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Born: July 19, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 0
Affiliation: Wahnsinn Mail Replies Sent: 2579
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 97
In Union With: Lucifer Morningstar Last Login:
Currently Online:
01/20/19 at 9:11 pm
Current Mood: Homicidal 
Special Items:
 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 12th Anniversary
I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm

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Black Lord

Jameson Orlav


Cici Wraith

Raze Wraith

Declan A Black


Crimson Belladonna

Lucifer Morningstar

Last five threads posted in:
Crimson Belladonna 01/20/19 Holds her face in her tiny hands and giggles. "Yes meh has. They all so nice!" She nodded her head as she spoke.
Crimson Belladonna 01/20/19 Giggles and cuddles into her arms. Looking at her auntie she put a finger to her chin as her lips pout in thought. "Well I found a home, met new friends and shopping." Giving her a big innocent smile.
Athena Maximus 01/19/19 Thank you! And congrats on getting married!
Crimson Belladonna 01/17/19 Runs to her auntie Raven and gives her a big hug "Hi auntie! How are you?"
Lucifer Morningstar 01/16/19 Sends fluffy out with a note. "I am yours, and don't forget the bacon!"
_Aurora_ 01/06/19 Holy **** someone is alive!
Sarah Noire 12/30/18 Хочу поиграть в игру?
The Xenomorph 12/20/18 ~Hssssssss~
Lylith_ 12/17/18 Wipes the cupcake from her face. "Thank you."
Athena Maximus 12/17/18 She smiled softly seeing the woman in front of her. She laughed softly when the woman raised her eyebrow at her. Kinda? She said with a shrug before continuing on. I never really left. Its a bit complicated! Thanks to an old friend Im officially back.
Lucifer Morningstar 12/05/18 An eye brow raises as he hears her and turn. Shirt open showing the fresh scratchs. And a lip that looked like Mike Tyson had hit him then did it again with a mack truck. "I stole her pillow"
Samil 12/01/18 Not sure where sweet cheeks is at the moment. Did you check at the Morningstar's?
Samil 12/01/18 You can't miss Lyl. She makes herself known.
Samil 12/01/18 Dragon Queen
Tell Aurora. Not me. I been ready.
Samil 11/30/18 Dragon Queen
What happened to meeting at Luci's? Did you forget.
_Aurora_ 11/24/18 Rave
Sera house ASAP
Lylith_ 11/17/18 Obi Wan
Congrats oh master. Teach me the ways.
Lylith_ 11/15/18 Obi Wan
Just follow the trail of bodies or blood or whatever is left.
Lylith_ 11/15/18 Obi Wan
You know I am always down to kill, maim or torture. So just let me know.
Lylith_ 11/15/18 Obi Wan
Questions? Doesn't sound good. Give me a location and I will meet you.
_Aurora_ 11/13/18 *waves in front of* *pokes* *rubs eyes* "Holy hell is it really you?"
Lylith_ 11/13/18 Obi Wan
"Quit being a chicken. You know I am always down to pluck feathers."
Lylith_ 11/13/18 Obi Wan "I have no fing clue. Trying to wrap my head around it myself."
Cici Wraith 11/07/18
Cici Wraith 11/02/18 "Currently in New York. You choose the location."
Cici Wraith 11/02/18 "Meet me somewhere."
Lylith_ 10/22/18 Head Honcho
"Me. I have done nothing. Best talk to Luci and Az about that one. "
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Not MIA. Last I saw her was this morning in tje guest house."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Couldn't disappoint ya. Let me know when the Morningstar household is no longer a warzone?"
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Knew I could count on you for something. See ya soon, boss."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Apparently I work for you and you are some incredible mastermind by the way. Must teach me your ways."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 'Wasn't planning on returning but yeah meet you there.'
Lylith_ 10/20/18 Pulling her phone from her pocket she shoots a text. "Need to talk. You still at Luci's?"
Lylith_ 10/20/18 Lyl knew where Sera was but she said nothing. "Neither are you."
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "Fraid not. I hunt alone first of all and you are on guard duty, member?"
Lylith_ 10/20/18 Takes pic. "Got it." Turns to pack.
Lylith_ 10/20/18 "I'm always game. Just give me slight details of who I'm plucking."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "What you shopping for? All my desires and wants I just take from unsuspecting people."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "I already pulled the buckshot from his arse."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "I believe my better half is already there."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "No need to train her. It comes to her naturally."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "Ha, I plead the fifth. I'm innocent."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "I don't kill. Just torture."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "To keep an eye on us supposedly."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "She started it. Talking about pitying those who have the unlucky task of dealing with my offspring and I. Yet she friended said offspring."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "I meant the plunge into matrimony. Not all its cracked up to be ya know."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 She peers at the other demoness with a soft shake of her head. "Hmmm took that plunge I see." Shrugs. "Not sure it is worth it."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "There are other ways of tormenting Az. I have had milleniums to do so."
Lylith_ 10/17/18 "Yeah I returned and yes I am very real. Unfortunately I didn't come with an upgrade and wings."
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 She scrunches her nose. Anyone who knew Cici knew was a vegetarian and the thought of 5 cheeseburgers revloted her. "Then lets go."
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 "When have I never been game. Besides a cheeseburger sounds amazing."
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 "Sounds like something he would do. Other than that how you been?"
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 Rolls her eyes. "Nothing new there. Always seems to happen."
Cici Wraith 08/17/18 "About damn time you return."
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