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RealmWhen the hunter becomes the hunted
Created by Samil
New YorkClash of the Crews
Created by Mackenzie
Samil 01/06/19 Is that what you would call it?
Samil 01/06/19 They are your family. You know them better than I do
Samil 01/06/19 *shrugs* Honestly I have no idea
Samil 01/06/19 Only because setting a fire is not going to help wake them up
Samil 01/06/19 It was your idea to begin with.
Samil 01/06/19 *bursts into laughter* That is all on you. I have nothing to do with that one sweetcheeks.
Samil 01/06/19 Yep so see my issue. I wanted to wait for them. Especially for your sister.
Samil 01/06/19 Food would wake Raven and Azazel. The others wouldn't be so easy.
Samil 01/06/19 Ha good luck with that one sweet cheeks.
Samil 01/06/19 Good question. I haven't seen them since we arrived. Which is a bummer since I wanted your family there when you got your present.
Samil 01/06/19 *He chuckles softly as he taps his chin in thought* Hmmmm maybe
Samil 12/24/18 The cab is already out front waiting for us.
Samil 12/24/18 Well then, let's go.
Samil 12/23/18 Are you ready? We have a plane to catch.
Samil 12/22/18 Deal! Just remember your words.
Samil 12/22/18 Um just don't kill us okay.
Samil 12/22/18 Yes princess. I took care of reserving a rental car.
Samil 12/22/18 So then we just have to catch the plane and we will be good.
Samil 12/22/18 In a few hours yet. I wanted to make sure we were ready without rushing.
Samil 12/22/18 *He laughs and shakes his head* I was thinking more like in my arms but if my pocket suits you better, by all means.
Samil 12/22/18 Well lets see, most important present in a suitcase right now so I would say yes
Samil 12/22/18 Are your bags packed for NOLA? *He whispers beside her as he hands her a fresh cup of coffee and a muffin*
Samil 12/16/18 Poking people is not nice little missy
Samil 12/16/18 *Flicks her nose playfully*
Samil 12/16/18 *He grins* For everyone. Just wait and see.
Samil 12/16/18 Indeed. It will definitely be a day to remember.
Samil 12/16/18 Absolutely positive of that darling. You will see
Samil 12/16/18 Patience darling. I promise you that you will do one of 3 things. You will either cry, be speechless or faint
Samil 12/16/18 *Chuckles* Technically 9 days away but who's counting.
Samil 12/16/18 Good morning, beautiful. You will just have to wait until Christmas. *Hands her a cup of coffee and places a kiss to her forehead*
Samil 12/16/18 *He winks* I have something up my sleeve that says differently.
Samil 12/15/18 Hmmm truth comes out now. You only tolerate me because I am cute
Samil 12/15/18 Well I have plans for that day and would like to live to see them through.
Samil 12/15/18 Uh no. We will be flying in a thing called a plane and then taking a cab from the airport.
Samil 12/15/18 *He chuckled sheepishly as he realized his words had not come out quite like he wanted* I meant to say, breakfast at your sister's house on Christmas.
Samil 12/15/18 Then you have low hopes sweetcheeks. Speaking of Christmas we are supposed to have breakfast at her house.
Samil 12/15/18 Hmmm one can hope as it has been eons since I did anything like this.
Samil 12/15/18 Just wait and see little darling. There will be plenty of surprises for you and for Josie
Samil 12/15/18 *A slow lazy grin moves over his lips* Hmmm, maybe Santa will grant such a wish
Samil 12/15/18 Mistle toe hmmm? Are you wishing for a kiss beneath said mistle toe, little darling?
Samil 12/15/18 *Raises a slender brow placing his finger against her lips* Shhhh none of that now. Did we get all the decorations.
Samil 12/15/18 *He took the necklace in his hand as they shook before placing it around her neck and clasping it* You're welcome
Samil 12/13/18 *He smiled softly and shook his head* Uh I wasn't missing. This is a mistake. It isn't even a good picture.
