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Born: July 04, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 7
Affiliation: Carpe Noctem Mail Replies Sent: 549
Home City: Tokyo Mail Sent: 70
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08/10/20 at 12:02 am
Current Mood: Contemplative 
I am my father's daughter.

Unlike him I am so much more...

Midori Drake's Biography
Name: Midori Aikyo Drake
Alias: Middy
Father: Raoul Silverblade
Biological father: vamp_goku
Mother: Midori
Age: Unknown
Hair: Black
Eyes:Ice Blue
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Status: Taken by Shadwyn Drake
Occupation: Temple Recordkeeper and Oral Historian
Race: Witch/Vampire
Sub Species: Kitsune

"They're called...Kitsune, fox-like shapeshifters. They're pretty rare. They...look human...till they sprout out claws and teeth, turn into a literal supernatural fox, and then stab you behind the ear to get to your brain." A certain cretin told another man about my people.

Yes I am Kitsune, a fox-like shapshifter and I am a rarity even to my people. I am the result of a vampire mating with a Kitsune woman called Midori. Because my people were Temple kitsune they are associated with the Inari. We are the best of the best.

I have many of the Kitsune's gifts, talents and abilities. I can fight, handle most any weapon by touching it one time and I possess other magical abilities. I play several musical instruments:the Shamisen, the Kokyu and Shakuhachi.

I am my father's daughter but I was raised in the Kitsune Temple by my mother's people. I am conservative, well mannered and protective of my father and friends. I will never hesitate to tell you what I think and I believe in a high code of honor.

Middy has not found her father. He is nowhere to be found. She can only think he has gone to the deep sleep of his ancestors. Midori looks to Raoul Silverblade as he is her Uncle. The next family member as is the custom of her upbringing.

Midori's Ancient family Katana forged by vamp_goku
If you want to know more about me, role play with me....
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Shadwyn Drake

