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Born: January 05, 2021 Forum Topics Started: 1 (House only: 0)
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 7 (House only: 0)
Affiliation: Spitiyura Mail Replies Sent: 221
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 33
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09/18/21 at 8:16 pm
Current Mood: Remi Rose 4Ever 
[Originally Remi Rose]
[Original "Birth": February 02, 2017]

[Need DP 1's! I will trade my BM for your DPs]

You were successful in stealing $1,755.00 from Damian Veron.
You were successful in stealing $9,375.00 from Damian Veron.
You were successful in stealing $7,596.00 from Damian Veron.

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 Summer Bloodies 2021 ~ Most Promising Slayer
Summer Bloodies 2021 ~ Most Motivated
Summer Bloodies 2021 ~ Sexiest Person

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This ROSE is all but THORNS now.

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Elizabeth ORourke

Dexter Gein
Brux Sa


Dominic Russell

Caleb Guillory

Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
RealmJust One Drink
Created by Remi
Contests~*~2021 Summer Bloodies Results~*~
Created by River Song
Andromache 09/12/21 Hi and thank you! :D
Caleb Guillory 09/11/21 "Forever. Thanks"
Elizabeth ORourke 09/10/21 Throws confetti and hands Remi a dark chocolate candy bar. "Congrats on the new shining rank!
Pheenyx 09/08/21

"Be careful what you're wishing for .."
Dominic Russell 09/06/21 Dominic gave a shrug. "I wouldn't reckon I know much about the ways of monkeys. You seem to know a lot though. Should we hide?" He jested. He had yet to see actual monkeys running about. He quirked a brow as Remi continued talking. Willy Wonka? Okay then. "That's interesting." He wasn't sure how to respond to that particular statement and it was probably best to avoid.

"You weren't meant to believe." He laughed. He was no more innocent than she was a monkey. "It's only flattery if it works, but you don't seem phased." He grinned. Of course nothing was ever that easy, but he enjoyed a challenge.

"I'll say I'm one of something, but not those. Come on, you wouldn't want me we to get lost would you? I'll need you to show me the way." He paused a moment, he looked thoughtful for a moment. "I'll buy you a drink in return."

Dominic Russell 09/05/21 "Mmmhm. My survival rate. Right. If you say so." Mock doubt flooded his voice as he continued to grin. He gave her a wink. " We both know what you really mean, it'll be our secret."

"I've no intention of dying, at least not soon. Monkeys be damned!" He still had no clue what monkeys she was talking about. He imagined vicious, little ankle-biting ones with razor sharp teeth just gnawing at your feet. "You can consider your words heeded Miss Remi. Death by monkey sounds painful."

"Am I? I'm innocent, I'd never do that." That was of course a lie. Dominic looked around then his eyes returned to Remi as she spoke. "Do I need an expert it tour guide? No. Would I refuse one as lovely as yourself? No. How about a place to get a drink? I'm awful thirsty."

Dominic Russell 09/05/21 "But you did intend on crossing boundaries?" He raised his brows staring at her once again a smirk crossed over his face. She was amusing. Dominic made a point to throw in an extra flex before he dropped his back to his side. "So glad my body meets your approval. I can die happy in this life now."

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well Remi. I'm Dominic." He shook her hand, careful not to squeeze too hard so he wouldn't break it with all that strength of his. "Tell me Remi, do you always warn strangers about these wild monkeys and do strength checks? " He grins. "You must be the resident expert."

Dominic Russell 09/05/21 That is surprising and a shame. You're welcome, never less than that from me. The monkey situation. I'm not sure if I should be intrigued or scared by that. *He laughed a bit uneasily at that.* So, you're going to what? Feel my muscles. I feel five again.*He stares her down for a minute then grins before lifting his arm and flexing. Go ahead, you'll find all is in order here. I've got those monkeys handled.
Dominic Russell 09/05/21 Yeah? I suppose, though I think that's the polite thing to say though. I never was much good with niceties. I will take your word for it though, thanks.

Monkeys you say? Odd thing to find about. Simply wild or do they bite? I'm not sure if that's a metaphor for something else or if you mean actual monkeys.

