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I was told I was dangerous.
I asked why, and their response was:
“because you don't need anyone.”
I smiled.
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Just call me 'Danger Noodle'.

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Ophelia Wren 12/11/18 Zaynah…
Oh, sweetheart you *sing* with power. What did you used to be?
Wondering this, but not willing to say anything aloud, Ophelia responds instead with her brightest Southern smile (just the barest hint of rattlesnake there at the dimples). "Thank you. I'm... well, I'm still about half sure the rug is coming out from under me tomorrow. Cinderella, eat your heart. Or was that Snow White?"
She chuckled, running alabaster fingers through the shell's red hair, and added, "Forgive me, but you perhaps *could* help me. We're not the same kind but perhaps we're kindred... how do *you* do it? How do you let your essence breathe when it's forced to be so static?"
Iria Visile 12/11/18 Iria delicately shook the woman’s hand before dropping her arm back to her side as the woman continued her greeting, offering small talk and pleasantries. Iria detested small talk, she was terrible at it and would rather talk about something profound or be silent. People spent too much time these days talking about meaningless things, people were too sensitive and small talk could lead to a plethora of arguments . Iria had come across many people during her lifetime but she couldn’t pinpoint what creature stood before. The idea that simply thinking her name could summon her caused a chill to reside within Iria’s core. She wasn’t sure she liked the idea of her thoughts being an open line to a creature she was barely acquainted with but Iria just smiled and nodded her read in agreement before evacuating the premises
Iria Visile 12/11/18 Iria’s smiled pulled at the corners of her mouth, her fangs peeking out from beneath her rosy lips, piercing into her bottom lip. Orbs of swirling deep brown study the person before her as she welcomes her to their coven and compliments her on her appearance. Sometimes Iria is still taken back by the brashness of some people but she’s come to enjoy it. People say what their thinking and feeling and people always know where their stand. Reaching out an icy hand Iria speaks in her raspy sultry voice.

“Pleasure to meet you. I’m Iria. Victor does seem to be collecting an interesting lot.”
Laura Jane 12/09/18 I don't want to be your meal noooooo o.o friends? Yes but not your meal.
Laura Jane 12/07/18 *Looks back at you* Hmmm do I know you creeper?
Gray Taylor 12/07/18 As they walk into the kitchen, Gray finds himself appreciating the Djinn more and more. She's a wicked, powerful thing, yet has more wisdom than perhaps even he had realized. Bearing this in mind, he knows that he must get himself in check. "It would be an honor."

He means it.

A half-heartedly Cheshire grin is afforded, and Gray affords her an appreciative nod. "Perhaps, I will see you later." With that, he gestures toward the obvious before excusing himself. The man might just be a little rattled - and that is completely normal.
Victor Lockheed 12/06/18 The lissome Vampire considered Zaynah's words for a moment before rising, striding toward the beautiful creature with a game smirk upon his lips.

"Well, let's go then."

He brushed past her without another word, and slipped out the open door like a great cat uncaged.
Victor Lockheed 12/04/18 Dark eyes narrow at the odd, ethereal creature as she strides flippantly into his quarters, amused despite the intrusion.

"You sound like you have something particular in mind."
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 There is something soothing about the sound of her movements, as chaotic as it is. Gray welcomes it, allowing it to fill his head and mute his busy mind. Glancing down at her, he allows for a small grin. "Playing games, again? Or are you honestly inviting me into your space?" Honestly, the man truly does feel the need to hide from the world. He isn't quite sure what this being has in store, but he'd welcome just about anything.
Nicolas Laurent 12/02/18 Nicolas stands rigidly and stares with a stoic gaze at the djinn. "Well, aren't you a pleasant one?" He smiles crookedly and flicks his hazel eyes over her. "Thanks." With his short, thick-toned response, he pivots and heads the opposite direction with hands idly stuffed in his pockets.
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Gray turns, sights landing on Zaynah. He knew it was her the moment she spoke, and he is once again finding himself completely enchanted by the being. "Of course," steel gaze locked onto her for an uncomfortable moment, he would snap out of it before proceeding to walk. He trusts she would join him. "Have you found your quiet place for your box?"
Edward Brollachan 12/02/18 "Oh my... where are ye and where ha'e ye been?"

