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You tie the knot, I'll start the fire.
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Created by River Song
The Black Rose~The Black Masquerade 2019~ *Closed*
Created by River Song
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Created by Cersei Lannister
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NeighborhoodNight Club Insomnia
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LillyEmperium 04/01/20 *pokes*
you doing ok?
Matt Boru 03/31/20 "Glad to see the story of your demise that I learned of in Cancun was greatly exaggerated as well as that of your leader. My father told me what happened to his coven and yours along with one called Wahnsinn. Welcome back."
Kyla 01/31/20 "I have a great deal of time and am very patient." Kyla's smile widened enough that it reached her eyes. The first in a while, and it made her remember how good it felt. "We'll work around your schedule, aye?"
Kyla 01/30/20 The sudden appearance of Flahme in her path garnered no surprise. It did, however, bring a smile to her lips. Small, but equal in warmth to the other woman's. "It's nice to see you, too, Flahme. I've not been terribly social of late, perhaps we should."
Jasper Thompson 12/29/19 -frowns-
You mean I don't get credit?
-huffs, and may be stomping off-
I'm off to do degenerate things. And this time, I will be smiling for the camera!
mist 12/03/19 The witch thanks you

Mackenzie 11/24/19 Fire Starter
What's the best temp to roast a finger?
LillyEmperium 09/10/19 * from a darken corner in the hallway Lilly stood waiting before calling out* something for you... *At the first sign of movement she lobbed a balloon full of paint as she said* tag..... you're it
Merida Campbell 08/19/19 Her lips curled into a soft smile as her amber colored hues seemed to shine. "Why yes, I do. Plenty of cold libations as in stout spirits. Maybe you can help me kill a bottle or two of Balvenie (30 year old single malted whiskey form Scotland). I heard there will be food and a huge bonfire. Your more than welcome to join in the fun?" She tilt her head back while sniffing the air. "It seems the party is slowly getting on as we speak." She gestured within the direction of where the scent wood burning lifting up into the nights air.
Merida Campbell 08/19/19 Merida glances to the young woman who broke her out. The hand extended towards the inside of the dungeon. She takes the womman's hand "Thank you. Nice to meet you Flahme... and thank you for your assistance." Finally freed from the dungeon "I'm Merida." She smiled while gesturing towards the exit.
Marah Whitmoore 08/10/19 "Sounds like a plan Flahmey. I cant wait to get together. We should meet at my home in Big Bear or at Insomnia."
Mackenzie 08/10/19 I mean, if you could singe Jameson's eyebrows off, that'd be pretty awesome.
Marah Whitmoore 08/08/19 +hugs+

"That is awesome girl friend. Pleasee tell me its the one you campaigned with for most shipped couple? If it is I'm totally excited for you. Well I'm excited for you no matter who it is. But I do miss seeing you in the halls."
Marah Whitmoore 08/07/19 +squeals+

"FLAMEY!!! Everyone is fine. Rafe and I set a date for our wedding Oct 5th. Sorry I havent been around much. Whats up? How are you? And why did you leave the coven sis?"
Jewel 07/18/19 -smirks-
You'll fit in just fine.
Just fine, indeed.
Jewel 07/18/19 Welcome to the jungle.
We've got fun and games.
LillyEmperium 07/18/19 You're welcome dear. Should you need anything, feel free to ask
LillyEmperium 07/18/19 Welcome to the coven
Amethyst 06/29/19 Congratulations on your wins Flahme
Marah Whitmoore 06/28/19 +Marah smiles at Flahme reliving their adventure was exciting like they were doing it all over again. +

" Yes it is and makes me wanting to go on another anytime your ready."
Marah Whitmoore 06/27/19 +Marah gies to her other bff and hugs her+

" CONGRATS Flahmey. Im hapoy for you. And we did it we won best Rp.Go Fire and Ice."
Dita Morgenstern 06/07/19 Dita smiles brightly as Flahme dances and sings. Clapping wildly, the German girl nods. "You have my vote!"
Dita Morgenstern 06/07/19 Dita looked somewhat confused at Flahme. Yes, the girl understood there were things that went bump in the night but 'most promising character'? Brow knitted, the young woman watched as Flahme scampered off and called out behind her. "Are you in a play?! Wait! If you're in a play ..where is it at so I can come and watch!"
Cassandra Malinov 05/31/19 "Sounds like a plan sweetie just let me know okay. If you need anything let me know. Be safe okay."

