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Shadow Man
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Jackson McCarthy

Valentin Metzger

Dessa Chambers

Last five threads posted in:
The Preacher 01/16/20 *Opens*
"Damn straight I am cake licking champion. You best recognize."
Gray Taylor 12/17/19
Hadley Shay just failed at stealing money from you!
Jackson McCarthy 12/12/19 *chuckles*
You know, you don't have repay these favors.
*cannot say with a straight face*
*not really favors at this point*
I'll get you some gloves and gear on the weekend and then we can start that.
Oh, and your mace is in a box in my closet. If you want it back.
* she has a full arsenal*
Jackson McCarthy 12/11/19 *silently curses Liv*
*takes the gun and swaps for bagels*
*shows her the safety and switches it on*
Always make sure this is on when you don't want to use it.
*puts it in the waist band of his jeans at his back*
*puts arm back around her*
If you want, I'll take you to a gun range some time so you can practice.
*leads his little soon to be killing machine back home*
Livia Vlcek 12/11/19 *blinks* Gurrrrl..
*takes a deep breath, focuses* Uh.. do not point it at people you are not going to use it on.. leave the safety on.
*watches, yells after* Art! Yes! Next time!
*probably should find a hidey hole*
*hopes Hadley doesn't shoot Jacks*
Livia Vlcek 12/11/19 *yawns, gives a nod* There are no dumb questions. It is always better to ask than not.
*sips tea* As far as weapons of choice, I would say that you are probably correct. But Valentin has been known to use a gun here and there and I've used knives in the past.. Jacks, well.. he just uses his body.
*grins* But he's a walking, talking weapon.
Jackson McCarthy 12/10/19 *bats his eye lashes at her* Awe. You're pritty too.
*rolls eyes*
I'm sure I would look great with bullet holes!
*puffs out chest*
*clears throat*
Home and favor repayment sounds wonderful *chuckles*
*drapes his arm across her shoulders and pulls her in a little while they walk*
Is the safety on on your gun?
Livia Vlcek 12/10/19 *might be sending a text to Jack* No, they're a bit more difficult to use.
*looks up from her phone* Serrated is more damaging and better to use when trying to inflict as much damaged to human tissue as possible.
*blinks* I don't mind answering your questions, I'm no expert on knives but I know my way around one and maybe beneath one a few times..
*slow scarred smile* Serrated blades will mess a person up.
Livia Vlcek 12/10/19 *grins* Less time spent reloading..
*stares, brows raised, at all the questions asked* Uh.. not with these rounds.. if you point them at the right places.
*furrows brows* Knives are better for close combat.. guns are useful if someone else has a gun or you aren't trying to get too close.
*polished ivories press deeply into her lower lip* Jacks uses his fists annnnd.. yes!
*saved by question regarding Valentin* V uses bladed weapons. Most times. Straight razor is his favorite. Easy to carry when traveling.
*points to scar on her side* See.. nice clean wound too.
Jackson McCarthy 12/10/19 *feels slightly less alarmed* Just.. don't use me for target practice.
Yes.. *looks around*
Someone was a bit distressed..I wasn't much help though.
*shakes head*
*holds up grocery bag*
I got you some more bagels.
Jackson McCarthy 12/10/19 *reaches out to hold her shoulders*
*doesn't want her to fall*
*especially with the words that just came out of her mouth*
*blinks* She what?????
God. Is she going to give you lessons on how to use said gun?
*note to self, tell people to stop giving Hadley weapons now*
Livia Vlcek 12/10/19
*contemplates* It does kick a little bit but that is because the gun is so light. But the longer barrel keeps the kick from being too much.
*beams and waves* You have an extended magazine Milacek.. 30 plus 1 chances to hit your target.
*cants head after realisation hits* But yes, I may join you.
Livia Vlcek 12/10/19 *approaches* I know that the daggers are beautiful.. but they're more up close and personal.
*smiles, hands her a single FNH Five Seven* For long distance shots.. quite effective.
*holds finger up* Be aware of the loud noise it makes and the muzzle flash.. it's all normal though. Don't be frightened or anxious.
*turns her towards a girl wandering too close to Jacks* Just point and gently squeeze the trigger. Don't pull or jerk it back.
Jackson McCarthy 12/09/19
*registers that she actually said something*
Good...I was afraid I'd gotten half undressed for nothing.
*closes door*
Jackson McCarthy 12/03/19 Hadley
I have an idea.

