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Jsi můj svět.
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Lmao. Honestly.
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You were successful in stealing $51,620.00 from Victor Lockheed.
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You were successful in stealing $122,151.00 from Mackenzie.
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Jewel 12/13/19 Mr. Orlav.
You get what you give.

Jameson Orlav just stole $0.00 from you!

Gray Taylor 11/30/19 J. Orlav
Lately, I have considered a great many things.
Most of all, my place in this world.
It's time for me to go home, Orlav.
With your blessing.
Mackenzie 11/10/19 You're just like your father.

Jameson Orlav just failed at stealing money from you!
Mackenzie 10/12/19 Jameson
I'm in L.A.
I'm sure your second favorite person would be a great alternative.
Mackenzie 10/11/19 Jameson
What'd you break?
Mackenzie 09/22/19 Chin held high despite the climate, she glances at Jameson as she passes by, immediately trying to discern if it is him. The pauses in her step before decidedly coming to a complete stop, sights trained downward toward the floor. "Your first meal."

The only way to figure it out, is to ask the right questions.
Mackenzie 09/18/19 Jameson
We will talk at the mixer.
Make a plan, get everyone on board,
take back what is ours.
Mackenzie 09/18/19 Jameson
I just got here and our home is overrun.
No. I’m not okay.
Mackenzie 09/18/19 Jameson
Are you safe?
Jewel 09/16/19 What the flying fvck?
-shook her head-
I know your man isn't exactly any fan of mine but damn, you don't have to be so damn crazy.


Virelai Tylwyth 09/15/19 Yule had been taking the time to tour this new home that she was suddenly a part of. The invitation had caught her off guard. She was a little odd at the best of times. But she had seen them around, leaders weren't exactly inconspicuous. And she was intrigued. She really did just want to fit in somewhere. It couldn't be with the humans and she had been taken from her home and left to wander for so long as a spirit that she had no idea how to interact with even other supernatural creatures. Not that she had met many before the death of her previous body so long ago. It was just her luck that her first time out in the world had resorted in death at the hands of the only other living creature she'd ever met that wasn't an animal. Go figure.

So it really wasn't out of any sort of disrespect that when she saw her new Leader stroll past her and caught sight of his wallet hanging halfway out of his back pocket she decided to have a peak. He seemed distracted anyway, not that she had any real basis to go on since she'd hardly even spoken to the man. And old habits die hard as they say. So she turned on her heel as he continued down the hallway and casually trailed behind him. She was pretty stealthy and went easily unnoticed so she didn't suspect anything was strange.

She reached out and plucked his wallet just as he made the perfect step and turn to round a corner, the weight shifting and the slight tug wouldn't hardly even be noticeable. But when she opened the wallet she was quite disappointed. $75.00 That was it. And that, to her, was unusual. She had expected a leader to carry at least a little more cash on him. Frowning, Yule watched as he turned another corner at the end of the hall and then sighed. No point in keeping the wallet. She jogged to catch up to but when she got there he was out of sight. And she wasn't certain which way he had gone. Of course, she could just return it later.

So she turned to go back the way she had come – and ran straight into his chest. Holding her nose she stumbled back a step and looked up, startled. “Oh, um. Hello. This. This is yours.” She held out the wallet gingerly, trying not to cringe. Maybe he's caught her swiping and came back to get her. “Sorry. The temptation was too great. But you sure don't carry much cash on you, do you?”

You were successful in stealing $75.00 from Jameson Orlav.
Victor Lockheed 09/14/19 Crying into my pillow because everyone's found a man except me.
Any tips?

Not like that.
Mackenzie 09/14/19 -doubles back-
What did you just say to me?!
-cracks knuckles-
Mackenzie 09/14/19 You should probably stop drinking so much.
Melts your f-cking brain.
-waves off-
Crazy b-stard..
Mackenzie 09/14/19 -swats-
Mackenzie 08/30/19 I swear to f-cking God, Orlav.
When I find Victor...
Mackenzie 08/30/19 You left a f-cking mess on the stairs.
Mackenzie 08/22/19 It is easy to hunt the hunter when the hunter is in your own back yard. Creeping up behind the man, her own prideful, vengeful creation, she taps his arm before taking off, calling over her shoulder. "TAG!"
Virelai Tylwyth 08/22/19 Yule gave a small half-bow and smiled. "Thank you, kindly."
EtaineNightBreed 08/20/19 You managed to break out Jamison Orlav. "Time to get your are out of Dodge!" 🐎
Katherine Murray 08/13/19 Look. Not any old hands will do.
But, fiiiiine, not yours.
I need to know if they grow back.
Research. It's important.
Katherine Murray 08/13/19 -stares-
I need a hand for something.
You will help, yes?
Mackenzie 08/11/19 Excuse me? Who the f-ck changed your diapers?
Mackenzie 08/11/19 I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.
Gray Taylor 08/08/19 Dr. Orlav
Stop pawning your dirty laundry on others.
We don't want to hear about your skid marks no matter how impressive you think they are.
Gray Taylor 08/06/19 “I still think you’re a piece of sh-t and that you got what you deserved.” He pauses, “But I am sure this will be beneficial for us both.”
Gray Taylor 07/30/19 Wow.
Mackenzie 07/28/19 F-ck off. You can do the work, since apparently you have no follow-through otherwise.
Mackenzie 07/28/19 And still, I have not received a head.
Daxx- 07/23/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic

