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Giovanni DiGiorgio

Malcolm Cade

Caprice Divine

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Realm2018 Summer Bloodies Results
Created by Cersei Lannister
Caprice Divine 09/27/18 She nods her head in graditude with a small smile tugging at her lips. “Thank you, you’re the first welcoming angel I’ve met in The Realm.”
Grace McKenna 09/16/18 Grace was curious about why people why people kept coming to her and saying "Welcome". How did so many people know of her change? Was this somehow common knowledge? So many questions.

"Thank you.. " , she replied hesitantly, her voice more inquisitive than declarative.
James Kelly 09/13/18 Honestly, I could get used to this. Thank you.
Malcolm Cade 09/13/18 “Well I’m not just going to lean in and breathe in your face to prove it. I mean, we just met. I would need an extra piece of gum to take that step.” His mouth was quirked in jest, although he somewhat managed a decent deadpan expression.

“I work in a hospital. In the ER. Those suckers gotta be manned 24/7, you know. I just pulled the short straw last night.”
Malcolm Cade 09/13/18 “Not anymore, I don’t.” He grinned and blew his own modestly sized bubble as if to make his point. Leaning back in his seat and drumming his fingers mutedly atop the folded newspaper, he nodded at her question. “Oh yeah, all night long. Graveyard shift. I really should be heading home for some rest, but I can never really settle down after a night shift. Something about leaving work to be greeted by a sunrise, I guess.”
Malcolm Cade 09/12/18 "My favorite." He smiled, taking the stick of gum from her. Unwrapping it and popping the sweet morsel into his mouth, he eyed her with a canny viridian gaze. "Would you like to sit? I gotta warn you, I just came off a twelve hour shift. I'm a little fried."
Malcolm Cade 09/12/18 Malcolm chuckled at the sunny girl as she blew her bubblegum, setting down his newspaper on the table in front of him to offer his attention. "You wouldn't happen to have an extra piece, would you? Coffee breath, y'know."
Malcolm Cade 09/12/18
Olivia Pierce 08/14/18 Thank you.
Cheyenne Davis 08/07/18 Thank you.
AdonisOMaera 08/04/18 "Is there something on my face? Was it something I said?"
-is trying to figure out why on earth he is being stared at. As he is blatantly oblivious.-
AdonisOMaera 08/03/18
WHAT?! eaten?! surely not...''
AdonisOMaera 08/03/18 *beams with delight*
''Thank-you for the warm welcome!
Jasper Thompson 07/30/18 Lo, but she's got everything figured out. Keep it up, girl.
Jasper Thompson 07/30/18 I do like to give 'em guessing. Thanks, though.
Esper Valari 07/28/18 You are mad.
But that's not an insult.
Esper Valari 07/28/18 You like winning do you?
Esper Valari 07/28/18 Troubled sticks rather well for this one.
Esper Valari 07/28/18 Is that what I am. A man?
Esper Valari 07/28/18 Something we can both agree upon.
Esper Valari 07/28/18 Everything bothers me.
Esper Valari 07/28/18 "Do you welcome every thing you see lurk in the dark?"
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/27/18 *You could tell he was drunk with the reply* Devin

The sheets... Devin

The Headboard... Devin

I don't know i'm looking at these clippers...
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/27/18 Devin

Sure c'mon over I started the party without you.


Might wanna make it fast the bottle might not last.


Should I cut my hair...?


[Picture Message]
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/23/18 He stepped down from the pole, his playful smile faded at his comforting look broached his lips. He took her under his arm as he began to walk forward a bit. I was getting dark and late, but he didn't want to leave her side. He could have offered her to stay at his place or to take her home.

But either of those were far from the normal, they had only met. He was a vast of a man and her a small delicate flower. Beautiful but delicate.

"Worry not my dearest. You shall not be bothered with by anything other than my boring ass."

He walked with her a few steps more and then across a cross walk and to the other side neon lights of liquor stores and newspaper stands would flicker. A single cheap motel lights beamed in the distance. Vacancy glowed from afar the "n" came on and off as the neon faded within.
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/23/18 He ran down a block or so before turning around to her small legged steps as he spun around the woman would eventually catch up he would pick her up in his arms his hands holding on to her sides as he spun her around the lights shined on her.

He let out a huge bolstering smile, the whole world he felt he had it in his hand again. Nothing could turn this night to anything but happiness for the man. He brought the woman to the tips of her toes he wanted to kiss her forehead ever so slightly but wanted to give her space. It was the first time he longed to kiss her.

"Everything is closed now, everything normal people do that is... But we aren't normal people are we?" He said as he moved toward the lamp post and spun around it. He placed his finger under his nose like a mustache even thou he already had one connected to his beard.

"Halt. Who goes there." He mocked in a very crappy British tone.
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/23/18 He smiled at the comment, it was humorous. He meant the woman no harm. In fact he wished to prevent it. A woman he knew for a mere hour or two. Her protector of the realm.

