Being slow as molasses on the whole texting thing today!
Winter Summers 05/06/17 Rhiannon
Oh well that is good to know!
I'm feeling kinda proud now!
Gonna celebrate with Chinese food!
Want anything?
Winter Summers 05/06/17 Rhiannon
Should I assume a good time was had by all then?
Soleil Whitaker 05/06/17 Rhiannon
Of course I do, babe.
Wow, that's actually kind of hot. Did we have a good time?
Soleil Whitaker 05/06/17 Rhiannon
... that actually happened?
Soleil Whitaker 05/06/17 Rhiannon
Except I don't know what the f*ck happened to me last night...
Did we smoke?
Winter Summers 05/06/17 Rhiannon
Did we eat shrooms together yesterday?
Did I sleep through a whole day again?
Did I drink too much?
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Rhiannon
I don't think you're in a position to tell me what to do.
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Rhiannon
Things to do, babe. Big day ahead.
Big night, rather. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Rhiannon
Yes or no.
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Rhiannon
Thoughts on edible body paint? On chocolate?
Remi Rose 05/05/17 Rhiannon
TSA ain't got sh-t on me!
Sorry, watching Training Day downstairs.
Ophelia Fraye 05/04/17 I'll never tell. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 05/01/17 Rhiannon
I'm always missing you.
Soleil Whitaker 04/28/17 Excuse me.
-leans away-
You got high without me?
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
Damnit, babe. I'm about to get out of bed just to carry you back here.
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
Bring a couple water bottles, then.
I restocked the fridge yesterday. Should be Gatorade, too.
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
I love you, too.
Now, ditch the kids. They'll be fine with Sesame St. for a hot sec.
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
What do you think?
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
Candle for what? Your dad already knows what you've done.
Omniscience will getcha every time.
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
It's either here or on the kitchen counter.
I don't give a flying f*ck if Margot and Callum are drinking their AM coffee.
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
Was it Callum? LOLOLOL.
Sorry, that's not funny.
Did you get a look at him?

Come back to bed, and we can see who's louder. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 04/22/17 SW

Soleil was teetering on the edge of intoxication, and Rhiannon was using the night's high to her advantage. Not that the younger woman cared at all. She was too busy being mesmerized by the way her wife moved, and by revealing red dress she had on. It made saying 'no' admittedly very difficult.

"Let's sign before we return to Moscow." Although her mind and judgement might've been impaired by the booze and feverish dance music, Soleil meant it. She was ready to start a life anew with the woman she loved - she'd always been ready, afterall.
Soleil Whitaker 04/22/17 SW

"Yeah, maybe. But, you --" was all she could manage before she was pulled into a fervid kiss. She blinked as Rhiannon pulled away, slightly discombobulated from being embraced so abruptly. Goddamn, this woman was hot.

She could only smile at what Rhiannon said next. Although she was getting better about her insecurities, Soleil still sometimes worried that her bride was unhappy in their marriage. Hearing Rhiannon vocalize her feelings, in that moment, in that particular setting, made Soleil beam with pride. "I'm really glad we're doing this," she responded, leaning in close to Rhiannon's ear, "It's about time we had a night out together."
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 SW

She smirked as she stepped away, giving Rhiannon some space to breathe and to dance. She apologized half-heartedly - sorry for smothering and for being perhaps a tad too possessive, but not at all sorry for turning their dancing into a spectacle for all to see. Rhiannon was a very, very attractive woman, that was plain to see. So, Soleil was determined to make it clear to the world that Rhiannon was a married woman.

For the first time in days, Soleil felt comfortable. And happy. And at ease. Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the heat of the club that left her feeling loose and relaxed. Either way, New York was finally starting to feel like a vacation.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 SW

Soleil sauntered over to her wife, the heavy bass of the music pounding in her ears. She'd had a few drinks, and now she was ready to dance. It'd been a while since she'd indulged in the nightclub scene but, she was in New York City with her gorgeous wife. How could she resist going out to show off?

She took Rhiannon by the waist and pulled her close, their bodies pressed flush against eachother. It didn't take much to let the music dictate her movements, and soon, the couple was turning heads. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught two men staring. "Looks liks we've got some admirers," she teased before pressing a long, searing kiss to Rhiannon's neck.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 SW

Is that what you really want, babe?
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 SW

Why don't you come on over here, and dance like that on someone who'd appreciate it?
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 SW

I guess we'll just have to find out if you're right.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 SW

