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Have you ever felt like you're being hunted...?
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Born: May 25, 2011 Forum Topics Started: 8
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New OrleansYou've Got a Friend in Me
Created by Quinn Loche
RealmIf I Die Young
Created by Quinn Loche
ContestsThe Name Game
Created by Castiel
Solomon King 07/25/17 Quinnie
I have a little brother?
Gideon Abernathy 07/24/17 Quinn
Sleep tight, Quinn.
Gideon Abernathy 07/24/17 The pang in his chest was unfamiliar, and he had to read the text a few times to full register it. You'd never lie to me, right? You're a good person, and good people don't lie. He wanted so badly for that to be true... Something about Quinn and her innocence brought that out of him.

You got this.
Gideon Abernathy 07/24/17 Quinn
They're not generally a good thing, because it means that person has lied to you about some aspect of who they are. And it's usually someone you've invested a bit of time and energy into.
Ahhh... I guess you could say it's like a documentary, but it's more like a reality show peppered with documtary-esque vibes.
Gideon Abernathy 07/24/17 Quinn
It's called catfishing, and it's a huge predicament in this age of new technology and new methods of dating. People are usually self-conscious, so they'll lie to make themselves seem better, or they just have malicious intent.
There's a whole show about it. It's my guilty pleasure.
Gideon Abernathy 07/24/17 Quinn
You matched?
Quinn, he's in his sixties... Either you're matching with a fake person, or you're actually matching with Ron Jeremy, and I don't know which is worse.
Ella Donovan 07/23/17 Lufcuh
I've tried looking for him. It's probably their ugly psycho wives hiding them. Do you think?? It's not Halloween yet, but he is very talented! Maybe we could throw a Summer Halloween party?
Gideon Abernathy 07/23/17 Quinn
He makes, and also stars, in porn.
Why do you ask?
Ella Donovan 07/23/17 Lufcuh
Elouise sat on James, so he's missing. Gideon made us some scarecrows outside. Don't let them scare you! I thought a serial killer was outside my window.
Ella Donovan 07/23/17 Lufcuh
Oh no! Did you have good Margaritas at least??
Gideon Abernathy 07/15/17 -considers-
Hmm... I do like tacos... and chips...
-thought interrupted by pizza-
-stomach growls-
-ate so many cheetos, why is stomach growling-
Maybe I should be eating more real food.
-follows to the door like a puppy excited for meal time-
Death and Style 07/14/17
Gideon Abernathy 07/14/17 Oh...
-shakes head-
-much less interested-
I thought they had a new cheeto thing...
-is only slightly grumpy-
Gideon Abernathy 07/12/17 -blinks-
What does Taco Bell have?
-looks slightly crazy-
-just overly passionate about cheetos-
Gideon Abernathy 07/12/17 -eyes narrow-
-will overlook this transgression-
-for now-
-instantly brightens-
I love taco pizza!
Gideon Abernathy 07/12/17 -practically jumps up and down for pizza-
-composes, eats another cheeto-
-eyes widen-
-very long pause-
-wonders if this is the be-all/end-all of their friendship-
I think people who don't like pineapple on pizza are afraid to be happy.
Gideon Abernathy 07/12/17 -Huffs, hiding own smile-
-picks up chopsticks and removes rigging-
-joins her in cheeto munching-
I've done it thus far, so I beg to differ.
But fine, I'll start eating "real food."
-makes quotations with fingers-
Only if it includes pizza.
Gideon Abernathy 07/12/17 Oh good, I'm hopeless when it comes to food. Eat a lot of cheetos. -presses lips together, not grinning-
I believe they do.
-pauses, trying to stifle laugh-
For children. I'll get you some!
Gideon Abernathy 07/12/17 -fights gagging from idea of cold spaghetti-
We'll have to invite him over sometime. For... cold spaghetti...
-shakes head at her clumsiness-
-is clearly amused-
-grabs tongs and offers them to her-
I didn't see anything.
Gideon Abernathy 07/12/17 -OCD eyes widen at this revelation-
A spoon, of course. You're a genius.
-doesn't know what he'd do without her-
-hands over and considers question-
I suppose, for all intents and purposes, that we are.
