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Born: December 11, 2013 Forum Topics Started: 10
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Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
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2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Best Angel
A package of Dr Van Helsing marshmallow Peeps - Easter 2017

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Lloyd R Darrow 04/23/17

You need to stop giving my wife squeaky toys. Do you know what it's like trying to get in-between her and those dogs?
Caitlyn Darrow 04/21/17
Gray Taylor 04/17/17 -Raises hand, touches to wrist, slooooowly guides her hand away-
Honey, you're a long way from cute.
Lucian Dietrich 04/17/17 *shifty eyes* hello?
Gabriel Caine 04/17/17
Rhiannon McKay 04/17/17 Is this a gay thing?
Elouise Orlav 04/17/17 Come at me, b*tch.
Elouise Orlav 04/17/17 You look like cracked ass.
Atom Noire 04/16/17 -Comes hopping by in a bunny suit with an orange tabby cat sidekick in his basket-
-hands the woman a basket full of Cadbury eggs, chocolates, plastic eggs full of goodies and a stuffed rabbit-
"Happy Easter!"
-Hops away to his next victim-
Caitlyn Darrow 04/16/17
Penny Blackwell 03/29/17

Wow.. You're really pretty.

Kai Noire 03/19/17 To: Watson
Subject: I'm home

Wanna go kill someone?
Elouise Orlav 03/19/17
...Moscow changed me.
Mackenzie 03/17/17 Can't Stand This B-tch
Oye. I'm hungry. Give me something to kill. It's International Please Mackenzie Day.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/12/17
Mackenzie 03/03/17 Arsehole
Whenever I leave town, I always think of you a little more fondly. Then I go to text you something nice, and realize I still can't f-cking stand you. Slainte.
Elouise Orlav 02/15/17 Big Hoe
I'm getting married on the 28th.
I need to to kidnap Cher and coerce her into performing at the reception. Just give her some of the Kool-Aid, she'll be down for whatever.
Jameson Orlav 02/14/17 To:
From: Dr. J. Orlav
Subject: Marriage

You're smart for never getting married. I waited so long, I'm not sure why I gave in now. Does E. Ever talk to you about people? Or what's going on? We have all of these new members, and most of them are great, but I'm not sure if I trust them, or her. You're not really peopley so I don't know if you'd understand. But you know when you just think that something is wrong? Yeah, I've got that gut feeling. I suppose I could talk to Noura, but you know how she feels about Elouise. I'm thinking about making the trip to Bloemfontein for a few days. I'll chalk it up to business. You got time?

Maya J Lawson 02/14/17 Happy Valentines Ya Blondie Beauty. Drinks on me!

Elouise Orlav 02/13/17 Is it cheating if it's gay?
You'd know, being a lesbian.
Elouise Orlav 02/11/17
Elouise Orlav 02/10/17 -leg sweeps-
Ophelia Fraye 02/10/17 Camille Rameau just stole $4,298.00 from you!


Quinn Loche 02/10/17 Quinn looks at the woman, a small smile appearing, "...Neverland."
Samantha Salazar 02/09/17 -more staring-
You're right. I can't stop looking. Fine... There are some worth staring at.
-so grudging-
Elouise Orlav 02/09/17 Cash me ousside, how bow dah?
Elouise Orlav 02/09/17 Don't touch me with your leper fingers, you prolapsed anus in a wig.
Samantha Salazar 02/09/17 -stares-
-glances over-
This Solomon King... Is he homeless?
What is heroin?
Samantha Salazar 02/09/17 I haven't. Show me this Tom Hardy. And cheesecake.
-clears throat-
Samantha Salazar 02/09/17 Beautiful? People are disgusting. Foul smells come out of them. They believe they are superior. Although the food called brownies is quite delightful.
Samantha Salazar 02/09/17 I saw you staring. The innocence act does not become you.
Samantha Salazar 02/09/17 Why are you staring at the big male?
Caitlyn Darrow 02/09/17
Caitlyn Darrow 02/09/17
Nathan Krieger 02/08/17 -touches his jawline questioningly-
-gives a slight bow-
"Gratzi. I appreciate it."
Remi Rose 02/08/17 "Thanks! Ohemgee. So are you!"

Lucius Dalca 02/08/17 "You look like you leave good tips" ;)
Nathan Krieger 02/07/17 -freezes at the stare-
-looks over shoulder to see if someone is behind him-
-looks back awkwardly-
Mackenzie 02/07/17 Listen, b-tch. You hired me. Suck it up.
Elouise Orlav 02/05/17
Noura Orlav 02/05/17 KARENCOMEBACK!
-Stomps past-
You can blame it all on me!
Ella Donovan 02/02/17

~+ Something touched her. Ella released a high pitch shriek at the invasion of privacy. Heart thumping rhythmically inside her chest. Oh god. What if it was Jameson? Both her hands moved to cover her face in embarrassment, and the tomato tone that now occupied her entire face. Two fingers carefully move apart as she looked on the person who excavated her shrill cry. A sharp breath of relief seeing it was Camille and not her realm crush.+~

''Hello. You're pretty too...Uh. Sorry. You may continue. ''
Lucius Dalca 02/02/17 Lucius finds her some time a few days later with a locator spell, "Heya stranger whose name keeps escaping me. So by any chance... Do you have more of those gummy bears?" He smiled brightly at the blond angel. "Also whats your name?"
Livia Vlcek 02/02/17 *sheeps* Thank you. It took long enough right? Not sure what to do now actually.
*looks to the purple glowy clothing she's been put it* Is it really purple though? It's the oddest color.
*nudges* You're kind of know that right? I bet this color would look better on you.
*nods sagely*
Livia Vlcek 02/02/17 *shifty eyes*
*nervous laugh* Quit making fun of my chicken arms.
*pokes back*
Maya J Lawson 01/31/17 Statuesque, Maya leaned against the stone cold wall, shadows looming over the features of her face as she observed the passing world. In the distance, there were lights and heavy crowds beginning to form outside of clubs and bars. The crude cold air pushed Maya to pull her constricting jacket even tighter round her body. She wasn’t sure why she put her through so much torture, but she had a curious mind and the only way to sedate that curiosity was to roam the realm and take in the sights and people.

It was unusual for Maya to stumble across drug deals, thefts and even the occasional entanglement of lovers trying to make their romance last a few quick minuets under the stars. However, the thing Maya liked best about wondering the streets were the fights. Some were simple brawls a few punches and agreement to go separate ways. Others, where gruesome and showed the ugly side of the realm and the lust for domination and power. The bloodlust was irrepressible.

Other fights, like the one that had currently entrapped Maya’s attention was a stretching of muscles. Spars to show power and elicit fear but not to maim and destroy…completely. Maya watched the blonde girl dodge the counter attacks of the dark haired woman before landing calculated maneuvers to overcome the girl. Maya was impressed and felt her fingers twitched. She needed to spar, needed to fight someone and not actually worry about death being a likely possibility. For now, she’d live vicariously through the two woman across the way.

As the fight dwindled away and the dark haired woman took her leave of absence, Maya approached, her lips pulled in a slight smirk.

“Well done.”

You witnessed Camille Rameau attack Ophelia Fraye!
Claire Cross 01/31/17 "Congrats Miss Bambi Rambo on the year."
Caitlyn Darrow 01/31/17 I already have puppies! They like squeakies.
Jason Reindhart 01/31/17 "Congrats on one year of being a Gold Member."
Maya J Lawson 01/31/17 Stop wasting time. Let’s get drinks!

Caitlyn Darrow 01/31/17
Elouise Orlav 01/31/17 Happy one year anniversary you trashy little hoe. 🖕🏼
Elouise Orlav 01/30/17
Elouise Orlav 01/30/17
Elouise Orlav 01/30/17
Elouise Orlav 01/30/17 YOU. HAVE THIS WINE. DESCRIBE IT.
Elouise Orlav 01/30/17 You can have mine. I'm sure Jameson won't mind!
Elouise Orlav 01/29/17 Do you have any hobbies??
Caitlyn Darrow 01/29/17
Kai Noire 01/29/17 *continues to stare*
Well see if I ever show my affection to you again.
I'm hurt Watson and I don't hurt easy.
Kai Noire 01/28/17 *stares at*
Why would you do such a thing?
Solomon King 01/28/17 I don't like clutter, okay!?
*swats her butt with the broom*
Kai Noire 01/28/17 *bites*
Solomon King 01/28/17 Ummm..
*hides broom*
Spring cleaning?
Lucius Dalca 01/27/17 "Me?"

Lucius looked up at the familiar voice he hasn't heard in a couple of days. It was the 'stare at you from away' lady actually approuching him this time. "Lucius.. But yes you could say I am the magic fingers guy.." He chuckled a bit amused at the way she knew him for all the while staring back at her own clear eyes. She seemed soo.. bubbly. It was cute, Ill give you that much.

