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Donovan Bryce
Killed: December 31, 1969 at 07:00 pm EST
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Born: April 22, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 2
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 209
Home City: Jerusalem Mail Sent: 14
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Donovan Bryce's Biography
Name: Donovan Bryce
Race: Vampire/?
Age: Unknown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Indigo Blue
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 220 pds
Status: Widowed NOT Seeking
Occupation: Psychologist; Marriage Counselor

"The Timeless Man" were the word whispered of me. "Ancient and old as sin." He sits at a table and looks at the woman sitting across from him. His dark indigo eyes sparkle devilishly at her. He wishes to tell her his life's story. He has had many names, many lives and many wives. Each blossom selected, loved and protected by him. Save for his devotion, each perfect rose withers with age and dies it's petals spent..."

"Don't ask me who I am?" He advise the curious young woman. "You would never believe me. Instead tell me about you!" He prefers to keep his secrets safe for now. He wonders what she would think of him if he spoke of himself. He was tired of this existence, tired of being left alone and tired of the this world in general...

But still he hopes for some happiness and contentment in this Realm. He knows he will find it some day if he is lucky enough to seek and embrace it. He will for now be careful for whom he seeks and he knows of one such person. Time will tell if he finds what he is seeking truly exists. One who lives 'forever'....
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Last five threads posted in:
Pride 05/18/17 Thank you my friend December-rose did it for me. shes amazing with so many things, gifted.
W_Kat 05/13/17 *looks confused* *finds a nearby flier* *cringes* Thank You Mr. Bryce. So much for hiding and what a lovely flower." *gently takes the flower with a grin*
W_Kat 04/27/17 Breaking someone else out, she rolled her eyes. " Smooth talker, you are, you are. Keep it up and might impress someone! Now move!"
W_Kat 04/27/17 You managed to break out Donovan Bryce. "It's not that hard to run away. Want lessons?"
W_Kat 04/27/17 You managed to break out Donovan Bryce. "You definitely don't listen..."
W_Kat 04/27/17 "Well, I can definitely hold my own, unlike you. Didn't anyone teach how to NOT get caught? It's not exactly rocket science!" Looking around, Kat helped another person out as she spoke to him. "I would hang around if I were you..."
W_Kat 04/27/17 You managed to break out Donovan Bryce. "RUN!"
Jace Remington 04/27/17 Welcome to Requiem. Help yourself to the cookies and nachos. Don't mind the screaming from below.
W_Kat 04/26/17 Coming home, her body completed drained and heavy from the last few weeks, her emotions out of whack, she wasn't in the mood for anything. Kat was climbing up the steps when her eyes fell on the flowers, letting out a growl, standing up, looking around, instantly seething inside, she wanted to kill whoever lefts these here. Did someone think they were funny?! What kind of cruel joke was this? Picking up the vase of roses, whoever did this, it wasn't funny. Walking into her home, she placed the vase on the counter and went about her business. She definitely wasn't in the mood even though they were pretty.
Idris Mowbry 04/26/17 "Welcome to the Madhouse! Hope you enjoy your stay and my husband's baked goods. I apologize for the burnt pieces...I was distracting him..."
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