Samil 12/09/18 *While they were out buying decorations to decorate the tree they had cut and his cabin he had stopped at the store where he ordered her present from. Picking it up he surprised her with it.*

I remember you saying once yellow was your favorite color. I had to get this for you the moment I saw it.
Samil 12/04/18 Hope you are good at planning things sweet cheeks because I expect to be dazzled.
Samil 12/04/18 Ha not even in your dreams sweet cheeks. Nicw try though.
Samil 12/04/18 Good. Otherwise I may have had to lose on purpose just so you wouldn't cry. *He teases softly*
Samil 12/04/18 You are so on. Just don't cry when I win and we will be good.
Samil 12/04/18 Oh? We will just have to see about that sweet cheeks.
Samil 12/04/18 And I do plan to win while watching you squirm, dear Aurora.
Samil 12/04/18 *Takes her small hand in his larger one, brushing his lips across the knuckles* May the best person win.
Samil 12/04/18 Fair enough. Loser plans and pays for their idea of a perfect date.
Samil 12/04/18 Cave to what exactly? Specifics here sweet cheeks.
Samil 12/04/18 Rules first and then we name the stakes as long as both are in agreeance.
Samil 12/04/18 Hmmmm, yes they are. Especially when I win. And I do enjoy winning.
Samil 12/04/18 Are you challenging me sweet cheeks? You couldn't handle me if I manned up as you call it. *He smirks as he walks beside her*
Samil 12/04/18 *Looks horrified* Do I really even want to know? Between her and Lyl the things they may possibly do scare me.
Samil 12/04/18 *Raises a brow* Is that so? Or what? You would beat me? I may like that though so hmmm.
Samil 12/04/18 Even if you are, I am gonna do what I can to keep it that way sweet cheeks. *winks*
Samil 12/04/18 I was talking more about but the donuts but coffee works too. As long as it keeps people happy.
Samil 12/04/18 Not sure about my way to their heart but I do know my way to their stomach. Besides there is like a coffee and donut shop on every corner around here.
Samil 12/03/18 Did someone order breakfast? I could have sworn someone ordered a breakfast just for you sweet cheeks. Enjoy.

Lylith_ 12/01/18 "Just mention food. She will come running."
Lylith_ 12/01/18 "Fine. I will meet you in NOLA. Just no lally gagging."
Samil 11/30/18 Think she already is. She is MIA too
Lylith_ 11/30/18 "Yeah she just might. Never know with her."
Samil 11/30/18 *Something was wrong. It wasn't like Aurora to not tease him back about something. Had he overstepped and scared her away? Had she left without him and Rav? Calm down, Sami . He mentally chastised himself.*
Lylith_ 11/30/18 "Just don't die. And don't hurt him. I did enough of that."
Lylith_ 11/30/18 "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? AZ IS IN MOSCOW? SINCE WHEN? I have been home recupertaing. Being poisoned, burned and then watching it just seem to disappear takes a toll on a person."
Lylith_ 11/30/18 "Yes your loss. Sami well Sami can be great. He has his moments. And I am never out of reach. They invented phones for a reason."
Lylith_ 11/30/18 "1- Your loss and second of all since when and why am I just now finding out about it?"
Lylith_ 11/30/18 Twinkle Toes
"I could care less about the rumors that you are banging him. You are aren't you? My concern is why he still roaming free."
Lylith_ 11/30/18 Twinkle Toes
"I been hearing rumors. Need some clarification."
Lylith_ 11/30/18 Twinkle Toes
"We need to talk."
Samil 11/30/18 Wakey wakey sleeping beauty. We have demons and angels to hunt.
Samil 11/29/18 Ohhhh I may eventually. You never know. *He teases softly.*
Samil 11/28/18 You already did that? Remember? You and Ana poisoned me.
Samil 11/28/18 Well since I have yet to see either one I am going to have to take your word on that one. But should you disappoint me later it may mean punishment.