Did she robbed me? Sh!t, she was quick... He suddenly felt something on his pocket and a gummy in his own hand then listened to her words in french. Thank god for the foreign exchange programs in schools otherwise he wouldn't understand jacksh*t of what she was saying. He was rusty himself, ''Pourquoi donc.... chéri?" [Why is that.... Beloved?]
Caitlyn Darrow 01/26/17 *hides behind*
Solomon King 01/25/17 Probably. Either way, I just embrace the beard. It's at least 84% of my personality at this point.
Solomon King 01/25/17 You know, I've tried to use clippers, but they just seem to keep bursting into flames.
Caitlyn Darrow 01/25/17 *blinks*
*looks around*
Is it hump day or are you going to visit Prince Ali Ababwa?
*big eyes*
Can I come too?
Solomon King 01/25/17 *looks down at self*
*looks back up*
..I don't look that bad, do I?
Solomon King 01/25/17 *stalks*
*hears Camille humming a Creed tune*
...I love Creed. Almost as much as I love disco.
Samantha Salazar 01/25/17 I beg to differ, sweet sister.
Mackenzie 01/24/17 That would be my last crusade.
Elouise Orlav 01/24/17 I'm still waiting on those nudes.
Samantha Salazar 01/24/17
Mackenzie 01/23/17 Told you I'd found f-cking Indiana Jones. Totally raiding that lost ark.
Summer S Summers 01/23/17 *looks up from her masterful creation, eyes glassy and pupils constricted*
"Is it as fantastic as this? Spoiler- those aren't sprinkles."

Mackenzie 01/23/17 Ever heard of my foot up your ass?
Mackenzie 01/23/17 F-ck off. You know I can't. Medical reasons. Arsehole.
Mackenzie 01/23/17 Oye. Did you transfer the 50k?
Livia Vlcek 01/23/17 *keenly studies, wishes she could moonwalk*
Caitlyn Darrow 01/23/17 *tries to maintain resting b-tch face*
*wiggles ears*
Caitlyn Darrow 01/23/17 *keeps engaged in staring contest*
Caitlyn Darrow 01/23/17 *stares*
Elouise Orlav 01/22/17 Who are you calling b*tch, b*tch?
Elouise Orlav 01/22/17 Did you get hit by a bus recently, or do you just look like this now??
Mackenzie 01/21/17 -Narrows eyes, points at-
-Is not laughing-
Listen, b-tch. He's real. I told him I'd see him on Tuesday, and by God, I will. ...but I need the money.
Mackenzie 01/21/17 As if you can talk! You're the one that got our cover blown. Worst f-cking partner in crime ever. This is why I f-cking hate your arse. Now. 50k. Indiana Jones.
Mackenzie 01/21/17 Listen, consider it payment for my servitude. You can just give it straight to that Indiana Jones f-cking pr-ck.
Mackenzie 01/21/17 Nevermind, what for. I need 50k. Stat. Well. At least, by Tuesday.
Mackenzie 01/21/17 I need a loan.
Samantha Salazar 01/20/17 "No. It would be counterproductive, since the very reason I am here is you. Get used to it. You will be seeing a lot of me."

Samantha's stomach produces a tremendous growl right then, effectively spoiling their little standoff. Utter bafflement shows on her face. For one shining moment, she is once more Camille's baby sister.

"What was that?!" She exclaims, incredulous.
Samantha Salazar 01/19/17 "No one sent me." It's a dirty lie and they both know it. "I do believe I shall... stick around for awhile. Is that the way it's said? No matter. Regardless, I am going nowhere."
Samantha Salazar 01/19/17 "Do I need a reason to pay a visit to my dear, sweet, beloved sister? You wound me."
Samantha Salazar 01/19/17 "Ah, so this is where you've been hiding. Greetings, sister. Did you miss me?"

Elouise Orlav 01/19/17 That's a goddamn lie. I'm fantastic.
Jameson Orlav 01/19/17 *flips bird*
Elouise Orlav 01/19/17 Jameson is a f*cking bully.
Lucius Dalca 01/19/17 Lucius chuckles You heard about that already.. Huh.. You just have to find out yourself.
Lucius Dalca 01/19/17 Lucius stares back and smiles.. .. ... . ..
Elouise Orlav 01/17/17 ... Is that a 'no'?
Here I thought you were cool.
Elouise Orlav 01/17/17 Wanna go to a club where people wee on each otha?
Gray Taylor 01/16/17 She-Devil
Don't threaten me with a good time.
Gray Taylor 01/16/17 She-Devil
Tit for tat, Camille.
Elouise Orlav 01/16/17
Mackenzie 01/14/17 You were successful in stealing $35,928.00 from Camille Rameau.
Matilde Beaumont 01/13/17 Two fallen daughters of God bonded in matrimony.

Michael Arch 01/10/17 The Archangel hadn't been around for what seemed ages. His eyes told that story so easily. Though, there seemed something extremely off about him. Despite losing his place within Heaven, he had never lost his power, but aside from that, he had felt weak. Finding himself in such a haze, he knew nothing but his original purpose for living.

To rid the world of evil and it's scum that follow.

One thing he had remembered very faintly of the realm upon his unexpected departure...was a face. A woman, or was she? One could never tell in this Realm. He needed to find her. Maybe she had some insight on what has happened since then? Or maybe she was a part of the cancer in this world. This Michael did not know.

With the damaged psyche he dealt with on a daily basis, it was unpredictable as to what was exactly going to happen. All he knew though was he was going to find her.

Finding himself wandering the streets, her presence felt strong. This being he only indication he had of her being here. His other abilities had seemed to be slowly returning, but he knew it would take some time...but not too long. will all stop now.
Autumn Summers 01/09/17 *wonders how many times this one was dropped on her head*
Bite, nibble, caress, spank.
Whatever strikes my fancy.
*sweet smile*
Autumn Summers 01/09/17 *turns around*
*does not look pleased*
On the contrary, I'm very much at home here.
*blatantly admires the bared flesh*
Careful. I might take that as an invitation.
Kai Noire 01/09/17 Kai walked up behind his darling Watson and dangled a bag in front of her face. "Tis late of course, but I had to pick the best gift for you my dear Watson. It's of course your wedding gift. I wanted to give you, your wife's finger but Atom said that wouldn't be acceptable. He knows nothing about giving gifts but details details."

Inside the bag would be a teal set of lingerie. "I do so hope it fits, if not return it to me and I will buy you the right size."
Mackenzie 01/08/17 Listen, arsehole. You're gonna meet the Queen soon, when she drives her fist into your f-cking face.
Caitlyn Darrow 01/07/17 ...Was I at your wedding?
Summer S Summers 01/05/17 A large, beefy looking man approached Camille Rameau's residence. He double checked the address given by Summer, copied off their marriage license. He'd never seen someone have to check official documents to see where their spouse lived, but who was he to judge! He was just a bouncer at a strip club, earning cash on the side running very strange errands for the dancers. Well, one dancer anyway.

Carl rapped his weathered, ham sized fists on the door as he placed the package on the step. He didn’t bother waiting for Summer’s new missus to answer the door. She might not anyway, seeing the sizeable strange man at her door. On the flip side, Carl knew of some...proclivities among those in the realm. No telling what Mrs. Rameau might decide to do with a stranger. The very thought had him hastening his step toward his large SUV.

On the stoop, a professionally wrap gift sits waiting. Inside, the owner will find a handcrafted keepsake box, small enough to be held by two hands but big enough to contain: a few bags of herb grown in Summer’s attic, an assortment of other intoxicants of varying types, and the pièce de résistance- a thick knuckle ring with the skull of a goat on the top. The thickness was not due to the skull design, but because when pressure was applied to the top, a very thin, fatally sharp blade extended from the goat’s mouth. The finger knife was an odd choice for a wedding gift. But Summer wasn’t like other girls.

Affixed to the box was a handwritten note:

To my bride, whom I've never actually met before stumbling into the cathedral to take your hand in unholy wedded bliss.

I would have delivered this myself but there was an emergency at work. Cinnamon called in sick so there was an opening. Feel free to stop by The Windmill anytime- free lap dances for spouses of dancers. If that doesn't flip your pancake, then free drinks at the bar should. If that doesn't either, well...we should probably talk annulment. I kid! I kid!

In the box you’ll find some goodies I’ve curated especially for you. I hope you enjoy them. I didn’t include any brownies because those aren’t actual my specialty. My specialty is cookies. I’ll give you those fresh. The finger blade’s goat skull design was chosen with care. Lore says the goat represents New Endeavors, Loyalty, and most importantly- Independence. All very appropriate for our style of unholy union, I think. I do hope you enjoy it. I trust you’ll put it to good use.

Elouise Orlav 01/04/17 Couldn't have me so you married the second best blonde?
Blaize Summers 01/04/17 Best Sister-in-Law
I am very happy with this marriage. Be sure to give her those gummy bears. They are right down her alley.
Kai Noire 01/04/17 *screams back at just a little*
*gets tackled*
*proceeds to love on*

Yes yes I missed you as well my dearest Watson.
Elouise Orlav 01/03/17 Hon hon hon, j'aime le Bisquick.
Elouise Orlav 01/03/17 I met another rude blonde who speaks French.
Are you multiplying??
Caitlyn Darrow 12/29/16 *sniffles*
Ellie & Jameson keep touching my butt!
Kai Noire 12/14/16 *narrows eyes*
The smallest one ever, and you better not clone him or anything weird like that.
Elouise Orlav 12/14/16 -headbutts-
Kai Noire 12/14/16 Watson my one true love, you touch a hair on my husbands head and I dare say we can't snuggle, and or murder people together anymore. I need him much more than I would ever like to admit. You can glare at him from a safe distance.
Kai Noire 12/13/16 *scream back at*
Why are we screaming!?
*continues to scream*
Atom Noire 12/13/16 -widens eyes-
-more exaggerated zoolander pout-
-flutters eyelashes-
Atom Noire 12/13/16 -stares back-
-makes duck lips-
Livia Vlcek 12/13/16 *looks down* Are these the new lucky charms? *grins* I think I like the new and improved version...
Elouise Orlav 12/13/16 💩💃👯👩‍❤️‍👩❄️⛄️💯
Elouise Orlav 12/13/16 The same place I left my husband.
The laundry detergent aisle.
Elouise Orlav 12/13/16 "...sum'uv'a'bish." She mutters, plucking the lollipop out her mouth to watch the Angel run off with Jameson's money. No matter, she'd just take more.

