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Livia Vlcek


Will Summers

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Addison 12/13/18 *sniffs*
"You smell of old Realm, but new Azhi. Welcome. On the latter part. Oh, and if you need anyone or thing hexed, cursed, or generally tormented, drop me a line!"
*scampered off to do the weird things she does*
Livia Vlcek 12/11/18 Unnnnngh.. *pelvic thrusts against the male*
*laughs and staggers off*
*might have had too much to drink and over medicated*
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 She allows his hand to guide her head until she's staring deeply into those viridian depths she found herself lost in so many years previous. The green eyes that have haunted her for so long. Again her teeth press deeply into her lower lip.. this time to bite back what she wants to say and instead offers him..

"Small children? Endangered baby animals? What are we talking about here.. Milacku? How much is this adventure going to cost me?" Her last question is double in its meaning, isn't it. A laugh. She's missed him. The roughness of his hands. His scent. His face. Livia gives a subtle wink of a single cerulean hue. "Maybe you can show me, hm?"

Lissome fingers rest gently on the sharp angles of his face as scarred lips press a single, lingering kiss to the corner of his mouth. Only then does the hand that cups his cheek move to pull his hand free of her head and lithe frame is in motion towards her room. He can follow or he can go about his previous activities of ripping things apart. Or whatever it is that Malek does while she's doing her 'thing'.
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 Chimnies, these two. Her weight shifts noticeably from one steel toe boot to the other, the hand that holds her coffee remains before her. Malek is relaxed in posture, so Livia is. But the ever mercurial Lycan can change demeanor as quickly as channels on a television, much like Livia can.

"Ravenous hm?" A quiet chuckle escaped the woman. He always did have that swagger, didn't he. She's asked this question of herself many times since his return. And then he's moving into her space. Baby blues soften, their gaze lingers for but a moment on his bright eyes then find well striated chest. Uncomfortable? No. She's smart. To stare too long would be a challenge to the Beast that shares Malek's psyche. "For what?"

The words are simple in their sibilation yet not.
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 Darin? Who is Darin?

Cerulean pools narrow momentarily as Livia scrutinises Malek, her hand coming up to pull the cigarette away from damaged pout as tendrils of smoke drift lazily between the two. Maybe he meant 'darling'. Sure. Of course that's what he meant. Speech impediments.. tricky thing these.

"And if I stay?" She lingers there, polished ivories drifting across plump lower lip as she questions him. What will they discuss? The weather? The intricate flavours of coffee laced with caramel and tobacco? The corner of her mouth hitches higher, the half-c*cked grin cutting upwards in harsh manner. "Tell me, Milacku, how has your day been so far? Did you sleep well?" A sip taken of her own coffee. "Are you hungry?"

She might have five chicken nuggets to spare..
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 The corner of scarred pout hitches at her.. at Malek's grin. The simple word is telling, he's appreciative and probably very excited to have a warm cuppa in large hands. She assumes this since the male's heady scent has been laced with nothing but cigarettes, his whiskey and her.. much blood since he's arrived. The Slayer is in a transitory state and the Lycan has been assisting her through some hardships. But she's going to be just fine.

Another nod of her head, the Slayer moves gently past the busy Lycan but casts a glance back to h.. the male. "You're welcome, Sir. Figured you could use a cup." A sly smile. "Be seeing you."
Livia Vlcek 12/09/18 Pale eyes regard the male for many moments. She says nothing, instead a non-filter cigarette is left dangling from pale lips. He's been training hard and she is proud of him, his determination. With a short nod, an acknowledgement.. of him.. his perseverance, Livia's hand extends to offer Malek a large paper cup filled with very hot coffee. She might have been nice enough to add a touch of caramel and cream, just to give his senses a more complex experience.

Who said Livia couldn't be nice.. respectful..
Will Summers 12/09/18 He seemed distracted for but a moment, his eyes seemingly far away as he wrestled with something within him. When he returned to himself and began to move once more, the female cants her head to the side yet again, curious of the larger male's reactions.