*knocks on door*
Jackson McCarthy 11/27/19 You gonna share?
Jackson McCarthy 11/26/19
Livia Vlcek 11/18/19 Hadley
It's just Livia. Or Dani. As far as food allergies, none that I am aware of. Food preferences.. none.

Livia would not trouble the woman with her vegetarianism. No need to make the woman go to extra trouble. It's what good guests did.
The Preacher 11/18/19 *Pulled phone out.*
*nodded to text*
"I could use a good meal, I shall be there."
Jackson McCarthy 11/18/19 Hadley
Great. No, not allergic to any food. And I'm not a vegetarian so you better be cooking real meat! I'll leave some money out on the counter for you if we dont see each other by tonight. Then I'll get you your own card for my account. So many favors will need to be paid.😆
Livia Vlcek 11/18/19 Oh. Jacks' roommate is apparently not only talented but intelligent. And she worked in art restoration. Now it all makes sense to the Slayer, why Valentin would give the woman Livia's number.

Hadley, Jacks' roommate
Sounds like it would be an enjoyable evening. The first, really, in quite a while. I should be free. Just released by the court from police custody. 🤣 I'll see you then.
Livia Vlcek 11/18/19 A brow arches at the text. Like, what the actual fuck. Livia is quite confused, moreso at the mention of Valentin. She did after all know of a tiny assassin..

Hadley, Jacks' roomate
Valentin gave you my number? Did you need help with your homework? On this Thanksgiving holiday? I am not sure I am understanding what is going on.
Valentin Metzger 11/18/19 tiny Satan
It is very kind of you to invite me to dinner. I will be there at 5pm then. See you then.
Valentin Metzger 11/18/19 tiny Satan
Although it would be rude of me to refuse, it appears you have already decided for me. What does one wear to a Thanksgiving dinner?
Jackson McCarthy 11/17/19 Hadley
Oh...I mean. Valentin, really? Huh. That doesn't sound terrible. I'll get back to you about payment.
Jackson McCarthy 11/17/19 Hadley
I'm not sure I like the sound of this, but fine. I agree. Can I pick payment after I know what I've just agreed to?
Jackson McCarthy 11/17/19 Jackson looks at his phone, feeling like he's probably about to get tricked into something..but can't resist the curiosity.

Hadley You've got my attention. What do you want?
Jackson McCarthy 11/17/19 A nod, “Good. Don’t worry, never been in an accident, I have great reflexes.” He offered his arm, should she wish to take it. It wasn’t much of a walk, he had been planning on going to the diner before heading home anyway. “There’s just a little parking lot around the corner here.

Jackson paused a moment before reaching the darkened area where his bike was to listen. He was making sure there was nothing there that might attack them. God, he loved New York. Never know what you're going to come across. Luckily, he didn't hear anything so they were safe. He picked up the helmet off the handle bars (yea, he just left it there, clearly it was fine) and held it out for her. "Safety first." Then he pulled out the keys from his jean pocket.

"Okay, when you get on, I want you to hold onto me really tight." Jackson got on his bike and started started it up. He offered his hand to her to help her get on. "Home." He said over the somewhat loud purr of his bike.
Jackson McCarthy 11/16/19 He took out his wallet and left a few bills on the table, enough to cover their meals plus a nice tip and stood after her. “Only sort of?” Jackson teased. Because of course, they had just met, but they had already learned quite a bit about each other.

Bagels, got it.” He wasn’t going to question it. Bagels were great and he really didn’t have that much food in the apartment. If he was hungry he went out and bought something, which was what he was planning on doing for her in the morning. Jackson wasn’t a terrible cook, but it was best if it was left to the professionals.

Jackson steered her back out onto the street and looked down at her with a bit of caution on his face. “Now, I know you’ve been through a lot, but how do you feel about motorcycles?” They could take a cab of course, if she was uncomfortable, but he’d taken his bike here and preferred it for travel. “There’s a grocery store near the apartment.
Jackson McCarthy 11/16/19 Sure, sure.” He mutters while she continues to talk and nods, pretending like he believes her. Being hit with a book would be much more pleasant than getting sprayed with mace. He probably wouldn’t feel the book unless she had some superhuman strength behind her when she hit him with it.