She hugged her softly then smiled again.
Cassandra Malinov 05/31/19 Cassie smiled nodding her head.

"I am good just hanging in there making sure all is good. Sorry I haven't been by to see you as much just got busy with a lot that has been going on. Maybe sometime this week or something if you are not busy you can come by for dinner if you would like to that is."
Cassandra Malinov 05/31/19 Cassie smiled at her adopted niece.

"Hey sweetie how you been?"
Parisa Tournier 05/08/19 Hugging her back, Parisa laughed and blushed. “You are too kind, thank you.”
Marah Whitmoore 04/18/19 +Marah hugs her friend back+
"Thanks Flahmy. I think they caught me blowing something up that I wasn't suppose to. I blame it on the fever."
Cassandra Malinov 04/02/19 Cassie just smiled at her adopted niece then shook her head.

"Well what did you do my adopted niece? Do I want to know? Proud of you darling you are most defiantly part of this family when you end up on the most wanted list."

She gave her a hug.
LillyEmperium 04/02/19 *chuckling Lilly smiled* I believe ya dear
Marah Whitmoore 04/02/19 +giggles+

" Hey thats better then blowing up 10 dark lighters and witch hunters."
Marah Whitmoore 04/02/19 +Marah saw the poster of her friend and just knew she had to find her. Locating her she walked over to her with crossed arms and raised brows as she spoke+

" Well lookie lookie who got the realms most popular...what did you do to get caught hummm?"

+ giving her bff a smile and a hug speaking into her ear.+

" Congrats Flahmy on making POD."
Kyon-gel 04/02/19 What a cute, PotD!
LillyEmperium 04/02/19 Congrats darlin, your face is everywhere
Edward Brollachan 04/02/19 "I see the authorities ha'e been lookin' for ye, nae?"

Marah Whitmoore 03/14/19 " Yes they were and calmed me and helped me sleep. Except I slept late but made sure all was set for my wedding. "
Marah Whitmoore 03/14/19 +rolls her eyes+

" Girl what is a bbq with out ribs and chicken.Great I will see you then."
Marah Whitmoore 03/14/19 +Marah goes to her bff +

"Hey sis why dont you come to Big Bear this weekend. We can swim in the pool have barbecues. And we can talk and talk and talk."

+grins +
Marah Whitmoore 03/04/19 "Awesome You can have your choice of the guest rooms."

+smiles looking at the bottles+
Marah Whitmoore 03/04/19 + Being more then just nervous Marah takes the glass and downs it.+

"Thanks sis I really needed that. Can I have another? You know you should come and stay with me at Big Bear."
Marah Whitmoore 03/01/19 +Marah smiles by Flahmes reaction and hugs her back+

" Great I am glad you accepted. So much to do. Hes the best thing that happened to me in years.I truly love him with all my heart"
Marah Whitmoore 02/28/19 +Marah goes to Flahme smiling+

" " Hey girl I was wondering what your going to be doing March 5th around 6pm. Cause you see I was wondering if my best friend would be my maid of Honor?"
Marah Whitmoore 02/25/19 Thank you sis it was hard getting thete at the end.
vamp_goku 02/20/19 "My apologizes, if I have welcomed to the coven yet. If there is anything I could say or help out please let me know is all. Again welcome to the coven again. " *smiles*
Alice Barbour 02/11/19 Flahme's hand was very warm, which was unusual to Alice, because she knew she was warm, warmer than usual. He touch calmed her trembling, and she bit the corner of her bottom lip as she considered Flahme's offer. After a moment, she spoke again, the tremor from from her voice was gone.
"Can I think a out it? I mean, it sounds like it might be interesting, but my adventures tend to become too much sometimes. Maybe... maybe your next adventure? You said you had to get twelve things? It sounds a little like a scavenger hunt, yeah?"
Alice Barbour 02/11/19 "I...I-I don't know..."
There was a tremor to her voice, which had softened to a lower pitch, and she trembled slightly as if a cold draft had passed over her.
"W-what k-kind of adventure?"
Alice Barbour 02/11/19 Her lips form into an "o" and she whispers a breathy "Oooh" as she takes the cupcake. Her eyes widen as Flahme's eyes become like ruby crystals, like hers, for just a moment, and she blushes a brilliant pink.
"Oooh! Oh, that's soo cool! You're eyes were like mine!"
Alice Barbour 02/11/19 Alice had taken to keeping to herself, staying in her room reading or watching television, which was hard to really enjoy, because she did not speak French. Since Miss Maeve, Miss Bree, and Mr. Julian had seemed to have disappeared, she felt shyness return and wasn't seem much unless someone came to her room. And someone had, at last.
"Hello, Miss Flahme! I'm fine! How are you?"
Marah Whitmoore 01/28/19 +Marah gave the girl a soft reassuring smile hoping to make her feel better.+