Dominic Russell 09/05/21 Good evening and thank you. It's appreciated.
Pheenyx 09/04/21 Every time she turns a corner, she feels the other woman’s hand in her back pocket. “So .. much .. groping. Do it again. Harder this time.” Soft laughter echoes.

Remi just failed at stealing money from you! ... x5 ..
The Preacher 09/02/21 Ehhh not this time. I usually kill what I want but I've been nice lately
The Preacher 09/02/21 Huh?
Damian Veron 09/02/21 ♪♪"Papa's got a brand new bag."♪♪
Sebastian Hernandez 09/02/21 I will definitely try not to die.. yet.
Sebastian Hernandez 09/02/21 *chuckles* Thank you Miss!
Adeena 09/02/21 Thank you dear
Damian Veron 08/23/21 "Oh mama..."

You were successful in stealing $1,826.00 from Remi.

"It's getting warmer."
Pheenyx 08/15/21 "Kings to you, Remi." She laughs. "It's probably not fantastic when you steal from two pockets and then two come for your one. Don't be too overwhelmed by all the attention. We're definitely enjoying it."
Pheenyx 08/14/21 Counts the dollars, ten by ten, a grin widespread on her features. "Almost fully recouped. Thanks for your cooperation Darling.

You were successful in stealing $299.00 from Remi.
Damian Veron 08/13/21 "Mo money, mo problems."
Pheenyx 08/13/21 ”Slowly, but surely, Cheri.”

You were successful in stealing $82.00 from Remi.
Damian Veron 08/08/21 "That money doesn't spend in hell. The devil deals in a different coin."
Jona Gushiken 08/02/21 Thank you.
Damian Veron 08/02/21 Perks brow.


Huffs and rolls eyes.

"Fine.. fiiiine." Sticks out shoe. "You better do a good job."
Damian Veron 08/02/21 Ponders...

Shakes head "Nah.."
Damian Veron 08/02/21 "Now, now, don't go being all smug all of a sudden. It's bad form. That sad, pathetic look on you was... endearing."
Dark Shadow 07/29/21 thank you for the warm welcome
Pheenyx 07/28/21 The barista holds out her palm, patiently waiting for payment as the demoness pulls out her wallet. Instead of where a stack of hundreds should be, there was a little slip of paper; Theft by Remi.

Pheenyx smiles politely and hands over a card instead, fuming inwardly. That was my new pair of shoes. She accepts the receipt and steps down to the end of the counter to wait for her coffee, the wheels of revenge ticking forward in motion. Hmmm…
Fallon Parker 07/27/21 Thank you
Damian Veron 07/23/21 Chuckles and applauds. "Brava! Brava! Now don't you go spending it all at once."
Jorgen 07/20/21 Thanks I appreciate it!
Nina Parrish 07/20/21 Thank you! *hands Remi a thick chocolate shake and cheeseburger.*
Elizabeth ORourke 07/17/21 "I think I have picked the leader's pockets too much. The big lug had them plaster my mugshot!" She passes a dark chocolate bar to Remi.
Leonora Sasin 07/14/21 "Thanks, babe."
Nina Parrish 05/28/21 A Belated Welcome Back!
Elizabeth ORourke 05/01/21 Thank you!
Genesis 03/13/21 OH Remi, sweetums. I will do all your drinking for you, and then I will drink all the coffee!!! You come find me and we'll trade some secrets.
Genesis 03/09/21 Hello Remi, its great to meet you. I'm Genesis, but my friends call me Gen! Perhaps we can meet up for a drink sometime, or even sit in the crew house, we have a very well stocked bar.
Genesis 03/08/21 Welcome to the crew! If you need anything, my door is always open! :]
Elizabeth ORourke 03/08/21 Welcome to the crew!
Neva Guillory 02/25/21 Thanks
Sienna Parker 02/11/21 "I will keep that in mind. I am Sienna. Nice to meet you Miss Remi."
Sienna Parker 02/11/21 Thank you!
Elizabeth ORourke 01/05/21 Welcome to the Realm,
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