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Current Role Play: Reversus Memoriae

So now it's back to all the brightness ... and everything I hate.

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Jassayla 10/24/19 No. Packing. Take care of what you were sent to take care of. Told you I'm fine.

*Or rather she would be soon enough. Once she left the Coven walls and all the people inside them so that maybe she could gain control of her own emotions and not everyone elses.*
Jassayla 10/24/19 *When the phone dinged she swiped the alert. Looking at the message, she snorted. Nope she said all she needed to say and all she would say. She was finished talking*
Jassayla 10/24/19 *Over the course of 2 days Jass had typed out several texts and then erased them again. Berius had been her best friend and now he was gone doing only gods knew what with who. Quickly she would type out something*

Unknown Number

I ranked. Guess that means I am still alive, at least for now. You wanted to know that I was okay and now you do. Whatever you are doing I hope it leads to your freedom so that you may find the happiness you deserve. Don't worry about me. I'm a survivor and as always I will be fine. I won't text you again so I guess in a way this is a goodbye. May luck be with you.

*She hit send before she could retract it and decide against it. At least he knew she was okay. She had held up her end.*
Jassayla 10/22/19 *Famous last words. How many times had Jass heard such words from someone but it wasn't in her nature not to go. She nodded and turned to look at him*

Very well. Lead the way, Berius.

*She kept her voice soft even as she prepared for the worst of things because that was just what Jass did. Always prepare for the worst kind of news while still hoping for the best*
Jassayla 10/22/19 Congrats on another rank, Berius. You make it look easy. *Jass would fake a smile and then turn to go. He was after all a busy man*
Jassayla 10/21/19 *Sneaks as quietly as possible to goose her best friend. With a straight face she whispers lightly* Guess who?
Ronan Boru 10/19/19 You managed to break out Naberius Reum. Be free coven mate be free
Virelai Tylwyth 10/19/19 Virelai caught sight of a familiar figure exiting the dungeon's dark catacombs and altered her stride to follow. Her footfalls were silent and quick despite the boots she wore and she reached him quickly, her cool fingers wrapping around his forearm. “Hello, again.” Vir's lips curled into a devious smile, eyes alight with mischief. “You should come play with us in the dungeons.” Amusement curled her lips further, widening her grin. “I promise to rescue you, if you get caught.”
Jassayla 10/18/19 *A smile would grace her lips, before Berius found himself wrapped in an awkward bearish hug* Thank you Berius.
Matt Boru 10/16/19 Congrats on the rank.
Jassayla 10/16/19 Oh don't worry big boy. I know how to hit within my own league. *Was there a hidden message in her words? Most likely but Jass would never tell what she really meant. Instead she flipped him the bird and sauntered off*
Jassayla 10/16/19 *Hands on hips she huffs* I was supposed to rank first. I hate you.
Shannon Taylor 10/15/19 Moving silently through the dark, damp hall Shannon turns her head and looks by one of the cells just as the man turns. He looks familiar, and she pauses just long enough to slip the tools into the lock and hear the soft click. She whispers softly "Fancy meeting you here... " as she leads the way back to the Coven.

You managed to break out Naberius Reum.

Jassayla 10/15/19 Don't count on it big boy. Pure here remember. That means up until yesterday I never even kissed a feller before. But hey had to get your attention somehow. Seemed to work, even if I got my ass handed to me.
Jassayla 10/15/19 *Takes hand and stands up, rubbing said booty* And here I was thinking I was the only witch that had gone unscathed. *Huffs* Not even going to bother offering to kiss my boo boos? Just an ice pack and a drink. The nerve of some people.
Jassayla 10/14/19 *snorts* Who said I wanted one to stumble upon me? Perhaps these blue pools have one in sight already. Maybe unlike other fools it takes more than wave a finger to get him to bite. However, I have faith that if I chip away a little at a time he'll come around. Doesn't hurt for him to enjoy the view either. *She winked, blowing him a kiss before turning to go*
Jassayla 10/14/19 Heat? Oh darling all I see is a man with his mouth hung open. *The corners of lips rise up as she smirks turning to face him* Can't be a wall flower forever. *Small shoulders rise up in a shrug before she continues* Perhaps I shall find another to plant a kiss upon. Maybe then he can deal with the sass that comes with the class.
Jassayla 10/14/19 *Get out of your comfort zone, they told her. Do things you don't think you can. Two ranks and a makeover later Jass was on top of the world. She sought Nab out simply because she could. No particular reason other than he was a friend and well friends were good to seek out.*

*Big blue pools found his figure first, a hint of a smirk on full pink painted lips. Long, determined strides took her to face him, each step causing a click click sound as the heels touched the ground. Small hands went to wide hips and she rose to the tips of her toes. Those blue pools giving nothing away. A quick lean forward, brought said painted lips against his and she held them for the briefest of moments. Stepping back to the balls of her feet, she turned and began to walk away from him, a middle finger held above her in salute as she sashayed her hips. Oh yess there was a new Jass in town.*
Shannon Taylor 10/14/19 It was difficult keeping up with all the new names and faces as they were all working to rebuild and reclaim their home. This one stood out however, and with a shy smile she met the man and extended a plant stained hand. “Hi welcome, I am Shannon. I’m sure everyone has offered assistance already. I’m usually in my room - south end of the hall there, or up on the roof tending to plants. Feel free to stop and say hello if you’re bored, have any questions, or just to pass the time” she gave a small curtsy and nod of her head in greetings “
Jassayla 10/14/19 *A shake of blonde curls, a sigh from parted lips, and big blue pools look upon him* Look as much as I like testing my skills it would just make it easier if you stayed out of here. You are free once again.
Jassayla 10/14/19 *A couple clicks one way and then a couple clicks the next way. The cell's door flies open* Come on now. Time to get out of those dirty cells.

