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Born: May 09, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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05/26/18 at 11:18 am
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“Why is the truth, it would seem, revealed to some and not to others?
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Amitiel Jones

Seraphina Morning Star

Lucifer Morning Star

Gabriel De Angelo


Last five threads posted in:
Kristoffer Forseti 05/20/18 "Thank you for the welcome."
_Azazel_ 05/13/18 Blocks the hit and walks away. "I am done, hear me. Write me off in your f*cked up story book. My only concern lays in that bed behind you."
Amitiel Jones 05/12/18 Mitch Jones arched an eyebrow as Aurora buzzed him by on the Hazel's borrowed broomstick. His wings appeared behind him and they moved of their own fill. Those dark wings were a reminder of who and what he was. He let the breeze flow under his wings lifting him and soon he zipped past Aurora.
Amitiel Jones 05/10/18 "Did you say something about wanting to fly a broomstick? The broomstick came with the Witch..up to you to ask for a ride.."
Amitiel Jones 05/10/18 A wry smile tugged at his lips. "I speak your language and many others. Maybe it was your twin Seraphina who told Father." Jones was not interested in the female Angelic. He was here to return the favor the Father had asked of him. "I am here to oppose some asshat who issued his own damn orders!"He turned around and the snake clamp catchers disappeared from his hand. He'd fight the female to reach Seraphina's side.
Amitiel Jones 05/10/18 Jones held several fairly rotten tomatoes thrown by a fellow female Angelic. A pair of vibrant blue eyes sparkled with mischief. "Nope, you've never forgot why I sided more with Lucifer when I was booted out of Heaven. In fact you are the reason for my fall. Best thing you ever did for me. DO you like snake hunting?" He held up several pairs of snake clamp catcher and tossed one to the female Angelic.
Seraphina Morning Star 05/09/18 The arrival of her sister was one set of bells she could not ignore. Sera had been keeping her back for sometime but seems she has had enough. With the arrival of Amitiel and Amen meant so much more then expected. "Aurora sister..."
Lucifer Morning Star 05/09/18 Who was he, he was frecking Lucifer frecking Morningstar. The one with the kill mark posted on him. He breaths out deeply rubbing his temples. "Look, Not gonna say sorry. Angels are dropping from the skies like rain. I know who you are, my trust level is at a all time....not frecken happening mode. And Amenadiel has come to go hunting. If you want your sister go to her. She has been fretting for you. And I am sorry for snapping at you."
Lucifer Morning Star 05/09/18 The perfect image of his wife stood nearby. Other then being blond, she was exactly the same.Yet he knew better, she was still an angel, and right now none where to be trusted. His voice was low yet demanding. "Blood or not, Shes not on the platter." It was sweet and simple as he had no reasoning to think she was here for any other reason.
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