"It speaks to you, doesn't it? The Beast, I mean." Will is speaking, broaching such a subject that she, herself, has been experiencing since she had returned from that sojourn with Death and came to be how she is now. Without thought to her next words, and perhaps the little female was so close to the surface that human counterpart couldn't quite filter them, she speaks.

"Den Mother has been helping me a little where my litter mates can't. They don't understand but Den Mother does." Her blood siblings weren't that far apart in age from her, so she supposed they could be her litter mates.

Blinking a bit, the human counterpart comes back to herself, a little more lucid and gives a slight shrug of her shoulders. "Right-o then. Methinks I've pestered ya enough, yeah? So welcome to the Sanc, or... welcome back? Either way. Den Mother's happy, if ya know what t'look for. Fck, I'm hungry. Time to go. Cheers, mate!" And then Willow's sauntering away, hands in pockets and nearly salivating at the thought of fresh meat.

What an odd female.
Will Summers 12/08/18 It was quite odd to be amongst the living as, well, a living being; breathing, warm, a little breakable but far more hardy than a normie. It was still odd. Urges she had never experienced, even when she had been one of the Undead plague, bid her to rend and hunt and devour, so it was difficult to be around others that could be deemed as prey. The beast within mental stasis rumbled within prison, pacing too and fro, chomping at the bit, so to speak, to shed human guise and roam with claw and fang in furred, lean body.

The darkly crowned woman had hesistated as she had begun to leave, yet the opening of the door had her giving pause to turn and face the hulking figure that soon made itself known. Malek. The scent of sweat and exertion, stale smoke and bourbon culminated in this... sort of ambrosia that had beast rumbling an appreciative keen within her mind, stealing the breath from human counterpart's lungs and a soft croon of sound escaping human vocals.

Head cants to the side and pale blues seemed to, briefly, loose that little bit of hue, becoming luminescent chips of arctic chill, taking in the very features put on display of masculine prime; a Beast barely tethered to human guise. Curiousity bid her to view every inch that lay exposed in bunches of scar and carved musculature, scrutinizing the male that, clearly, towered over her short frame of 5'2", hands wanting to poke and touch yet they were soon stuffed into the pockets of open leather jacket to keep from doing such an action.

And then he was speaking, the rumbling timbre of his voice bidding the attention of female afflicted human, or was it human afflicted female? Either way, he captured her attentions and she looks up, those glacial hues locking onto the glowing gaze of his own, nostrils barely flaring as she continued to drink in the scent that drifted from the hulking figure. Then he looked as though he were expecting something.

Oh, right.

"Haven't really made rounds yet t'greet fellow Pack. My sister has been helpin' me to... keep control, though she doesn't quite understand. She tries. Liv's been helpin' some, too. Seems more knowledgable in some things that, perhaps she shouldn't? Dunno. And, no, yer not expected t'do anythin'. Jus' thought I'd pop round n'say 'hello.' So, hello." Gone was the timid female of before, and in her place was a sassy little thing in ripped jeans and leather jacket.
Will Summers 12/07/18 It was a week before the darkly crowned woman finally made it around to greet the newcomer. Or the not-so-newcomer, returner....whatever it was. Wait, had it really been a week since this particular individual had returned to the Realm? Eh, either way, Will thought it best to greet a fellow Sanc member.

Each soft, booted footfall drew the young woman closer, but something prickled at her skin and made her give pause for but a moment, instinct causing a shiver of unease to tremble down her spine and a barely audible keen to rumble in the woman's throat, and she might have turned back, heeded instinct, if she weren't so stubborn that is. Clearing her throat and composing herself once more, she carried onward, approaching a door and giving a light rap of her knuckles upon it, awaiting any sort of response.

