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Born: August 01, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 19 (House only: 18)
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 246 (House only: 112)
Affiliation: Eternal Embrace Mail Replies Sent: 448
Home City: London Mail Sent: 109
In Union With: Caitlin Boru Last Login:
Currently Online:
09/17/21 at 9:26 pm
Current Mood: Happy  Happy 
Tha iad ag ràdh mus tòisich thu air cogadh tha fios agad as fheàrr dè an sabaid a th ’agad. Chan urrainn dhomh ach do dhèanamh?
Special Items:
 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Survived the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019
Best RP June 2020
Secret Santa - Christmas 2020
My head is pounding to much to be here, New Years day 2021
Summer Bloodies 2021 ~ Best Business/Home RP
Summer Bloodies 2021 ~ Sexiest Person

Matt Boru's Biography
((This information is OOC. You do NOT know any of it unless Matt tell you it. Moods are IC. Please do not attack me when I am online. Steal from me when ever you wish.))

Name: Matthew Kian Boru (Matthew Kian Bóruma)
DOB: June 15 1989
Place of birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Age: 29
Nicknames: "Matt" "Matt- Matt" or "Matty"
Nationality: Irish
Eyes :
Normal: Blue
Annoyed: Dark violet
Angry: Black
Hair: Brown
Race: Witch
Official Title(s):
Prince of Ireland (Prionsa na hÉireann)
Duke of Antrim (Diúc Aontroma)
Marital Status: Married to Caitlin (Conners) Boru (1-7-2020)
Children: Son, Zacarias Josef Boru (1 Aug 2021).
In Laws: Amethyst (sister in law), Rafe C Witmoore (Brother in law)
Lanuages spoken: Irish Gaelic, Scots Gaelic, Elven, English, French, Norwegian
Education: Druantia Academy of Magic (Ireland) : Graduated, Trinity University ( Dublin,Ireland) Majored in Education and History : Graduated
Powers : Air elemental, Healing , telepathy , Atomkenisis (weather manipulation), orbing, electrokenisis, conjuring, psychokenisis
Family Motto: "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
Ronan Boru (father)
Lilly Emperium (Mother)
Cassandra Malinov (Aunt/Godmother)
Siobhan (Boru) Doyle (Aunt)
Killian Doyle (Uncle)
Jamie Fraser (Godfather)
Caitlin (Conners)Boru (wife)
Airmid Boru (sister)
Ciaran Boru (Twin Brother)
Alexander Boru (Brother)
Elessar Boru (Brother)
Marah Boru (Sister)
Grania Boru (Sister)
Orchid Boru (Sister)
Tabitha Boru (Sister)
Arwen Boru (sister)
Cira Boru (sister)

Family History:

My name is Matthew Kian (Key-in) Boru. I am a witch. I am the son of Ronan Boru and the great grandson of Brian Boru, A famous high king of Ireland. Ireland has always been my home and I come back to her now. Back to her rolling fields of green and her fences made of stone. Back to my people and island that I have missed and only dreamed about the last few years.

My father is married to Lilly Emperium who my siblings and I have always called "Mama Lilly". She was there for us when ever we needed her to be. Even my father's Ex wife , Maeve was more the mother to us even though none of us were her biological children. Neither Lilly nor Maeve really had to do anything from myself and my siblings but they choose to and that made the difference. The only other person that was there besides Lilly, my father for us was Aunt Siobhan Doyle, My father's youngest sister. Times have changed and people come and go from life. It is nothing that can be stopped no matter how hard we wished it in the end or with any amount of magic gifts. It is the never ending circle of life.

