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Born: March 24, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 25
Affiliation: Requiem Mail Replies Sent: 1513
Home City: Jerusalem Mail Sent: 79
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Do not fear death, for someday you will see the beauty in it.
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 A basket of Bad Kitty jelly beans - Easter 2017
Jessayla's Biography
My parents were both ashamed and embarrassed. They had given life to a child with snow white hair and piercing blue eyes. A child who was far too precocious to ever be normal. So they did what I assume any normal highly religious Jewish parent would do in a situation like this. They locked me away. Never to see the outside world until I was much older. Reflecting back, I suppose I can't blame them. Given the situation and what was to come, I would have locked myself away throwing the key away. I wish I could say that my siblings weren't so harsh in their treatment of me but that would be lying. They would come home in the evenings and berate me while belittling me. They would talk about how their friends could take their sisters out in public but they (my siblings) had to keep theirs a secret. How none of their friends even knew they had a sister and that was for the best since how do you tell them your sister is a freak? They would bring home trinkets and treasures from their days in the bazaar while I envied them their freedom. At the tender age of 15, too young in human standards and far younger by demon standards, I simply snapped. The ridicule, belittling and indifference proved to be too much. In a fit of hatred and rage, I slaughtered my entire family, except my twin. He was spared due to the fact that at the time he was away at school. I don't remember much the few days after this occurred. It all seems like a blur. There was a Jewish rabbi speaking to some strange men about how I should not be left here to possibly do the same to another family, with no feelings of regret or remorse.? I was deemed a danger to the general population and sentenced to an institute for the first time. If the demon counsel had hopes of scaring me they failed miserably. Even they weren't successful For two years I endured beatings on a daily basis. They would blindfold me as I was dragged from my small room in the institute to the basement. The room in which they took me to was designed to scare you. Along the walls were chains where people had been cuffed while whipped , off to the side was a table where every torture device ever invented lay spread out. The beatings began slowly, with the henchmen using only their fists. They didn't want to leave too many marks, so I would be dragged back to my room with a bloodied lip and a few bruises. When this didn't seem to phase me they would use belts, whips, sometimes baseball bats often leaving me with broken bones. It wasn't until I laughed at them that it got worse. They kept me down in that room for two weeks chained to the wall. Whenever someone walked by I was spat on, kicked, or hit. I remember one talking about calling the head of the demon counsel, that maybe he could get me to break. I remember being in and out of consciousness for days while he tortured me. Using razor sharp scalpels to slice into my skin just enough to bleed but not scar, forceps were used to pull my fingernails and toenails out whole, I was forced to lie in my own blood for days, before someone would bathe me. They would clean me up and feed me moldy bread before sending me back to what I called hell. Then one day it stopped...everything stopped...their were no more beatings, no visitors...the institute grew eerily quiet. For weeks i heard nor saw anything until he appeared. His name was Betzalel, a Jewish demon like myself. He was to train and mentor me in our ways and rules. Too bad he had a very unwavering hot headed student to deal with. For two years we were inseparable. Then came the order from the counsel. I was to kill my mentor in the same fashion I had been beaten and abused in the institute. It took two weeks for my mentor to die and one more for me to once more be locked away. I suppose I should be bitter and hateful, but instead I am simply cold. Cold hearted and unyielding. Or at least that is the exterior you will see. Who is brave enough to find the warm, caring, and loving heart underneath?
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