And Camille could have fun drinking...piss? Hey, no kink shaming here.
Elouise Orlav 12/12/16
Elouise Orlav 12/10/16 Jameson is gross. Can we put him back up for adoption?
Elouise Orlav 12/08/16 Huh. I always though I was a Gemini. mom always said I was cancer though.
I don't know if we meant the same thing.
Elouise Orlav 12/07/16 Smelly Cat
But I don't want to put on a sexy Santa costume.
Can't he get a hooker for that??
Elouise Orlav 12/07/16 Camille
Jameson is trying to make Christmas sexy.
Make him stop.
Solomon King 12/07/16 As Solomon lay defeated on the ground, shirt pulled up over his face and squishing his beard, he sighed heavily. How does such a small thing pack such a wallop? It was a lesson that should’ve learned him good. Real good. And yet, clenched in his fist were a wad of bills.

You were successful in stealing $285.00 from Camille Rameau.

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
Autumn Summers 12/06/16 I'm rooting for you in the Beard Battle Royale!
Elouise Orlav 12/06/16
Elouise Orlav 12/02/16 [Snapchat Sent]

I got us couple prezzies!
Blaize Summers 12/01/16 "Dear, Camille! You are a treasure. I will take both because only sad people one gummy at a time."
-takes the whole handful and stuffs them in mouth-
-really likes gummies-
Jackson McCarthy 12/01/16 *momentary stink eye*
*forgets at the mention of new bottles*
Already restocked, but I mean..I won't say no to more. Who the hell would say no to more booze?
*slightly disturbed by the thought of someone saying no to more booze*
*might have a slight problem*
To the booze!
Elouise Orlav 12/01/16 Ohemgee. I love you.
Elouise Orlav 12/01/16 Camille. Let's go get nuggets.
Elouise Orlav 11/30/16 -sniffles- How should I know? He doesn't love me anymore!
-cries harder-
Elouise Orlav 11/30/16 -cries-
But Jameson is the one who makes the food!
Elouise Orlav 11/30/16 Don't quote Nacho to me if you can't keep up, bish!
Elouise Orlav 11/30/16 -crippled heap-
-too high to function-
Those eggs were a lie, Camille! A LIE!
Livia Vlcek 11/30/16 *stands absolutely still*
*knows T-Rex hunts by movement...saw Jurassic Park*
*becomes a statue*
*contemplates the meaning of life*
*watches Camille run off with a bag of...wheat?
*wtf moment*
*decides to go on a diet*
Livia Vlcek 11/30/16 *sheer terror*
*cries...loudly* Run Camille! SAVE YOURSELF!
Livia Vlcek 11/30/16 *becomes lost in Camille's eyes*
*turns from the unicorn to see who Camille is speaking to*
*furrows brow* Why is that squirrel eating half a rat?
Livia Vlcek 11/30/16 *take Camille's hand gently in her own*
*turns it upside down over her awaiting palm*
*pops the contents of her hand into her mouth*
*chews...for a long time*
*swallows* Delicious!
*offers Camille a listerine strip* They'll do more than freshen your breath.
*grins deviously...nods to the unicorn* Mr. Sparkles agrees.
Jackson McCarthy 11/30/16 *slight flinch*
When the hell did you get so strong?
*stares, untrusting...weird things were happening*
Oh, yeah. Things are greaaat. Someone replaced all my alcohol with...Club Soda.
*stares some more* You wouldn't know anything about that, would you? Or the glitter trail?
Elouise Orlav 11/30/16 But you presented me with said cute butt!
On a platter!
-shifty eyes- It's a damn good butt though. And he flips a mean flapjack.
Elouise Orlav 11/30/16 -whines-
So not chill. You're supposed to be my homegirl!
You're the one who forced us to socialize! This is your fault.
Elouise Orlav 11/30/16 -snickers-
Then I'll divorce Jameson anyways, and we can be sister-wives.
Elouise Orlav 11/30/16 -passes J-
If I leave Jameson, can we get married?
Sarah Remington 11/30/16 *Arches brow*
Gummies? I just came to feed the zombies some excess brains.
*shifty eyes*
I'll take the yellow kind.
Blaize Summers 11/30/16 -whispers back-
"I enjoy biting off their limbs first before the head. Then I consume what remains. Also, they are delicious."
Blaize Summers 11/30/16 -archs a brow-
-nudges back-
Summer S Summers 11/30/16 *Eyes go wide as saucers, like a kid at Christmas*
"Thank you!"
*greedily takes a handful and shoves them all in her mouth at once*
*chews the generous wad of gummies until it is a multicolored sticky goo in her mouth.*
"Let's watch the walls melt!"
Summer S Summers 11/30/16 She was starting to think the best approach was merely sitting there with a blank look on her face. Curious blonde women were approaching her and giving her treats.

*pops the gummy in her mouth and chews slowly*

*Very yummy and strangely spiked treats. Gives the woman a once over then beams a grin*

"I think I need another gummy to be convinced."
Elouise Orlav 11/30/16 -whispers-
You're not just my woman crush Wednesday.
You're my woman crush every day.
Elouise Orlav 11/30/16 -war cry-
-grabs the goods-
Elouise Orlav 11/29/16 Shrek is love, Shrek is life.
Caitlyn Darrow 11/29/16 I 💛 You & Squeaky toys. Please help. I think I have an addiction to... Oooo! A shiny!
Caitlyn Darrow 11/29/16 Camille Rameau just stole $3,048.00 from you!
Please tell me you can hook me up with a squeaky toy now!
Caitlyn Darrow 11/28/16 I got agitated and it broke in my mouth.
RIP Squeaky toy 2016 named Tang
Mackenzie 11/28/16 You know what I want to know, when did we become part of the Brady Bunch? Does that make Caitlyn, Carol? I can't live somewhere without my goddamn booze, Cam. That was part of the arrangement. I work for you, you booze me.
Caitlyn Darrow 11/28/16 *pouts*
*lower lip wobble*
*hands pitcher of vodka & orange juice*
I need a new squeaky toy, or else I'll just DIE.
Kai Noire 11/28/16 "Yes one of my most wonderful traits...honestly you should see what happens to people who look at my husband without my permission. Spoiler alert they lose their eyes. Perhaps I should start doing that to people who look at you!"

There's a glint in his eye. "Oh yes I like that idea a great deal. Also you know I adore it rough my dearest Watson."
Casey Noire 11/28/16 Why does everyone keep fu+king saying that?
Who the hell are you, and what business is it of yours?
Dessa Chambers 11/28/16 "I almost wish I didn't," Dessa laughs, though the sound a bit hollow.

Her past would always be there and it defined who she had become today. Nevertheless, the past was a good reminder of what to continue doing and learning from her previous mistakes.

Dessa's laugh turned genuine as Camille turned, "We both know 'not too strong' doesn't compute with me."
Kai Noire 11/27/16 "Just so we are clear on this my dearest Watson you are MINE No one else can have you. They can pretend but that's as far as it goes."
Elouise Orlav 11/27/16 -tackles-
-licks cheek, marks territory-
Mackenzie 11/26/16 Just so we're clear, I still hate you.
Kai Noire 11/22/16 *Wonders by and bites her arm*
Elouise Orlav 11/21/16 Don't make promises you can't keep, bish ass.
Elouise Orlav 11/21/16 You look like an old shag rug.
Blaize Summers 11/21/16 -gives a toothy grin-
"Aye, we shall."
Blaize Summers 11/21/16 "Those are two qualities I excel in. I am a painter so I must have a steady hand for intricate designs. As for patience...well, you met my family."
Blaize Summers 11/21/16 -listens, admiration clear in his features-
Aye, without creativity we would have no art, and I do enjoy art. Next time you decide to potato scoop some eyes, lemme know. Maybe you could teach me a thing or two.
Blaize Summers 11/21/16 -looks amused-
"I'm liking where this is going. Any specific type of spoon you prefer for eye scooping? Teaspoon? Table spoon? Wooden? I like using tongs, myself."
Blaize Summers 11/20/16
"Ummm... not sure that's what spoons were designed for, but who am I to decide?"
Caitlyn Darrow 11/19/16
Elouise Orlav 11/19/16
Jackson McCarthy 11/19/16
Maya J Lawson 11/19/16 Aye Aye Captain
Miryam 11/19/16 Greetings dear, Thanks for the welcome!
Mackenzie 11/19/16
Smith 11/19/16 Good luck in the Fatlympics.
Jackson McCarthy 11/18/16 *chuckles*
Like you really need to resort to pick pocketing to get across the border.
*raises an eyebrow with a sly grin*
You just have to ask if you want to be rummaging around my pants.
Gray Taylor 11/18/16 Gray crumples the note, tosses it in the rubbish bin, and sets it afire.

