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Blair Marie Storm
Killed: November 07, 2009 at 05:01 pm EST
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Born: September 09, 2009 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 2
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“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest”
Blair Marie Storm's Biography
(OOC: I am always up to doing and rp. If you are interested just send me a message. Also feel free to steal or attack me when I am offline only!)

A Wiccan's Beginning Tale

20 years ago on All Hallows Eve, a baby was born in to the mortal realm. Alone in a small cabin with only her parents the young baby took her first breath. With a head full of black soft hair and armed with a pair of beautiful pale blue eyes the baby studied her parents with innocent curiosity. Instant love bonded the three. The tired mother pronounced the baby then with the name of Blair Marie. And so the child grew surrounded by the never ending love and support from her parents. The years passed. As fate would have it the young girl experienced the art of witchcraft. Fasinated the girl became to study and grow in the art of the Wiccan under the watchful eyes of her parents. Now as a young adult the eager young witch chooses to leave the comfort of home to explore the world. Now studying to become an healer the young witch's heart and soul are strong as she embraces whatever the fates and destiny decide to send her way

So she wishes it, so mote it be..


Birth Date & Place: Oct. 30 1989 in Scotland
Age: 19
Height & Weight: 5'5'' at 105 Lb.
Hair: long loose curly midnight colored hair
Eyes: Pale blue with flecks of silver
Family: mother and father are deceased (killed in car accident). Adopted sister living in Transylvania.
Likes & Dislikes: Enjoys drawing, reading, and writing as well as a variety of other things. Favorite colors are blue and lavendar. Is afraid of snakes and spiders.
Personality: Shy and quiet. Gentle and caring nature. Very protective of her friends and family.
Pets: a wolf (Ryeland)& Bailey (Border Collie)
Lives: in a plantation she has recently inherited.
Status:Taken forever by Mikael Dragov.
Powers: Healing, standard witchcraft, empath and shadow art
Occupation: Healer in training as well as going to school to get her art degree.

Her Future

Blair is completely and hopelessly in love with Mikael Dragov.

Active RPs
  • A Hauntingly Beautiful Place
  • Midnight Escape
  • Everthorn School of Magic (Neighborhood Branch)
  • A Day of Fun
  • Dragov's Apartment

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Last five threads posted in:
mist 10/17/09 *Smiles*I be glad to come just let me know when,and if you need any help be happy to.
mist 10/17/09 *Gives a warm smile*Congrats to your both,wish you all the luck and happaniess my friend.
mist 10/17/09 *Smiles*I am doing just fine thanks my friend.And yourself?
Bree Ravencroft 10/13/09 *Having been mostly oblivious to the setting sun and the darkness of night beginning to creep in, Bree nods.* "That might be a good idea. I have things to do at home which have been ignored for a bit too long." *Bree sighed at the thought of the condition of the house after the cops had left. At least they had put the floorboards down in the right order, but had left everything else almost as dirty as if there'd been a flood.* "It was good to meet you and yours."
Bree Ravencroft 10/12/09 *Hearing Blair ask about Balin, Bree's eyes lighted up for a few moments.* "I am not quite sure what Balin is. Judging from his ears and voice I think there's some Siamese hidden in there. He definitely likes to hear himself talk and let everyone else know what he thinks of them." *Watching Ryeland, Bree couldn't help but wonder what had happened to Darkling. She would have to look into that when she got home.*
Bree Ravencroft 10/11/09 "Border Collie huh. Are they really as wicked smart as they say?" *Bree looked up at Blair, giving her a faint smile while getting back on her feet.* "Nice to meet you Blair. I am Bree." *Having not had much contact with wolves for a long while, Bree keeps a respectful distance, trying not to look at him directly.* "He is beautiful." *Bree looks down at Bailey and grins a bit.* "If you keep dancing around like that, I've got a kitty at home which is going to be very unhappy with me carrying the scent home with me." *She couldn't blame the puppy though. They were supposed to be like that.*
Bree Ravencroft 10/11/09 "Please don't frown because of me. It has just been a very long time since anyone have wanted to talk. I was beginning to wonder if I still remembered how to do it. Obviously I have some catching up to do." *Bree looked down at the dancing puppy and smiled faintly. Balin were going to be so mad at her when she got home, for carrying the smell of puppy and wolf into the house. Getting down on her knees, Bree held out a hand for Bailey to sniff.* "He is just a baby. Do you know what breed he is?"
Bree Ravencroft 10/11/09 *Before remembering that not every creature of the realm could look into and see what was going on in the shadows, Bree shook her head.* "Yes I am fine. Nothing to worry about." *For a brief moment Bree wondered why there was so much attention on her, when the gods of old had made it their mission to quite literally keep her in the dark. With a small sigh, Bree took a few steps out of the shadows, eyeing the woman standing in front of her.*
mist 10/08/09
Regginea MacFowlen 09/30/09 Gina's smile grows a little wider as she shifts from foot to foot. "Thank you again."
Regginea MacFowlen 09/30/09 Regginea slowly came forward, her head hung low, afraid to make eye contact. She knew this was the one who had spoken to her and she wanted to let her know she was glad of it. She was still a little afraid seeing as she hadn't had any contact with anyone in almost 8 years. Nervously she looked up and smiled a small crooked smile. Her eyes flashed and the slight breeze blew her hair over her shoulder as she spoke. "Thank you for the welcome. I'll be sure to let you know if I have any questions. My name is Regginea, but you can call me Gina if you like."
Crystal 09/28/09 Crystals delivery!
Crystal 09/16/09 "Always follow your Dreams!"
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