Jackson rolled his eyes “Believe it or not, because I do sound sexist sometimes, I’d never confine you. Nor would I follow you around, unless I had good reason to believe you were in danger and might need help.” He’d done it once for his ex wife. He would do it again, no matter what. “I’ll give it back once you’ve had some sleep. I wouldn’t trust you with much right now, honestly.

While he mostly had his own safety in mind when it came to the mace, he also wouldn’t have let her drive anything right now or get ahold of anything that could end up hurting her.

Jackson downed the rest of his beer and pulled out his wallet. “Do you want anything else? We can take it to go if you want?
Jackson McCarthy 11/16/19

He grinned, seeing some colour flush her cheeks. Sure, her blunt question had taken him slightly off guard, but he wasn’t one to be shy about such questions. Generally, he tried to be as honest as he could with people now. Lies had ruined his relationship and marriage. Jackson wasn’t about to make those mistakes again, because as carefree and careless he acted, when he loved, he loved deeply. And loving deeply always meant the pain afterwards was deep too.

The shift in her mood was...palpable. Okay. using the phrase damsel in distress was CLEARLY the wrong thing to say. Yikes.

And now she’s looking for something. “What are you…?

Oh. That. Oops. “Do you really want to mace me because I called you a damsel in distress?” He laughed. He shouldn’t have, but he did. It was funny and adorable. “I did also call you beautiful…” Not helping.

Jackson pulls out the mace from his back pocket and holds it up for her to see, “I have it, but, honestly, I don’t really trust you with it right now. So, I’m just going to keep holding onto it.
Valentin Metzger 11/16/19 -feels the phone snatched from his hands- I..
-watches the tiny woman jump from the passenger seat- Hadl..
-realises the tiny woman is a tornado and is now Jackson's problem-
-calls out- It was a pleasure chatting with you.
-stares at Jackson momentarily, blinks in confusion, speeds away-
Valentin Metzger 11/16/19 -furrows brow- Why did Jackson take your mace? I am confused by this to be honest.
-shakes head- No matter, I will get you better weapons. How are you with knives? I suspect if you can cook a Thanksgiving dinner you know your way around a knife. As far as Livia..
-sighs- She is sometimes difficult to track and pin down.
-devious grin- But I will give you her numbers.
-pulls the car over- We are at our destination, let me see your phone.
Valentin Metzger 11/16/19 -laughs- Supper. I will have to remember that. I think my men will get a good laugh.
-lifts a brow- A Masters in Fine Arts.. a very noble degree. My..
-clears throat- Livia used to do restoration in Paris. You should speak to her. Maybe you could look into other museums across the world? A good way to travel. Or..
-smiles- I could simply buy you a ticket somewhere? Fly you to wherever you'd like to go. I know a few people.. I'm sure Jackson would escort you.
Valentin Metzger 11/16/19 -wonders if her father is no longer living-
-doesn't ask, tries to be polite- I do hunt. When I am in Russia. Elk. I believe you call them moose here.
-glances at- You could travel on break, no? What do you study?
Valentin Metzger 11/15/19 -nods- I do travel quite often. I've been to my fair share of countries. Probably too many to list.
-presses firmly on the gas pedal-
-glances at- Was your father a hunter?
-is probably driving twice the speed limit at this point-
Valentin Metzger 11/15/19 -the girl is smart, Valentin is good at recovering- I thought you meant other friends.
-sincere smile- A Vizsla, interesting.
-curious- Why did you choose such a dog?
Jackson McCarthy 11/14/19 Jackson had downed his first burger, the waiter came by with their next beers and he was listening to her story. He nodded here and there. None of this was shocking for him. Probably because he'd been apart of the supernatural world since he was fifteen. Jeez. He was getting old. He'd been a werewolf longer than he'd been human now. "I believe."

He took a bite of his second burger and nearly choked on it with her subject change. It wasn't even really a subject change. It honestly seemed like her mind wandered there and then her mouth opened and the words came out.

Hashtag no filter?

He gets his coughing under control and takes another drink.

Still drinking.

