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Sean Calloway


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Born: June 08, 2013 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 21
Affiliation: Portae ex Inferis Mail Replies Sent: 625
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It's time to become whom
I am meant to be
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 Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
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Sean Calloway's Biography

Name: Sean Francis Calloway aka John Francis Kellaway aka Johnny Kells

Age: 30 yrs old
Occupation: Magician/Reputed Thief
Admitted: from Sydney General Hospital
To: Aberdean Mental Health Facality

Diagnosis: PPD and other unknown causes, Brain Damage and Retrograde Amnesia;
Possible Split Personality Undianossigised
Possible Brain damage has turned this patient, SFC into a human chameleon

Example: In his 1983 fake documentary 'Zelig', Woody Allen plays a character, Leonard Zelig, a kind of human chameleon who takes on the appearance and behaviour of whoever he is with.

Now psychologists in Sydney, Austrailia have reported the real-life case of SFC, a 30-year-old whose identity is shaped by his environment - a behavioural style that began after cardiac arrest caused damage to the frontal and temporal lobes of his brain.

When with doctors, SFC assumes the role of a doctor; when with psychologists he says he is a psychologist; at the solicitors he claims to be a solicitor. SFC doesn't just make these claims, he actually plays the roles and provides believable accounts for how he came to be in these roles.

To investigate further, Jason Alford and colleagues used actors to contrive different scenarios. At a bar, an actor asked SFC for a c0cktail, prompting him to immediately fulfil the role of bar-tender, claiming that he was on a two-week trial hoping to gain a permanent position. Taken to the hospital kitchen, SFC quickly assumed the role of head cook, and said he had to concoct special meals for diabetic patients. He maintains these roles until the situation changes. However, he didn't take on the part of a laundry worker at the hospital laundry, perhaps because it was too far out of keeping with his real-life career as a magician/thief.

SFC's condition is a form of disinhibition, but it appears distinct from other well-known disinhibition syndromes such as utilisation behaviour, in which patients can't help themselves from using any objects or food in the vicinity. For example, SFC didn't touch anything in the hospital kitchen.

His tendency to switch roles is exacerbated by anterograde amnesia (a loss of memory for events since his cardiac arrest) and anosognosia – a lack of insight into his strange behaviour.

“SFC seems to have lost the capacity to keep his own identity constant, as he adapts himself excessively to variations in the social contexts, violating his own identity connotations in order to favour a role which the environment proposes”, the researchers said.

Current Day:

Sean Francis disappeared suddenly from Aberdean Mental Health Facility via the disguise of an world famous Psychologist who came to study his case and offer advice.

"Bloody hell I am not crazy....It's a curse or a gift I have not decided yet. Sean Francis hightailed it out of Sydney on the run making for London where he could hide himself from the view of others. Sean found out he was a witch, so he made his way to the Realm to learn how to control his other emerging gifts...A hell of a beginning for a Magician/Reputed thief.

There is more to Sean than meets the eye and he is most protective of his true origins. He knows he is a twin given to his late father. Sean knows his twin is out there and he has felt his presence close by. Sean has gifts that are now only emerging. Sean has lost his special lady. He will raise her son, Erik as his own under the co-guardianship of the NightBreed family. Status: Heartbroken and forever single.
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