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Lang Ren
Born: February 28, 2015 Forum Topics Started: 3
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New YorkThe Lycan's Den
Created by Adara Doe
Mackenzie 02/19/18 Sol
We need to talk.
Vic can babysit.
Katherine Murray 02/11/18 Pretty Beard
Not your blood, no. Unless you donate it.
But not all of it.
Quinn's plans scare me. Not enough to drain you, though.
That is interesting. You know him.
He said I was not a dog the first time we met.
He has great vision clearly.
This time... I cannot repeat it.
Would Kenzie know if he is missing?
Apparently you do not have any love for him, did he proposition you too?
Katherine Murray 02/11/18 Pretty Beard
Everyone keeps saying that.
Age really does not come to mind much after nearly a century.
But with her playing with tutus, I should know better.
Also, I think that guy is her special friend.
I do not really know.
But if you get a chance to play Axeman cometh, I need some blood. Experiment. Lots of testing to do.
Katherine Murray 02/06/18 -sucks it up and texts-

Pretty Beard

I need an adult.
Kenzie is not one apparently.
She said to come to you.
Not that I am not an adult.
I just need an adultier one.
British person. Heebie jeebies. Stranger danger. Help?
Tanvir Buckley 02/03/18 Solomon King
I was given a tenner to buy you a drink if ever our paths crossed. So name a path and the first round is on me. Tanvir Buckley
Katherine Murray 01/20/18 Pretty Beard

Please, you have the best beard. I think that qualifies as always pretty.
Flowers are just a bonus.
Hang on.
You know who I am?
Wait. But I'm not a poltergeist. I'm Katherine.
I am next to the Den now. With the wee Irish. and some British guy.
Katherine Murray 01/20/18 Official Best Beard

Truly, I understand. I have the same problem.
Apparently marriage is supposed to be good.
However, I have absolutely no idea who it is.
Just some Scottish woman.
May have decorated your beard one time.
It was pretty.

Ack, ya wee Nyaff...
Mackenzie 01/20/18 Furbacca
As if that's a bet.
I always look fabulous.
Katherine Murray 01/20/18 Official Best Beard

It was just a conversation.
A really, really odd conversation.
Apparently, she wishes to marry you to someone.
Not me, of course.
That would be weird.
Definitely someone else.

Signed, A runaway blonde.
Mackenzie 01/20/18 Furbacca
She's doing a fashion show.
You owe me.
Katherine Murray 01/20/18 Beard

If Quinn contacts you, ignore it. She knows not what she plots.

Signed, a friend.
Adara Litvinova 01/18/18 Mass Text: My Livi, The Butcher, The Pretty One, Mrs. Pretty, Irish, The King

We’re home.

And just in case they didn’t know who exactly was home Addie sent an attachment; after all, it had been far too long and numbers do change. Like Adara’s number. Constantly. Paranoid much?

Tiber Loche 01/16/18 Sol da Man
Why don't you love me?
Mackenzie 12/27/17 Furbacca
You are the height of alcoholism.
He's not lazy. He's just f-cking rich.
His shower is like a goddamn spa. We live in rubbish compared to his lavish arse.
But really. Alcohol?
Mackenzie 12/27/17 Furbacca
What in the hell does a man who has everything want for f-cking Christmas? I'm at a loss. The man has curtains that operate with a f-cking remote. It's two days past Christmas and I'm making excuses about sh-t being stuck in the mail.
El Orlav 09/22/17 New contact added: Solomon
~Ella stares idly at the message screen. She hadn't actually expected Quinn to just hand over this guy's phone number. But she did promise her Lufcuh she would get to the bottom of this. After a few vulgar attempts at wording, she settles on being blunt.~

Hi. Are you 👫 Or are you 👬? Asking for a friend.
Mackenzie 08/17/17 Mackenzie heard it, and instantly she was on her feet, perched atop the stairs. Solomon was mad. She'd really thought the gentle giant would be less irritated by something so small. Still, she can't help the snort of amusement that comes forward as she envisions the scene below.

