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Born: December 20, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 1
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Be careful when you cast out your demons that you don’t throw away the best of yourself.
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I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm
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RealmIt's the Holiday Season
Created by Maycee Thomas
LondonA little boy with a big heart
Created by Jack Whitechapel
Marius Steel 01/20/19 Awe thanks Jack, thats very.., Nice, yeah nice of you
Hope Messinger 01/19/19 Welcome to Sydney, Jack!
Crimson Belladonna 01/19/19 She placed the doll and all it's pins in his hand as her other hand took it the kidney in grade. She had no use for it but accepted it all the same even with the wrapping.
she gave a silent nod and backed up slowly and tried to find something to put her new gift in. "Thank you!" Her voice childish and soft.
Crimson Belladonna 01/19/19 She spent her time looking around the halls of the coven. She had met some nice people so far. She sat in front of the door to the room she would sleep in. Her clothes were modern. Her aunt had dressed her a plaid shirt around her waist, black leather jacket, black skirt and boots. Her eyes caught the boy who was much older then her stopped before her. "Trade?" Standing to her feet her head tilt. She pulled out the only thing she had of value to her. Pulling out her favorite and only thing a voodoo doll. "We can trade if you wants."
Zaynah Mubarak 01/19/19 ~pushes the child to the side~
~swipes a fold of bills from his 'piggy bank'~
~slinks off to buy an ice cream cone~

You were successful in stealing $1,385.00 from Jack Whitechapel.
Eloise Buchanan 01/18/19 Elle was feeling a little concerned of late as she hadn't seen the young boy who had joined them anywhere in the manse in recent days. She went to his room and gently laid out a creative but somewhat macabre greeting card on the floor before his door. There were five items, carefully laid out one by one in a vertical line in hope he would see the message within. She gently knocked then left so he could find what she had left for him in private.

Eyeball - grey
Occipital lobe
Hope Messinger 01/09/19 She had traded with the boy before and she had received his favorite cricket. That cricket still sang for her in the morning and at night. It lived in a small garden she had made for it. She saw Jack brighten at the word 'trade' and he moved forward to the items. She had spread them out for him and she stepped back a respectful distance.

She breathed a sigh of relief when the scarf covered items didn't catch his interest. She would take the deceased baby and have it buried properly. He inspected the mice. One by one. The cat may have caught his interest. The cloth-covered item received the frown.

"Broken' He indicatedd the gathered corpses. He then pulled a mid-sized cats-eye marble.

He crouched down and held the marble up in front of the cat's face. The words "trade and eye." He pointed to the cat's dead eye. Hope nodded as he then sat on his heels and waitedd for his trade. Hope pulled on a pair of rubber gloves and a small scalpel from the carry all bag. She bit her lower lip and cut out the dead cats' eye for Jack Whitechapel. She hoped she had not damaged the trade item. She set the eye on the clean piece of gauze and handed it to Jack.

"Thank you, Jack."
Hope Messinger 01/09/19 The Azhi Treasure Hunt was still on Hope's to-do-list. She looked at what trade items she had in her small carry bag. She looked at a few dead mice, frogs and a small dead kitten. She didn't like dead things. She had a trade to conduct with one Jack Whitechapel. The tiny mortician loved dead things. She had brought a loaded carry all bag with her. The contents included one other sad thing. She almost cried when she saw it but she picked it up and wrapped it in her scarf

She stood in front of Jack Whitechapel and gazed into his blank dark eyes.

She laid the dead mice, frogs, the kitten and the scarf wrapped item. She spoke a few words

"Trade. I am looking for a marble."
Iva Herrera 01/07/19 She’d seen the child in the city, had even said hello. Then she received word that he’d joined the coven, but had not seen him within the halls. Ships passing in the night perhaps. That or her innate sense to give peculiar children a wide berth. More than likely, it was a bit of both.

That night, however, she spotted him. A small child attacking what looked to be a grown man. It was like seeing a rat in the garbage in New York. Something deeply unsettling yet perfectly right at the same time. She felt a little surge of pride, admiring his skill in his attack. It brought a tiny smile to her lips, glossy red in the streetlight. Ivelisse didn’t bother to conceal herself as she watched. A voyeur to one of the more macabre shows in Paris, she imagined. Her dark hair and long black wool coat did a fair enough job keeping her in the shadows. As the boy finished, Iva left to return to the coven, heels on her boots leaving no sound in her wake.

