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Born: January 13, 2016 Forum Topics Started: 1
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Franklin Jackson 06/02/17 He looked at Li grinning. "It has been too long old friend." He said. "Bit I am happy to be back. So much to catch up on."
Sky Frost 05/25/17 Letting her thin shoulders rise and fall she sighed contently. "Yeah. I asked him if he was happy with her and he said yes. Which is fine. Don't get me wrong. I will never cry over a man. No one needs a man to feel like their life is complete." She giggled softly, her icey blues watching him with content. "But enough about me and my fake non existent relationship with him. I heard you're married and have a son. Congratulations! Well.. Obviously it was a while ago but still."
Sky Frost 05/25/17 She put her small hands on her hips with a soft smirk. "I am always goal oriented and since my brother in law works with you guys. I am determined!" She exclaimed before she listened to him finish and laughed a little. "Nadasha, silly." She poked his arm gently and smiled. "She kinda told everyone that she's his girlfriend."
Sara Triton 05/25/17 Shooting a quick reply "ok" she left to meet up with him
Sky Frost 05/24/17 Rolling her eyes at him, she frowned. "One day.. one day I will have his job! But for now, I will settle with the lawyer stuff." Her eyes became wide as she bit her lip and shook her head. "No way. I don't.. whatever." She tapped her small tan fingers on her leg before she glanced at him. "Don't tell him.. he's happy and I don't want to ruin it. Trust me. I ruin enough."
Sky Frost 05/24/17 She sighed softly, slowly shaking her head. "Oh what will you ever do with him? Replace him? Nah.. I mean.. unless you found someone who is let's just say.. way better looking than Ryu. OR just.. so nice." She tapped her chin gently, eyeing the male for a moment, she told him.
Sky Frost 05/24/17 Soft pink lips curled up in a smile as she shook her head. "Well. Ryu Mikoto just thinks you are the best boss there ever was." She let a soft smirk tug at the corner of her lip gently.
Sky Frost 05/24/17 With a short and half-assed curtsy she smiled at him happily. "Why thank you very much. You must be the famous Li I have heard so many things about. All good I suppose."
Bella Eda Kuroda 05/19/17 Leaning back against him she kissed his cheek after he kissed hers. "You and LJ are my world Li." She said softly to him her hands resting on his arms as she squeezes his arms lovingly
Marah Kravenoff 05/16/17 " Phfft Ima telling the truth damit'
Marah Kravenoff 05/16/17 "Thanks I am sure Dylan,Arya,and CeeCee will love that.And I was only swatting a fly away and then KABOOM up went the oil fields."
LillyEmperium 05/10/17 *growling * I'm gonna find something to smack you with
LillyEmperium 05/10/17 No... But you came close... I swear
LillyEmperium 05/10/17 I am a girl.... You floating brat. Oh just wait til your wife finds out
LillyEmperium 05/10/17 *picking up a rock, she whips it at him.* ugh you might be better off taking it from me
LillyEmperium 05/09/17 Oh really? Come take your whopping... I promise it'll only hurt for a second an I won't disfigure you
LillyEmperium 05/09/17 Sit down so I can beat you
Vesper Vaughn 05/02/17
Bella Eda Kuroda 04/18/17 Leaning her head against his heart "You really think me that much trouble Li?" She asked as she held him close to her
Bella Eda Kuroda 04/14/17 "Ok I concede I will try not to make you worry in a bad way." She said as she hugged him.
Bella Eda Kuroda 04/13/17 Grinning at him "Yes you are right I would though never to worry you in a bad way."
Bella Eda Kuroda 03/29/17 She looked at him innocently "Now would I do anything to worry you?"
Bella Eda Kuroda 03/25/17 Bella had that evil mischievous glint in her eyes. "Then I think it is time for LJ and mommy to rectify this soon." She said as she tickled LJ and kissed him after he giggled.
Bella Eda Kuroda 03/22/17 Bella laughed breaking the kiss "Oh you cannot tell me you would not get into everything as a little tyke like LJ does. I am not saying I am an angel or anything like that. I know I drove mom and Uncle Angel crazy with me getting into everything too."
Bella Eda Kuroda 03/21/17 "Crawling and getting into everything like his father." She said kissing him as LJ crawled over tugging at Li.
Bella Eda Kuroda 03/14/17 Bella ran her hands through his hair leaning down and raining kisses over his forehead. She knew there were things to be done but she didn't quite want to move either right now. She was enjoying the time with Li she was having.
W_Kat 01/12/17 Congrats on PotD!!
LillyEmperium 01/12/17 Congrats on POD
Marah Kravenoff 01/12/17 "Well look who got Mr. Popular today. "
"Congrats on making POD Li."
Ayame Chiba-Kravenoff 01/12/17 She grinned at her son in law "Ah so I see that my son in law now got the spotlight this time congrats"
Marah Kravenoff 01/01/17 "Happy New Year Li"
MysticRose 01/01/17 Newyears picture from
Happy New Year my Friend!!
Draven A Ravenwalker 12/25/16 ~Draven chuckled a bit then nodded.~ "Tell you what after Christmas is over we can hang out and get a drink. Man I tell you I have been running all over trying to find the best gift for my wife but I haven't had much luck."
Draven A Ravenwalker 12/24/16 ~Draven shook his hand then spoke with a smile.~ "You got it maybe we can go get a drink or something later on if you are not to busy."
Draven A Ravenwalker 12/24/16 ~Draven appeared in front of the man then bowed to him in respect the way he was taught then looked at him and spoke.~ "Good evening Leugim I wanted to come to you and say Merry Christmas also say congrats on making POTD. Listen I would like to put things in the past and leave it there so I was wondering if we can start over again."

~He placed his hand out for the man in good faith having hope they could.~ "My name is Draven Ravenwalker it is a pleasure to meet you."
Marah Kravenoff 12/24/16 + taps you on your shoulder+

" Well Well lookie lookie who got Mr. Popular today. Congrats and Merry Christmas."
Marah Kravenoff 10/03/16 + Smiles and hugs him+
"Thanks Li."
W_Kat 05/20/16 Congrats on P.O.T.D! :D
John Doe 01/14/16 "Hello there friend, welcome to the Realm. Hope you find things to your liking around these parts. It is a fun place to be if you know where to look." John gives a wave as he finishes his comment and heads back off in the direction of his aimless stroll.
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