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Vince Caruso


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Born: August 14, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 0
Affiliation: The Lycans Den Mail Replies Sent: 4
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 1
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08/17/19 at 8:15 pm
A simplified version of Vince's bio can be found in his blog.
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Beau Theroux 08/17/19 -looks excited-
"Well, I suppose better late than never, huh?"
-starts to pat self down-
-pulls out a bent card-
"Uh, downtown New Orleans. The Rompin' Rougarou. Just look for the big wolf's head. We are a bit hard to miss."
Beau Theroux 08/16/19 -smile gets bigger-
"Naw, no strings here. Cross my heart and hope t'die."
-actually draws a cross over heart-
"The pralines are real tasty, not to toot my own horn. I add a bit of spice to mine."
-waggles eyebrows-
Beatrice Abbot 08/16/19 Beatrice learned fast; new people should be made to feel welcomed, while she was new herself and therefore had no real knowledge of what she should be doing, but from recent events, this is what she had gathered. Not that she could actually go around welcoming people, not in the traditional sense of the word, at least. But her tiny figure could bounce up to people, or in the case of the someone she just found, behind and make a bit of ruckus to get their attention. She really didn't want to just tap someone on the shoulder, clearly that could be dangerous in some parts. So, the rustling of her paper and the slight stomping of feet; it worked in a pinch.

As did the piece of paper she had ripped from the notebook, poised to hand to the male when she got his attention. Hi there, I'm Beatrice. It seems to be what we do here, so I would like to welcome you.
Beau Theroux 08/15/19 -firm shake-
"Born and bred."
-is still smiling-
-is like a ball of sunshine-
"Hmmm... did those people offer you homemade pralines?"
-strokes beard-
"They are really good. And come free with a drink at my bar... which can also be free."
-shrugs, acts cool-
"If ya, y'know, want either."
Imashe Korbinchenko 08/15/19 A young woman crouched down in the tall grass as she watched the newcomer walked through the realm. Sniffing the air as she iced colored eyes glowed in the darkness and a low growl escapes her lips.
Beau Theroux 08/15/19 "Nah. You're mistaken. This is 100%, bona fide southern hospitality. If someone can fake this, then the world is doomed."
-keeps smile-
-extends hand-
"The name's Beaudoin. Call me Beau."
Beau Theroux 08/15/19 -grins-
"Well, it is true, many hide behind smilin' faces."
-smiles brightly-
"But come on, ya can't fake this."
-finger guns-
Beau Theroux 08/15/19 "If ya ever need a hand or anythin' lemme know.I , uh, kinda stand out."
-gestures to self- "Y'know...tattoos and beard and whatnot. At least, I'm told I stand out."
Merida Campbell 08/15/19 "Welcome to the Realm!"
Ashlyn Starling 08/15/19 She smiled and nodded with a soft giggle. "I understand, no worries."
Audric Roux 08/15/19
Audric Roux 08/15/19 you can slay me anytime. ;o
Beau Theroux 08/14/19 "Welcome to the Realm!"
Ashlyn Starling 08/14/19 Ashlyn walked up to the newcomer with a basket of homemade cookies and a soft smile. "Hello and welcome to the realm! I hope you enjoy your stay as well as have fun. If you need anything, just ask."
LionaCaravaggio 08/14/19 Welcome!
Adara Litvinova 08/14/19 -snorts- That or perhaps I need less coffee.
You'd probably be better off getting the earplugs. -shrugs-
Adara Litvinova 08/14/19 -spies someone new-
Hello! Welcome to the Realm!
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