"Your following me, well you should be catching me..!!" He took off not really paying attention to the last of her words, as he was trying to get her in a better mood. Instead of thinking of whatever past she had brewed up. He was past the drama he just wanted her to be happy tonight he would fix the rest later.
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/23/18 As she stood his hand rested on the back end of her leg just below her knee. He knew she had been through a lot in the last couple of minutes what exactly he was clueless on. But it didn't matter he accepted her as she was. We've all been broken at times.

A flash back to 1975 stuck his head, a fatal crash the swerving of truck tires in the back roads of West Virginia. A solid tear drained from his right eye. He looked down as he closed the flood gates of his heart. He removed his hand after it slid down her little calf muscle.

The beast of a man looked into the night sky then down to the tall lamps of light that lit the sidewalks. He took a few steps in front and away from Devin. As the night was young, and full of life . He placed his hands on his hips looked at pond near by the small creatures of the night played music to his ears. It might not have been the country side but god something about to night tugged on his heart like a child in a toy store.

He looked back at her, love or something gleamed from his eye. Maybe it was hope maybe it was just happiness. Or maybe it was closure. Whatever it was It was because of her. This mysterious woman. Devin.

"Let's go get lost some where."

Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/23/18 Hearing her words finally mutter out of her soft lips. He couldn't understand her in the slightest of reason. Giovanni only wished to comfort her, he did fall into prey with the kiss she laced on his lips. But even so after he only wished to comfort her. Maybe he did hide the sort of affection she would show on and off.

"Of course..."

He would let out his hands patting her back as he let her go, he felt like he was letting her go for what seemed forever. A lifetime of being alone, filling that emptiness for seconds to go back to the dark place he had once called home again. "Are you all right? Do you feel any better? Is there anything you need of me?"

She was becoming his weakness.
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/23/18 He wanted to be there, he really did. Not that he had any other place to be. But Giovanni had been lonely for many years now. It was nice to feel this light inside of him again. It burned so good. Too soon perhaps but it felt great, and it sure beat being down in the bottom of some bottle or a building worth more than his life was worth to the man.

Seeing her offer her hand sitting afar from him. As the words "Thank you." rolled off her tongue. He smiled he then held out his but instead of going for her hand he wrapped his hand around her forearm and pulled her back into his arms. He cradled her so his beefy hands moved up and down the small and upper of her back.

"Everything is fine my dear...everything is just perfect."

His words traveled off his lips, his lips not even inches away from the back of her neck just below her left ear. He moved her hair from her shoulder and went back to waving it across her back.
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/23/18 "Don't be sorry my...."

He was interrupted with a sheer play of his hair on his head to the forceful grab of his head towards hers. For a moment he became lost in her, it all happened in a rush of the moment. One moment he had just been trying to comfort her and then in a flash she went from a woman of a burden of sadness to a Luscious woman of passion and desire for him.

His elbows planted down onto the floor and dug into the ground below as he looked at her, with much confusion his light hand touched his lips. They felt of silk, not his lips but hers. Why had she kissed him, why was she drawn to him like as if he was pure energy. The emotions that ran in his head, the questions he had.

His hand reached out to the back of her bicecp. She didn't need a lover or someone to ask her why she had done what she did. She just needed to be held. To someone in the world actually cared.

Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/23/18 Giovanni took his hand from his temple where she had struck him, his confused puzzled look went to that of sympathy. He was lowering his guard once again for woman. Something he hadn't done in a long time. He had always considered women a weakness in his life.

They gave him something to worry about, first his mother and then his sister. All the same down to the last woman he cared for she died back in New York it was the reason he had come here all the same. Just in the matter of days before leaving his old world and life behind. He seemed to fall into the hands of fate once more.

"My dear, I'm not trying to hurt you I would never do such a thing. Why are you so sadden?

He took to his knees and sat across from her, she wouldn't have to fight this battle alone if she'd not wanted to. He felt her pain, even though he knew nothing of it. He was her shoulder to cry on if she needed it. He placed his hand to her lower back his other hand gently wrapped around her delicate shoulder. She felt of the softest thing he could imagine being the first time to lay his hands on her. Or less alone a woman in quite some time.

"No need to be down on yourself, it was a light thump on the head is all i'm fine."
Yuri De Pont 07/23/18 "Thank you."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/21/18 After lost in thought, he soon heard words of confusion and then in the mix of emotions he felt. He would soon feel something else. A ball of hatred and fury flung itself between his temple as his head moved to the side from the force of the punch.

"Gah... What the hell...?"

He rubbed his temple as he looked back at the woman he was just fantasizing about could she read his mind, why did she ball up and hit him as if he was doing something wrong. Before she petted him like a pet now he was get thwarted like one.

Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/21/18 Hearing her words, he laughs at her statement. As L.A is where he was currently living, funny how the world has that twist of fate moment.

"I just bought a Penthouse in L.A, funny...?"