That'll learn her.
Jason Reindhart 11/17/16 *is shivering and sniffling as he texts*

Huh, let me see. Yes. Snow everywhere. As far as the eye can see. Cold, wet snow.
He is still renovating! No heaters yet. Just a LOT of layers.
Send help. Or a big portable heater.
Jason Reindhart 11/17/16 Text Message
To: Peace and Solitude
From: Frozen Fossil

Kai Noire 11/17/16 He blinks once then twice. All men were good for was their hearts? Oh he was gonna have to explain some things to may get awkward but he will power through it. I mean what else were friends for?

"Oh my beautiful little angel tooshie. There are so many more uses to a man! I mean what can you do with their hearts? I mean sure it contains a great deal of blood but other than that nothing! Their lower regions are much more useful, but you have to keep those attached without the body it's just eh or so I'm told." Coughs. "And they also have to be left alive..."

Now he would list all his wonderful uses, okay not all of them no one had time for that. "I am pretty I thank you for noticing most people over look that. I am also good at mischief, and killing, baking sweets, cheering people up, playing the piano. Getting overly attractive men to fall in love with me. I mean have you seen my husband? Have you? Very few men are better looking than me but he is up there."
Kai Noire 11/17/16 Stares at HIS dear Watson, taking the last hit off his cigarette he would flick it to the ground as he approached her. "Oh my dear Watsie Poo, word on the street is you are playing with a new man. I thought I was your only man!? Am I getting boring?"

That couldn't be it! Kai was never boring a day in his life. "I will let you play with my scissors. Just be careful awful sharp they are." All the better to gouge people's eyes out with, to cut their tongues out, or just plain stab them.
Blaize Summers 11/16/16 A pleased look came over the man's features as he began to step backwards and away from the woman. "Step on me, Queen." A soft chuckle would escape from between his pearly whites just before turning around to carry on his original path. His own icy hand would raise up to give a wave.

"Until we next meet. May it be just as fun as this encounter. Maybe more so."
Blaize Summers 11/16/16 A sickening toothy grin spread across his crimson stained visage. "Why yes, yes I would. A strong woman putting me in my place is exactly how I enjoy spending my off time." Pain was a sensation the man had grown to love in his time living in the shadows. The sire which had taught him all he knew made sure to instill the pleasure of pain in the man.

When offered the blunt he raised a pale hand to decline, though his crimson irises remained on the woman. Sunglasses were pulled from his head, that somehow managed to stay on place, and placed over his peculiar eyes. "No thank you. That's more my sisters' route. I prefer a nice cigar." Finally he wiped below his nose with the back of his sleeve removing the streaks of blood from his pale features. "But we should do this again. Possibly with knives. Or just fisticuffs, if you prefer. I am not picky."
Maya J Lawson 11/16/16 Maya furrowed her brows as she listened to the peculiar woman warn her of the dangerous nature of the realm. Sideways glances, strange undiscernible stenches, it was all too much information for Maya to process. Scrutiny of evidence was not Maya’s strength and she wasn’t sure what Camille was trying to infer. Maya was in danger. What kind of danger? Who were the dangerous people after her?


Maya needed to yield to hazardous situations but she didn’t seek out trouble most days, and she wasn’t alone very often. However, it seemed she wasn’t as aware to her surroundings as she was supposed to be. Maya was already paranoid enough with the information tucked away in her pocket, if she let her senses dwell anymore on the prospects of foul natured forces she would relapse or surely find herself constrained to a cot once again.

Maya didn’t take the warning lightly but she wasn’t sure how she was supposed to handle the news. Should she shake the woman’s hand? Pat her on the back and say ‘thanks for looking out pal’? The information was terribly incomprehensible.

Silence stretched on, iridescent cobalt eyes stared forward at the woman who took another languid drag of her cigarette. She felt the urge to walk away, but instead awkwardly reached out a hand pulling a chunk of flesh from the locks of Camille’s hair.

“Don’t want to carry around the evidence in your hair. It’d be painfully obvious.” Maya offered a soft smile before flicking the skin away from the pair. “I promise, I’ll watch my back.”
Blaize Summers 11/16/16 The man hadn't noticed the foot in time causing him to fly face first into the cold concrete. His beautiful, porcelain features had been tarnished by the fall but, luckily, it healed rather quick. With both hands he would push himself back onto his feet, fix his jacket, then look to the woman with a smile. He did not wipe the stray blood from his features.

"Thank you, may I have some more?"
Elouise Orlav 11/16/16 Who's crying over a rubber band, b-itchass?
-pets hair-
What a beautiful friendship we have.
Elouise Orlav 11/16/16 -steals special brownies while she's crying-
Shh. It's for the best.
Elouise Orlav 11/16/16 -shoots rubber band at-
Kai Noire 11/16/16 Blinks once, then twice. Well he certainly was not expecting this! The punch to the chest was fairly hard, and then she dared hit his face! Of course it wasn't very hard and she did kiss him so how could he be mad!

Still a little shocked he watched her scamper off. "I am only easy for you my dear Watson! Also great ass! Good form keep up the good work."
Maya J Lawson 11/16/16 Special?

Most people would be thrilled to be considered special or unique, but in this place it never seemed to be a good thing. Being special or different had the potential to be deadly. Maya had been in this place for some time now, but she avoided looking into all things special and unique. What she knew: Malek could turn into a monster, and she had spurned wings that she had painfully extracted. Her shoulder blades burned at the memory of that night. Her back had been completely obliterated to remove the parasite wings. They didn’t make her feel special, they reminded her that creatures beyond her wildest imagination roamed the streets looking for victims to desecrate.

Smoke billowed into the air as the woman came into Maya’s line of vision. She didn’t look particularly dangerous, which made her one of the most dangerous of all. Unsuspecting victims fell for the façade of purity and innocence. Maya knew better, there was a strength that boiled beneath the flesh a familiar advantage Maya possessed.

“ Perhaps I noticed but decided not to react. Names Maya.” Truthfully Maya hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary during the week, but she wasn’t going to admit incompetency to a stranger.

“Is it at least a good smell?” She didn’t know who apparently was after her or what they wanted but she didn’t want to dwell on the things she couldn’t control. Maya wasn’t ****y or egotistical, she was simply untrustworthy of this place.

“Thanks.” No other further explanation needed to be given.
Maya J Lawson 11/16/16 Uncertainty and paranoia followed Maya like the plague, infecting her till her mind was incoherent to what reality was and what fantasy was. The obscure mess she had found herself in was daunting and frustrating. Never taking one step forward, always falling back. Malek had been by her side, but the conundrum of their situation took a toll on both of their mentalities.

Sometimes Maya had to get away from it all so she could clear away the heavy thoughts and battle through another day. So many nights she wished she could go back to living blissfully in a drug induced haze or even go back to the night she sparred with Malek in the forest. The aggression of the action had been titillating, she had felt so powerful in that moment.


Maya jerked her head up to the abrasive noise ringing out through the night. Her eyes shifted around her environment, looking for the cause of this interruption to her thoughts. It couldn’t be an animal, Maya was sure that no noise was innocent, everything had a malicious purpose.

The rustling of the wind aroused her senses, her body instantly rigid and ready for a fight.


Momentarily all she saw was crimson liquid splattered around her. For a moment she felt the psychosis settle in, but a rancid smell of flesh drove her back into reality. She wasn’t naïve, she had walked among dead bodies, many of which were victim to her own hand. The putrid smell was unnervingly familiar.

“What the hell?” The exclamation left her lips as she spotted the remains of an exploded corpse. She could care less about the corpse, she cared more about who was on the other end of the exploding.
Elouise Orlav 11/14/16 You Shanghai'd me to Africa!
...I never should have trusted that jungle juice.
Elouise Orlav 11/14/16 -perks up-
Well, okay. But what are you going to do without me?
I was your first victim!
Blaize Summers 11/14/16 "Horny and drug addicts.I'm surprised we all came out so beautiful despite the nonstop flow of narcotics. I may hate my parents but their genetics are very strong..."
Blaize Summers 11/14/16 "Oh heavens those are much too pretty. I believe there is a Solstice out there. And Branch. And Leaf. Possibly even Field. Our parents lacked imagination. I got my name because my mother was smoking a blunt while giving birth to me. She blazed up before having Blaize."
Blaize Summers 11/14/16 "Even I am unsure how many of us there are. I'm the second-eldest and it seems every year I find a new sister or brother."
Elouise Orlav 11/14/16 -grabs legs-
He can't make me leave you!
Tell 'im Cammie, tell 'im!
Elouise Orlav 11/11/16 But your butt is so much nicer than Jameson's!
Elouise Orlav 11/11/16 -touches booty-
Caitlyn Darrow 11/09/16 *waddles around with squeaky toy*
Kai Noire 11/08/16 "Why is it my dear Watson that we haven't killed anyone together again? We had so much fun the first time, I promise to give you a different organ from the person we slaughters body. I mean really what would you possible do with two hearts?

