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Born: June 11, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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06/21/18 at 9:31 pm
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Please, don't leave me here alone...
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Chase Cooper

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RealmLet's not be too hasty
Created by Chase Cooper
Chase Cooper 06/21/18 Didn’t deny it. I win.
Chase Cooper 06/21/18 [Smirks]
So you do want in my boxers. Knew it.
Chase Cooper 06/21/18 Thank f*ck.
Chase Cooper 06/21/18 What did you pay for the sh*t?
[Glances toward boxers]
..are you wearing anything under my boxers?
Chase Cooper 06/21/18 ...
...what was the.. how much?
Chase Cooper 06/21/18 You’re so selfish.
Chase Cooper 06/21/18 Why didn’t you buy shorts with the money? You didn’t spend ALL that money on underwear.
...did you get into some ****?
Chase Cooper 06/21/18 The hell am I going to do with them? I’m not going to wear them. They’ll mangle me.
Chase Cooper 06/21/18 Wait. The f*ck do you need lacie undies for?
Chase Cooper 06/21/18 You walk around in your underwear all the time. Did you at least reset the phone? Scratch off the serial number?
Chase Cooper 06/21/18 You don’t have a lacie pair. When did you get a lacie pair? Where? You stole someone’s sexy underwear? Gross.
Chase Cooper 06/21/18 F*ck those grannie panties.
Chase Cooper 06/20/18 Can’t you steal someone’s boxers or shorts? I kind of need mine.
F*ckin’ women. F*ck.
Chase Cooper 06/18/18 The f-ck. Did I miss something? Did you drug me and force my hand in marriage?
Chase Cooper 06/18/18 ...those are my boxers.
Those aren’t shorts.
Just saying.
Artemis 06/15/18 You managed to break out Maya Hall. Artemis brought up her bo staff under the guard's chin and flipped the other end hitting the guy again in his nether regions. "Let's get out of here! I owe you this breakout!" Artemis returned the woman's pocket book as well. "Didn't mean to take this either.."
Jessica Lorraine 06/11/18 Jessica ****ed her head sides a little and stared at the stranger. “Um strain?”, she asked. She stood there for a second. “Like are you talking about a drug or disease or something else?”, she asked curiously.
Jessica Lorraine 06/11/18 Jessica walked up to the stranger and gave a soft smile. She then held out her hand and happily said, “Hello there welcome to the realm. My name is Jessica Lorraine.”
Quinn Abernathy 06/11/18 -Gives a small wave-
-Glances back at-
-Actually retreats-
Quinn Abernathy 06/11/18 It's nice to meet you, Maya.
-Feels a little better, nods in agreement-
-Gives a small smile-
It's not all bad.. people, I mean.
Sometimes it's hard, but you can find good.
It's scary out there, though.
-So, she might be a recluse from the world.-
-It's fine.-
Quinn Abernathy 06/11/18 Oh.
-Crosses arms, suddenly self conscious-
Yea. I do. Too friendly. Fatal flaw, people say.
Camille Hammond 06/11/18 *ponders a moment*
No matter. You're welcome.
You might find a friendly face goes a long way in these parts. You have quite a lovely face. Looks friendly enough.
*leans in just slightly, eyes narrowed*
Yes I do believe you'll do just fine.
*solemn nod*
Do feel free to seek me out should you need anything. I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised by the... Quaint nature of the place.
Quinn Abernathy 06/11/18 I bet there is tons you can do with it.
-Smiles, toys with own hair-
Thanks... it uh, it really has no life at all.
I'm Quinn.
Camille Hammond 06/11/18 Hello, darling. Pleasure.
*shoves her hand at, insisting on a shake*
Welcome. Bit of a mess around here at the moment. Don't be fooled. We're a lovely bunch.
*blinks rapidly*
Artemis 06/11/18 Welcome!
Quinn Abernathy 06/11/18 I really like your hair.
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