If he were there, she would give a simple greeting, resisting the urge to shrink down upon herself and turn, belly up, and simply speak. "Eh.. Oh. You're there, yeah? Right then. Hello, name's Will. Thought I'd come by n'say 'hello'. Er. Right then. Well, I'll be on my way, yeah?" Cue awkwardness and then she's on her way back from whence she came.
Theodora Hawthorne 12/07/18 Theo, too distracted by the brief moment of sweet victory, doesn't dodge the offhand cuff of the supremely grumpy stranger. She is swatted hard enough to be knocked off balance, but not quite hard enough to hurt her much in her inebriated state of numbness. She topples over, landing on her bottom - directly in the puddle of their mixed whiskies. The sound of broken glass crunched under her denim clad derriere, and an audible oof puffed from her lips.

Pants and hands wet from the 100 proof puddle, she merely lifted an impressively unhappy glare to the offender.

"You're just a bag of peaches, aren't ya."

She lifted her hands and wiped them on her jeans, although the shift in her weight made her pause and squint one eye in deep focus.

"...I think I've got a shard of glass stuck in my right asscheek."
Theodora Hawthorne 12/06/18 The fact that the grating rumble of the unnatural growl didn’t send her careening in the opposite direction should be some indication of either how entirely tanked she is, or that she’s had run-ins with more than one individual capable of producing such a bone shaking sound. Or both?

Instead, her brows merely pulled down in a supremely disgruntled expression. He could at least try the whiskey… he probably had no idea how much a bottle of this swill cost her. Come to think of it, maybe she should have swiped a cheaper whiskey off her shelf tonight..

She wasn’t sharp enough to stop him from committing the heinous act of alcohol abuse. Her precious bottle was taken and smashed on the ground, sending shards of glass in all directions. Theo’s mouth dropped open for a moment as she looked at the remains, then shut again as she lifted her chin defiantly at the villain.

Reaching out, she moved to wrest his bottle from his grip, and likewise send it careening into the pavement.
Theodora Hawthorne 12/06/18 The menacing grin that pulled at the man’s heavily scarred features would have been enough to make anyone NOPE their way out of even a civil conversation, but Theo’s hackles were up, and she was sure she’d seen guys bigger and more frightening than him. She just couldn’t remember when, right this second.

Theo’s eyes visibly tried to focus when the man spoke in a rough-hewn voice, her gaze moving to his mouth to make sure she heard correctly - which she did.

“Ohhhh… well why didn’t you just say so. Gawd.” Never mind that he most certainly had told her, just not in so many words.

Pretty much instantly forgetting his demand that she leave him alone and, well, leave, her expression lit up when he fished out a bottle of Wild Turkey. Immediately she lifted her own bottle and clanked it loudly against his. “Ayyy, twins! This Whistlepig is way better than Turkey, though. Wanna give it a shot?” She thrust it toward him, the quick motion making her sway slightly to one side.
Theodora Hawthorne 12/06/18 Even when she was sober, Theo had a tendency toward not knowing when to leave well enough alone. The man clearly wanted nothing to do with her, which on any other day would have been completely fine. But she was drunk and belligerent, and more than likely it was going to get her more than a broken nose if she kept it up.

Rather than let the man go his own way, she bristled at being ignored, and started off after him. Trotting up with an unsteady gait, she maneuvered her way in front of him and matched his pace, only walking backward.

“Hey, I’m talking to you. Shy is fine an’ all, but it’s awful rude to ignore people, y’know. Bad manners.”

Says the only one drunk in public.
Theodora Hawthorne 12/06/18 Completely missing any and all signals that the man she'd saluted was dangerous, she finished her hearty gulp of the half empty bottle and lifted an arm to wipe her mouth on her sleeve, leaving a mix of whiskey and dried flakes of blood upon the fabric.

Upon realizing that the man had - smartly, given the state she was in - turned and walked off, she gave a derisive scoff. People these days, she thought.

A long drag from her nearly spent cigarette, and she flicked it onto the pavement. "What?" She called out to the retreating stranger, a definite slur to her Southern tinged words. "You shy or somethin'?"
Theodora Hawthorne 12/06/18 The girl was in a state. Her nose had clearly been freshly broken, with dried, flaky blood all over her mouth and chin and an impressive purple-blue sheen beginning to creep across the bridge of her swollen nose.

