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Flint Rose
Killed: March 15, 2018 at 05:50 pm EDT
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Born: July 23, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
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((Always open to rp.))
The more I learn, the more disgusted I become with my own kind. To think, we humans have fallen short so many times.
Flint Rose's Biography

Name: Flint David Rose
Age: Unknown, presumably in his twenties.
Height: 6'0''
Hair color: Black and grey
Eye color: Gold
Body Type: Athletic
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Taken

Lines get crossed all the time, right?
You go and find a means to get the job done, no matter how dirty, dangerous, or down right unhealthy. Flint is no different in that matter. Though, you could say he's gone beyond the means of most in his field to do what he does best.

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Bridges were burned for a relationship far more intimate than that of lovers. He'd keep her safe, fed, housed in his own vessel in exchange for her power. He'd become the thing he had been bred to kill, at least in some sense. Though, he made it clear to keep who and what he was as far from known as possible. To most, he was a simple human, maybe a huntsman with some unique gifts, but to his victims, he was simply the end of their days, a quiet hand passing judgement.

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Zen Rex

Last five threads posted in:
Lilim 01/22/18 She chuckles lightly. "There will be plenty more unless one of us is no longer alive to be around."
Lilim 01/19/18 She smiles up at him, kissing his cheek. "Well darling we survived one New Year together. Here's to many more."
Lilim 01/03/18 "It was indeed new years eve. "
Lilim 12/31/17 She sighs lightly as she kisses his cheek. "You do know what tonight is right?"
Lilim 12/28/17 She chuckles softly, placing her hand on his arm. "It's okay if your mind wandered to other places. That was my intention after all. "
Lilim 12/27/17 She bites her lip as he still had yet to speak. Looking down she whispers softly. "If you don't like it just say so, Flint. I'll just try harder next time. "
Lilim 12/26/17 She watches his reaction, before slowly turning in a circle. Blue eyes dance with amusement as she softly whispers. "Does it meet with your approval?"
Lilim 12/25/17 Power his wish the bow be blue, she had created a dress in the same shade as her eyes. She had designed the dress to look like a bow all while keeping her modestly covered. "Merry Christmas darling. "
Lilim 12/21/17 She chuckles. "Maybe I will surprise you. I may have a trick or two up my sleeve yet. "
Lilim 12/19/17 Grinning she moves closer, whispering with a wink. "Red bow, green bow, blue bow, gold? Which do you get to unwrap on Christmas morning?"
Lilim 12/19/17 She blushes with a grin. "Hmmm, I think that could be arranged. "
Lilim 12/19/17 She giggles softly. "I may have enjoyed those witty remarks however. "
Lilim 12/19/17 She blushes lightly. "Well that is definitely a good answer but I was thinking more along the lines of something that could be unwrapped."
Lilim 12/18/17 She smiles and kisses his cheek. She turns to look at him. "Christmas is coming up. If you could have one thing what would it be?"
Lilim 11/12/17 She lets out a soft chuckle as they walk down the streets, her blue eyes dancing. "You know what sounds amazing right now? Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top."
Lilim 11/06/17 As they neared the shops, she kissed his cheek. "I'll be out quickly. You don't have to come in with me."
Lilim 11/04/17 She smiled brightly at him. "I don't know what this world is coming to and I don't think I want to know. However I do know people are becoming more twisted by the minute and that scares me. I don't want to be alive in this world without you."
Lilim 11/03/17 She'd had time to process everything he had told her. Time to lay it all out there for him, in hopes his 'passenger' would realize she wasn't the threat. "Look, I came back for one reason and one reason only. I came back for you. I fought my way out of the pit of hell to return to you. I have up my bloodline both on lilth's demonic side and Samael's angelic side. Neither one want anything to do with me. I did it without a second thought it hesitation to come back for you."
Lilim 11/01/17 Leaning close she whispers in his ear. "Don't worry darling. There's nothing they can do to me that hasn't already been done."
Lilim 10/17/17 She'd place a hand over his from across the table, her blue eyes searching his as she offers a soft smile. "Thank you. Not just for coming to dinner with me but for being who you are. Thank you for being understanding and for doing what makes you happy. And thank you for joining me so I didn't have to look and feel foolish coming alone."
Lilim 10/14/17 Twice now he had rendered her speechless. It was time to turn the tide. As blue hues looked up into golden ones she smiles, a dazzling and mischievous smile. "I have a secret that no one else knows. I wish to share it with you. It has to do with something as a simple as a name, yet not simple at all." It was true. Most only knew her as Lilim but that was what all kids of Lilith were called. She actually did have a true name.
Lilim 10/13/17 She had thought and rethought about their conversation. No one had ever caused her to be speechless. Though it took quite a bit of time before she gained her bearings again she smirked.
"What I had intended to say, was if I didn't know better I'd think that perhaps, maybe just a little bit you had begun to like me. Of course we both know this is not the case knowing what I am."
She winked in his direction. Yes, she was goading him but he was fun to tease as he gave it right back to her. That would be the last time someone made her feel stupid and tongue tied.
Lilim 10/09/17 Her voice sounds from the shadows, a whisper upon his skin. "Did you miss me, Flint? You're not very good at hiding darling."
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