Samil 11/28/18 You might just be right about that. I mean you are way older than me after all. Maybe you should just keep your clothes on after all. *He winks as he laughs softly*
Samil 11/28/18 I doubt that. But then what would I know. Maybe my eye sight is going afterall.
Samil 11/28/18 Come now. I am sure there are others you would rather go on vacation with then me. Of course if you wore a bikini I am sold on the idea.
Samil 11/28/18 Um cage. Milleniums. We don't get a lot of sun in hell and especially not when locked in a cage.
Samil 11/28/18 Yellow? As in sunshine yellow? *He scrunches his nose up*
Samil 11/28/18 Something wrong with the color red? I think you would look amazing in something red.
Samil 11/28/18 Best behavior? I am always on my best behavior. To insinuate anything else is liking saying I'm a bull in a china shop.
Samil 11/28/18 If I sit at the kids table my knees will come to my ears. I am quite a big man you know. May have to just sit on the floor. That what would be a sight.
Samil 11/28/18 Hmmmm nervous? Maybe. What if she tries to poison my food? I have been through that already. I would prefer not to go through it again.
Samil 11/28/18 *Sami chewed on his lip briefly before speaking.* So er um, do you do breakfast at the Morningstar table? *Sera had told him breakfast at 8 and well he wasn't sure he was quite ready to face them all alone.*
Samil 11/26/18 Cabin...woods...dark. Hurry please. I'm sorry. *His voice a mere whisper as he uses what strength he could muster to reach her mind. She was his last hope and he wouldn't blame her if she didn't come.*
Samil 11/24/18 *He probably was dropped on his head a time or two. Pair that with the poison coursing through his veins and you had a walking, talking disaster. True he wasn't always an evil sadistic ******* but when you are locked in a cage for milleniums what did you expect. As he thrashed about on the large bed in the cabin the visions began to haunt him, his body pouring sweat from every possible orifice.*
Samil 11/24/18

*Okay Sam was definitely losing his mind, romancing the ice queen hherself and yet he couldn't help himself. Blame it on the bullets or her whip but he was definitely out of his mind. He attached a note before sending them* These like you have many layers. I have seen all the layers these hold and would love to see all the ones in which you hold. Until we meet agaon sweet cheeks.
Samil 11/23/18 *He winks a slow grin crossing his lips* Oh count on that sweet cheeks. You come find me anytime. I may even give up the hunt for that one for you.
Samil 11/23/18 *He turns to look at the Seraphim with a shake of his head.* Dream on sweet cheeks
Eloise Buchanan 11/23/18 Why, thank you!
Samil 11/22/18 *He lands in front of the seraphim, an unconscious Lyl on his shoulder. With a grin he drops her at the angels feet, her shirt still cut and his mark burned into her skin.* I trust ye should know what to do with her. *With that he takes flight once more*
Lyria Montoya 11/19/18 Jorder! *Picks up phone* *Reads text* "They fine but bigger." *Send*
Lylith_ 11/18/18 Twinkle Toes
"Sh!t. I have to go. Tell no one of this conversation."
Lylith_ 11/18/18 Picking her phone back up as it fell from her hands she shook her head.

Twinkle Toes
"Not possible. He has been in that cage for hundreds of milleniums."
Lylith_ 11/18/18 Twinkle Toes
"Good news from you? Hardly? What is it you want?"
Samil 11/18/18 Not in hell I just came from there. And neither is that dog who follows her around like he is lost. Someone knows her and where to find her. I have plenty of time to wait.
Samil 11/18/18 Still tempermental I see. Figured being here among the humans would have changed that. And those around you? Were you not the one who just said you hadn't seen her?
Samil 11/18/18 She is and always will be mine. Make no mistakes about it. I will find her and it will not end well for those who try to prevent it. It is time she learns her place.
Samil 11/18/18 *Dark eyes light up as he watches her, a smirk on bis lips* My wife.