There was a bottle of whiskey swinging loosely in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She was clearly tanked, with glassy amber eyes and an unsteady gait.

Upon seeing the rough looking man, she paused, grinned - showing two rows of straight, albeit blood tinted teeth - and raised her whiskey bottle in an overly dramatic salute before bringing it to her lips for a good chug.
Livia Vlcek 12/06/18 *leaves a tomato on his pillow while he sleeps*
Summer 12/03/18 She was in a foul mood, one that she’d been in for several months. It clung to her much like the smoke around her clothes from the fire she’d had out back earlier. Rolling her shoulders, she let it go. There were far more important things to do, like stop by and say hello to the newest additions to the crew. Popping her head in, she beamed a toothsome smile and wiggled her fingers. “Hello! A belated welcome to Azhi! I’m Summer and can be found in and around.”
Genesis 12/03/18 ~smiles to her fellow lycan, a devious glint in her hazel eyes~
"Yes, nothing beats taking someone, or something, apart...piece by piece. Oh, the noises they make! Fun times!"
Genesis 12/03/18 So how does it feel to be back? The bloody knuckles, the aching muscles, the unyielding desire to stab someone in the eye?
-Raphael- 12/02/18 Welcome!
Livia Vlcek 12/02/18 *thinks she's winning until she arrives home* Fvck.
*slips off to another hidey hole she has, pouting the whole way*
Livia Vlcek 12/02/18 *wanders up with her +2000 cloak of invisibility on*
*socks him in the jaw*
*wanders off*
Genesis 12/01/18 Welcome to the crew Malek.
Poppy Adler 12/01/18 Welcome to The Azhi.
Autumn Summers 12/01/18 *waves*
Welcome to Azhi, and back to the Realm.
Livia Vlcek 12/01/18 Livia acquiesced to his words as a strong hand made contact with the sensitive scarred flesh of her face and his gaze held hers. She understood completely now. As the Lycan swaggered away, slender fingers wiggled a good bye. "Have a wonderful morning...Sir." He may not have seen it but Livia was almost positive he could hear the smile in her words. Pushing buttons? It's what she does best.
Livia Vlcek 12/01/18 "Interested in what...Sir?" Her head the right. To say she is confused by his words is putting it mildly. She had simply agreed that he knew where she live, lived. Like twice. Utterly perplexed, pale pools stare into virescent green for many moments. A shrug of her shoulders, her gaze finds a passerby while a smile once again flourishes as she speaks. "You are drunk again, aren't you?"
Edward Brollachan 12/01/18 Memories of a scrap years ago bubbled forth from the deep eidetic memory of the Scot; the man before him starting to transform after he'd inadvertently broken the nose of his bride. His surprise at how much larger the man was becoming as he changed, and the stabbing pain as he backed away and into said bride's stiletto...
"How's it hangin', lad..."
LillyEmperium 12/01/18 *Seeing him as he reentered the realm. The woman nodded to him as she spoke gently. * welcome back, Mr. Malek.
Luciana Morning Star 12/01/18 Welcome to the Realm!
Livia Vlcek 12/01/18 A loud cackle erupted from betwixt scarred lips. He most certainly did know where she lived. And he had slept in her bed. A few times. Casting a glance back at the male, a salacious smile takes over pale lips. "Ano, you do...Sir." A wink of a single cerulean hue, "Next time, give a girl some warning hm?"
_Aurora_ 11/30/18 Welcome!
Livia Vlcek 11/30/18 She tries to suppress the amusement that is dancing across scarred visage. With a nod of her head, Livia cleared her throat and started on her way to the city. " have my number. Be seeing you, Milacku."
Mackenzie 11/30/18 It's an expression... it.. Great to have you back, is the point.
Mackenzie 11/30/18 Get outta town.
Olivia Pierce 11/30/18 Welcome!
Livia Vlcek 11/30/18 A half-c*cked grin takes to scarred visage at the sight of the male. "Good evening...Sir." Contralto articulations escape with tendrils of smoke to fill the space between the two. "If you should require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me."
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