He's just a stuck-up pr!ck and I'd never tell him that.
I mean, come on, we'd never even be able to eat spaghetti together.
Gideon Abernathy 07/12/17 -nods-
Eiji taught me, thinks forks are barbaric or some sh-t.
-considers, then shakes head solemnly-
Eating spaghetti without twirling it around a fork is a sin.
Gideon Abernathy 07/12/17 -blinks rapidly-
-fumbles in drawers-
-holds finger up as fumbling continues-
Not to worry, just one sec...
-begins folding tiny piece of paper-
-places between chopsticks-
-wraps rubber band around-
-holds up and demonstrates automatic chopsticks-
There! For beginners! I'll add teaching you to use them to the to-do list.
Gideon Abernathy 07/12/17 -beams with pride-
-offers bag-
Want some? You can use my chopsticks...
Gideon Abernathy 07/12/17 -blinks in surprise-
-shrugs unashamedly-
My fingers are clean, at least.
-is a bit OCD-
That's definitely one for the photo album.
Gideon Abernathy 07/11/17 Quinn
Oh, definitely. That'd be best. I can't force a smile. I end up looking like a serial killer.
Gideon Abernathy 07/11/17 Quinn
Fair enough. I'm not very photogenic though, so don't get frustrated if they don't turn out.
Gideon Abernathy 07/10/17 Quinn
Only if you get my good side.
Why the interest in me as a model? Surely there are more handsome guys that'll pull in bigger bucks.
Ella Donovan 06/19/17 Lufcuh
I get it from my dad. Should I dye it another color???
Gideon Abernathy 06/18/17 -visibly jumps at sudden noise-
-runs to scream-
-grabs Quinn off chair and throws out of her "room"-
-slams door-
-proceeds with very elaborate stomp dance-
Gideon Abernathy 06/17/17 Quinn
This might be a good time to break out a tap dance routine. It'll kill the spiders and all the racket will help me to find you quicker!
Gideon Abernathy 06/17/17 Quinn
First, I am honored, and should circumstances have been different, I would treasured those gifts.
As it stands, they are not different, so where are you? We die together.
P.S Exploding a spider kind of sounds like killing it, so you'll have to fill me in to what I'm walking into.
Danielle Corvinus 06/11/17 Text:
Quinn I got your text and its nice to meet you. I'm Danielle but please call me Dani. I like to drink and party as well. Never had Moonshine but I am willing to try anything at least once.
Gideon Abernathy 06/03/17 New ghosts...
-considers, then nods-
-grins widely-
Well, so do you, I just didn't want to be left out.
When you get back, we have to work on ghost noises.
-nods gravely-
Gideon Abernathy 06/03/17 -is bewildered-
Into what?! Ghost attire?!
-looks down at own clothes-
-is unsure now-
Wait, Quinn! Should I change, too?!
Gideon Abernathy 06/03/17 -blinks rapidly-
-didn't even think of that-
We can be the ghosts.
You're a genius, Quinn.
-thinks, then shrugs-
Of course, this is your party. So if you'd rather follow the rules...
-grins and winks mischievously-
Gideon Abernathy 06/03/17 -feigns gasping-
-takes another swig for safe measure-
-offers to her-
Drink up, we're making an entrance.
Gideon Abernathy 06/03/17 -eyes widen as bag appears-
Well, who knew you had a rule-breaker side...
-takes bag, unscrews lid, and takes a swig-
-deliberates, then nods-
You're right, it is rum.
Gideon Abernathy 06/03/17 -quirks brow at nickname-
-is unphased-
Sure! Just...hold my hand if I get scared, yeah?
-pouts and quakes playfully-
Gideon Abernathy 06/03/17 -pops head around the corner-
-grins widely-
Gideon Abernathy 05/20/17 Quinn
Deal. Don't be late!
Gideon Abernathy 05/20/17 Quinn
Oh, right, details... We'll meet in the French Quarter, in front of the Cabildo. Don't worry about the parade, we'll find one together. Wear whatever you want, this city doesn't care, and you'll look great anyway. And if they don't take song requests, we'll start our own!
Gideon Abernathy 05/19/17 Quinn
Excellent! I'll bring the booze!
Gideon Abernathy 05/19/17 Quinn
Magic is one word for it... it's kind of hot... and muggy... Let's get sh-tfaced and go join one of those weird song parades they have.
Gideon Abernathy 05/18/17 Quinn
Uhhh, I don't think so. Something tells me that bears don't like hot and muggy.