As she twirled her hair, he bit the corner of his left lip. He envisioned himself all over her somehow. Why was he feeling the need to keep conversation with this woman. Most women didn't really call to him in such ways.
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/21/18 Hearing her soft words touch his ears, melted him inside. So welcoming and homely.

"Sicily, I claim Sicily... Although it's been ages since I've been back."

Taking in the moment, he wondered what brought her to him in the first place. He gathered that she was just a welcoming person, and maybe his brawn appearance helped. But why drove her to him.

"What about yourself? Where you from?"
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/21/18 It wasn't that he didn't enjoy a womans touch, he actually hadn't the touch of a woman in quite some time.

Hearing her words he smiled, he had longed for her name since the moment he laid eyes on her. She was mystical and beautiful. He cleared this throat and closed his eyes. As his name rolled off his tongue.

"Giovanni.... And yours?"

He opened his eyes after he got the rest out something about her froze him in place like he had nowhere else in the world to be. Maybe it was an innocence about her, even though she seemed very open about her self and accepting of who she was. But something was missing.

Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 Hearing her words it made that damn smirk reappear, this time is brewed up a dimple from the far edge of his face. One that was not visible from before.


He said with a chuckle to finish. Hearing her remarks he couldn't help but feel like a cute pet in a shop window. Like a child asking a mother for permission to buy him. If compared to a dog, he'd see himself more a dire wolf than a mere pup.

"I'd rather just converse in conversation, maybe a drink or a bite to eat." "Never been quite the petting type, wasn't sure that was a thing?" "Must be a western thing."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 Hearing her words, he saw the shattered past that may have once or still haunted her, he kept that to himself though. He took to her chin to give her a small boost.

"You shouldn't give up hope on this world, because then you wouldn't know when something great was right in front of you."

Hearing her last few muttered words leave her lips, the hungry male thought to himself 'damn' but the gentleman in front of her eyes ignored the urge.

"Yes, my shirt a whole twenty dollars worth, very cute... and umm....I'm sorry 'Hot' was it?"
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 He made a poor attempt of a laugh, timely loud one would say, slightly embarrassed at his bolstering voice. He tipped his head as to reset himself.

"I see compliments are hard to take in short..?" Or perhaps they came to often to her, either way he felt no different at the look of her, Hearing her questioning words he would enlighten her with assuring words.

"Don't all 'trails', end somewhere one way or another..?"

As she grabbed at his white V-Neck shirt he watched her eyes peer down and then back at him, he raised his chin up abit, along with his heartbeat, his chest throbbed softly.

He took up her wrist with his index finger and thumb as he broke her hold and lowered her grasp on his shirt, her hand making a few hard bumps on the way down.

"Rest assure, they do end.."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 Hearing her words, her tone of voice made him intrigued, his head rose in awe, he gave his quaint smirk, and spoke boldly.

"Sounds like my 20's..." "By the looks of you I'd say the gods have blessed you, if I'd say so myself your an angel." Admiring her small frame, Petite was the size he liked on his plate unless it was food, his eyes sparked a gleam of interest his mascara that daunted his eyes that went great with his sun kissed skin. His eyes followed hers as she made the comment.

"Aye, but I'd imagine they end somewhere..."
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 Takes a moment to process the question at the sound of muscle he looks at his shoulder and down his arm, his tribal like tattoos that covered his skin like ink to paper.

The kiss of the sun toned his skin to perfection he did have a mythological appeal to himself.

"Hmmm, haven't got that far I suppose." "You?"
Giovanni DiGiorgio 07/20/18 Greetings.
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "Nice people have agendas, in my experience."
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "We always push our luck in one way or another."
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "Because women are always up to something. Best not push your luck."
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "What's in it for me?"
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "I can't go giving away my plans, now."
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "I don't plan on it."
Lennox Orlav 07/20/18 "Thank you."
Jameson Orlav 07/19/18 *pats his pocket*
It's right there for the taking. I'll even leave a few extra bills for you.. Assuming you're good enough.
*waggles brows*
Jameson Orlav 07/19/18 *titters*
No. I wouldn't count on that.
Jameson Orlav 07/19/18 *tuts*
If I asked permission, my sleight of hand wouldn't improve, would it?
Weston Norse 07/15/18 His eyes followed the woman as she took the seat across from him, a hint of an amused smile on his lips. “They might.” Leaning forward, he picked up his coffee once more. “I think I’ve earned a pass, though. When you work sixty-five hours a week average, you figure out how to loosen up real quick.”
Weston Norse 07/15/18 Wes looked up from his coffee as the comment reached his ears, an expression of mild surprise lifting his dark brows. A blond woman stood nearby, eyes upon him. Clearly, the remark was meant for him. She wasn't wrong. He probably smelled like the last cigarette he smoked five minutes ago, and he'd gotten rip roaring drunk the night before.

With an amused chuckle, he set his coffee upon the small table in front of him, leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. "Damn, you're just gonna call me out like that? Not that you're wrong."
Jewel Saxton 07/13/18 Thank you.
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