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Lyria Montoya


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Let go of your FEARS and chase after your DREAMS.
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Born: November 04, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 18
Affiliation: The Lycans Den Mail Replies Sent: 231
Home City: Bloemfontein Mail Sent: 11
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11/17/18 at 4:49 pm
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Adara Litvinova

Blood Maw

Valentin Metzger

Lucifer Mourningstar

Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
New YorkClash of the Crews
Created by Mackenzie
Matias 11/12/18 ~arches a brow~
"What? Because I look Hispanic I must speak Spanish?!"
~looks offended~
~then grins~
"Porque lo hago."
Valentin Metzger 11/08/18 -is content to lay in bed-
-the two large rottweilers he owns are not-
-hears Himmel and Holle growl softly.. and kumbaya?-
-sound of dog door flapping after their exit-
-bolts to door.. watches as the two large canines consume burrito and not the retreating woman-
-sighs heavily with relief and scorn, returns to bed-
Valentin Metzger 11/07/18 A chuckle, baritone gravel, escapes the man. "Das ist sehr gut."
Valentin Metzger 11/06/18 Wiping a hand on his jeans, he extends it. "Valentin. Encantada de conocerte." Too proper? "Mucho gusto."
Valentin Metzger 11/06/18 He nods, swallowing a bite of pizza. "Poquito."
Valentin Metzger 11/06/18 Eating a slice of pizza, turquoise optics make contact with the woman's. "Golpear qué?" Rolling his r's.. no problem.
Josie Nathan 11/05/18 Skipping up to the new comer, Josie gave a bright smile and a wave. "Hi there, I'm Josie." Holding out a hand, the ten year old gave a grin. "Welcome to the Den! If you ever want to work on dungeon breaks or just chat, I'm always around!"
Blood Maw 11/05/18 Welcome to the realm.
EtaineNightBreed 11/04/18 Welcome!
Eve Penrith 11/04/18 Welcome to the Realm!
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