"Come on let's paint the streets red."
Gray Taylor 11/07/16
Elouise Orlav 11/06/16
Gray Taylor 11/05/16 Sometimes, it's not about what you walk away with.
Kai Noire 11/02/16 *puts on cool kid shades*
The blonde duo is back and they are pissed,
Well I am pissed you can be whatever you want.
Kai Noire 10/31/16 *luffs on back*
All is right in the world again!
Kai Noire 10/31/16 Just don't feel very loved anymore is all!
*lips wobbles*
Kai Noire 10/30/16 *stares at*
Do you not love me anymore?
Jameson Orlav 10/28/16 Stop drugging my wife!
Elouise Orlav 10/28/16 -looks at Camille, then gummy bears, then Camille-
I love you.
-shoves them all in her mouth at once-
-chews and swallows- I gonna die?
Elouise Orlav 10/28/16 Then she should read the labels.
-blank stare- dare you leave me with only the roach?!
Elouise Orlav 10/28/16 -shifty eyes-
Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. You should have some too. Mellow out.
-offers to pass-
Caitlyn Darrow 10/28/16 *squeals*
Ohmygod. It's all contaminated, isn't it?!
Caitlyn Darrow 10/27/16 Jameson is sooooo bossy. Do you know who put oregano in the orange juice?
Elouise Orlav 10/25/16 Jameson is peddling cocaine!
Saito Eiji 10/25/16 I do what I want. D
Elouise Orlav 10/24/16 -licks cheek-
Elouise Orlav 10/20/16 -streaks past-
Caitlyn Darrow 10/19/16
I have Churros if you want one. Don't tell Jameson, or else he'll cry.
Dexter Gein 10/19/16 Indeed, however, we're under renovations.
Jameson Orlav 10/19/16 But she feeds me.
And reads me bedtime stories.
And other.. Stuff.. *coughs*
Elouise Orlav 10/19/16 Fvck around and get dunked on, b!tch. Team Orlav out!
Jameson Orlav 10/19/16 *space jam dunks on your ass*
*flashes new Jordan's all over*
Elouise Orlav 10/19/16 -blank stare-
Okay, Jameson, slow down. -grimace-
I regret knowing you.
Gray Taylor 10/18/16 I'll fly to you if you make it hurt real good.
Elouise Orlav 10/18/16 -eeps-
-mostly okay with this-
... make me look like Li'l Elouise from 'round da block.
Elouise Orlav 10/18/16
Elouise Orlav 10/13/16 -runs by screaming-
-chased by a dozen or so puppies-
Jameson Orlav 10/13/16
Caitlyn Darrow 10/13/16 Have you seen my orange squeaky toy? It's gone missing!
Livia Vlcek 10/11/16 *screams* MY EYES! MY EYES! I'M BLIND! *peeps between her fingers* Just kidding. Thank you Camille, it's good to be back.
Gray Taylor 10/09/16
Gray Taylor 10/09/16 Then try again, I must.
Kai Noire 10/08/16 *Creeps up behind her and starts dancing*
Elouise Orlav 10/07/16 *toddles by*
Do you know how to assemble a crib?
Jameson is useless!
Connor Silverman 10/06/16 -grins- Now why does it sound like you WANT me to cause trouble? I can expect you to bail me out if I do end up causing too much trouble, right?
Saito Eiji 10/05/16 You know... That one guy?
Elouise Orlav 10/05/16 -runs by-
Way to goooo Camille, you're turning everyone into a pothead!
-shifty eyes-
And now they're gonna find the stash.
Jameson Orlav 10/05/16 *toddles by*
What's so special about these brownies, and why does my head feel so funny?
Elouise Orlav 09/28/16
Welcome to my Caucasian house.
Caitlyn Darrow 09/28/16 *Scratches head*
Well that wasn't Orange Julius either!
Jameson Orlav 09/27/16
Caitlyn Darrow 09/26/16 *plops down*
I'm going to just hide here for a little bit. Or take a five hour nap, okay?
Elouise Orlav 09/26/16 -snipes with Nerf gun-
Caitlyn Darrow 09/24/16 Silence was magical. Caitlyn reclined back into the chair of her office, and cast a glance over to the Lego castle. Silence was terrible when her five-year-old was supposed to be in the room with her. "Noah? Noah darling?"

She called up and bounced forward from the chair. Her heels clashed against the ground as she stood upright and gave another frantic once over the room.

That's when it became evident of what had happened. A trail of Legos and hard taco shell crumbs towards the door that was open a slit. "Oh dear.." She murmured and heard a shrill cry from the hallway. A blur streaked past the door with the distinctive childish giggle.

Quickly she rushed to the door and blinked down at her feet. Was that a taco? "Son of a me.." Caitlyn glared as Noah apparently ran down the hallway of Solitude with a bag of stolen tacos.

Chanting victoriously, "Tachooo! Tachoooo! Here tachooo!" Whilst he hurled a paper wrapped taco at every single door giggling maniacally.

Great. Noah the five-year-old had turned into Oprah the-taco-giver. She sprinted after him, unable to keep up with his small satanic speed legs.

Kai Noire 09/24/16 *Starts throwing popcorn balls at her*
Take my balls! Take them all!
*Just now notes how bad that sounds, is just gonna roll with it*
Elouise Orlav 09/24/16 -sniffles-
And he said he won't buy me ice cream anymore. He's a big meanie!
Elouise Orlav 09/23/16
I think Jameson’s trying to steal my skin to wear it as a suit.
Elouise Orlav 09/23/16
Elouise Orlav 09/23/16 -is shocked and awed-
Do you wanna go give some birds pepto-bismol?
Elouise Orlav 09/23/16 -squints-
You don't want to come in between me and my fire, Camille.
Elouise Orlav 09/23/16 Have you seen my blowtorch?
Jameson Orlav 09/23/16 *scoffs*
As if its my fault that everyone around here is so damn sensitive.
You chose them.
*shifty eyes*
Kai Noire 09/23/16 *paints the Watson red, ya know for old times sake*
Siobhan Doyle 09/22/16 *smelling the petals putting them in her hand*
humming *
sees girls and grins *
" Hey nice flower petals smells pretty."
Siobhan Doyle 09/22/16 Sees the petals fall on the ground and follows them.
Elouise Orlav 09/20/16 Okay, we just gotta ditch Lameson and go somewhere with snow.
-shifty eyes-
Caitlyn can come, though. As long as she promises to stop watching me while I sleep.
Elouise Orlav 09/20/16 -tugs on sleeve-
... Do you wanna build a snowman?
Caitlyn Darrow 09/20/16 *Pouts*
I just neeeeeeed my oranges. Help me file a restraining order for Taco Bell to Jameson. Also Del Taco and Filbertos. NO place is safe!
Caitlyn Darrow 09/20/16 *Sniffles, makes oogly puppy eyes*
Sofia Johanneson 09/19/16 Fia smiles as she hears the good news on her first day in the crew.

"Congrats on Ranking Miss Camille. Truly an inspiration for us all!"

Elouise Orlav 09/19/16 I would never shave your head, querida.
And that's why I'm your favorite, right?
Mackenzie 09/19/16
Jameson Orlav 09/19/16 *glares*
You may be our fearless leader, but I will shave your head in your sleep.
Don't test me.
Elouise Orlav 09/18/16
Congratulations! We really never thought you’d make it this far! Y’know, because of your teeth. And that hair. Honestly, everything.
Mackenzie 09/18/16
Mackenzie 09/18/16 Welcome to London.
Elouise Orlav 09/17/16 It's okay, I'll keep pretending he's the strong silent type, but our morph children will know he's the emotional one.
Elouise Orlav 09/17/16 Did you see? Jameson named zombies after our sons!
-sheds a single tear-
It's almost like being a real mom. I can beat my kids up and everything!
Gray Taylor 09/17/16
Elouise Orlav 09/17/16 ... Alllll of them?
-big smile-
Kai Noire 09/17/16 *jumps on back*
Forward Pinky! Today we take over the world!
Elouise Orlav 09/17/16
Camiiiiiiiiiiille. I found the best brownies in the kitchen.
Saito Eiji 09/16/16
Come at me, bruh.
Elouise Orlav 09/14/16 Camille Rameau just failed at stealing money from you!

Aren't you supposed to be my sugar mama?
Elouise Orlav 09/14/16
Elouise Orlav 09/13/16
Caitlyn Darrow 09/13/16 *sings off key*
The tacos are on fire! Olé olé! Fiiiyaaah. Owohow!