Daxx walked up to Mr. Orlav. "Sorry it's late but I wanted to thank you for helping us with the Dungeon Break's."
Katherine Murray 07/17/19 -blows kisses-
-toddles off quickly-
Katherine Murray 07/17/19 -pets-
Katherine Murray 07/15/19 -stalks-
Mackenzie 07/07/19 This is what moms are for.
Embarrassing the ever-living sh-t out of their kids.
Mackenzie 07/07/19 Squish squish, darling.
Mackenzie 07/07/19 Is that what they call explosive diarrhea?
Mackenzie 07/07/19 What butt? I've looked. It's flatter than Kansas.
Mackenzie 07/07/19 That so?
Shall we go for round two, then?
Mackenzie 07/07/19 So sorry, I was too busy punishing you for nearly killing Tan.
Mackenzie 07/07/19 You are so needy. F-ck.
Mackenzie 06/29/19 You smell different.
Mackenzie 06/28/19 I brought you into this world.
I can f-cking end you.

Mackenzie 04/27/19 I love being your number one.
You are so sweet.
Kiss kiss, sweet boy.
Mackenzie 03/19/19 Jameson
How is that a question?
I gave you death.
Get on your knees.
Mackenzie 03/17/19 Jameson
You didn't wish me a happy f-cking day.
It's my f-cking day.
What is this sh-t?
Mackenzie 12/04/18 Wee Robin
Someone is putting up missing posters of your pet.

Wee Robin
[Image attached]
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 J. Orlav
I sincerely doubt anything could put a dent in that.
However, I am in the giving spirit.
Your wishes have been observed, and will be respected.
Gray Taylor 12/01/18 Gray had been placed in a position that left him feeling less than comfortable. Letters. He has sealed letters, and the man knows that each one contains Spring's last words. He knows she has bequeathed items to these people, and the only way to find out what goes where is to read them. But he can't.

Slowly, he would begin to send them out, his own personal notes tucked into the FedEx envelopes with Springs sealed last words. He can only imagine what might be inside, but he makes it clear that each recipient could reach out to him at the number provided to collect whatever was left to them.

No one would be allowed on the property in Moscow again.


Please choke on a ****ing pole you stupid gormless wanker ****wad. I, Spring Weed, leave you at the time of my ****ing exit a box of ****ing douches. Maybe you can grow some ****ing balls now and kill your skidmark family stealing parachute **** of a wife. Enclosed are the ****ing douches and a ****ing diaper you can breathe your ****ty ****ing breath into.

Spring Taylor.
Mackenzie 11/13/18 Men? I’m flattered that you think I’m so popular.
What makes you think I have men in my life?
Have you met my Jasper?
Mackenzie 11/12/18 It's about time you came to visit, snookums.
Mackenzie 11/03/18 Robin
Pet, I cannot get you off my mind.
What did you do?
Mackenzie 11/01/18 Excuse you, he bathes regularly.
And you know where I live.
We had such a good time down there.
You should visit.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 F-ck off. Yes I can.
And that is my Jasper.
I steal his clothes. It's fine.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 You are the worst. I hate you.
I demand you go back to your dungeon.
You're in time out.
And don't call me mummy.
Mackenzie 11/01/18 I'm going to murder you in your sleep.
Mackenzie 10/12/18 Jameson
Your ex wife is terrorizing my people.
Where is her head?
Pheenyx 10/10/18 Wrapped in matte black paper and tied with a blood red bow, a gift arrives on your doorstep. No note. No name. Just a vintage wax seal on the center of the bow, marked with an ornate 'P'.