Yeah, you're definitely not dancing with anyone else tonight.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 Great. Just don't dance with anyone, and we'll be alright!
This woman will be the death of me.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 -presses a firm, lingering kiss to her lips-
You're learning, babe. Color me impressed.
I'm definitely gayer, though.
-flashes teeth in wide, sh*t eating grin-
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 Bullsh*t.
-continues to smirk-
Are we really having the 'who's gayer' debate?
I can prove to you just how gay I am.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 -rolls eyes-
We both know that I'm better with my hands than you are.
-huge smirk-
I'm the OG lesbian, remember?
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 I'm a little sh*t?
Honey, you have no idea.
-proceeds to kiss her all over-
At least I love you. And I've gotten better about the popcorn.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 -catches pillow, whips it across the room-
You know...
-flips over, pins her down-
I wonder that every single day.
-wide grin-
Too bad you're stuck with me.
Camille Rameau 04/17/17
Soleil Whitaker 04/17/17 Rhiannon
Come back to me. Let me hold you for a bit.
Then, we can grab breakfast at my favorite diner.
I love you too, Rhiannon. You're my heart and soul.
Soleil Whitaker 04/16/17 Wife of Mine
[IMG attached]
Soleil Whitaker 04/14/17 Alright, night.
-nudges her off the couch-
-spreads out-
-is a stubborn, stubborn little sh*t-
Lose-lose since neither of us get cuddles.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 Rhiannon
Stop texting Winter. Come pay attention to me.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 -shuts up with a kiss-
No cops, babe. And I'm not getting rid of you.
-cups cheek-
You're mine. You're not going anywhere. Okay?
-boops nose-
Stop being so paranoid.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 -bats eyelashes-
Not a trick question at all.
-leans in-
I was just making sure my wife is happy. Is that so wrong?
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 -backs her into countertop-
Not fast enough, huh?
-plants hands on counter either side of her-
Tell me, darling wife, is there anything I do in this lifetime that pleases you?
-arches brow-
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 Do you promise?
-catches her around the waist-
How'd you manage to get water everywhere? Who are you, Fish?
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 -scoffs-
It's not the yoga, babe. Believe me.
-is incredibly amused-
-pauses to observe-
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the love of my life.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 If that's how it's gonna be.
-wraps arms around, stands-
-pads into kitchen-
-plops her onto counter-
Stay while I heat up some food. Do you need water for that cottonmouth?
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 I'll take you with me if I have to, Rhiannon.
-nips at-
Because now you've got me thinking about that leftover pesto pasta...
-eyes refrigerator-
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 -chuckles-
Seems this stuff still gets the job done...
-nudges playfully-
What do you want? Water? Devil Dogs? Kale?
-taps lips-
Kiss first.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 -snickers-
Sorry it's not the same as your Woodstock grass, you f*cking hippie.
-presses kiss to her hair-
Chewing Gum, then?
-takes a hit, settles in-
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 -hops down-
-saunters away-
-drops towel-
Your loss, my darling wife.
-smirks before disappearing into bedroom-
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 -hooks leg around her waist-
I'm done teasing, so you're welcome to take exactly what it is you want.
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 -pulls her in by her shirt-
-leans in-
But, can you blame me? I've got a smoking hot wife.
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 -scoots up onto kitchen counter-
-waves her over-
And why I can't have both?
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 -feigns offense-
-hand over heart-
I'm not doing anything, Rhiannon. So, I don't see how your 40 year long stint as a nun is relevant.
-shoots sly grin over shoulder-
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 I'm not testing anything.
-bats eyelashes-
-kicks off quilt in order to get up-
Do we have anything to eat?
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 -scoffs-
Since when did you learn about privacy?
-plops down on the couch-
-grins smugly-
What kind of recommendations?
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 I'm right here, you dingus.
-emerges from the bedroom wrapped in a towel-
Funny you should text me something like that.
You're not helping the whole 'I'm not a f*ckboy' case...
Soleil Whitaker 04/09/17 Rhiannon
Oh, you'll come home. No doubt about that.
Love you, wife!!
Soleil Whitaker 04/09/17 Rhiannon
Oh, I know where it is... trust me. 😏
Soleil Whitaker 04/09/17 Rhiannon
Just trying to get you to come home asap.
Also, I can be romantic.
Soleil Whitaker 04/02/17 You're something.
-kisses all over-
Most importantly, you're mine.
Soleil Whitaker 04/02/17 Now, that was the sexiest thing you've ever said to me.
-has serious heart eyes-
You might be my soulmate.
-pulls close-
Come here so I can love on you. Good god.
Soleil Whitaker 04/02/17 -rolls eyes-
I told you, babe. We'll get the farm someday.
-puts hand over heart-
I promised, remember?
-eyes widen-
Tiramisu? We have some?
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
More like I'm going to show you off. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
Are we still going out tonight?
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
I wasn't insulting her. I was making an observation.
I don't neglect you either. I'm coming home.
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
Her eyes are so big, omg. She looks like an orange alien.
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
When was I going to get a picture?????
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
I know what a kitten is. I thought for a second you said you bought one.
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
I'm sorry, what about a kitten?
Soleil Whitaker 03/31/17 Rhiannon
Called it in, gonna swing by the grocery store.
Be home in 20ish.
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