Gideon Abernathy 05/11/17 -buries himself deeper in pillows-
I didn't even know I had a room.
-thinks then shrugs-
-has made himself into a pillow burrito-
I will be taking all meals here, now.
Gideon Abernathy 05/08/17 -wanders to where his name is being called-
-sees Quinn and smiles-
-then sees lots of pillows-
-collapses against them and buries face in-
Where did you find... so many... pillows?
-only comes up for air-
Ella Donovan 05/07/17 Luffcuh
Are you with him now?? Have him show you!
Orson Graves 05/07/17 +Likes her backbone, even if she's so going to puke later+
Well, a'right! But mark my words, I'm gonna end up holding your hair back while you pray to the porcelain god tonight.
+Leads the bloody way!+
Orson Graves 05/07/17 +Laughs heartily at her eagerness+
+Raises a hand to the top of her head, measuring her up+
Five drinks, you say? You'll be under the table before 10pm, Quinno!
Orson Graves 05/07/17 +braces for serious question+
+is SO glad he knows the answer+
Yeah, I know one or two! You lookin' for a dive or you lookin' for a place that also might have halfway decent food?
Ella Donovan 05/07/17 Luffcuh
Does he have an accent? It might be Orson.. and I didn't really read his profile. I just thought he was hot. I'm so relieved he isn't a twelve-year-old child.
Orson Graves 05/07/17 Why not both? A gullible optimist sounds like a party!
+laughs readily at her friendliness+
It's nice to meet a friendly face around 'ere. Name's Orson Graves. How about yours?
Orson Graves 05/07/17 +knows he’s been had+
+breaks out in a thousand watt smile+
I like you too! You’re gullible, you are. Friends it is!
+takes her hand in his larger one and gives it a firm shake+
Gideon Abernathy 05/07/17 -opens mouth to quickly call dibs-
-is not quick enough-
-disgruntled, mouth still open-
Fine.. but if you mysteriously fall out of bed in the middle of the night...
It wasn't me.
I hear there are tree dwellers that aren't particularly fond of our kind.
-nods solemnly-
Gideon Abernathy 05/07/17 -stares at phone, fascinated-
-nods solemnly-
Get the biggest, softest beds we can get.
I'll pay whatever price.
-is really, really tired-
Gideon Abernathy 05/06/17 -quirks brow-
-nods slowly-
I'm not familiar with what you're talking about at all, but let's do it.
-is determined-
Shaye Belmont 05/06/17 -blinks-
-notices other blonde-
"Really?! Thanks! I'm Shaye."
"I use a vinegar rinse.. and box hair dye from the grocery store."
-flips hair-
Gideon Abernathy 05/06/17 -eyes widen-
I slept on the floor.
Where did you even find a couch?!
Gideon Abernathy 05/06/17 -is joking, but won't let on-
-can't help but return smile-
Well, duh. I'm a top rate partier.
-is obviously lying-
I've honestly never met any of these people, so I'm thrilled to see you.
Orson Graves 05/06/17 +plays off his restrained mirth as being choked up+
Well.. I didn’t before, but now..
+looks down at his stomach and pats it with a hand+
Gideon Abernathy 05/06/17 -expression softens more-
-grins widely-
'Course, Quinn.
You just have to denounce all ties to that Saito guy.
-nods gravely, but offers a small half smile-
Gideon Abernathy 05/06/17 -pulls disgusted face-
We were never friends.
-glares, then softens-
He's fine, though. Still in New York. Talked to him a few days ago.
-rolls eyes-
Gideon Abernathy 05/06/17 -laughs-
I'm good, I suppose. How are you? It's been a long time.
-eyes poking finger-
-doesn't normally like to be touched-
-supposes Quinn can have an exception-
Orson Graves 05/06/17 +Watches her watching him+
+Wonders why she looks so nervous+
+Desperately tries not to laugh at her tiny voice+
+Mocks offense+
Wow.. are you calling me fat?
Gideon Abernathy 05/06/17 -eyes snap up-
-sees familiar face-
-really familiar-
Ella Donovan 05/04/17 ~*~The words 'It's a match!' lit across the screen and caused a small chuckle to leave Ella's lips. She nursed the chuckle with the swig of the beer in her hand, and started up a new chat with this friendly stranger.Sending Quinn the coordinates to VM. Ella quietly prayed it wasn't like Noura said, and some stalker showed up out of breath with a box of donuts...That might not actually be the worst case scenario~*~