W_Kat 12/02/18 Congrats on PotD!
Gray Taylor 10/30/18 "If you find a quiet place, please let me know." Gray is only partially teasing. The man hasn't known peace and quiet since moving to London, and part of that is all due to Victor's incessant need to become chummy. Still, his sights would eye the box, taking in every and any little detail that can be seen by the naked eye. "I'm Gray."

Raising his gaze once more to hers, he folds his hands behind his back. He likes this one. She is different in ways that are more than obvious. A quiet sigh escapes him, thoughtful. "If you keep walking down the hall that way," he gestures behind her, "You'll find it far less crowded. Tons of quiet spots." Gray would grin, taking a step back. "I'll see you around, Zaynah." With that, he retreats.
Amari Preston 10/26/18 You are cordially invited to a Halloween Party which will be from October 27 to November 1st. Place is Amari Preston's House Forum. The forum will be open to anyone who wish to drop by! Happy Halloween!
Edward Brollachan 10/25/18 *Excited*
"D'ye like the bagpipes?!!"
Edward Brollachan 10/25/18 "I'm afraid my singing voice sounds rather like a wolf ha'ing it's tail stepped upon...'tis not a pretty thing."
Edward Brollachan 10/25/18 "Sis boom bah! Go Boston!"
(Is that how one celebrates their favorite baseball club?)
Edward Brollachan 10/25/18 *Is glad he doesn't like milk*
"How 'bout them Red Sox!"
Edward Brollachan 10/25/18 *Arched eyebrow
"I didna know ye liked milk...why are ye on all th'milk cartons?"
Victor Lockheed 10/20/18 Victor, clearly in the midst of unpacking the last of his considerable collection of books, glanced up from a novel he'd idly begun to thumb through when his front door opened without preamble.

His burnished copper gaze landed on the curious creature with an amused raise of his brow, and he promptly slid the book in his hands into its proper place in the bookshelf.

"Zaynah. I have answers."
Gray Taylor 10/20/18 This woman is intimidating, and he enjoys it. Not one to be uncomfortable, and quite used to others invading his space, Gray would not move a hair as she makes her approach. Instead, he simply watches her, waiting to see what she might do next. "Across from Victor's," the answer is easy.

Upon her declaration, her choice of room, the demon would smirk. He smells greed, and it mirrors his own. He's a sucker, and a fool. "It's yours."

There is little that is his own in his space, having made the decision to keep his London apartment as his primary residence for reasons. "Is there anything else you require?"
Edward Brollachan 10/20/18 The thought of something erupting from the Djinn's bowels created a shudder from the Scot - until he recalled an amusing anecdote from years past.
"Ha'e ye a hanklin' for chicken chili verde?"
Leaning forward to whisper.
"Do ye still ha'e the bunny suit?"
Edward Brollachan 10/20/18 "As ye are most likely one o'th'few virtuous lassies in the Realm... perhaps we can!"
"Care for a bite...

" eat?"
Edward Brollachan 10/20/18 Nathair, Nathair, Nathair...
"Ha'e ye seen any young virgins who need bitten?"
Mackenzie 10/18/18 A familiar face. It takes Mackenzie a moment to place her, but as soon as she does, a slow grin would appear. Of course, this lovely entity has returned. The good are never kept down. “Forever illegal.”