You managed to break out Naberius Reum
Virelai Tylwyth 10/13/19 The moment Yule had the man's attention she was not sure that she should have attempted to get it. There was a scent to him, lingering, fading, the scent of rage. She had nó trouble picking up on those things and knew they frequently perfumed her own skin, though usually it was mixed with blood and death and whatever other trouble she had gotten herself into at the moment. She wasn't one to back away from those things, in fact she quite liked them. But she didn't see a point in getting into a fight over something as small as a kiss.

Although, that certainly would have made things more interesting. Her lips curled at the thought, tugging at the corners. One kiss down, two to go, and here he was agreeing to be the second to help her fulfill the rediculous and delightful dare her friend had challanged her to. She had to give credit where credit was due, he was pretty and she wouldn't mind having something to commemorate the encounter. After all, she did so love pretty things.

“I do appreciate your assistance.” She grinned a little wider, eyes gleaming golden and bright for just a moment, filled with mischeif. “By your leave, then.” She lifted the phone into position and then followed suit, lifting herself onto the tips of her toes. Her cool red lips pressed to his, tested the taste of him. So much information could be gathered from the contact of skin. And he was brimming with something dark and delicious, though she couldn't quite put her finger ón what it was. Curiosity would be the bane of her existence she was certain. But at least it would be fun.

With a click and a flash from the lovely magic looking glass, she captured the moment of their connection, brief though it was. As she lowered herself flat onto her feet, she smiled up at him, laughter of shattered glass and silver trailing from her lips before she spoke. “I assure you,” She siad after a breath of thought, “Any silver coin I give you would be worth well more than the paper mortals are always exchanging for goods and services. But if I should find myself in need again, I'll happily pay double that.” She checked to make sure the image instilled on the phone was good enough and then slid it into her pocket and pulled out a silver coin. “I did promise after all, hopefully that will be enough for your troubles.”
Virelai Tylwyth 10/13/19 Yule's fingers swept the silver hair back from her forehead and glanced around the room. True enough, the dare she had been issued siad the first three guys she saw, but she had standards at least. From her seat it was almost impossible to really get a good look at anyone there, however, and she was growing impatient. Adrenaline pumping and maybe helpfully fueled by a bit of liquor – okay, more than a bit – she slid off her seat and walked up to the first person to pass in front of her.

Her gloved hand reached out, cold to the touch even beneath the fabric to snag the man's arm. “Excuse mé, silver coin for a moment of your time?” Her lips quirked up at the corners, green eyes gleaming as she tilted her head to the side. “I'm in need of some assistance. A friend of mine set me up with a rather crafty little dare and I was wondering if I might get you to play along for a moment.” She inhaled, clicked her tongue once, and then continued. “I need to kiss some strangers. And take a photo on this strange device,” She held up her phone, the device in question, “As proof, apparently. Would you mind if I gave you a peck and snagged a photograph? Won't take but a moment and then I'll be out of your hair.”
Ramiel 10/12/19 Flinging his bag over his shoulder headed out on his mission. He spots the man who was announced. Blue orbs dart from him to wars the women waiting. "Hey." He says walking toward Lyl but looking over at him. "Welcome to Carpe. Been here maybe a day a head of you so not much help here. Unless you need some one killed." He gives the man a nod
Lucifer Morningstar 10/12/19 He stood out side the offices while the coven buzzed with life today. As the new guy finished up and left to do what ever it was his plans were for the rest of the day he. Lucifer stops. "Welcome to the coven and don't drink the water.There is more crazy then most places"
Crimson Belladonna Jones 10/11/19 Welcome to the coven!
Raven D Morningstar 10/11/19 Hey Welcome finally! If your in need seek out meself or Ava
Hela Jones_ 10/11/19 Welcome to the coven! I am Hela if you need help call Jake. *Laughs* Or do like the rest of us and seek out Lucifer.
Mara Lenore 10/11/19 Now more the reason to bust your chops! Welcome to the coven. Hope you like bacon!
Jassayla 10/11/19 Welcome to the Coven hot stuff. Er I mean I am just gonna go give someone therapy or something now.
Jacob Ander Morningstar 10/11/19 Bro if you want to play in the cells..Make sure you have a spear key.
You managed to break out Naberius Reum
Jassayla 10/11/19 Perhaps the skills in which I possess are not for the general public viewing. *grins*
Jassayla 10/11/19 If you wanted to cop a feel there are better ways to do it. Most females or at least I don't carry my money in my pockets.
Mara Lenore 10/10/19 Congrats on the rank!
Jassayla 10/09/19 *steps from the cell* Perhaps I need a set of those or next time I will just freeze the damn lock. And I think I need that thing we call patience as well. Though I do thank you for the freedom, darling. *Big blue eyes toss a wink in his direction*
Jassayla 10/09/19 How is a girl supposed to bust you out if you don't let go? *The small blonde witch places a hand on her hip as she looks at the male*
Iva Herrera 10/03/19 She gave the man a curious glance. He smelled new. New to her, rather. Giving a single nod by way of greeting, she said, "Hello to you."
Kira Garrett 10/03/19 On behalf of Sine Metu, welcome to the Realm!
Geoffrey Drake 10/02/19 Welcome to the realm!
Mara Lenore 10/02/19 Welcome to the realm!
Raven D Morningstar 10/02/19 Welcome to the realm! I am Raven a mentor for lost demons. Should you need any help please feel free to ask.
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