''Hello Quinn! Come over. You didn't have anything in your bio. Are you a catfish??''
Ella Donovan 05/04/17 ~*~ Ella had started to find a minuscule of entertainment at the number of creases in her ceiling. It was this moment she realized that she needed her own people in her sanctuary. The Order had all the people she knew, except for a very select few. She reactivated her Tinder page, and changed the About Me to reflect what she was looking for exactly. She needed a second hand person to be with her. That wouldn't mind her questionable obsession about Jameson Orlav. The friendly face lights up on her screen. Quinn? She looked nice. Grinning she swiped right. Only hoping that perhaps this nice looking Quinn would think she looked nice too. ~*~

Casey Noire 05/04/17 I'm not bloody daft. I can feel the pressure of thin, nimble fingers rummaging through my back pocket. My pants are not so loose that I'm completely aloof to the invasion of my personal space. Like a firecracker, my patience explodes all at once, growl ripping through my chest while long, bruised fingers grasp at the intruder. The grasp would be tight enough to leave marks on the more fragile, no consideration given to being gentle. If this f+cking assh+le wanted my money, he was going to have to work harder than that.

"Oi, what the f+ck, daft c+ck." My grip tightens, yanking at the limb attached to whichever body had the balls to f+cking steal from my god damn blimey wallet. "Next time you need a few bills, find a f+cking corner like the rest of your skank ass kind."

Cue the release of the brazen girl. Lucky for her, he didn't have a taste for blondes.
Quinn Loche just stole $40.00 from you!
Solomon King 05/03/17 Quinnie
I can't really blame you there. I'm sorry I haven't been around much, or.. at all for a while. I miss you too. Maybe I'll see you soon, yeah?
Solomon King 02/10/17 It was early in the morning, and Solomon was in his black jogging shorts and an old, holey t-shirt, getting prepped to start the day with a long run with Bones. The cabin smelled strongly of freshly brewed coffee, and Solomon was just pouring himself a cup when he heard a knock on his cabin door. His expression lifted when he heard the musical sound of a voice he hadn't heard in quite some time.

He opened the door with a creak, and the sleepy little blonde on his porch offered him up a sunny smile. Who needed coffee with this little ray of sunshine around, anyhow?

Offering her a genuine smile, Solomon leaned sideways on the door frame, crossing his burly arms. "I think it just might be true, Quinnie. But, you know, I could be asking you the same question. How was Mexico?"
Camille Rameau 02/10/17 -whispers-
Where can I get one of those hair ships?
Tiber Loche 11/28/16 -waves paper-
They hate you?!
Elouise Orlav 10/20/16 -streaks by-
-notices cute blonde-
-marks for death-
Carwyn Moss 06/27/16 +screams and follows suit+
+forgets about glitter+
+drops it instead+
+shattered glass and a nuclear cloud of glitter follows+
+spits and sputters+

Hell's bells and baskets; that certainly wasn't what I wanted. Covered in glitter and surrounded by lava. +shrugs+ At least we sparkle.
Mason Crowley 06/26/16 After being violently attacked by the glitter wielding girl Mason has no option but to retaliate in equal fashion.

Calling on the darkest powers at his disposal the black hearted wizard draws his energy directly from the very pits of hell and with a resounding crack of his silver tipped cane against the pavement and a shouted "Shennanigans!" A huge ball of twilight vampire sparkle erupts above the retreating girl's head to coat her as she tried to make good her escape.
Carwyn Moss 06/26/16 I bet, you’re the kind of friend that if I declare the floor to be hot lava you’ll act as though the floor is actually lava. Which is nice, because some people act like it’s not, even though I just said that it is.

