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Jr Morning Star
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Born: December 31, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Raven D Morningstar 12/03/18 Burst out laughing "serves you right for being an nosey body. Ugh another one I have to look up to. Going to have to carry a stool."
Raven D Morningstar 12/03/18 Well look at what the cat dragged in! Your old enough now you owe me a new light saber!
Lucifer Morningstar 11/21/18 He chuckle when the boy goes through all the "gotz" That Luciana had received. "Lucifer listen to me. She may have hers now, but you will get yours as well. You have to crawl before you walk, then walk before you run and so on. Archangels are not born, they are created with work. Just like your one wing, it has meaning. Right now get use to it. It will shield and protect you, they are not just for flying. If you where to fall and you will at some point it will roll with you." He looks at him and puts him down "Lets walk for a while okay."
Lucifer Morningstar 11/21/18 He knew it would come. But one never knows what it will endure. Watching the twins They worked well together most times. Ana bouncy and out spoken, Lucifer laidback and a bit of a wanderer. The boy was feeling it today. Ana received gift and was roaring to go. Jr on the other hand was gifted the gift of problem solving. He walks up and sits beside him pushing the glasses down so he could see his eyes. "Mom said you had a rough morning." He hands hi a tissue for his lip. but then daps it himself. "You will get use to them." Seeing the one wing he looks back at him. "I can help with this as well if you let me. We dont even need to tell Mom and Luciana if you want."
Lucifer Morningstar 11/21/18 Hearing Sera in his head he runs and stops dead."No no no no. Not the car!" Face palms."5,4,3,2,1..... Breath Luci." A very stern Looking daddy looks at the boy. Then gets a bucket of water. Walking up behind him he pours the water over the kid. "Now JR this is how we wash the car." Hands him a sponge and pulls him down. Then wipes the soap off his face.
Castiel 11/21/18 Amazon. Every angel buys their trench coat on Amazon.
Raven D Morningstar 11/20/18 Walking into her house Raven finds fluff on her couch. She squinted at the dog. "Fluff who you with?" Looking at the dog as he just laid back. Rave went in search quietly around the first floor. Hearing jumping and moving coming from the ceiling that lead to her room she tip toed up the stairs into the bedroom. Finding the brat jumping around playing Darth Vader She leaped taking his wand. "Harry Potter you know what this is for?" She begins to chase him with it till he trips and Rave grabs him by the leg. "I'm dropping you off to your mother!"
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