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Born: February 03, 2016 Forum Topics Started: 2
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 67
Affiliation: Valar Morghulis Mail Replies Sent: 800
Home City: Moscow Mail Sent: 63
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05/24/17 at 10:31 am
Current Mood: Predatory 
All Moods are IC, And all contact will be IC. Open for attacks.
If working is my mood,answering mail and rps will be slower then the normal slow that I am. Remember kids. I am a bear, not a wolf. I don't have speed on my side.
Special Items:
 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
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Cassandra Carnivale 05/19/17 Please help us welcome the newest members to our family.

 photo piZap_1494641412993_zpsxw1q4ctl.jpg
Melanie Palmer 05/17/17 $A soft smile appeared upon her lips then sighed in relief when he said he did.$ "Oh good I was beginning to think there wasn't one. Being new to a different place can be overwhelming sometimes especially when you don't know anyone either. Would you be so kind in showing me the way?"
Melanie Palmer 05/17/17 $Mel wondered the streets just trying to see what was new around here this new place she discovered. When she was stopped by a man she got the scent of him but smiled sweetly as he spoke to her.$ "Good evening sir thank you for the warm welcome. Say could you show me where I can find a great resort to stay at, a hotel maybe and a good place to get a bite to eat maybe a drink as well."
Derek Norse 05/16/17 Thanks, broski.
Maya J Lawson 05/16/17 A small smile creeped over Maya’s lips momentarily as she read the response from Jayden. It had been a very long while since she had even heard from him, she was relieved that he was even still alive. Truthfully Maya had been selfish, she hadn’t allowed herself to track him down in the midst of her own dramatic life event. Malek and Maya had been scouring the country, killing and hiding when necessary, the trail of bodies lined up behind always kept them on the move.

Maya had tried many times to walk away from Jayden when she couldn’t handle the truth of his place, but it seemed he was the one that needed to walk away from her insanity and doubt. She was glad that her friend didn’t have to see her in the wake of her insanity, he didn’t have to watch herself torture herself with the extraction of her wings. She was happy that one person was around to remember the person she had once tried to be. They had a lot to talk about, but till then she was going to bask in her vices. Slipping the phone back into her pocket she slipped back into the tavern and ordered another drink.
Maya J Lawson 05/16/17 Maya was mid drink when she felt an unfamiliar buzzing from the butt of her jeans. Was her cell ringing? That think never went off, at least it hadn’t for a long time. Maya finished the bottle of beer pressed to her lips before excusing herself from her company to head outside and check the strange buzzing. Drunken fingers fumbled with the screen till it came to life and flashed a fresh message before her eyes. Jayden? It had to be, there was only one person that ever uttered the nick name mighty mouse. She hadn’t heard from the man in months, or was it longer than that? A year? So much had happened in his absence, she was no longer the frightened girl curious about the haunting monsters of her dreams. She prowled the streets with the devil and killed maliciously. She had mutilated her body to remove the wings from her back and had chased the men that were doing these things to her. The changes were evident, and she grasped at the thought of how her friend had changed indeed.

“Can we meet?” Her fingers shakily trudged along to the path of the keys on her phone, anxious to hear a response from an old friend.
Cassandra Carnivale 10/29/16 Cassie gave her brother n law a soft smile then spoke.

"Well congrats on making POTD but my dear brother what did you do to make the most wanted list? Or do I want to know?"

She started to giggle a little bit.
Ronan Boru 10/29/16 Congrats on POTD
Maya J Lawson 10/29/16 "Hey good looking. Congrats on Profile of the Day!"

Nicolas_Ravenwalker 10/29/16 "Congrats uncle Jay on POTD do I want to know what you did?" &Nick chuckled.&
Maya J Lawson 10/27/16 Slow feet sulked along the damp forest floor, while the howling winds roared with excitement. Night had fallen and a sliver of moonlight added eerie ambiance to the black velvet sky. Maya had been laying low for months and hadn’t been in contact with Jayden since their last, but as she was passing through town, the tether of friendship tugged her in the direction of his cabin.

One deceivingly gentle hand lifted to create a chorus of three musical knocks on the large wooden door. One of these days Jayden would realize that she was simply a parasite, sucking the life out of him. Until then, though, she would continue to plague his life with her presence.

“Jayden…” Knock.



“Did you miss me?”

A wide smile tugged at the corner of her lips as she waited for the heavy door to swing open.

Cassandra Carnivale 10/02/16 Cassie smiled and hugged her new brother n law then spoke.

"Thank you Jay. I don't think he will ever will so no worries there. Feels good to be married to your brother he is a very good to me."
Adara Doe 02/15/16
Marah Kravenoff 02/08/16 * Leans back and stares at him then smiles*
" Cool. I like bears."
Marah Kravenoff 02/07/16 *walks up to you*
"Hello my name is Dutchie and welcome to the Den. Just a heads up beware of the bears."
*shifty eyes*
Adara Doe 02/03/16
Caitlyn Darrow 02/03/16 Welcome to the realm! Let me know if you need any help.
Jackson McCarthy 02/03/16 Welcome to the Realm!
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