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Tucker Reid

Dovima Bastet

Margot Faye

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Tucker Reid 04/28/18 Logan wasn't answering his phone. It wasn't out of character for him to click the 'ignore' button when he was busy doing something and didn't have time to answer. It's been well over 24 hours and Tucker was starting to worry. He has no issue with leaving yet another voicemail.

Lo, I don't know what you're up to, but you're starting to freak me out. It's not like you to be out of touch for so long. You mentioned something was up with the cadavers and then disappeared. Not cool, man. Call me A.S.A.P.
Dovima Bastet 04/05/18 It isn't the first time she's been into the place. No, on more than one occasion, Vee brought Tucker their favorite brand of Thai. Meaning, the kind most aren't brave enough to come near.

Now, Reid Funeral Home has become the new base of operations for her, having moved from Arcadia.

Vee hears his approach before he speaks, and spins to meet him. "Soleil? Me? Nah, but I do know her. I'm Vee."
Tucker Reid 04/05/18 Lo
There are definitely new employees. Soleil is the uber blonde and Rhiannon is her wife. She's going to be helping us prepare bodies.

We might finally get a weekend off now and then.
Tucker Reid 03/31/18 I told you that super megabulk protein would work!
Tucker Reid 02/07/18 Voicemail:
Hey Lo, iíve made it to New York, so donít start redecorating yet. Still alive. Iím expecting to be back in two weeks. In case you havenít found it yet, I left the scheduler on your desk. If you have any trouble, see Lucy. She knows more than me on a good day. Call me if you need me.
Tucker Reid 02/04/18 Logan had always been a bit of an oddball, although there were some days when Tucker had admired him for it. Lucky that he had the freedom to be as splashy as he pleased. It was not a luxury that the man himself had been afforded until his father had passed.

"I have no idea where he'd have gotten such an idea." He did his best to keep from grumbling. Tucker did not want to be rude. He knew how the younger boy had looked up to him. "But he's always been a nosy b@stard, hasn't he?" He attempted to break the tension, and laughed briefly. "Come in. Come on. I've got plenty for you to do if you're looking for work."

Tucker Reid 02/04/18 Tucker could smell Logan coming from a mile away. Not only because he was family, and as such had a specific scent that was easy to pick up. But because he suspected that the kid had not had a shower in a week. Putrid. Tucker's nose had crinkled as soon as he walked through the door.

"Logan." Tepid eyes had fallen over his cousin, who seemed to have gone through a growth spurt since the last time he saw him. "What are you doing here?"
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