Samil 11/18/18 *Brown eyes roll as a shake of dark locks occur* And? One such as you should know when the time comes we will arrive. And the time has come that a little demon pays for it.
Samil 11/18/18 *Dark eyes turn to the voice of the woman. An amused grin on his lips* 'Scuse me? Job? Out? What do you speak of?
Josie Nathan 11/11/18 Josie smiled brightly as she heard that Lucien was okay, hugging his bear tighter. As her mother mentioned training the girl tilted her head to the side, biting her lip. "Like school? Or more weapon training? Can I train with Valentin?" she asked with a bright grin, wondering what other tricks he could show her.
Josie Nathan 11/05/18 At the mention of her friend Josie followed her mom out of the bathroom into the hall, smiling softly as she took Samael into her hands, holding him to her chest. "I miss him, mommy. He just disappeared," she murmured softly, biting her lip as she looked up at Aurora. "He didn't even say goodbye." Looking down at the bear she gave a small smile, hugging him to her chest. "I'll keep him safe."
Josie Nathan 11/05/18 Josie looked over at her mom, frowning in confusion before looking back to the mirror. As she spoke the girl poked at her thinner cheeks, giving a toothy smile to check out her pearly whites. "Growing up..." she murmured before turning with wide eyes. "Oh no, does that mean I have to go to school now?"
Josie Nathan 11/05/18 After waking up, Josie had gone about her usual business, crying out in surprise as she saw herself in the mirror. She was no longer the tiny four year old she had been when she died. Something had happened, she was older now. Confused she ran her fingers through her hair, spinning around and running out of the bathroom door. "Mommy! Mommy!" she cried out, scared by what she was seeing, hoping her mom might know what might have happened.
Josie Nathan 10/28/18 Josie giggled as she shrugged her shoulders at the teasing of Helix, giving a nod. "We'll just throw kitty treats and he'll chase after those!" Taking her mother's hand she skipped next to her, the excitement obvious in the little girl.
Josie Nathan 10/21/18 Josie grinned and nodded her head excitedly, giggling at Aurora's scary voice. "Yeah yeah! We could make pretend ghosts with old sheets and hang them over balloons, and my black cat Helix can pretend he's scary and chase everyone!"
Marcus Cain 10/20/18 -arches brow-
"I did not call you evil, only that I have no clue who you are or your alignment."
-slow blinks-
Marcus Cain 10/19/18 "It is, and you could be evil. Trust should not be handed out so easily."
Josie Nathan 10/19/18 Giggling happily at Aurora's words, pondering her mother's question. "Hmm... Can we have spider webs and fog? It would make it so scary!"
Lylith_ 10/19/18 This caused her lips to turn upward into a grin as dark laughter escaped her lips. "And you think, little birdy, should we choose to pluck those pretty feathers you could stop us? You see, the fact that you are Sera's sister makes you off limits to me but not the other birdies."
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "Speaking of pity, seems you have befriended said offspring. Should we pity you since those were words or do you pity yourself, birdy?"
Lylith_ 10/19/18 "Tsk tsk pretty birdy. I don't eat my offspring. I eat others. Luci and Azazel handle and put up with me just fine. Are you saying you pity them?"
Lylith_ 10/19/18 Silver blue hues look over at Aurora. She had to be nice to Sera but couldn't recall the same being said of this one. "What scares you most birdy? That I am back or that I have a child just as demented as I am?"
Marcus Cain 10/18/18 -furrows brows-
-shakes head-
"I don't take candy or beverage from people I do not know. Could be poisoned. Common sense."
Marcus Cain 10/16/18 -grumbles-
-is a grump-
Josie Nathan 10/14/18 Hearing mention of decoration added an extra skip in her step as she walked with Aurora, gazing admiringly at the butterfly exhibit. "Yeah! It will be fun to decorate together!" Humming in thought she turned to look at Aurora. "Can I be a butterfly for halloween?"
