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Richard Lamonte
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 My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes

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(Working on a profile. Be warned, Richard is not inclined to be courteous or nice. He's a jerk. Sorry ahead of time.)
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Last five threads posted in:
Kyla 02/05/20 "I doubt it," Kyla answered in such a way that suggested she was stating an accepted fact with no sarcasm or snark directed at the man, "only time will. There are ways around that, I suppose, but it'll work out on its own."

Her shoulders lifted in a small shrug and her eyes shifted over to the man, noting the telltale mark on his face. This was a man down on his luck if she'd ever seen one, and she'd seen more than her fair share. "Looks like someone beat me to it. If another knock or two helps you feel better, we can dance. If you prefer to be left alone, I can do that as well. Or we can do nothing but sit in silence. You're what drew me here, after all, so it's your decision."

Again, the tone of her voice indicated no judgment. Kyla was simply there but content to leave if he wished.
Elowen Jocosta 01/31/20 A groggy Elowen made her way to the closed door as a hollow knocking pulled her from sleep. Her figured was swallowed in a large t-shirt that just brushed her knees.  Since her return from London a majority of her time had been spent lazing about in bed, sleeping more hours then necessary. She wished she could blame it all on jetlag but truthfully it was due more to boredom and loneliness than true sleepiness. When the door  swung open her sleepy head rested against the doorframe, blinking the sleep from her brown eyes. At the sight of the man her brows furrowed and pink lips puckered in curiosity.

Side stepping,she directed the man to plop Liam on her bed. Not saying much till her friend was sleeping in the crumbled bed that she had recently been in. Light fingers danced across his forehead briefly before she turned her attention to the other man in the room. He looked vaguely familiar and although she couldnt recall his name she was positive that this was the man Liam was telling her about.

Reaching across to Richard she rested her palm lightly against the collar of his shirt, cool fingers gently caressing the skin peeking out just above. Her uninvited fingers languidly stroked the flesh of his neck as her attention turned back to his face. "You didn't kill him did you?"
Jewel 01/30/20 Great.
Don't let me stop you, doll.
-he'll have a time finding her-
Jewel 01/30/20 -stares-
-sucks at her teeth-
Yeah.. well.. keep downing Sine Metu members, keep putting down Mack's personal choice in us all, and you mi.. no, you will regret it.
Kyla 01/30/20 Dissonance.

It nagged at Kyla in the back of her mind. She felt it the moment she entered this place. Not painful or glaring but enough to draw her attention and produce a desire to find its origins, if for no other reason than to know the cause.

Allowing the feeling and her own magic to guide her, Kyla's instincts moved her through the corridors... and stopped when she came upon a man. A man from whom the dissonance clearly originated. But she came no closer, choosing instead to keep several feet between them. After a moment, she leaned her shoulders against the nearest wall and waited.
Jewel 01/29/20 Insults?
And here I am believing that you relish in the way you respond and treat people.
As if claiming Mackenzie's only good taste in Sine Metu was and is.. you.
Go ahead. Don't only insult me but our leader as well.
Continue. Don't let me stop you.
Jewel 01/29/20 You think I'm mad?
Over you?
And yes, you said you didn't die which anyone's next question would be 'then what happened?'. Who would stop there? What a cliffhanger.
Sure it wasn't anywhere interesting.
I mean, look at you.
Hell, listen to you.
Words to go to sleep to by this piece of shit right here so quick to walk away because he can't handle the bs he lays out.
-shoos him away-
Please, go.
Don't turn back.
No last words.
Jewel 01/29/20 Uh..
You brought it up.
If you don't want people questioning things, your best bet is to not bring it up.
Like.. just allowing me to believe you died.
You know, shut the fuck up.
-rolls eyes-
Jewel 01/29/20 Wow.. would have never guessed. Wait, where were you then? You've been gone awhile. Without a trace.
Jewel 01/29/20 Wait..
The rumor around the compound is that you croaked, bit the bullet, took one for the team.. you know, died.
Jewel 01/29/20 Been there.
Done that.
Jewel 01/29/20 Welcome back.. from death.
I heard they take returns.
Mackenzie 01/28/20 You little shit.
Briahne Christiann 01/27/20 Well then, Welcome back to the Realm :D
mist 01/27/20
Daxx- 01/27/20

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm and bows gracefully. The Ordre des Damnes Swamp Corsair smiled and spoke softly. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me. If you should need any help please feel free to ask. My friends call Daxx."
Katarina Black 01/27/20 Welcome to the realm
Briahne Christiann 01/27/20 Nice Profile, welcome to the Realm, should you have any questions about anything, let us know. We'll do our best to answer them.
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