Slowly, she makes her way to the bottom of the stairs, padding across the room to grab a towel before approaching the two men. "C'mon, Sol. It's just simple syrup and food dye."
Mackenzie 08/17/17 Mackenzie is sitting at the top of the stairs in total silence, listening to everything. After a short text exchange with Atticus, she waits patiently, a wicked grin on her face. So long as her Daniel follows her directions precisely, this is going to go smashingly.
Camille 08/16/17 -sails by and assaults with a nerfgun-
Mackenzie 08/12/17 Captain Beardface
We need to call an exterminator. I just found another spider upstairs. You'd think they'd be scared of this place. Have they not seen the curtains?
Mackenzie 07/18/17 Nodding as he fills her in, she raises her eyebrows, impressed at the progress. Mackenzie snatches up a pillow and hugs it to her body as she sits, tucking a single leg beneath her. "To be fair, you run hot." It's strange to see him like this, but this misfortune has given her a glimpse at the man he was before his entire life changed. He's a damned good man, and she knows she made the right decision.

"Now all we have to do is get that beard trimmed," she teases. Maybe it is a little more than just a tease, but she'd never actually ask him to change a thing. "I'm not going anywhere for at least a week. I'll take night duty. You get some sleep. You've been drinking too much coffee."
Mackenzie 07/16/17 Kenz steps into the cabin after her trip into the city, still reeling but immediately putting on a good face. It's late for her to come in, but to the rest of the world it is time to rise and shine as the sun has already started to rise over the trees. She peels the hooded sweatshirt off over her head, hanging it on the coat rack by the door before stepping inside. She can hear Lucy upstairs, her breath steady as she sleeps.

Eyes landing on her favorite early riser, she gives him a tired smile and takes a seat next to him on the couch. It was worth it, she tells herself. Everything is worth it. "Sorry I'm late. She sleep through the night?"
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Man Bear
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Man Bear
Sol, tell me this was Halloween in the 90s.
Mackenzie 06/20/17 Man Bear
I am f-cking with the new girl.
It's fun. Call me Drill Sargent.
Mackenzie 06/04/17 "Jesus f-cking Christ, we'll be here for eternity..." Mackenzie mutters, that sheepish smile turning into a playful smirk as she makes her comeback on his traditionalist ways. But the question that comes next, that is the real path to drive it all home. She reaches forward, laying the most awkward play-punch to his chest ever. "Well, sexiest man, it's obvious, isn't it? I may be the most eligible hand for f-cking marriage, but I can't be your true match if I'm not f-cking sexy. Clearly, that's why I'm still single right now. I'm not sexy enough."
Mackenzie 06/02/17 She'd done it. Mackenzie had achieved the goal. Now, she has to square up. Icy eyes shift left and then right, and she walks back into the cabin with her phone in hand. "Sol.." she clears her throat, looking up at him as she approaches like some sort of guilty child caught red-handed with her hand in the cookie jar.

"So... you got the beard, and the pornstache, and uh... well, you're the sexiest man in the Realm. But there is something I should probably tell you." Swallowing, she fidgets, shifting her weight from one foot to the other and back again as she plants her feet firmly to the ground. Time to be honest. Her tongue flicks out over her bottom lip before she presses them together. "I mean, you really are the sexiest man. I completely admit to that. But you're also the nicest person, and my best friend, and we have been through so much."

She's stalling. He'd be able to tell. Clearing her throat, she resigns herself to just blurt it out as she pushes her phone into his large hands. "We won best couple and I might have bribed Solitude to vote for us with the promise that I would propose publicly to you. And it happened. So willyoumarryme. Please."

Guilty as ever, she bites her lip. "...Please don't be too mad."
Mackenzie 05/29/17 Solomon
You got it. See you shortly.
Mackenzie 05/29/17 Solomon
What do you mean, where is everyone? Sol, the Den is inactive. Where have you been? I'll be there soon. Are you at your cabin?
Mackenzie 05/29/17 Mackenzie was trolling, looking for a meal. She has time to be picky now that there is no one to keep her preoccupied. Her phone chimes, and she takes her time pulling it from her purse. She glances at the message. Twice. A third time, for good measure. Surely she's reading the name wrong. I need your help. Instantly, her muscles tense and her heart twists with anxiety. Something is wrong.