Raoul Silverblade

Dr Van Helsing



Ronan -R Boru


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Dante Silverblade 08/08/20 thank you.
__Nyx__ 08/07/20 Thank you
Katherine Murray 08/06/20 Thank you, sweetpea!!
-Savannah- 07/20/20 Sava smiled as she received the orchid's planing them in her lounge. Picking up a note card and began to write "middy, have made me happy to be your aunt. If it wasn't for you lil Jasmine would still be weak but now she is thriving each day and became a daddies lil girl."
-Savannah- 07/20/20 Sava sends a messenger to her niece with gifts of different teas and fruits from the babies "thank you for helping mommy bringing us into the world"
Azreal 07/17/20 Thanks.
-Savannah- 07/17/20 "She speaks highly of you, Miss. She trusts you with her babies" he turned his head as he led her to the SUV and opened the door for her.
-Savannah- 07/17/20 Rhage held out his hand for the bag "Please allow Miss, to take your bag." He said as he smiled "We are all worried for our queen since finding out she was carrying the triplets. Telling her to slow down form the past few days"
-Savannah- 07/17/20 After a sleepless night of pain in her lower back, Savannah reached out to her niece. Knowing she had over done with the weeding in the garden. Grabbing her bodyguard Rhage to deliver a message to her. " Middy, the day has arrived that the babies are coming. Love Sava
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 "I know that you have the wisdom needed to make the right choices on the path of life. So I am sure that you will make the right judgement call. Of course I expect him to formally introduce himself to me as I serve until your fathers return as your father as dictated by our tradition. But be sure to visit those nuns, they will have some valuable lessons for you I am convinced of that." Raoul said solemnly
Raoul Silverblade 07/13/20 Raoul smiles back at her "I understand that you have given up hope on your father and his return. He seems to not even have come out of hiding after you took his bottle and that was what always got his attention. I wished I could give you hope but if he doesn't even respond to his own child then what can I say? I will respect what ever of the two options before you you will pick as i can't make that judgement call for you."
-Savannah- 07/11/20 It had been a few days since she had first met her niece. Sava picked up the basket and read the card from her niece, trying to remind herself to send a thank you note back.
Sir Stephen 07/06/20 Love the Kitsune!
Phantom_ 07/05/20 He gently lifted the kit’s eyes to meet his own, “If I do that he will merely find a way back, besides, he is with those I’m hunting.” The man is desperately trying to make the arm holding him move, but finds that even with all his weight being put into the effort he can’t even make Phantom move despite being occupied with the little one, “Besides, when I win, I will put him in holding for making an example of when I go save your cousins. I won’t hurt him infront of you...intentionally.” With that he slams his hand against the man’s and a cracking is heard as the arm is bent at an awkward angle and clearly broken, but before the pain registers the man is swallowed by his own shadow, “I did give him a chance, but nobody said start and he decided to try cheating.” He then puts the kit with its siblings, “Come, we have fox clan members to rescue, and stupid humans to teach a lesson to...depending on how hurt my people are depends on if this is their final lesson...besides, you have so much to catch me up on with this world’s Foxes as Inari still refuses to let me go see them and if I do it would mean a war.”
Phantom_ 07/05/20 He merely smiled as the man found his hand being gripped and held on a table as they were both seated, “I have little kits with me and they have put me in a very nice mood, so I’ll give you a chance. You win, I let you go with your pockets full of actual gold...but if you lose...well, you won’t like the very short life span you have remaining. This isn’t optional either.” The man tried to get up and run, but found he couldn’t move save for both arms, “Try to flee again...and I will have to scare the children as I tear you apart, skinning you layer by layer until I get tired of your screams.”
LillyEmperium 07/05/20 *seeing the note Lilly smiled as she whispered* thank you Midori
Phantom_ 07/05/20 “So long as you keep everything in order and don’t touch my stash of tea, it’s a brilliant idea, I am not responsible for what I do when my tea is stolen.”
Phantom_ 07/05/20 “Oh you know how it goes, waging wars for various stupid reasons, keeping kids in line, and keeping the clans safe who live in my lands.” He scoops the kits up into his cloak where they can poke their heads up to look around as he grins, “Speaking if collecting, I got a hold of some Greek legends the Foxes missed if you’d like them.”
Phantom_ 07/05/20 He blinks from where he stood over the beaten forms of some gangsters, “Middy? Haven’t seen you in a while, come, I was just about to go free some of my people these idiots were holding. They really thought that I’d stand for my fox clan members here in the human world being held as hostages.”
Briahne Christiann 07/04/20 Welcome back, need any help, just ask.
Raoul Silverblade 07/04/20 Ah yes your father has mastered that perfectly indeed. Lets hope he will grace us with his company soon as I am sure he is missed by many and even better would piss of others glad he is not around. He should introduce you to his wife as she is a good one for him *He threw both Micky and Mallory a bone to chew on*
Raoul Silverblade 07/04/20 Oh yes I do recall that. I guided you up to him as we back then ruled together over the Crimson Embrace. Your father and his then wife dining and me walking up with you to introduce our latest coven member. What a night that became. *Raoul said laughing* Just be careful where you treat Middy as some things have not changed but I know your father trained you well enough to be able to defend yourself.
Raoul Silverblade 07/04/20 Ah yes time didn't stand still and so much has changed. To much to all explain away in one breath of air, to become fully up to date one must sit down and almost get to know one another again. I would not even know if you would accept nowadays to be called Middy as i often had heard your father yell at you as he then rushed through the Japanese garden to your swing. *Raoul said laughing happily recollecting those memories*
Raoul Silverblade 07/04/20 *Raoul hugs his niece back smiling* Ah I should have known that would have been the first thing you would do. Well if there is anything that would bring him out of hiding then its the lose of his bottle as you know how hard he fought for it, as its the best ever lasting bottle of booze out there created by many powerful witches. *Raoul pets the animals* You best take good care of them as they need a caring hand
Raoul Silverblade 07/04/20 Kon'nichiwa, Midori. Oh how your father will be delighted to see you back in this forsaken place. And oh will he regret still not having found a new place to hide his special bottles. *Raoul bows smiling to the young woman as she was his niece*
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