You witnessed Jack Whitechapel attack Ophir Jadu!
Addison 01/06/19 The child shook his head once. A definitive answer. Short and sweet, like the child himself. However, it made the corners of Addisons lips tug downward. John was...entertaining.
She offered up a sigh as he moved on. She watched his method of navigation, finding that the actions brought a small smile back to her lips.
Well, if he didn't want to grab a bit of food with her, she would strike out as normal. The yearning for blood and violence danced across her senses. Someone was getting cleaved in two this night by her sword, and she would taste their sweet, sweet blood.
Maeve 01/05/19 She had heard whispers about the about the boy, but not necessary felt compelled to investigate said whispers... until now. Now he had appeared in front of her, and a sense of curiosity had awakened deep in the bowels of where things went when you lived a life longer than average.

Canting her head from one side to the other, looking from the doll to the boy and back at the doll.

"Whose blood?"

The doll was what the doll was, but it was the blood which made it special. And she wouldn't trade just any old speck of blood. It had to be far more than corn syrup and red food coloring.
Alice Barbour 01/04/19 ~steps back, warily~
~sees dead bird, starts trembling~
"N-n-no Th-thankyou!"
~Turns and runs away, clearly frightened by the boy~
Addison 01/02/19 This was a most curious child, and he enthralled Addison. He let out little by way of emotion, and was so so silent. However, the little rumbling of his tummy did not go unnoticed by the former vampire.
"John... your tummy is rumbling. Would you like for me to take you for something to eat? What is it you prefer?" She asked sweetly.
She could go for something bloody. She didnt really know what children ate, to be honest. She knew too many sweets were bad...but she'd never really heard of a child sitting down to a nice extra rare steak. She kept her eyes upon him for any indication that he wished for her assistance.
Addison 01/02/19 She gave a little chuckle of excitement at his introduction. He was willing to give a little, and to Addison, that was wonderful.
" has been very good to meet you." She said, not hiding her delight.
"Perhaps one day, you would like to visit my little abode...its where I store many of my little treasure. And if there is ever anything you need, and cant get, I'm sure I can help. Being a grown up has its advantages." She snickered. The sound was rather evil. She did mean for it to sound that way, was Addison, and...she didnt really see right from wrong when she wanted something.
"Do you have a home, John? Its getting late in the hour..."
Addison 01/02/19 Addison smiled as he patted her cheek. She felt it as a sort of acceptance, something she rarely received. Or perhaps it was a simple thanks. Regardless, she found it endearing. With a sigh, she gathered up her things, placing them in their proper places within her backpack.
"It was lovely trading with you. You keep those ears. They are nice and fresh and have sparklies." She said with a cheeky grin.
She then moved to stand.
"My name is Addison. My friends call my Addi. You can come to me for trade any time you like. Or help, if you need it."
He was such a silent boy. She dare not push his limits of any sort of trust between them by asking his name. She would never forget that beautiful face. He would talk to her more when he felt comfortable, and she would not push it.
"I had a very nice time. Thank you again, little one." She said, giving him a nod.
Addison 01/02/19 She canted her head and watched the young one. His voice had been as beautiful as his appearance. With a soft sigh, she set her mind to thought. The spider had bitten him. He was hurting. Once again she rifled through her backpack and pulled out several items. She then tentatively reached for his wounded hand.
"Let me help. I can take the pain away. I can take the poison away." She said softly to this wicked little angel of a boy.
She turned his hand over to inspect the bite. "You must trust me now...I will not harm you. It just might be...uncomfortable..but only for a moment." She said soft and sweetly to him.
She withdrew her own scalpel. She nicked the area on the boys hand where the spider had bitten him, then pulled it to her mouth. She sucked lightly at the wound, drawing the poison into herself. It wouldnt harm her. When done, she dabbed the area with a home made salve to numb the pain and disinfect the wound. She then pulled a small child sized, and rather silly, band aid to the wound, sealing it snugly to keep the nick safe and clean. She then released the childs hand.
"There, that should make it better! She said brightly.
Addison 01/02/19 Addison stared at the boy for a moment, at first his offer of trading not being understood. When it dawned on her, she scrunched her nose. She shooked her head.
"I'm sorry, little one. I do not like insects or arachnids. That is why I offered you the moths. I have a fear of them. And I kind of need my fingers. Very important to my work." She said.
However, not to let the child down, she pulled her backpack into her lap and looted around. She found a piece of waxed paper folded neatly. She pulled it forth to show the youngster. Unfolding the paper carefully, she revealed two human ears, very fresh, the blood still wet, and the diamond stud earrings gleaming in the pale light.
Would you like these? No trade needed. Consider it a gift, a pact perhaps...of trades to come?" She asked, raising a delicate brow.
Addison 01/02/19 Addison smiled brightly to the presented offer. She could certainly use such a thing in her workings. She gave a nod to the youngster and pushed her items toward him with a nod.
"Fair trade." She said to him in soft tones.
"If you ever wish to trade with me, come seek me out. I have lots of stuff." She added.
She couldnt seem to take her eyes off the boy. He was so beautiful, alabaster skin, like a doll. His neat and tidy appearance. Were she still a vampire, she would certainly would have liked to take him under her care. But alas, she had left that life behind herself, though her voodoo practices, and occasional slaughter of innocents, still played heavily in her life.
She looked over his offer once again, the wheels in her mind already churning over what she would do with her prize, and, curiously, wondering what he would do with his.
Addison 01/02/19 Addison had heard through the channels of the Realm that there was a boy who liked to trade in the most remarkable things. Well, remarkable to her. She was a priestess of the voodoo religion, and was always on the look out for the strange and unusual to add to her own collection. Finding the boy, she approached slowly, as to not spook him. He was wonderfully beautiful.
She caught his attention and sat down on the ground a few feet from him, pulling from her backpack a jar and a box. Within the jar, lidded with holes in it, were two Deaths Head Moths. Within the box, cushioned within red velvet, were two scalpels of different sizes. They were silver and in pristine condition. She offered a smile to the boy, her light reflective blue eyes shining hopefully at him.
"Trade?" She asked, in hopes he would have something interesting and morbidly disgusting.
The Xenomorph 12/29/18
Dita Morgenstern 12/27/18 Reluctantly Dita took the boy's hand and allowed him to drag her down the busy streets. Of course she was curious about what he was trying to convey. As he pointed up, laurel eyes followed until she found her face, emblazoned on the large billboard. "Y-yes, me." A single finger pointed to her chest. "Dita."

