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Born: September 09, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
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Daxx- 09/09/20

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm and bows gracefully. The Pirate King smiled and spoke softly. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me. If you should need any help please feel free to ask. My friends call Daxx."
Silviana Balkan 09/09/20 A shy smile came shone on her pale face.. The faintest color of pink barely shine through the white of her cheeks.. She could smell a newcomer from a mile away.. "Welcome! I'm Silviana!" Tucker her hair black wavy hair behind her ear.. "But friends call my Silvy"
River Song 09/09/20 Welcome to the Realm.
Briahne Christiann 09/09/20 Welcome to the Realm, get yourself settled in. If you need help with anything, please reach out. There are plenty around that can assist.
Ariadne 09/09/20 Hello! Welcome to the Realm! Please let me know if you need any help! Be sure to check out the Help and Links and also the help forum, lots of useful information in there!
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