Elouise Orlav 09/12/16
His name is Trigger! Can you babysit? Forever?
Jameson Orlav 09/12/16 I'm not intelligent?
Elouise Orlav 09/12/16 I morphed Jameson's and I's faces to see how ugly our baby would be. And it was bad. On the bright side, you and Steve Buscemi make a beautiful couple, and even prettier children!
Elouise Orlav 09/12/16 -narrows eyes-
Pain. They'll feel pain.
-wide eyes-
And then we can get ice cream after!
Elouise Orlav 09/12/16 -hysterical tears-
Who took Smelouise from me?! She was the only zombie I ever loved!
Elouise Orlav 09/12/16 Ugh, don't get too attached. I know I'm your favorite, but if Jameson finds out, he'll cry again.
Elouise Orlav 09/12/16 -pouts-
Why are we even friends?
Elouise Orlav 09/11/16 It's no coincidence that Smelouise and Smelly Cat are the only ones left standing. We're meant to be.
Saito Eiji 09/11/16
Mackenzie 09/10/16
Elouise Orlav 09/10/16 ... For llama? Okay, I guess.
Sarah Remington 09/10/16
I'll give them to you, if you spend some time in my dungeon.
Elouise Orlav 09/10/16 Qui est probablement raciste, Mme St. Taco. Quand même, je vous en suis reconnaissant.
Google Translate is hard. How do I trust that meme is a real word?!
Kai Noire 09/10/16 *gasps*
Butterscotch is the best! *is totally ignoring the fact he has never tasted it*
Kai Noire 09/10/16 *Throws pudding at, cause why not?*
Elouise Orlav 09/09/16 Je m'apelle Claude.
Saito Eiji 09/09/16 -Racks brain for any knowledge of the French language.- Uhm... Omelet du fromage?
Saito Eiji 09/09/16 -Looks up thoughtfully.-
-Jots down a few notes furiously.- You may be on to something...
Saito Eiji 09/09/16 -Dumps about fifty bucks worth of loose leaf paper onto.-
...For research and development. -Draws up plans for the ultimate paper airplane.-
Saito Eiji 09/08/16 Ten bucks says mine flies further.
-Definitely doesn't have a gambling problem.-
Kai Noire 09/08/16 *Slowly puts the goods away*
But I thought you wanted to see them!
Elouise Orlav 09/07/16 -is clammy-
I... I think I need an adult!
Saito Eiji 09/07/16 -Assumes an unspoken bond has been formed.-
-Bows respectfully.-
Elouise Orlav 09/07/16
Saito Eiji 09/07/16 -claims the jellybean, sets a paper airplane in its place.-
Saito Eiji 09/07/16 -Stares back.- @_@
Jameson Orlav 09/07/16
Kai Noire 09/06/16 *Stares back before nodding and flashed her "the goods"*
Mackenzie 09/06/16 *Stares after her*
...Is that a bald spot?
Elouise Orlav 09/06/16 Camille Rameau just failed at stealing money from you!

You talk a big game for an utter failure.
Caitlyn Darrow 09/06/16 I may have commandeered his taco stash. He started the war.
Caitlyn Darrow 09/06/16 Worst Taco Tuesday ever! Ramille, Lameson, and Matelyn are all going to miss it. I was just starting to convince Matelyn to say something other than Brraaaaaaaiiiins.
Solomon King 09/05/16 I see what you did there.

Caitlyn Darrow 09/05/16
I think I confused the kitty. I deem it named Barkemew.
Elouise Orlav 09/04/16 You witnessed Camille Rameau attack Elouise Warrock!
Elouise Orlav 09/04/16 Square up or shut up, cuh.
Elouise Orlav 09/04/16 Come at me, bro.
Connor Silverman 09/03/16 -shrugs shoulders- I suppose, but it is a bit boring around here.
Elouise Orlav 09/02/16 I just don't understand how Camille Rameau becomes Smelly Cat. I mean...
-squints eyes-
No, I see it now.
Elouise Orlav 09/02/16 Smelouise? Iconic.
Kai Noire 09/01/16
Sarah Remington 09/01/16 Oh that.. I'm a Noire and we all look the same.
Jameson Orlav 09/01/16
That's not gonna happen.
Kai Noire 08/31/16 Text Message:
To: Watson
Subject: Halloween

Whatcha doing for Halloween? Nothing? Great! We should do a couples costume! I don't have any ideas yet but I'm sure we will come up with something. Oh but for the love of god we are NOT doing Harley Quinn and the Joker. I am saying this in the nicest way possible but I don't think you could pull of the Harley Quinn outfit, and I happen to love my hair to much to dye it green. Heart you and stuff.
Caitlyn Darrow 08/31/16 Camille Rameau just stole $15,269.00 from you!
*Stomps foot*
That was strictly for my orange juice fund!
Kai Noire 08/31/16 Snapchat to: CamiWami(aka Watson)
Message: Meet you at the dog park later?

Elouise Orlav 08/30/16
Gosh, it's just so hard being the hottest blonde here! So much responsibility to the lessers like you!
Caitlyn Darrow 08/29/16

Don't be silly, ghosts eat ghost oranges. I'm sure they are merely misplaced. Right?
Caitlyn Darrow 08/29/16 I eat the peels! But Cami.. WHERE are the rest of my oranges?! *Screams internally*
Dexter Gein 08/28/16 "Gin soaked gummi bears. Great idea."
-Kronos- 08/27/16 "I was simply inspecting the dungeon for weaknesses in it's integrity for greater results in dungeon breaks...and I just so happened to have strolled into a locked cell. A minor error."
-Kronos- 08/27/16 ""
Kai Noire 08/27/16 *Noms super hard cause well he can*
*Also regrets nothing*
Jameson Orlav 08/26/16 -Jedi jujitsu hand signals-
Elouise Orlav 08/26/16 Don't tread on me!
Dexter Gein 08/25/16 *innocent smile*
Kai Noire 08/24/16 Camille Rameau just stole $0.00 from you!
NOOO!!! Not my precious pocket lint! How could you! You monster! Sniffles
Elouise Orlav 07/17/16 Seeing your face plastered everywhere has brought me to a sudden realization. You definitely need a nose job.
Jace Remington 06/29/16
Kai Noire 06/19/16
Mackenzie 06/17/16 You look funny.
Kai Noire 06/08/16 My dear Watson you always look fabulous
Kai Noire 06/06/16 *whistles innocently as he shuffles by and paints the Watson red.*
Caitlyn Darrow 06/05/16 You know Cami? I think this weather has made my dress lighter!
*Is totally oblivious that it's because her pocket money was stolen*
Elouise Orlav 06/04/16 Did you get hot, or something?
Elouise Orlav 05/07/16 I threw my pie for you.
Jameson Orlav 05/05/16 Text to: Bossy
Message: Yo.. Who let all the weirdos into the clubhouse?
Jack Horton 05/03/16 I was just perusing the Victoria's Secret website... alone... in my room... and swear I saw you on there.
Caitlyn Darrow 04/27/16
Elouise Orlav 04/25/16 Are you jealous that I'm kind of pretty, and you're not?
Jameson Orlav 04/21/16 He smirks.
"I didn't stutter."
Jameson Orlav 04/21/16 Thanks, princess.
Caitlyn Darrow 03/31/16 You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Camille Rameau.
What is this madness?!
Jack Horton 03/28/16 Aaaaaaaaand... you are?
Siobhan Doyle 03/25/16 A BIG Congrats on making POD
Mackenzie 03/25/16 Oh good. I'm soooo glad you see you everywhere.
W_Kat 03/25/16 Congrats on P.O.T.D.! :D
Elouise Orlav 03/24/16
Do you smell that? The kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smell...
Caitlyn Darrow 03/10/16 *Runs around in circles*
*Barks while running*
*Pauses and clears throat*
Elouise Orlav 03/06/16 "Pomme de terre. As if a Frenchman discovered a potato and said, 'oh, hon hon hon, zis in like un apple, mais, from la terre! C'est un apple of the earth!' Am I right?"
Elouise Orlav 03/05/16 *blinks at*
"You're like a potato.. with eyes."
Solomon King 02/29/16 Solomon grinned at his old friend. "I'll be real with you, Cams. I've been jealous of your golden fashion statement, and I decided I just had to copy you." He eyed her blonde hair, not but a few shades off of her robes. "...I might need some gold spray paint for my beard in order to tie the look together, though."
Elouise Orlav 02/23/16 You smell like a turtle tank. Take a shower.
Kai Noire 02/18/16 Feel free to shower me in money
*Starts twerking*
Caitlyn Darrow 02/18/16 *reads message*
*smashes phone*
Kai Noire 02/11/16 *Starts painting red*
What? Oh right gold...yes super flattering...
*clears throat and hides the red paint*
*Proceeds to smiling innocently*
Kai Noire 02/08/16 My oh now are we? And we almost look as good as I did! Almost really close dear Watson.
Congrats on the whole thing though!
Elouise Orlav 02/02/16 *offers silver medal*
It's for being the second most attractive blonde in the crew.
Siobhan Doyle 02/01/16 " Look who is all Gold. It looks good on you Congrats Camille."
Genesis 02/01/16
"Look at you, all sparkly gold! Congratulations on the start of something new!" ~sniffles cuz her little girl is getting all grown up~
Mackenzie 01/31/16 Seriously? You are the bane of my existence.
Jackson McCarthy 01/31/16 Gold looks good on you!
Adara Doe 01/31/16 Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! *coughs* Go team, BLONDE!
Caitlyn Darrow 01/31/16
Cammie! Let's Dance!
Genesis 01/29/16 "Hey! That zero bux was full of LOVE!!!" :P
John Doe 01/27/16 John Doe Fact #398: John Doe can run in moon boots...on the moon.
Jack Horton 01/26/16 Exactly! *Holds up his Sexiest Man pin... that OTHER PEOPLE VOTED FOR... NOT YOU!*
Jack Horton 01/26/16 "Well I'm pretty sure you're sure pretty... but you can buy the drinks."
Solomon King 01/23/16 I KNEW you'd get Best Angel. I nominated and voted for you, you winner.
*brushes dirt off your shoulder*
John Doe 01/19/16 John Doe Fact #243: John Doe can tie his shoes while running.
Solomon King 01/18/16 *stares*
...did you get taller, too?
*throws hands up*
WHY is everyone getting taller today?! Did I miss a memo? I need to go find some platform shoes..
Solomon King 01/17/16 Are you kidding me?! If I shaved or waxed, I'd lose about 90% of my personality. We can't have any of that now, can we?
Solomon King 01/17/16 A nomination for hairiest whatnow?!
I mean, I'm clearly the best candidate in the facial hair category..
*fluffs beard*
Mackenzie 01/14/16 It's a bird.. it's a plane... it's a... a... lightning bug.
Solomon King 12/28/15 Man, that's gotta be one big bag...
Solomon King 12/28/15 Well, Ghost of New Year's Future, I'm already half in the bag and I'm ready to be all the way in.
Solomon King 12/28/15 *whips around*
Who's there!?
Are you my conscience?
Solomon King 11/22/15 Get your fat pants ready!

