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Born: December 15, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 18 (House only: 18)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 100 (House only: 34)
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 128
Home City: Transylvania Mail Sent: 54
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 My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
2019 Winter Bloodies ~ Most Shipped Couple
Best RP July 2020
Skull dripping blood commemorating the Bloodletting 14th Anniversary
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Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
TransylvaniaMalinov Castle
Created by Cassandra Malinov
NeighborhoodNight Club Insomnia
Created by Marah
Ronan -R Boru 12/31/20 Athbhliain faoi mhaise do gach duine ( Happy New year everyone)
Ronan -R Boru 12/25/20 Nollaig Shona ( Happy Christmas)
Ronan -R Boru 10/31/20 Oíche Shamhna Shona duit ( Happy Halloween)
Laurentiu Whitmoore 08/30/20 :He chuckled evilly once again as he looked at his oldest nephew.: "Now what fun would that be if I just told you what my plans are." :Places reading glasses on his face with a smirk.: "You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses would you? Oh come on dear nephew have some fun take a load off." :He began to laugh at that.: "Get it load hey being you for a little bit was funny as hell. Got your sister going did it not? Come on Rafe stop being so serious all the time remember you must mind your blood pressure." :He laughed his ass off some more.: "Oh my god that was just a classic when I heard your brother always saying that to you when you were kids." :He faked gasping as he covered his mouth.: "Oh wait was that to soon to bring up Alex?" :He could not help but laugh he was funny what could he say.:
Siobhan Boru 08/30/20 *looks*
*tilts head*
"What may I ask has you pissed off?"
Amethyst Boru 08/15/20 Watches him
"Thanks bro I will return the favor some time."
Skylar Justicano 08/11/20 **Text Message**

*Skye got her brothers vague message and told Draven. They packed a few things once they were on the road she text back*"Were on our way should be there in 30 min or less."
Marah Whitmoore 08/09/20 "Always. I just love it when you kiss me. I just dont ever want you to stop kissing me."

+Marah wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back+
Marah Whitmoore 08/09/20 +Marah shrugs her shoulders with a grin.+

"Pfft. Well then I will get one of those or pray there is a under water cable line."

+ looking up at him she takes his hands in her pulling him to her.She spoke in a whisper+

"Come here"
Marah Whitmoore 08/09/20 +She laughing eased up and touched his scar as she spoke +

"I will blow it up with a gas tank I'll be fine"
Marah Whitmoore 08/09/20 + By now Marah had tears in her eyes as she laughed harder +
Marah Whitmoore 08/09/20 +Marah laughs again as she spoke+

"Okay love"
Marah Whitmoore 08/09/20 +Marah laughs+

"I'm sorry sweet heart"

+ She laughs again this time covering her mouth+
Marah Whitmoore 08/09/20 +Marah looked at him and laughed lowering her head.+
Marah Whitmoore 08/09/20 "Well I cant wait to hear about that. Huh? What? When did this happen?"

+Her eyes go wide and touches the scar+
Marah Whitmoore 08/09/20 "Double dared you huh.?"

+snickers covering her mouth+

" Wonder what the dare was hummm?"
Marah Whitmoore 08/09/20 +Marah rolls over on her other side looking at him and spoke+

"No I don't think you ever did. Cause when we first met I was married to Knight.And now well we always had other things on our minds."
Marah Whitmoore 08/08/20 +Marah cuddled up next to him feeling his arms around her. His kisses and words put a smile on her face as she closed her eyes to drift off to sleep.+

"I love you too. Always and nothing will change that"
Marah Whitmoore 08/07/20 **Text Message**

Oh I will be there with bells on. Use your imagination.
Marah Whitmoore 08/07/20 **Text Message** Yes plenty in our future. Dont forget my dads stables. We should take ours out for a trial run. Like I said I may be my fathers daughter butvim not a daddy girl.
Marah Whitmoore 08/07/20 **Text Message** Well there is nothing like us and the control board.
Marah Whitmoore 08/07/20 "I am not the bad influence its you."
Marah Whitmoore 08/04/20 "Maybe we were blessed. I just wish people could see that we were meant to be together. And know just how much we love each other. "
Marah Whitmoore 08/04/20 +Marah looked at him as he laid on the bed looking up at me. I smiled when he asked me again if I would marry him. I kissed his lips then scooched him over laying next to him. I rested my head on his chest looking up into his sexy eyes.+

" Yes I will. I would marry you every day. That is how much I love you and feel safe with you."
Marah Whitmoore 08/04/20
Marah Whitmoore 08/03/20 *She danced with him as he sang looking into his eyes*

"Not as much as I love you. Your my life Rafe. Always and Forever my love."
Marah Whitmoore 08/03/20 " That just showed that you are a highly respectable man that you are. And Yeah but you know what they say...better things come to those that wait."

