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Born: March 17, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 2
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ShawnD's Biography
They call me the Angel of Emotions. I am able to detect another's inner emotions as if I am with them. Understanding how they feel as well as being able to manipulate these to my advantage as long the target isn't showing strong feelings towards me. My wings are immaculate which gives me the ability of flight, my other gifts is that of telekinesis, telepathy, teleport, see visions of current events as if I am in the same room with the person and other techniques at my disposal. As for who I am in my past life that is I was once a mortal pretty much. Living in the home of my late mother and father who is a full blooded vampire meaning I was born a dhampir while living so as you realize I have some vampiric blood flowing in my veins even though I have risen as an angel due to foul play. I was a shy lad, an only child who never knew what reality was until I faced it head on. I made friends. Apparently these same chums happened to manipulate my mind cause I was naive. Turned from an innocent boy to a criminal, doing illegal activities such petty robbery, taking things that didn't belong to me that kind of thing. My skill in thievery has taught me a lot even when I can now easily phase through walls in my ethereal form if necessary with or without my thief expertise. My mother died of an illness while dad took the coward's way out which angered me so causing me to loathe him until I gave him a chance. A chance to look at my the way a father ought to. I've come to this sorry excuse of a planet called Earth to make my presence. I am an Archangel here to do what needs to be done. Striking when least expecting it without warning. No one said life was fair did they? Let me make one thing straight as if I care what happens as long you're not doing a vile deed that can be viewed as unforgivable. I do not give sympathy nor do I regret any actions for I'm only doing my....job. The role to vanquish the darkness that purges this wicked world. My beloved is Raven who I deeply love with my entire heart along with our two loving twins Landon and Rosamund, they are the only people I'll fight to the bitter end to protect even if it means my death.

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Raven Black
Black Beast

Caitlyn Darrow
Phoebe Kross
Templar Knight


The Orange She Wolf
Templar Knight

Dexter Gein

Last five threads posted in:
Addison 01/13/19 ~pouted with big blue eyes looking at him pitifully.~
Love will never be my reach. I'll go look for Livi, she always makes me feel better.~nodded~
Addison 01/12/19 I just noticed, you're not married. Well, I'm not married. We'd make a beautiful couple. Let's get hitched!!! I'll cut off one of my fingers for you to keep and then I'll cut off one of your fingers to keep.
Be right back... need a small knife...can't use the Katana, it'd probably kill you on contact. YAY... .We'll be sweeties!!!
Addison 01/12/19 ~gets caught red handed, literally, nailing chicken heads and feet to his door~
This isn't what it looks like. Well...maybe it does. It's for protection, in the highest form. Look, I even laid down some red brick dust to line your door. Keeps evil intent out. Ask Livi, she will back me on this!!
~panics a little~
My, you are a pretty one...wish to donate some of that hair for a worry doll?
Genesis 01/12/19 Welcome to the crew. Watch out for Addison. She likes to nail chicken heads to peoples its for 'protection'. Its really just her voodoo mumbo-jumbo...
Dexter Gein 01/11/19 First rounds on me after you settle in. Welcome to the team brother.
Malek 01/11/19 Casually strides up to the newest member of the Pack. He stops right before him, takes his measure. Eye contact is made for a long, quiet moment before Malek's very subtle nod. He doesn't break eye contact until he turns and walks away, nary an expression having crossed his scarred countenance throughout the entirety of the exchange.

The Beast rips at its chains attempting to get at the other's throat... to put him in his place.

Greet the new member.Check
Don't kill him.Double check.
Raven Black 12/18/18 Raven heard her fiance was back in the realm from his long journey and appeared in town as she was looking around wondering where he was after being away for so long. She missed him dearly hoping he would hear her soft voice calling out to him "Shawn where are you?" waiting for his response.
The Orange She Wolf 04/27/18 She smiled back at him as they went their ways "Until next time."
The Orange She Wolf 04/27/18 She smiles to him "You are more than welcome sir." she said with an Orange Scent "You can Call me Orange or Vitamin C." she stated.
The Orange She Wolf 04/26/18 *Keeps on trying to break him out of the Dungeon* I will get you out!
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