" Hey its cool really. I think it was good to get it out and talk about it. Once he died it was like a closed chapter in my families life. It bugged me for a long time. And really it felt good to talk about it. Flahme I hope we can talk again soon. I would really like to be friends. Well I am sure you have things you have to do. So I hope to see again."

+Marah turned and started to go on her way.+
Dita Morgenstern 01/28/19 Dita was a bit flighty as of late, feeling like she was burning the candles at both ends really, when it occurred to her that she had yet to welcome the newest member of the family. With quick strides, the young woman found Flahme's room and knocked gently at the door. After waiting for a few moments, the young girl tore a piece of paper from her sketch pad, quickly scribbled a few words and slipped the note beneath the woman's door.

Hello Flahme,

I'm very sorry I missed you but I just wanted to welcome you to the Menagerie. I hope this note finds you well.

Marah Whitmoore 01/28/19 +looks at you+

"Oh I'm not still afraid of him .I'ts just the memory of him that evil dorminted face. I'm sorry bad memories I just want to forget. Yes family us great. They are there when I need them even when I don't."
Marah Whitmoore 01/27/19 +Tears and fear filled her eyes and voice as she spoke+

" Lets say he found me. Told me who my real parents were and he killed my older brother and my twin brother. He was a psychopath I hate him still even knowing that he is dead."
Marah Whitmoore 01/27/19 +Marah frowned and let out a soft sigh. Memories of her older brother Marcus came to her and how he went on a killing spree and killed her parents or who she believed were her parents. And some of the guards that worked for her dad. There was so much blood and carnage and she was only 5 when she saw all of it. Looking at the girl she spoke quietly+

" I kinda understand what your saying. When I found out who was behind turning my brother I wanted her dead. I searched and found her and I killed her. Also for the one who was responsible for kidnapping me I searched for him and wanted to kill him."
Amethyst 01/26/19 smiles as I speak." Welcome to the coven Lass. I really hope you enjoy your stay with us."
Marah Whitmoore 01/26/19 +Marah was taken back she was never asked this before but she was not going to be rude so she nodded+

" No its not rude I happen to be numerous of things.I was stolen at birth and raised by werewolves.They believed my twin and I were there babies. My little cousin bit me and I became a werewolf. But real father could turm into a wolf and I inherited that. Then when I was 19 I was close to death when a friend who was a vampire bit me. I recently found my real father and found out I am much more I'm a with. I just came into my powers a year ago and some times when I get upset they go wacky. So to answer your question no I am not all human. Now may I ask are you all demon? One of my powers is I can feel thing a empath some call it."
Marah Whitmoore 01/26/19 +Marah walks up to the newest member with a sweet smile+

" Hey I'm Marah and welcome to the zoo. I hope you are getting along great here. If you need anything please dont hesitate to look me up."
Alice Barbour 01/26/19 ~The display of what surely was magic made Alice open her eyes wide and bright. Started to reach of to the flames with her other hand than thought better of it.~
That's so pretty!
Alice Barbour 01/26/19 ~presses lips together!
I don't know, but I know that Mr. Julian does.
~takes her hand shyly~
You're very warm, Flahme. Can we be friends?
Alice Barbour 01/26/19 ~giggles~
< I love that story! But noo, I'm originally from Fortuna, in California. Although I have been through some po...por... portals! Mr. Julian made a portal one time and it was like a rabbit hole.
Parisa Tournier 01/26/19 Hello and welcome! Hope you like it here - be sure to ask for help if you have any questions! We're a friendly bunch *smiles*
Alice Barbour 01/26/19 ~Smiles shyly~
Welcome to the Menagerie! I'm Alice!
Marius Tournier 01/26/19 Welcome to the coven Flahme
Sarah Sanderson 01/24/19 Welcome to the realm, I am Morgana. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of us elders at any time. We can be found under the mail tab above, at the Admin mail box. Again welcome to the realm!
Raven D Morningstar 01/23/19 Welcome to the realm! I am Raven a demon mentor, should you need any help or have any questions please feel free to ask.
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