Okay. "Yes." Jackson said, pretending as if he didn't just nearly die. He had never been asked that before. Maybe he really has lost his touch. Or she just needed time to process. He hoped for the latter.

"I don't offer my home to every random stranger I meet. Nor do I offer to take them for food." He grins, "Only beautiful damsels in distress."
Valentin Metzger 11/14/19 -was smiling- I can honestly say that I have never had Thanksgiving dinner.
-stares at- Jackson does not have friends.
-nervous smile-
-focuses on the road-
-changes subject- What breed of dog do you have?
Jackson McCarthy 11/13/19 Jackson opens his mouth to say New York wasn’t that bad, but then she was talking about Zuul again. Oh lord. Well, okay. Hm. He drinks some more beer while she keeps going on. It’s possible. “Yeah, I don’t think mace will keep them down…” He notices the waiter coming with their food and makes sure not to say hellbeast.

So, a possible hellbeast,” Jackson starts after thanking the waiter for the food and orders them two more beers. No he wasn’t trying to get her drunk! She just looked like she really needed the alcohol. Besides. He didn’t take advantage of emotionally compromised women. Anymore.

That eats bagels. I guess anything is possible.” He hopes his lack of shock at the idea of a hellbeast helps. Jackson always found it awkward to toe that line of letting people know you know. You know? “Well, I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m sure the police have it handled and should Zuul follow you to my apartment, I can protect you.

Hopefully it didn’t come to that. Because, how do you tell someone you’re trying to get into bed with that you can turn into a huge, monster fighting wolf? He starts stuffing his face with his burger before her chattiness wears off on him and he starts spilling things that don’t really need to be spilled. “Good, huh?” Yesss. Attractive. Speaking with a full mouth. Good job.
Valentin Metzger 11/13/19 -grins- I am sure we could make all of those happen. You are in luck. I have a home in Germany, Livia has a home in Paris and Jackson has a home in London. As does Adara.. I just have to figure out where. Nevermind that.
-changes subject- Livia? Uh.. well. A boy took a straight razor to her face long ago. And then she took a straight razor to it a few years ago.
-sighs quietly, puts the small girl in the large suv- She is very nice. Until she is not medicated.
-closes door, walks to the driver's side, climbs in- I do not see why you couldn't meet her. She works a lot.
-white knuckles the steering wheel- And yes, Jackson and Livia are quite close. He is her best male friend. He has always been there when I wasn't.
Valentin Metzger 11/13/19 -nods, a smile growing on stoic visage- Ja.. it is a good name isn't it.
-blinks- Jackson doesn't seem the type to simply have booty calls. I am almost certain that he considers you his girlfriend. Do not let yourself be categorised as something easy. You seem like a wonderful girl.
-looks ahead, towards the parking garage, devious smile- Ja.. Germany is wonderful. We should all go for Christmas. Would you like that? I have a wonderful home there.
-cants head- You didn't happen to see a girl at Jackson's flat with a very badly scarred face? Her name is Livia. She's my.. friend. Sometimes she finds herself in trouble and I haven't heard from her in a while. I'm very, very worried about her.
Jackson McCarthy 11/13/19 Eyebrows drew down in confusion as she doubts herself. Well, of course most did if they were told enough, but the fact that she felt the need to bring it up to him told him there probably was another story there.

Jackson would listen to her though, trying to gauge just what to press and what to leave alone. She may have been through something more traumatic than she was letting on, than maybe she even knew. The last thing he wanted to do was to break her. He could deal with overly talkative. He could deal with murderous. He could not deal with crying women.