You're invited to join the crew of The Lycan's Den for a Friendsgiving party beginning Monday, November 23rd. Feel free to bring some friends and your favorite dish (or booze) to share!

Genesis 11/19/15 ~eyes the girl, eyes the bottle~
"You are so speaking my language right now. I could definitely use someathat."
~grins and pulls out some mentos~
Mercy Prescot 11/06/15 The devilish smile lingers on her lips as she allows her arm to intertwine with that of her lovely and crazed as she was, friend. "Darling you know the words to my heart, truly..." Her amused and whimsical chuckle rolled off the tongue easily. "A celebration sound superb! And of course the more trouble the better. It has been far too long indeed."
Mercy Prescot 11/06/15 Know where a gal can get a drink around here? *Smiles impishly*
Tom Hunter 10/22/15 *so broke*
Jack Horton 10/17/15 To: Little Bird
Text: Hit me up when you're in London next. I owe you a drink for all the ones you've let me have... ;) (That's a winky face just in case you didn't know. I think. I'm not actually sure myself. Just imagine me winking at you.)
Julliet Swan 10/14/15 *smirks deviously*
Indeed, indeed...
*commenses own [shorter] round of applause*
It sound like a plan then, love.
*blows a kiss before returning on her way*
*shouts from a distance*
Pranks galore!
Julliet Swan 10/14/15 Well, damn.
Never hurts to be told again!
*gives a once over*
Y'know... we should consider dressing as twins for Halloween this year. Freak some people out...
*grins childishly while twirling a blonde strand*
Julliet Swan 10/14/15 Has anyone ever told you that purple looks just lovely on you?
Caitlyn Darrow 10/12/15 *sobs* Go crush all the apple trees Cami!
#Helpaorangesisterout #Noapplescrubs
Caitlyn Darrow 10/12/15 *pounces and clings*
So many apples! Apples! Eeeek!
Solomon King 10/09/15 Camille wasn't the only woman who claimed she could drink him under the table, and in his experience, they tended to be correct. If only because of the fact that he tended to have an issue with disco and boogying when he got too lit. He needed to be careful with alcohol - his age started to show.

He chuckled pleasantly as she took his hand and scribbled out her contact info across his palm. "Sure, Cammie! You'll be hearing from me real soon." He said his goodbyes pleasantly and continued on his way shortly after. However, about twenty minutes later, Camille would hear her cellphone beep with a short text from Solomon so she would have his number as well.

See you soon, lightning bug!
Solomon King 10/08/15 He laughed heartily at her insinuation that he was eating radioactive spinach, his eyes crinkling around the corners as his grin reached them. "Me eating irradiated veggies? Hey, I thought you were the one who glows!"

It really was nice to see her. A lot had happened since their previous encounter, and her suggestion that they catch up at some point was tempting. "Well, I'm glad you figured coffee out. Maybe we should get together soon and mull over how bourbon works? I've got way too much Wild Turkey on my hands.."
Solomon King 10/08/15 It took a lot to catch Solomon off guard, but Camille's surprisingly effective shoulder-check stopped him right in his tracks. She was a sturdy little thing, no doubt about it! Her effort earned her a little grunt of surprise from him, and he turned to look at her in a bit of a huff, a hand holding his side.


However, her obviously feigned surprise at seeing him there had him chuckling soon after. "Hey stranger right back!" At her question, he shrugged a shoulder. "Oh, y'know. Eating my Wheaties and my vegetables like momma taught me."

Nevermind the fact that he'd become almost fanatical about training his self-control, as only a Lycan could.
Livia Vlcek 10/06/15 *is assaulted by flowers and blue p...jelly beans?*
*shifty eyes*
*unsure of what they are, goes to to search*
Genesis 10/02/15 ~pulls flower from nose and commences with insane sneezing fit~

"The flowers are much more you. Much more pretty on you...and...well...yanno...they just dont suit me. I will, however, be smelling that flower for the next two weeks, thankyouverymuch."

~looks around and gives her pretty friend a quick uncommon, slightly awkward hug and whispers...~

"Tell anyone about the girly hug and I cut off your mento supply..."

Genesis 10/01/15 ~eyes you~ "Are those flowers in your hair?"

~completely invades your personal space to shove nose into your tresses, also sneakily passes you some blackmarket Coke...A-cola and mento's.~

Genesis 09/14/15 You were successful in stealing $0.00 from Camille Rameau.

~eyes you~ "What? No allowance for me to plunder? How am I gonna get all liquored up and blow stuff up? I NEED booooze...I NEED 'splosives!!!whines
Jack Horton 09/01/15 *taps his back pocket and winces* For fu... FINE, have it. But that's more than enough for a few skirts. Take the rest as a down payment for services yet to be rendered.
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 *recoils in fhear*
Sometimes showers aren't enough!
*shifty eyes* You're fresh, fly, tight. Clean. Always on. So I'm wipin' you down!

Congrats on the new rank!
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 *wipes Camille down...with sani-wipes*
*there's an urban dictionary meaning just waiting to be viewed*
Nicolai Mihaylov 08/28/15 Congratulations on ranking!
Jack Horton 08/27/15 *touches inappropriately because he's a mother frackin' leader and can do what the hell he wants*
Jacob Zev 08/20/15 -Calls out after the running woman- "I did warn you that I was close, I'm already two third of the way to the next, better work hard." -Grins and goes back to training.-
Livia Vlcek 08/20/15 You do what any good addict does. You roll a supplier or you make friends with one. *shifty eyes* Or you have a great friend just happen by with duffle bags.
Livia Vlcek 08/13/15 *shifty eyes*
*acts all nonchalant like*
*dives at candy bar*
*kit kats*
Jack Horton 08/11/15 *smears bloody handprints over your comments box*
Caitlyn Darrow 08/09/15
Jacob Zev 08/06/15 *Turns around to see his crew mate and smiles* "Oh, Hey Camille..." *He cuts short what he was saying when she mentioned his picture being plastered everywhere.* "I didn't do anything, I'm not sure..." *Once again she cuts him off to point out sirens in the distance, at which point he turns on his heel and starts to run.* "You didn't see me, ok? Talk later..."
Caitlyn Darrow 08/05/15 *Hands orange with a carved smiley face*
It's happy to be yours!
Livia Vlcek 08/05/15 *snatches from hand*
*searches pocket for a lighter*
Livia Vlcek 08/05/15 *coughs*
Livia Vlcek 08/04/15 *cants head* I'm a vegetarian so...there's that.
*tries very hard not to laugh*
*shifty eyes* I don't think that...
*steps in front of ten foot water pipe* I have anything you'd be interested in.
Livia Vlcek 08/04/15 *fingertips drift through Camille's flaxen tresses*
*shakes head* Never...
*presses lips together*
Caitlyn Darrow 08/03/15 *squeaks and clings on*
*Never lets go ♥ ♥*
Jacob Zev 08/01/15 *Walks up to his crewmate, hand raised in the air.*

