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Born: October 19, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 1 (House only: 1)
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 29 (House only: 1)
Affiliation: Ordre des Damnes Mail Replies Sent: 30
Home City: London Mail Sent: 11
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Current Mood: Murderous 
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 My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
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Black Masquerade Blue Rose ~ Participant 2019
2019 Winter Bloodies ~ Best Origin Story
Skull dripping blood commemorating the Bloodletting 14th Anniversary
Murder Mystery 2020 - Murder They Wrote
Murder Mystery 2020 - Participant
I took a walk around the Realm for Thanksgiving 2020

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River Song

Last five threads posted in:
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The Black Rose~The Black Masquerade 2019~ *Closed*
Created by River Song
Quinn Whitmoore 08/30/20 "Yes,Azreal the anel of death. Im not sure if it was before their time and innocents then you might want to hide."
Calico 08/29/20 She chuckled softly as a warm blush crept up her cheeks. "Aye, thank ye for dah compliment"
Quinn Whitmoore 08/29/20 *Quinn brushed back a strand of her hair.* "Yes he does actually. After all he is the Angel of Death"
LillyEmperium 08/29/20 *smiling,Lilly nodded* Thank you
Dita Morgenstern 08/28/20 [turns to see Gabe, smiles brightly]
[blushes at the compliment] Awwee, thank you Gabe!
[cold chills from his smile]
Amethyst Boru 08/28/20 In her Irish accent she speaks to her coven mate fluffing her hair.

"Why thank you. I think I do too "
Quinn Whitmoore 08/27/20 *She looks at the man and smiles at him*"Thank very much my husband likes it as well. I'm Quinn by the way. And you are?"
Briahne Christiann 08/27/20 "Aww, you're sweet, thank you for the wonderful compliment. You sir, have a beautiful smile."
Eden Kennedy 08/27/20 "Um..." Eden glances to either side of her then twists her gaze back towards Gabe. "Are you talking to me?" Turning to look over her shoulder there was no one there, he must be. Random. "Well thanks! I have to agree it is pretty spectacular!"
Calico 08/27/20 Cali rolled her eyes and shook her head "I be old enough to be ye mother young male"
Ice Queen 08/27/20 Ice turned head as she leant against her bike "Aye, thank ye kindly male" she smiled softly
Virelai Tylwyth 08/27/20 A man Virelai didn't recognize stepped into her line of sight as she wandered, stretching her legs for the first time in what felt like eons. Normally this wouldn't have bothered her, she wouldn't have taken any special notice to it. Because under predictable conditions, a person on the street seeing her ravening gait and and the wolfish curl of her lips, would sidestep quickly.

But that was not the case here. Instead of altering his course, in fact, this man approached her with purpose. She stopped outside a small shop, breathing in the scents of the creatures within as they mingled with ground coffee and freshly baked bread. Her attention divided among them and the one before her who spoke, her sense alert.

A sharp smile parted her lips, revealing sharp, white teeth looked as though they could be for no other purpose than snapping. But the words that left her lips were the opposite, neither biting nor cruel. Her voice was lit with amusement and sheltered silver laughter as she plucked a lock of her long, white-blond hair, and twisted it between her fingers.

“Nothing to be bothered about.” Her eyes slanted to meet his gaze. “Anyone would appreciate such a charming compliment. Surely, I am no exception.”
Katherine Murray 08/27/20 -stares-
-seriously, just stares more-
You certainly are...skillful, Mr. Marlowe. One may even wonder what other hidden talents you may have.-blinks-
-probably runs away-

