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Quinn Abernathy 06/04/18 Have you ever seen The Ring?
Mine lasts longer than seven days.
Artemis 05/31/18 "The man was Vincent...he rests peacefully. Angelics are not encouraged to take human mates. I faced censure from another Angelic over this. But Father spared my children,most of them. Two daughters Satsu and Ayala rest here. Because Vincent plead for his sons and daughter. Michael Gavriel and Tirzah they are more like me. Especially Tirzah my born and Father named her." Artemis realized she had blurted out her past. "There will be no one for me ever again."
Artemis 05/30/18 Artemis pondered that her god daughter ScarletWolfe 'didn't' remember her but she was just a baby and life moved on in the Realm. She had one thing that she kept close and it was a bone ring. She slide the chain from her neck and placed it in the young woman's hand. "This belonged to your father Az who gave it to your mother Mystic-husky. I found it in the burnt rubble...I kept it. maybe your mother will tell you who I am."
Artemis 05/29/18 "Welcome back god daughter. Do you remember me? I remember you and those brilliant blue eyes." Artemis had 'returned' to the Realm and she had found the place changed but not so changed that she found one person she know. Could there be others?
Mystic-husky 05/28/18 She stood and watched as the girl, well now women passed through the gates. Scarlet was her eldest, and most reclusive. The child was her father all and all. She turns as she would allow her, her own time. Scarlet always knew where to find her if she needed. Just a soft whisper in the wind would be heard. "Welcome home, baby girl."
Amari Preston 05/27/18 Welcome to the Realm.
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