"Brownsville.” Their beers come and he takes a drink before trying to...gently press the sort of issue at hand. “Violence, despite what most say, usually does solve a lot of things. But what makes you say you don’t think the guy was on drugs? Did he do something out of the ordinary. Aside from getting through 4 lock.” He pauses for a second, “And why are there four locks?” He was imagining four different styles of locks all on one door...
Valentin Metzger 11/13/19 -nods as she speaks-
-is already texting Jackson 'Nolastname'-
-stops, regards- McCarthy is Jackson's last name.
-assumes it is the Jackson she is speaking of, because why wouldn't it be-
-internally screams- I was just on my way to..
-bright idea- So you and Jackson are a couple now?
-wry smile- He is a wonderful person.. and I am from Germany, originally.
-tilts head, runs a hand over his mohawk- How did you meet Jackson? I'm very curious.
Valentin Metzger 11/13/19 -lifts a brow- Would you prefer cash?
-reaches for the credit card- If cash is easier for you, I can make it happen.
-bombarded with questions- Jackson? Are you living with Jackson? Only if I tell them to. Yes, if you would like. What happened to your dog? It is very nice to meet you Hadley.
-pats on head, tries to escape, thinks instead to call Jackson-
Valentin Metzger 11/13/19 -nods- Valentin. Or simply, V. A few call me the Butcher.
-smiles- That is sweet but they are my comrades and not for the taking.
-distracts with credit card- Here.. take this.
-tilts head, regards- It is now, T.S.
Valentin Metzger 11/13/19 -walks by, Himmel and Holle in tow-
-turns back towards the tiny woman-
-regards- It is you..
-amused- Tiny Satan.
Jackson McCarthy 11/12/19 I wouldn't say I wasn't a murdered. She had a great way with words. The situation sounded very traumatic. He was a little surprised she was in such good spirits. Unless this is how ahead dealt with trauma. Honestly, it was hard to tell.

"Of course. He flagged down a waiter as she spoke. "People can so crazy things when they're on drugs." Or they're some sort of supernatural being. He just didn't want to say that out loud. It was a tricky subject for some. Some knew, some didn't. And if she didn't know about the supernatural, he really wasn't in the mood to explain.

Subject change noted. Could have been innocent, could have been intentional. He wasn't going to press the issue, because he was starving and the waiter was here. "Burger and fries is what I get, but their sandwiches are amazing too." Jackson turned to the waiter to give his order, "Two burgers, fries, and a beer." He points to Hadley, "And whatever she wants."

Jackson busied his hands with the utensils already laid out while she decided what she wanted and ordered. When she did, he asked, "Have you even had the chance to process all of this? You're honestly taking it very well. I'm not sure I'd be so calm if someone broke into my apartment." To be fair, Jackson did have some anger issues, but still! Personal space being invaded and all.
Jackson McCarthy 11/10/19 Jackson could tell she was trying hard not to continuously talk, so he was going to make sure she didn’t consume any coffee for the next...However long she stuck around. He was pretty sure a lot of her energy was home made. “We can get them later. You can wear some of my stuff to sleep in, if you want.” Not that they would fit her. Better than nothing right? Nothing would work...He looked her over and his mind wandered for a moment.

Wow. Okay. Slow down there Jackson. Offering your guest room, your clothes...Calm down. “This way,” He cleared his throat and pointed in the direction they would be heading.

He kept close, but not too close. Honestly, he didn’t trust her not to see something shiny and run off. That was mean, buuuut, definitely seemed possible. The walk to the cafe he had in mind wasn’t far and it had good food and big portions and he was pretty hungry too.

So why exactly is your apartment full of bullet holes and blood stains?” They reached the cafe and he held the door open for her, a bell on the door chiming as he did. “I haven’t just invited a murderer to my house, have I?” Jackson teased and lead them to a booth. Sure, there was every possibility she was this tiny assassin or supernatural being that could easily take him, but he felt pretty confident her story was real.
Jackson McCarthy 11/09/19 "Last I checked, love." Did he really blame her for asking though? No. Stranger asking for booty calls as payment now offering a bed in his home? Not suspicious at all.

Bloodstains and bullet holes. Better hope his bloody towels were hidden from view before she fully stepped into his apartment. They were all from his own injuries, but hell, even he'd be a little taken aback by seeing bloody towels after being involved in a crime.

Although this was definitely a very likely serious situation, Jackson couldn't help but laugh at her 'hole-less furniture' statement. "I can assure you, my furniture is definitely hole-less. Quite comfy actually. The bed is memory foam too."

He was starting to find her ramblings a bit...enearding. Lord help her in the morning though if she's like this. He may rescind his offer of her staying there. He was not a morning person. At all.


"Of course. Do you have anywhere you need to go first? Are you hungry? I'm not much of a cook, so we can stop somewhere first and grab a bite." He was starving and she likely hadn't thought of food for awhile if the scene at her apartment happened recently. "Whatever you need."
Jackson McCarthy 11/09/19 Jackson nodded, letting her think that. He was sure, eventually, she would pack a punch and be able to outwit a larger opponent. It was just… people who could fight didn’t usually announce that they have ‘mace’.

