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Roman Godfrey
Killed: April 01, 2020 at 10:33 pm EDT
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Born: April 09, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 2
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 42
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 10
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 Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary

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Last five threads posted in:
mist 12/23/19
Mackenzie 11/24/19 Roman
You're still a shit.
With your Gucci flip flops.
Mackenzie 10/06/19 Pennyboy
Red balloons strung to every floor grate.
So help me god, these f-ckers will sh-t themselves.
Mackenzie 10/06/19 Pennyboy
Wow. Honestly, this is unexpected.
I'm buying you all the red balloons.
Mackenzie 10/06/19 Pennyboy
Oh, okay. Well in that case, you can replace all my booze and drugs, too.
Mackenzie 10/06/19 Pennyboy
Pretty sure all your sh-t got stolen.
Sorry about thaaaat.
Mackenzie 09/09/19 Covered in stick red paint, Mackenzie lurks through Sine Metu looking for her next victim. Balloons had given her an idea, and in her clean(er) hand, she holds one, inflated. Upon seeing Roman, she holds up a single red finger before bringing the balloon to her lips, inhaling the helium within.

Once lowered, she would grin as she speaks a single word in the most obscene chipmunk voice. "Float."

With that, she releases the balloon, watching as it flies at Roman's face and yells out, "Tag!"

There would be not a word further as she makes a run for it.
Mackenzie 07/11/19 You mean the sh-t.
Not to be confused with sh-t.
Mackenzie 07/11/19 Joke's on them - they live in the sewers, now.
Mackenzie 06/28/19
Jasper Thompson 06/10/19 -sniffs deeply-
You smell like sh-t, mate, have you been in a sewer?
Jewel 06/10/19 Welcome to Sine Metu.
Drink the kool-aid.
Never trust Janus.
LillyEmperium 06/09/19 Glad to hear it. If you need anything, holler. Names Lilly
LillyEmperium 06/09/19 Welcome to the coven.... don't let the ladies scare ya
Mackenzie 06/08/19 Mackenzie, holding a red balloon in one hand, grins. "Come on puckle, don't you want a balloon?"
-Mona Marie- 04/16/19 What luck to have found another native! She did have a love for boys with similar blood in their veins. And he was a flatterer, this could shape up to be fun indeed. Her hand turning in his grasp, her thumb coming to brush the corner of his mouth, a mild mockery of his words about mouth watering. This witch took pride in her appearance, and every stitch was by design.

"I most certainly do, Roman. Good enough to eat."

Emerald pools danced in a delightful mixture of amusement and mischievous intent. Deep auburn red locks danced lightly around her, mostly piled onto the back of her head and held in place with a pair of chopsticks, despite a lack of wind. Spirits found their way to this witch, though she denied their cries for attention, more entertained by the man before her. Her other hand removing from her waist to trail a single nail along his jawline, hooking under his chin. One brow raising slightly while her lip curls in a half smirk.

"We'll have to see to it that it is, non?"
-Mona Marie- 04/15/19 Click of stiletto heels reverberate off nearby walls, a call announcing the approach of The Scarlet Temptress. A woman small of frame, but bounding with vibrant energy. As she closes distance, a faint scent of jasmine and freshly turned earth wafts around her, the scent of Her city. Manicured fingertips rest upon her hips, nails lightly drumming at the black satin of her tightly fitted corset. Crimson painted pout curls upward in a devious smirk.

"Well, don't you look absolutely delectable? And I'm famished."

The witch had never truly eaten anyone, though it wasnít beyond her to sample the goods. Maybe just a taste of her ruby lips? One could quickly become intoxicated by such a notion. Instead, the woman offered a hand in proper greeting, palm down.

ĒIím Mona, and Iím sure itís a pleasure. If not now, then it certainly will be.Ē

The womanís voice was as sweet and smooth as warm honey, and it rolled off her tongue in a distinctly Cajun accent, indicative of her New Orleans upbringing.
Raven D Morningstar 04/09/19 Pleasure! If you need any help just ask!
Raven D Morningstar 04/09/19 Well That is a face I wondered when would appear around here! Welcome to the realm!
Kyla 04/09/19 Welcome to the Realm.
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