Katherine Murray 08/27/20 Merde.
-doubles down-
-really shouldn't ever gamble-
Absolutely! I mean, if you're offering. It should be one hell of a show. -smiles sweetly-
Katherine Murray 08/27/20 -deadpans-
How do I know? Cameras, lots and lots of them.
-likely isn't kidding-
-grins brightly-
That's just something you'll have to prove. -pauses- The singing. Not the song choice. Or...what it implies? -stares- I need a drink.
Katherine Murray 08/27/20 -blinks- I don't know if women like that sort of thing. But I do have a serious question... -squints more- You don't dance around naked while singing Goodbye Horses do you?
Katherine Murray 08/27/20 -squints- Why do I feel like this is a threat? -probably should dye her hair, ya know, just in case-
Katherine Murray 08/23/20
Congratulations on the new rank!
Toot toot, motherfucker. 😂😂😂
Dita Morgenstern 11/17/19 She sips her espresso, smile barely visible over her cup. He seems like a nice person, she thinks. He appears to be. Dita is not the best judge of character but that doesn't much matter. She takes life in stride. He's yet to attack her person, so he must be nice. And then he mentions 'OdDities'. How very peculiar. "Are you part of a Coven as well?" Words tinged with German are soft, sweet. "I belong to a house Paris. I wonder if we've passed one another in the dungeons once or twice."

She lets her words hang there. Dita won't go on to explain that she is nothing more than a normal girl living with those of supernatural powers. And then there is Don. She wonders how he would feel if he suddenly arrived to see her sitting with another man. She knows how Dresden would have reacted. But Don? He's mellow. Calm. "Do you enjoy your new home? Do you have many friends?"
Dita Morgenstern 11/12/19 [smiles.] That's where I currently live. Paris to be exact.
[grabs her order and follows.] It is really lovely outside today.
[sits, sips espresso.] I'm not sure. I don't know what he has planned. It's been a while since we've seen one another. His work keeps him busy.
[tilts head.] Oh?
[leans closer.] Do tell.
Dita Morgenstern 11/07/19 [stares at the menu.] I'll have an espresso and a plain beignet? Just with icing sugar.
[laughs quietly.] Yes, the only reason I come to New Orleans is for the food.
[brow creases.] I mean, that sounds strange doesn't it? I'm not a food critic or anything. I was just visiting a friend. He doesn't live here. We were meeting up here. He's been gone on business.
[relieved by the arrival of their food.] Where should we sit? Outside? It's lovely today.
Dita Morgenstern 10/25/19 [follows.] Tea does sound wonderful, actually.
[thinks.] But coffee does smell amazing, I agree.
[stuffs hands in coat pocket.] Are you from around here? New Orleans I mean.
[glances at.] I've only been here once before. The food is wonderful.
Katherine Murray 10/25/19 "Ummm..." It was official, worst parents ever. They really needed to get a kitchen built before anything else. Clearly. OH! "Nicky was ordering pizza for Vexa! I'm sure she'd be happy to share!"
Murmur 10/24/19 Congratz on POTD
Dita Morgenstern 10/22/19 [might be shaking slightly.] Do you drink a lot of coffee Gabe?
[smiles, innocently.] It's very nice to meet you. And yes, my favourite season is Autumn. It really is the most beautiful I think.
[thinks.] Though I do love spring in Germany when the lily of the valley bloom. Did you know that they are highly toxic?
[bites her lip.] That sounded more sinister than I wanted.
[changes subject.] I'd love some tea or coffee.
Katherine Murray 10/22/19 "I'll hold you to that." Laughter slipped free from an upturned mouth; probably not the best thing to say when they literally were trying to remodel the haunted mansion. Kat could definitely find work for everyone. "But I'll make the same offer; if you ever need something, all you got to do is ask."
Dita Morgenstern 10/22/19 [raises both brows.] Autumn?
[watches him, trying to decipher the pantomime.] Beautiful?
[bites lower lip.] Are you using drugs Mister ..?
[reluctantly extends her hand.] I'm Dita.
Dita Morgenstern 10/21/19 [shy smile.] Hello ..hi. Yes.
[dust self off.] I'm fine. Thank you.
[raises brows.] Are you okay?
Katherine Murray 10/21/19 "Oh, I like you." Offering her own hand with a smile gracing her face, Kat nearly snorted, that dear man of hers beat her to this one. "Actually, you've been taken care of by my husband! I'm glad he could help you out. I'm Katherine!"
Katherine Murray 10/21/19 HELLO! You're NEW! -blinks at-
Raven D Morningstar 10/19/19 On behalf of Carpe Noctem Welcome to the realm!
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