On an unrelated note, I have some glitter. Not quite sure why we are supposed to toss it at someone, because that would be quite rude and very unladylike for me. Also, I wouldn’t begin to know what colours you’d like, so there is an assortment. +shakes crate of jars at+ Lots of glitter!
Solomon King 06/12/16 AW, MAN. Okay, don't freak out. I'll go get the hose.
Marah Kravenoff 06/12/16 " Its good to have you back "
Marah Kravenoff 06/12/16 " Welcome backkkkkk long time no see. Its good to have you back." + Dutchie smiles +
John Doe 06/12/16 "Oh I'm sure they are gone. Mostly sure...twenty percent sure."
John Doe 06/12/16 "I might have rented it out to a lovely family of bears. They assured me they would clean up once they left but come to think of it, they never did turn in their notice that they were moving out. ...You might want to lock the doors."
Solomon King 03/02/16 *looks down elevator shaft*
*calls down*
Careful, Quinnie! The thirteenth floor is haunted!
*desperately muffles snickering*
Bennie Norh 03/02/16 Does #Twinsies still apply?
Adara Doe 02/27/16
*scratches 'note' into Quinn's door*
Adara Doe 02/24/16 *pets* Soooo pretty.
John Doe 01/27/16 John Doe Fact #329: John Doe likes his coffee like he likes his women: ground up, packed in a burlap sack, and thrown over the back of a donkey.
John Doe 01/25/16 John Doe Fact #628: John Doe can lift up a chair with one hand... while he's sitting on it.
Bennie Norh 10/23/15 *sputters*
I brought cookies!!!
*which have spilled everywhere in her attempt to catch up*
Solomon King 10/11/15 *Clears throat*
Well, you gotta think about it.. I've got a beard, right? Have I ever been attacked by a bear? Nope!
*Rests a friendly arm across her shoulders*
Just make Tiber properly grow out his stubble, and you'll have nothing to worry about. *Tries desperately to look serious*
Solomon King 10/11/15 *takes origami owl*
*inspects skeptically*
No, Quinnie. No. You've got it all mixed up. It's beards that keep the bears away. And, um.. I don't think you can grow one, sweets.
*lays consoling hand on shoulder and offers the owl back*
Armando Ramirez 10/01/15 *Watches*


Serves you right for stealing my FaceTime info.

And for singing.

*Looks at her with a wicked grin*

Pink and purple glitter is a good look for you.

*Thinks he should call her Qhuinnie the Pooh now*
Armando Ramirez 10/01/15 *Pulls out paint ball gun*
*loads with pink and purple glitter paint balls.*
*Takes aim.. Fires*
*Grins wickedly*
Solomon King 10/01/15 QUINNIE! YOU'RE BACK!
*scoops up and squishes*
Please don't leave again, I don't think I can handle the heartbreak twice.
Adara Doe 10/01/15 *clings*
*probably is squishing her Quinnie with the belly*
*doesn't care*
*really missed her Pretties*
I am so glad you are back. I might not even get angry at your husband for random reasons. Yes. I am that happy.
Adara Doe 09/30/15 To: QtP
Text: If it bites you, it will live a lot longer than you. Maybe. I don't know. What does it look like?
Adara Doe 09/28/15 To: QuinnieThePooh
Text: Of old age or did you squish it and it it is still kicking?
Armando Ramirez 09/26/15 *Gets up*
*Slips again*
*Laughs hard*
*Looks at her covered in Green glitter goo*
*laughs even harder*
It's a good look for you!!
Armando Ramirez 09/26/15 *Steps on Banana peel*