Pheenyx 10/09/18 "You don't need to go fishing around in my pants for a dollar. I'm not stingy. What's left of my lunch is left in that dumpster back there. Have at it."

Jameson Orlav has just transferred $1.00 to your bank account.
Reason: You look hungry
Tuesday Oct 09, 2018 at 11:22 am

"I'm so sorry you don't have better things to do than to beat up a woman and then throw cash at her when you're feeling guilty." She takes the dollar out of her pocket and tucks it into his loose pants. "Maybe you should wear a belt and then people wouldn't feel like a quick grab into your pockets was easy. A fanny pack perhaps? Thanks though, for all your charitable generosity."

Saturday Oct 06, 2018 at 11:14 am
You witnessed Jameson Orlav attack Pheenyx!
Mackenzie 10/03/18 Wow. Wow.
You do love me.

You were successful in stealing $30,613.00 from Jameson Orlav.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 You're my one and only child, Jameson. Are you getting jealous?
-Coos quietly-
Sweet thing.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 -Pulls face-
The f-ck does that mean?
Are you insinuating I smell poorly?
Mackenzie 07/14/18 Robin
Don't tell me what to do. I'll take that head you promised me. Thanks.
Mackenzie 07/14/18 Robin
How are you, pet? Long time, no see. Hurts my heart.
Ciaran_M_Boru 07/13/18 -smiles and laughs a bit- I will Mr orlav and thanks for the welcome back.
Mackenzie 04/20/18 Robin
Mackenzie 04/16/18 What the actual f-ck are you talking about?
Mackenzie 04/08/18 Your coven is in a Samctuary. Get it together.
Mackenzie 04/06/18 You’re right. You failed to visit me for some time. That’s very different. You wound me.
Mackenzie 03/30/18 Robin
Feck. Those idiots sound like French tinkers. You have sh-t taste. Go to Belfast. Much more fun there.
Mackenzie 03/30/18 Robin
I heard you miss me. So sweet.
Mackenzie 03/17/18 Czechrish
I demand you dress as a leprechaun today.
Mackenzie 03/09/18 Robin
Goes by The Reverend. No idea on his real name.
Ran into him in New York.
Be careful and don't get caught. He will kill you.
Mackenzie 03/08/18 Vic's Gift
I need you to look into someone for me.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 If I tell you to put on the costume, you're going to put it on.

Put it on.
Mackenzie 09/18/17 Orlav
Where's my head?
Mackenzie 08/31/17 Jameson
The Basement? Aptly named.
Clever boy. Protecting what matters.
Mackenzie 08/16/17 Don't forget want that head.
I have big plans.
Mackenzie 07/21/17 Mackenzie sat upon the roof of the building opposite Jameson's chosen hiding place. The girl had kept her watch on him, curious to see what he would do. He did not disappoint. First, his sister showed up. Then, another man. And there he was, her little creation, struggling. She loves it. Catching sight of him through the undressed window, the girl smirks.
Miryam 11/24/16 Jameson Orlav just stole $0.00 from you!

There she was minding her own business when she felt unwelcomed hands upon her person. With a hiss she turned just in time to see the culprit before he could make his getaway but this wasn’t a stranger and she knew that face. It didn’t take long for her to seek him out, chasing after him until she finally caught up to him. However instead of touching him she merely let her look of disdain do a majority of the talking though she did speak.

”If you needed booze money all you had to do was ask. Then again in my current state I’m not so sure that wouldn’t come without a risk of infection. Better think twice before you try such a daring feat again.”
Amethyst 11/14/16 Congrats on the gold
Mackenzie 11/07/16
Mackenzie 11/07/16 One must compliment good behavior, don't you agree?
Keep it up. There's more where that came from.
[wink wink]
Mackenzie 11/07/16 You're a useless tw-t of a man.
Consider that.
mist 11/04/16 *Perhaps trying it when this witch isn't on line...*Gives a witcher look* And besides this witch don't carry candy however i do carry pumpkin seeds they make one invisible laughs*
Mackenzie 10/18/16
Jaysus f-cking Christ. Can a girl have a goddamn vacation without some stinking bag of flesh groping her arse and tugging at her bag?
Sofia Johanneson 09/19/16 She lets out a soft laugh, her bright blue eyes darting side to side, mimicking his sudden look of... unease? Trying to keep things light, and unable to *NOT* tease...she takes a long exaggerated inhale, her nose twitching as she whispers in a low tone.

"Sorry, the taco was a dead give-away, might I suggest a different cologne?"

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