She is clearly clueless. “Good to see you again, lovely.”
Dexter Gein 10/18/18 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Parisa Tournier 10/18/18 Merci, Mademoiselle
W_Kat 10/16/18 *waves* "Enjoy your dinner and desert! I'm gonna go to's to bright out here." *Grins**Gets up and walks away.*
W_Kat 10/16/18 *squeezes the lovely snake* "Oh my gosh, you're the best snake ever!!" *takes the snakes head with one hand and gently pulls it closer* "If someone ever hurts you, I'll kill them!"
W_Kat 10/16/18 "Yeah. I look appealing but I'm not. And you know..I love steak! SO much better than biting stakes. Don't ask..just..know."
W_Kat 10/16/18 "Nuuuu..I was sayin I could smell your scent. SO much better than a rat smell. And you don't wanna eat me. I'm the other white meat that tastes...over cooked. You burnt steak."
W_Kat 10/16/18 "Yes, I know you do. I can smell you...which sounded a whole lot worse when I said it but it's totally a good thing. Just think, if they say somethin bad, you can squeeze them and make them jelly. They would taste great on toast."
W_Kat 10/16/18 "Of course you smell lovely. You would be the best smellin snake if you ate those muffins. You'd make other snakes jealous."*hugs the prettiest snake eva*
W_Kat 10/16/18 "If you eat...360 of them, you'd be full. And I'm not food. Oooh, and another plus..the Orange is a scent." *gaps* "You would smell beautiful!"
W_Kat 10/16/18 *stops blubberin* "A muffin eatin snake.'s better than rats. You get to poop cranberries and not that's a plus, right?"tumblr-mibonl-CHj-T1qb9is3o1-r1-500
W_Kat 10/16/18 *cries* "Something white and...slippery, is gonna eat me."
W_Kat 10/16/18 "All you had to do was eat it."*watches* giphy-13
W_Kat 10/16/18 Cranberry-Orange-Muffins-4-610x406
Gray Taylor 10/15/18 How unsettling. How stunning. Gray is fascinated as he watches the woman move, perfectly fluid while everything but. She is disturbing, and he can appreciate that. He has no idea who she is, but he soon would. Steel hues quickly disappear as his pupils dilate, betraying his interests, and a slow grin would take residence of his visage. "You can have any room you like."
Kenia Shani 10/15/18 Kenia nods in return to Zaynah. "You're most welcome."
Kenia Shani 10/15/18 Taking a few moments to look for Zaynah she finally finds her. "welcome, I'm Kenia. Nice to meet you."
Gray Taylor 10/15/18 Gray's step pauses as he sees the woman, his mind already turning things over just who it is he is laying eyes on. "Victor's apartment is that way. A right, left, third door on the left."
Dessa Chambers 10/13/18 Dessa rarely took time to -really- see who she was greeting. She saw them, committed their face to memory, but didn't take the extra moment to see if that face matched any she knew previously. Mostly because her memory wasn't what it should be. Death, soul transference, memory tampering...this list went on. But the woman's voice and her response caused Dessa to pause and really look at her. "I apologize if we've known each other previously.." Her voice trails off..."..Zaynah?

Faint memories of her time in Edward's coven and see her around. She couldn't recall if they interacted much. Dessa felt guilty that she couldn't remember. But at least she remembered the woman's name. She taps the side of her head, "My memory of the past is a bit...foggy, to say the least. I guess a welcome back is in order then." Dessa smiled, "If there's anything I can do to help you settle back in, just let me know."
Edward Brollachan 10/13/18 It was good to see his old friend and compatriot. Few would remember they covened together twice, in previous years. Most would be fearful to be in the presence of either one of them, but they had always been comfortable in each others company.
"D'ye seek refuge at this time or shall ye wander the Realm a bit? I am just back, as well, and as The Immortals closed our coven, I ha'e taken haven w'Ms. Chambers..."
Edward Brollachan 10/13/18 The smile broadens and is less subtle.
"I fare fairly well, and a familiar fair face is enough t'brighten m'way."
She is unchanged, in appearance and manner; she wouldn't be Zaynah otherwise.
"Care t'walk a bit with me?"
Edward Brollachan 10/13/18 A distant rolling peal of thunder, the subtle scent of brimstone and patchouli, and the shimmering jangle of coins...and the Realm shifts. An Ancient One has returned.
"Well, look what the djinn brought in!"
A dour stare is swept by a subtle smile.
"Welcome back from the Other Side, Old Friend."
Johnny Kells 10/13/18 Welcome to the Realm!
Poppy Adler 10/13/18 Welcome to the realm.
Olivia Pierce 10/13/18 Welcome to the Realm!
Dessa Chambers 10/13/18 Welcome to the Realm!
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