*Falls on his @ss*


*Retaliates with a jello glitter mixture filled balloon*
Armando Ramirez 09/12/15 *Runs through singing*
There was something in the air that night
The stars were bright, Fernando
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Fernando
Get it right
*Takes off running unbelieving he knew that*
Armando Ramirez 09/07/15 *Quietness* *Arches a brow* *Catches a scent* *Jumps a foot in the air* DAYM!! Talk about a welcome. *Thinks gonna need a drink after that* Thank you! *Grins devilishly*
Adara Doe 08/31/15 *lip wobbles* You promised sleepovers. The cupcakes will flow at every single one of them.
Adara Doe 08/31/15 *clings*
*will never LET IT GO*
Solomon King 08/20/15 *he snorted with laughter*
Quinnie, why don't we let Tiber stay in charge of the 'shine, yeah? It's sort of his thing.
Solomon King 08/20/15 *stares at her in her pink hat*
Nooo.. I didn't want a raging hangover. Why, you poison it?
*watches with exaggerated suspicion*
Solomon King 08/06/15 Oh shush, Quinnie. You know I'd rather sit at the dorky table.
*ruffles her hair*
Bennie Norh 08/05/15 Quinn! *bright shiny grin*
I can't remember telling you congratulations on your marriage! *happy squeak*
You two are so adorable together, I'm glad you tied the knot!
John Doe 08/03/15 Reply:...pooper scooper. *send*
John Doe 08/03/15 Reply: Yes you may have a bear as a pet. But you have to feed it and I would advise buying a shovel. *Send*
Adara Doe 07/30/15 Quinn!! Quinn!!
*is equally excited for no reason*
*pets Quinnie*
You are fvcking adorable. Don't ever change.
John Doe 07/29/15 John Doe Fact #812: John Doe had a Grizzly Bear rug in his living room. It's not dead, it's just afraid to move.
Adara Doe 07/29/15 *blinks*
*is going to find Tiber*
Adara Doe 07/22/15 *can hear loud singing across the lake*
*is possibly terrified*
*refuses to leave her house. Ever.*
Adara Doe 07/17/15 *stares at text*
*dies laughing*
*plans to keep this forever*
*texts back*
You are a wonderful artist, Quinnie. Truly!
*is still laughing*
Solomon King 07/15/15
Adara Doe 07/09/15 *rides by in Gator*
*loaded with medieval weaponry and shovel*
*is hunting for Tiber*
John Doe 07/05/15 Ahh ok, then yes, Lycans like me and the amazing Mrs. Doe hate all humans...except you.
Solomon King 07/05/15 *catches the ball*
*examines it*
Did you raid a Chuck E. Cheese or something?
John Doe 07/05/15 Werewolves are better than everything. People or otherwise.
Solomon King 07/03/15 *phone ring-a-lings* *answers facetime* *stares at Quinn's singing face* Tell Tiber to take that damn moonshine IV out of your arm!
Solomon King 07/02/15 An accessory to.. wait, what?
Oh, right. Adara must have wandered by Quinn with her.. bag.
*whispers* It's for the best. You're too sweet to hold up under interrogation.
John Doe 06/28/15 For prose that soars higher than the pines, but stays true to it's roots. For daring to branch out where few writers would ever go. For true horticultural excellence. I bestow upon you the coveted Gold Star!
Adara Doe 06/21/15 *blinks*
*is too fat to run*
Solomon King 06/21/15 They tried to tell me that too, but I had to demonstrate to them that razors will literally disintegrate when within three inches of my beard. Exceptions were made.
John Doe 06/19/15 "If you play your cards right then maybe he will get bare and the feeder will have done it's job quite well."
Solomon King 06/18/15 *opens door because of frantic knocking*
CALM DOWN, QUINN. IT'S OKAY. I'm in a lot of trouble, but I can totally handle it. You're probably wondering why my face is everywhere..
*deliberately strokes beard*'s because I'm criminally HANDSOME.
Adara Doe 06/17/15 *giggles at the pokes* It's not allllll cupcake, Quinn! Maybe. I think there is a baby under all the cupcake fat. *blinks* I'm building a blubber supply, it's like hibernation. I need the reserves? *has no real excuse for inhaling cupcakes*
Adara Doe 06/17/15 *hears her husband*
*plans on moving in with Quinn*
*squeezes Quinn's hand*

You love me, you really do!
John Doe 06/17/15 Sneaks up behind the girl's cabin and very quietly installs a bear feeding station just a few feet from her back porch. Chuckles as he sneaks back off into the woods, leaving a trail of honey covered oats as he goes.
Bennie Norh 06/11/15 *eyes go round* Just ONE moment!
*runs off, vanishes around a corner*
*loud crashes and tossed objects bouncing off walls can be heard*
GOT IT! *she returns with two different shirts, one red and one white* Lemme see...*holds one up to Quinn's faceand then switches it for the other*
Are you more red or white? hmm....
*mouth wrinkles up in thought*
Bennie Norh 06/11/15 *stage whispers* Try not licking windows. It's not very sanitary.
Solomon King 06/10/15 *hungover groan*
I don't know WHAT I was seeing last night..
Solomon King 06/09/15 *is three sheets to the wind*
*sloppy whispers*
Quinn.. don't wave so loud.. BEARS..
Solomon King 06/09/15 *watches her wander by*
*sips jar of moonshine*
Solomon King 06/09/15 *slowly holds the jar up over his head*
I'm bigger than you. Don't start something you can't finish, short stack.
Solomon King 06/09/15 Quinneroo!
*stares hard*
Lord, first there's talk about goats, and now bears?
*leans in and whispers*
Are there really bears?
John Doe 06/08/15 Thinks about it for a minute before answering. "In a manner of speaking I suppose it is similar to how I got Addie. There was a big piece of wood involved anyway."
John Doe 06/07/15 John Doe Fact #198: Local bears have been complaining of the frequency of deadly John Doe attacks.
John Doe 06/06/15 "Oh yes, she is a saint, that she is. St. Lucifer she is called."
John Doe 06/03/15 John Doe Fact #923: Hmmmmm Yoda's teacher John Doe was.
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