I have a white dire wolf named, Hedwig . She has always been with me. I also have a black panther named, Ivor. She too has always been with me since I was a child. . I am here for those loyal to my family, friends and for my homeland. If you are any of those 3 consider yourself very lucky. There aren't many that make the list.
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Caitlin Boru

Ronan -R Boru


Blood Demon

Amethyst Boru

Hope Mikaelson Boru

Koa -J La Rue

Siobhan Boru

Killian _Doyle

Marah Whitmoore

Rafe C Whitmoore

Mya Kravenoff
Blood Demon

Cassandra Malinov

Saphire Lynch


Melanie Jadu

Last five threads posted in:
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October Dragon 09/17/21 She smiles. "Thank you so much for the warm welcome. It is really great to hear that I am not the only witch and that there are others. I like the variety in here. I am October, it is so nice to meet you!"
Ciaran_M_Boru 08/11/21 Oh yeah there one I can spoil rotten and give back to his parents. Noisy toys are coming for him. Consider it payback little brother for the toys you gave my wee ones that made all the noise. ~ Ciaran laughs~
Adora Jadu 08/11/21 "He is gonna be spoiled you know?" she grinned. "and it won't be my fault." peeking at the picture of her Godson.
LillyEmperium 08/09/21 Lavender is good for relaxing for sure. Take your time darling. Come by when all of you are ready.
LillyEmperium 08/08/21 *shaking her head* your sister must have given her nanny the slip.,*hugging him gently* it won't be like this for a blink he'll sleep...I promise
Cassandra Malinov 08/08/21 "Yes that happens you all were like that as well. But you guys will be just fine if you need anything just ask I am here as well. Try a some lavender body wash and lotion that should help with a nice bath."
LillyEmperium 08/08/21 *Orchid looked and smiled* fank you
*Seeing Beowolf come and nudge her they both vanished. Moments later Lilly appeared unaware her youngest had slipped past the nanny*
Congrats on the little one Matty.
Cassandra Malinov 08/08/21 Cassie looked at thebaby picture of her great nephew then smiled.

"Aww congrats darling. He is beautiful."
LillyEmperium 08/08/21 *Orchard appears out of nowhere, holding a flower. Running up she calls out as she hold the flower out* matt matt....fower..
Matt Boru 08/08/21
Name: Zacarias Josef Boru
DOB:1 August 2021
Time: 658 pm
Weight: 6 lbs 9 oz
Parents: Matthew and Caitlin Boru
LillyEmperium 06/23/21 *tapping her toe* don't even tell me your brother did it....*chuckling she hugged him* congrats on POD
__Nyx__ 06/23/21 Congrats on being Most Wanted
Ciaran_M_Boru 06/23/21 "Just back from Cancun and already starting trouble. Bad bad witch. Congrats on POTD." ~ He looks at his brother and laughs a bit.~
Ronan -R Boru 06/23/21 "I would ask what you did but you are my kid so I already know. You weren't to be seen . You know better then this Matt. Congrats on most wanted. * He looks at his son and smiles. *
Zacarias Malinov 02/09/21 "That will be great. Thank you for thinking of me."
Zacarias Malinov 02/09/21 [Zac looked at his cousin when he was asked something that was a high honor. Extending his hand out to his cousin with a smile.] "Hell ya man I will be honored Matt. Congrats!"
LillyEmperium 02/06/21 Nah Matty it was my Doppelganger
Mya Kravenoff 01/02/21 "That's what I am saying between dad having black hair and mom along with the rest of the family having brown I am going to have either black or brown. Besides I think I look more like mom and Abigor looks like dad more. But it does not matter I am the real Mya and this wanna be needs to step off before I rearrange her ugly face."
Mya Kravenoff 01/02/21 "Come come uncle Matt why on earth would I be rude? Especially to my elders by the way. I have more respect for others then that. Besides this so called Mya who is trying to be me has it all backwards don't you think? Why in the world would I use the last name St.Claire when I am a Kravenoff. Boy she lost it hasn't she? And besides I am sure not a blonde no offense I know it runs in our family but I like my mother and have more class then this other one who tries to look like me. Yup it is just a jealous thing the poor thing she might not of been loved enough."
Mya Kravenoff 01/02/21 %Mya chuckled a bit.% "Well I would hope so uncle Matt I am your niece. How you doing? Speaking of my mom where is she would you happen to know?"
Ronan -R Boru 12/31/20 Athbhliain faoi mhaise do gach duine ( Happy New year everyone)
Ronan -R Boru 10/31/20 Oíche Shamhna Shona duit
Dr Van Helsing 05/13/20 Great Bio!
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