"Tope là! Congratulations on the new rank!"
Livia Vlcek 08/01/15 *hive fives* Congratulations Camille! Urinal! *winks* But seriously, way to put in the effort. You're awesome. *hugs*
Livia Vlcek 08/01/15 *cheers on!* You can do it gurlfran!!
Jack Horton 07/23/15 That's what you get for threatening to beat on me in my sleep!
Livia Vlcek 07/20/15 *blinks*
*steps away from the woman...hands up* I didn't...touch her.
Livia Vlcek 07/20/15 *uses Camille as a human shield*
Livia Vlcek 07/20/15 *blinks*
*pats shoulder*
I...I've never seen them move like that. Maybe they thought you were there to give them a bath? They like their little leaves rubbed clean.
*may have spoiled the trees* C'mon, let's get you all cleaned up. I have a huge copper tub...I'll figure out what removes um...
*waves hand around Camille* Alla that.
Livia Vlcek 07/20/15 *shifty eyes*
*might be suddenly askeered*
Have Cait's trees in my backyard been attacking you?
Caitlyn Darrow 07/18/15 Love tackles are the best! Next to love taps! I'm not back for good my lovely love, but I'll be back for good sometime soon. I just had to come spread the citrus rings around the realm. Hmm is there such a think as love kicks?
Caitlyn Darrow 07/18/15 *gets tackled*
*sings while on the ground from tackle*
Have you been working on your tackling? Do you love tackle often? You should love tackle everyone and force feed them orange juice!
Caitlyn Darrow 07/18/15 *runs up*
*kisses cheek*
*hands orange juice in a flask*
*Runs like a boss*
Julliet Swan 07/16/15 Congratulations on your new rank!
*will deny possible stalking accusations*
*is shameless*
Thorn Mathias 07/15/15 "Hello, thank you for the welcome."
Livia Vlcek 07/15/15 *blinks* I fvcking hope to God I'm not...
*blinks again* Penguins?
*looks around surreptitiously*
*feels drool*
*takes out phone...SELFIE!*
*takes lovely picture of droolly face Camille and self*
*saves for blackmail*
Livia Vlcek 07/15/15 *looks around* Man...I haven't a clue. The city?
*shifty eyes* Maybe they'll deliver one to wherever we're at?
*squints at street sign*
Livia Vlcek 07/15/15 *looks at the brown liquid* I'm not's deli.
*pauses* Disgusting. You wouldn't want it.
*hands Camille a flask of Tequila* Drink this instead.
*'accidentally' knocks burger from the girl's hands* Oops!
Livia Vlcek 07/15/15 *sinks to the ground*
*slips her lap beneath Camille's head to cradle it*
*pets* No've just eaten too much meat.
*takes a long pull from the jar of moonshine she's 'found'* Everyone knows Mexican food is best to eat after drinking...and drinking more alcohol relieves 'hangovers'.
Jack Horton 07/10/15 Yeah, I use to think you looked like someone too... but then I was heartbrokenly mistaken.
Livia Vlcek 07/10/15 *throws hand up in the air...leans back* This is where they stay crunk, throw it up, dubs on the Cadillac. White tees, Nikes, Gangstas don't know how to act...
Jack Horton 07/10/15 TV actually. I played Redshirt #5 in Star Trek. Didn't last long.
Nicolai Mihaylov 07/09/15 Hullo, dahlin. Thank you for the welcome.
Jacob Zev 07/08/15 The concern was appreciated and made Jacob feel he made the right choice in accepting Livia's offer to become a part of their crew. "I've got a fair hand with a needle and thread and a good supply of antibiotics stashed away. I think it'll stay attached this time."
Livia Vlcek 07/07/15 *sings* Where where da cash at...where da cash at, don't be surprised if she asks where da cash at. *listens to Currency & Lil Wayne as she passes by Camille*
Jacob Zev 07/07/15 Still grinning he pointed to his bandaged thigh, "Yea, double tapped me right in the leg, although I did stab her so I probably deserved it..." Taking a moment to think about what he just said he realized just how absurd it sounded. "It was certainly the most unusual way I've met someone while walking the streets." He chuckled again before reaching into a pocket and pulling out two pain pills and swallowed them dry.
Jacob Zev 07/07/15 He couldn't help but laugh again, eliciting a small wince as his leg throbbed at the motion. "Brave is one word for it, I might lean towards 'stupid' though. I certainly didn't expect her to shoot me. I managed to come out on top in the end, even if it was kind of a cheap shot...hopefully she doesn't hold a grudge..." His last words were completely honest, he really didn't want to have that woman as an enemy.
Jacob Zev 07/07/15 Jacob laughed at the comment before saying, "Something like that...Our illustrious leader gave me a thorough hazing before I made it in. Things got a bit carried away but I'll heal." He recounted the fight in his head for a moment before adding, "She really doesn't pull her punches."
Jacob Zev 07/07/15 Sore and still visibly limping after the encounter with his new leader Jacob turned to face his new crewmate with a smile. "Nice to meet you Camille, I'm Jacob." Taking the offered hand he shook it briskly. "The pleasure is all mine."
Livia Vlcek 07/04/15 Drawers? Did she keep tequila in her undergarments? Livia extended her hand to accept the tiny bottles and flowers. Seriously, Camille must have been heaven sent. Ahem. With a salute of her other hand, Livia started to shove the small bottles into her pockets until, well, she looked like a squirrel saving up for the winter. High? Totally.

"Dekuji Milacku." She mumbled past the cigarette that now dangled from lacerated pout. "I'm sure my friend will enjoy these greatly."

Total lie. Jackson wasn't getting ANY of these. Maybe one. Then it wouldn't be a lie right? Just a half truth? Something like that.
Livia Vlcek 07/03/15 She's propped up against the wall, half asleep and smoking a cigarette. A faint clinking heard as Camille wanders by, cerulean pools drift to study the trail of tequila that slips from the basket Camille carried. She's like a fvcking Patron rainbow.

"Milacku, do you have a few to spare for my friend Jacks?" Not that she was really asking for Jackson, he was just her cover."I promised him tequila but I'm too tired to run to the store. "
Nathaniel Tallios 06/03/15 I think you're just glad that there's someone you can push into the pool over the summer. Don't think I don't remember taking a snowball to the head. I will have my revenge! -shakes fist to the sky-
Mercy Prescot 05/30/15 Grins while she eyes her former wallet. "Flasks in the other pocket Hun. You know I think I deserve something pretty for being frisked. Sapphire is a pretty liquor!"
Solomon King 05/29/15 Are.. are you calling me.. fat? *eyes well up*
Solomon King 05/29/15 Don't you laugh at me! I'll get that wallet next time!
Mackenzie 05/27/15 Juuuuuust trying to get your attention. *Nudge nudge*
Solomon King 05/24/15 "Sorry, I dig your new 'do so much that a little drool came out.. "
Solomon King 05/24/15
Mackenzie 05/23/15
Woooooooork it!
Livia Vlcek 05/22/15 *thinks* I haven't been to a party in forever...*looks at the paddles that are being dragged away by squirrels*
Livia Vlcek 05/22/15 Oh...*shifty eyes* Was the rave fun? *tosses paddles to the side*
Livia Vlcek 05/20/15 *sees that Camille is blue*
*FREAKS out*
*runs and grabs defibrillator*
CLEAR! *rubs paddles together*
Jackson McCarthy 05/19/15 Jackson had been a bit of a recluse as of late, but decided to get back out there with the thought of bugging a new member.

"You know...If you wanted to get closer to me, all you had to do was come see me. You didn't have to go through the trouble of getting into the same house as me. Just like you didn't have to use the pretence of stealing my money to feel me up. I understand your infatuation with me and there's nothing to me ashamed of."
Mercy Prescot 05/18/15 *Chuckles and smirks* When have I ever run out of alcohol? *produces large flask*
Mercy Prescot 05/18/15 Welcome to the party! *Grins and offers a mamossa* I'm glad to see a familiar face.
Solomon King 05/16/15 *gurgles and grabs at imaginary butterflies*
Solomon King 05/16/15 Solomon has been asleep for days.. and daaaaays.. and DAAAAAAAAYS...
Mackenzie 05/15/15 You. I miss you, little Angel.
Solomon King 05/04/15 Thanks! And what a pretty face it is. Amirite? I'm right.
Caitlyn Darrow 04/21/15 *blinks and reaches a hand to pat reassuringly* Oh! Well yes if you think it's justified. Maybe when he gets back, you can force him to have a big,big,big formal wedding, and you can marry us properly. *grins*
Caitlyn Darrow 04/21/15 *shifty eyes* It was *clears throat* a hit and mean..! He likes orange juice, and he ran away to get the secret stash. So you can hit him later!
Mackenzie 04/16/15 Noooooo funnier than you, m'sweet.
Aibrean 02/05/15 You do realize that you can't steal from any empty pocket?
Mercy Prescot 01/31/15 *Picks confetti out of hair while laughing* why thank ya! I'll drink to that!
Mercy Prescot 01/25/15 Thank you, I think I'm giving up drinking for a while.
Edward Brollachan 01/22/15 'Tis like the FBI Most Wanted list...
Caitlyn Darrow 01/15/15
Rannek 01/10/15 Thanks!
Caitlyn Darrow 01/08/15 *does twirl* I know pretty, just like youuuu!!
Dessa Chambers 01/05/15 Phew! You scared me!
*swats* >.>
Dessa Chambers 01/05/15 *frowns*
You weren't supposed to die!
Dessa Chambers 01/05/15 *noms*
Dr Van Helsing 12/28/14 Love your profile!
FaLLeN 06/18/14 "A belated welcome to the family, and congrats on ranking. I'm Alex. I'm usually around if you ever need anything."
FaLLeN 02/11/14 "You're free!"
You managed to break out Camille Rameau.
lacigam 01/09/14 As he slowly looks her profile over he stares for a moment at her lovely words and wonders what she is thinking..... lovely profile my lady.....
Dessa Chambers 12/24/13 Awww.. It's so pritty!
Sean Calloway 12/13/13 Welcome to the Realm! You are the monthly winner of a small gift pack from me, the Realm's packrat! Sean smiles widely and hand the newcomer a card with his direction on it. "G'day and good luck!"
Athena 12/11/13 Welcome to the Realm!
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