Sure thing…” He did as instructed and dropped everything back into her bag. Jackson did try to make sure they all fell into the bag and not on the floor, though he was tempted. She seemed frazzled enough without him being an ass about her shoving her things into his arms. He’d already been sub-human enough for today. Well, he did keep the mace. For now. He’d slip it back into her bag before she left on her own.

He watched as she spoke, oddly fascinated. It was almost as if he could actually see how her thoughts skipped from one subject to another. “That sounds terrible. I have an extra room if you need a place to stay for awhile.” He felt for her and really didn’t want her to be on the streets if he could help. “Don’t worry. This favor is free.” Jackson chuckled. Maybe that would redeem his sub-humanness for the day.
Jackson McCarthy 11/07/19 "Uhhh..." Jackson blinks a couple times, then looks around. Was this a prank? Someone was going to jump out any second now laughing. Hadley would start laughing, it'd all be a good joke. Right?

No. He wasn't that lucky. Instead she's now rummaging through her bag and handing him things and if course, his automatic response is to accept these random things being given to him. She was way too trusting. He had half a mind to take off with her things, just to prove a point. Except that he was still just kind of stunned. He did however notice one of the things she handed him was her mace. For now, that was going in his back pocket while she wasn't looking. Never mind the fact that he was able to balance all of her items in one arm without dropping anything.

"I think you need more than cardio," he muttered. Perhaps a hamster wheel could drain some of that energy she had. "Hand to hand? Are you looking to fight someone?" Jackson gave her another once over. He was never one to doubt someone's strength on their size, but...her smaller size matched with her personality. "It takes a lot of practice and patience. I could teach you though, if you'd like." The patience was probably more for him at this point.
Jackson McCarthy 11/06/19 If he was going to be honest with himself, he fully expected her whip out the mace and douse him with it. Perhaps some words of disgust. He certainly wasn’t expecting her to introduce herself. Jackson laughed and shook his head. Maybe he shouldn’t be flirting with this one. He’d had his fair share of crazy in the past…

Still, he took her hand in his and gave it a shake, “Jackson,” he said a bit...reserved. He had a tendency to piss people off, so giving his last name out to people wasn’t usually a great idea for him and it’d be just his luck they’d send a woman, a cute woman at that, to get him to let his guard down.

His head cocked to the side when she asked if he was like a...zuul? “Excuse me? A...what?” Cute but maybe not deadly.
Valentin Metzger 11/05/19 -wolfish grin- No.
Jackson McCarthy 11/05/19 A deep laugh rumbled in his chest. Has he lost his touch? Fair, he hadn't really tried to flirt with anyone in quite some time. Was that even flirting? Most would probably call it 'sexual harassment'. Now...he had a choice. Tell her what he meant plainly, no innuendos, and risk getting mace to the face. Or pretend he was a decent human being and come up with something innocent.

"Oh you know, a booty call here, a boot call there..."

He wasn't a decent human being.
Valentin Metzger 11/05/19 -feels a hand in his pocket-
-looms over- Ja? Did you want a credit card too?
Jackson McCarthy 11/03/19 Jackson chuckles quietly and puts his hands up in an 'I surrender' motion. He takes a step back. It wasn't like she had the mace out, but how quick was she if he moved a way she didn't like? "That's good. Glad you've got a way to protect yourself. I've heard mace isn't fun." There was amusement in his voice. "Now, while I may, possibly, be one of the unsavoury types, I would like to offer my assistance, should you need anything. I swear I won't ask for much in return." Jackson was teasing, of course, but he couldn't hold back the way the side of his mouth curled upwards in a bit of a smirk.
Aelin Galathynius 11/01/19 Welcome to the Realm! Should you find yourself in need of any help at all, please feel free to reach out to the Admins or myself directly.
Jackson McCarthy 11/01/19 Welcome to the Realm, lass. Best be alert and keep your belongings close. There's some unsavoury people around here.
Briahne Christiann 10/31/19 Love the quote! Welcome to the Realm, if there's anything I can do for you or any of us, reach out, someone's there for you.
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