(Lol Thank you!)
Dessa Chambers 12/26/18 Like mine? Okay.” Dessa wasn’t sure why the boy was so keen on having someone’s lips, let alone ones that looked like hers, but she needed to drink blood to survive, so who was she to judge someone’s needs?

She led the boy along the streets of Paris, actually enjoying a small stroll with a child. Dessa never wanted to have children and now never could, but as her coven grew, she felt more and more maternal towards the members.

She spotted a young woman, probably close to Dessa’s age, sitting alone on a bench and pointed to her. “Do you like her lips?
Hope Messinger 12/25/18 Silence at times was the best way of communication between two individuals. Silence spoke volumes between Hope and Jack Whitechapel. The sound of silence was a most excellent teacher and conveyed a mutual understanding between them. She knew her gift would be viewed as a curiosity but it was an appropriate gift. She moved back a safe distance to await his acceptance or refusal of the gift. He stared down at the gift and then toward her. The action was repeated again. The look on his face show curiosity and then confusion. She heard a single word emit from his pale lips.


She watched as Jack reached into his coat and he rummaged around. Her eyes widen as he pulled out a cricket. She knew the cricket was sill alive. It's twin antennae moved quickly.

Jack walked in here direction and stood before her. He crouched carefully and set the insect on the ground before her. He turned and made his way back to his spot and stopped.

His broad smile met a soft smile from Hope. She crouched down and held out her palm to the cricket. The cricket hopped on her palm. She carefully stood up and placed the cricket on her shoulder. She loved crickets and the music that they made in the early evening. Hope nodded at Jack. She uttered a few words to break the silence.

"Thank you, friend!"
Hope Messinger 12/25/18 Hope pondered long and hard on a proper gift for Jack Whitechapel. He was one of those who met her when she arrived in the Realm. She found the perfect gift for him. It was Maxwell Edison's Silver Hammer! She wrapped it up and included a copy of Beatles' old song called Maxwell's Silver Hammer. She set off to find Jack Whitechapel. She set the gift near him and then backed off to a safe distance between them. "Merry Christmas Jack Whitechapel!
Parisa Tournier 12/24/18 Parisa couldn't help but wonder how he fit the decaying mouse in his pocket as she looked down at the matted fur and exposed bones in her palm. "Thank you Jack" . She gave him a small smile. Curious boy he is. The voices in her head tittered and giggled.
Gavin McGrath 12/23/18 The male gazed down at the little thing before him. In his experiences he knew better than to think a child to be just that; especially when their eyes are dark as night. Despite the lad's peculiar presence it did not shake Gavin's typical relaxed demeanor. Oddities were common in the man's life ever since he was a young boy. This was no exception.