Where are you?
Jameson Orlav 05/03/17
Mackenzie 03/17/17 Solomon
You never f-cking answer me. Happy Saint Patrick's day.
WildKat 03/03/17 Congrats on PotD!
Mackenzie 02/25/17 It's a little bit funny, the way Mackenzie acts these days. Holed up in London once more, she finds her nights preoccupied with blood, laughter, and a daring smirk that greets her at every turn. Once described as an apex predator, she is now embracing this in a much more healthy way. Yet when she sees the behemoth, a little bit of her old self breaks through. Just enough. Juuust a little...

She puts her foot out to trip him, walking by, and instead is greeted with an arm that is stuck up and strikes her across the chest. Firm, sturdy, like iron. It knocks her back, sending her reeling out of shock before ultimately catching her balance at a terrible cost.

Her bag spilled out.

Her phone. Her wallet. Loose change. A red bra (don't f-cking ask). A well-loved deck of cards. A notebook, and pen. A gun, locked, loaded, and previously secured. A knife. Maybe two. A set of silverware, still wrapped in the cloth napkin of the restaurant she'd stolen it from out of boredom. A book. A giant book. Not just any, but Bad Kitty's Tome of Knowledge.

Before she can gather back up into her arms, it is grabbed by a stranger, and she is forced to watch as they run away.

A pair of irritated blue eyes sets upon Solomon King, and Mackenzie lets out a frustrated grunt. "Seriously?!"
Camille 01/30/17 KingKong
Ay'. I'm not sure when, but I'm sure that somewhere and somehow, you've come to owe me a drink or something. Soon, yes?
Caitlyn Darrow 01/29/17 Caitlyn brightened at least thankful she wasn't trying to march herself & the stroller to a random strange tall man. "I'm doing quite alright. How are you?" She inquired and murmured an apology to people who shoulder checked her as they walked by her. Some halted their movement and asked if she were Emma Stone, which Caitlyn quickly dismissed.

Why did people think that? They looked nothing alike! His boisterous laughter caused her to giggle along. "I'm sorry. I don't really know what I was thinking." She beamed happily, and lifted her brows to gaze down at the stroller. Delicately she pushed back the hood of the stroller so the baby's blue eyes could land on Solomon. "This is my son, Rigsby. Don't get too close." The chirruping laugh had a nervous spin to it, and she started to idly chew her inner cheek. "He sometimes gets sick being in the stroller. Only Sometimes." Yes. Don't have to mention the name of his last puking bag. Gray Taylor.

Rigsby immediately became awestruck and made tiny grabby hands towards Solomon. Stretching himself up just slightly, his mouth agape in utter shock. Caitlyn blinked, "Rigbsy don't gawk. That's not nice. Ohhh." Caitlyn wagged a finger towards Solomon thoughtfully. "I think it's your beard." Guilt washed over her easily readable face, as she grabbed one of the two cups of orange juice from the back of the stroller. "Orange Juice?" She extended an arm out towards Solomon, and discloses soon after. "I drank out of both cups, but I don't have cooties." Another gleeful roar of laughter erupted making it hard to tell if she was actually serious, but she was.

Meanwhile, Rigbsy looks on exactly like so ignoring his mother's pleading:

Camille 01/28/17 -suspicious glare-
It's winter!
-prances in a circle around, searching for the broom-
Caitlyn Darrow 01/28/17 Caitlyn had a knack for being odd. That was a mild way to define the orange junkie redhead. The stroller being pushed with her humming happily down the street. The back of the stroller holding two cups of orange juice, for her and well.. her. The redhead's interest had been perked. Eyelids hood over her blue-green irises in a focused narrow.

She wasn't a stalker persay, but scents she didn't forget. "Solomon! Solomon! Is that you?" Alright. Caitlyn. Be Normal. Be Calm. Maybe he'll stop and strike up a casual conversation?

Instead she blurted out. "Solomon! Is your last name Kong?" She paused with the stroller and blinked innocently. An eyebrow arches questionably at her own actions. She repeated the name in a bewildered whisper. "Solomon King Kong?"
Camille 01/27/17 -looks around-
-feels overwhelming sense of empty-

Sol... wtfisthisish?
Camille 01/25/17 -wide eyes-
Oh.> -whispers-
It's a holy beard.
Camille 01/25/17 -silencio-
-generalize motion in facial direction-
It's a beautiful beard, but you have heard of upkeep, yes?
Camille 01/25/17 -whips around-
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