*smiles with a wink*
Marah Whitmoore 08/02/20 "Rafe Whitmoore you do have a one track mind. But I must admit I do agree with you."
Marah Whitmoore 08/02/20 "Well Mr. Whitmoore you had my heart body and soul from the moment you said hello 4 years ago. Can't believe it took this long for us to be together. And I might add your a pretty good kisser. If my daddy saw me now I'd have to run and hide. "
Marah Whitmoore 08/02/20 "And I'm lost without you. I can't breathe either if your not with me. And I am where I want to be forever."
Marah Whitmoore 08/02/20 + Once they got home Marah kissed him pulling him close to her. No one could imagine how much she missed him and was worried about him. Looking at his cuts and bruises and mostly his black and blue bruised ribs made her heart ache.+

Marah Whitmoore 08/02/20 +Marah kissed him back holding him tight+

"I know what you did was hard for you. But I promise it will get better. It will just take time. I will tell them now. I love you Rafe and nothing and no one can change that."
Marah Whitmoore 08/02/20 +Marah felt his pain and cried she knew in her heart he killed his brother. She knew what it did to him when he killed his uncle but this was his brother who he raised. She knew this was tearing him up inside. Wrapping her arms around him she cried with him.+

"Yes I will go home with you. I need to be with you. I'm nothing with out you. I love you and you did what you had too."
Marah Whitmoore 08/01/20 +Seeing the look in her husband's eyes and his facial expression she knew what it was about. Going to him cupping his face in the palm of her hands her thumb rubbed his cheek. Her eyes filled with tears with out saying anything except for his name she kissed him then rubbed his tears away.+

Marah Whitmoore 07/31/20 "You better get back safe and sound. And soon this was only a preshow. The best is yet to come. But your right I better get back I love you so much."

*Marah kissed him back not wanting to but knew he was right. Looking at him she could feel the tears build but kept them from him. Giving a smile she flames back to her room.*
Marah Whitmoore 07/31/20 +sitting up she leaned over and kissed his neck. Speaking softly in his ear as she nibbled on it.+

" Your right I should be punished. Want to spank me? I am definitely not daddy's little girl. They are right on that quote."
Marah Whitmoore 07/31/20 +Holding onto him she pointed to the stables and told him about the haylofts+
Marah Whitmoore 07/31/20 "Your telling me. I'm starting to get cramped fingers. You really need to get this done and over with. I definitely see a cold shower before bed. "
Marah Whitmoore 07/31/20 "Omg not as I missed you. God I missed your touch"
Marah Whitmoore 07/31/20 ** Text Message**

Be there before you can blink. Hitting send +she flames outside to the front of the gate. Seeing him she jumps in his arms wrapping both arms and legs around him+
Marah Whitmoore 07/31/20 ** Text Message ** Missing you!! Going stir crazy!! How about you?
Skylar Justicano 07/30/20 **Mental Message**

"Im trying hes gone mad"
Marah Whitmoore 07/30/20 **Text Message**

" I will hold you to that."
Marah Whitmoore 07/30/20 **Text Message**

"We miss you too. More then you know"
Marah Whitmoore 07/30/20 ** Text Message **

" Anywhere but here. Surprise me sexy"
Marah Whitmoore 07/30/20 "OOOOOOH baby yes we do. And trust me its gonna be a very very long one. And the kids can stay at home with your sister."
Marah Whitmoore 07/30/20 +getting the text Marah giggled. Taking a nice long cold shower Marah texted back+

"OOOOOH baby you dont know how much. I feel like Astraling over there but then I have no control over it yet and I might vanish at the wrong time."

Skylar Justicano 07/17/20 *Pulls your ear* "Well it's about time is all I have to say. So it's safe for me to be back."
Marah Whitmoore 07/15/20 +Holding him close with her arms hugging him tightly she looked up at him+

" And dresses. I have Vivy and Mur coming over tomorrow afternoon to choose colors for them. And I already have my mother's dress that she never wore. But food, decorations, flowers,and the girls dresses are easy no worry no fuss we're witches. I just wish Flahmey was still here. I miss her like I did Kitty. But Kitty is back so all is good there."
Marah Whitmoore 07/15/20 'Ya think?! I love it they came out great dontcha think."
Marah Whitmoore 01/02/20 +Marah smiled and kissed him she was glad he said Valentines Day that was the day she wanted it to.+
]br>"Feburary 14 it is. I have to let Kutty and Flahmy know.Oh and Mom-o. I really need tbe ectra time so much to do. "
Marah Whitmoore 01/01/20 " We could do it this month or well we could do Valentines Day?"

+she gave him a smile+
Marah Whitmoore 01/01/20 +returning his kiss she twirled her fingers through his hair. +

"Well since you werent back in October cause you were kidnapped do you think we could set a date again?"
Marah Whitmoore 01/01/20 +Marah goes to Rafe she was glad all her memories of him were back. She missed him terribly and knew she had a few things to tell him which she would at the meeting at her fathers home.Creaping behind him she squeezed his butt cheeks and spoke+

" Hey there sexy got a sec for me?"
Marah Whitmoore 12/15/19 +Recognizing the name as a old family friend of her fathers Marah goes to him handing him a basket of Christmas goodies including home made cookies, both dark and light fudge, divinity, chocloate mints and pepermint sticks.+

" Welcome back to the realm if you should need anything look me up. I own a night club called Insomnia drop by when ever you can."

+ Looking at him she gets a stange feeling in the pit of her stomach. That was something she hadnt had in a long time.+
Amethyst Boru 12/15/19 Walking the streets Ami noticed a familiar face. Crossing the road she goes over to him and smiles as she speaks.

"Welcome back Rafe hope all is well with you."
LillyEmperium 12/15/19 Welcome back
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