"Sorry, lad, I don't got anythin' to trade unless ya like tootsie rolls."
Kyla 12/22/18 Welcome to The Menagerie, lad.
Eloise Buchanan 12/22/18 Elle comes in late from a well after midnight snack. Realising the newest member of the coven is likely asleep she writes a brief welcome note, accidentally smearing a little blood on it, and slips it under his door.

Welcome to the coven! I’m out and about a great deal so let me know if you need anything.
Shelly 12/22/18

*I approach the child with a coy smile.*

Hi there? You seem... lonely... wanna a game?

Parisa Tournier 12/21/18 She looks at him curiously as she pumps his hand up and down slowly a few times before letting it go gently. "Trade? my... eye?" She let out a soft giggle and shook her head no slowly. Reaching into her pocket she pulls a small opal out of her pocket and places it in her flat, outstretched palm.

"No trade. Gift" she offers with a soft smile.

Hope Messinger 12/21/18 She stood at a distance and she looked at the boy. His pale features appeared to be calm. His dark eyes seemed to bore into her azure orbs. She watched him for a few minutes. She kept her vigil for another minute. What was in those eyes spoke volumes to the little angel. She knew death and it's helpers came in many shapes and sizes. Was this premonition for her to consider? Was he an enemy? Or was he something than what he appeared to be? He communicated with mary a word. She watched him turn on his heel and walk away. She knew she would see him again someday in the future.
Amethyst 12/21/18 " Welcome to the coven I hope your stay is a long one."
Marah 12/21/18 " Hello my name is Marah and I would like to welcome you to our crazy animal house. If you should be in need of anything I am easy to find."

W_Kat 12/21/18 "Welcome to the Coven."
Parisa Tournier 12/21/18 She heard there was a new member to their growing group so she went off in search of the young man. Stumbling upon him rather quickly she extended a hand in warm greeting. "Hello there, my name is Parisa and welcome!"
Dessa Chambers 12/21/18 Dessa grimaced a little. Creepy little kids were...well, creepy. But she seemed to attract them. First it was Drusilla, now it was this little boy, Jack, Edward had stumbled upon.

"Hm, No sweetie. I need these ones. But, we can go find you some better ones, ones that no one will miss!"

She holds out her hand to him, "Let's go lip hunting." Never thought she'd ever say this. Let alone to a little, probably demonic, child.
Edward Brollachan 12/21/18 "Grab yo'r pack, lad. Ye can come back for the rest later."
Edward held his hand out to the boy.
"Come, now... there may be nasty things about that would eat a young lad for a snack."
Morgana le Fay 12/21/18 Welcome to the realm, I am Morgana. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of us elders at any time. We can be found under the mail tab above, at the Admin mail box. Again welcome to the realm!
Edward Brollachan 12/21/18 Edward stands up and beckons the waif.

"Come out here, boy! D'ye ha'e a home t'go to?"
Edward Brollachan 12/21/18 He allowed himself to be pulled by the waif into the alley-like alcove, and watched him disappear into a small gap. Dropping again to one knee The Scot peered into the space, to see a boyish collection of artifacts, some of them the things of nightmares.

"Ye ha'e been a busy lad, ha'en't ye boy? Alas, I ha'e nothin' t'trade w'ye, nothin' ye would want."
Edward Brollachan 12/21/18 Rising to his feet, the Scot held steadfast as the young boy pulled on his hand.

"Whare is it y'wish t'go, boy? Can ue not speak?"
Edward Brollachan 12/21/18 Pokes with finger
"Are ye a good boy, or a troublesome lad?"
Assesses carefully, considering if preyworthy
"Yo'r not big enough t'eat, so I suppose a greetin' is warranted."
Kneels on one knee, extending a large, battle hardened hand
"Welcome t'the Realm. I am Edward. Should ye need anythin' dinna hesitate to call for me, nae?"
Eloise Buchanan 12/21/18 Welcome to the Realm!
Maycee Thomas 12/21/18 Welcome, welcome!
Hope Messinger 12/21/18 Welcome to the Realm!
Iva Herrera 12/20/18 Tightening her wool jacket around her frame, Iva scolded herself for visiting London in December. A tiny voice inside reminded her that the weather was very nearly the same in New York, and she should calm down and just enjoy the city. Noticing a newcomer on her stroll, she offered a smile. "Welcome to the Realm!"
Dita Morgenstern 12/20/18 [stops, hesitant.] Welcome to the Realm.
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