Valentin Metzger 10/11/18 -Again, mention of angels...- Ja, sword training is not really my specialty. I prefer straight blades and smaller edged weapons.
Poppy Adler 10/10/18 No worries, and thank you.
Valentin Metzger 10/10/18 -nods- A child must learn from an early age the proper way to protect themselves, ja?
Valentin Metzger 10/10/18 -chuckles- No promises.
Josie Nathan 10/09/18 Skipping next to Aurora she looked around at even more butterflies, giggling as she watched them flutter around. "Halloween? I love halloween! Dressing up in costumes, going trick or treating, carving pumpkins!"
Josie Nathan 10/08/18 Giving Aurora a hug back with a soft giggle, the child nodded her head, nearly bouncing with excitement. "Yeah! More butterflies!"
Valentin Metzger 10/08/18 -nods- Maybe bladed weapons will be next. Who knows.
Valentin Metzger 10/08/18 -chuckles- It went well.. she seemed very responsive to the information given.
Valentin Metzger 10/08/18 -nods- Ja.. I was teaching her how to throat punch bullies.
Josie Nathan 10/07/18 Josie grinned and giggled, giving a nod. "Do you think we could get different colored ones?"
Josie Nathan 10/06/18 Josie smiled at Aurora's question, pondering it as she gazed at the sleeping caterpillars. "After Disney characters, like the princesses, and the Lion King," she giggled, looking to Aurora with a smile.
Josie Nathan 10/06/18 Grinning at the thought of taking some caterpillars home for their garden. "It would be so cool to have butterflies of our own. We could even name them!"
Josie Nathan 10/05/18 Hearing her mother she turned and ran to Aurora's side, gazing at the caterpillars. "They look like little worms," she giggled, looking to the cocoons that were there too. "Oh, they're taking naps!"
Valentin Metzger 10/04/18 -smiles- You seem very pleasant.. if you need my help, or bail money, please let me know.
Valentin Metzger 10/04/18 -chuckles- Right place, right time.
Valentin Metzger 10/04/18 -swings the cell door open- Quickly now..

You managed to break out _Aurora_.
Josie Nathan 10/04/18 Grinning Josie nodded and ventured further into the exhibit. There were all sorts of colors around, and she wondered what they were all called. Giggling as one landed on her nose she paused, watching as it fluttered away. "It's so magical," she murmured thoughtfully, starting to walk through it again.
Josie Nathan 10/04/18 Josie giggled and held onto Aurora's hand so she wouldn't get lost. As they went inside, Josie's eyes widened at all the different colored butterflies, giving a squeal of excitement. "They're all so pretty!"
Valentin Metzger 10/04/18 -chuckles and nods- Bitte.
Josie Nathan 10/03/18 Looking up at Aurora, Josie gave her a bright smile. "Mommy, can we go see the butterflies now?" the child asked softly, blue eyes dancing in excitement.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 You managed to break out _Aurora_.

Run. Quickly.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 -grins- The Butcher.
-gives a nod- Very nice to meet you, Aurora.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 -nods- I am almost positive you will.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 -points a large hand towards the Den- The large building. That is where the bar is located.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 Are you sure you are in the correct place? -chuckles- Normally it is alcohol and more alcohol.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 German. Danke. -nods- It is an odd language at times. Russian is a bit more difficult with no vowels.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 You are very welcome. If you need any help, please let me know.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 Welcome to the Den.
Eden Kennedy 10/01/18 Anytime!
Eden Kennedy 10/01/18 You managed to break out _Aurora_. Free to go!
W_Kat 10/01/18 Congrats on PotD!
Josie Nathan 09/29/18 Josie smiled wide, feeling her cheeks turn a rosy pink as she hugged Aurora, the feeling of love washing over her, making her feel as if she were alive again. Only this time, she felt even more loved than she had.
Josie Nathan 09/28/18 Josie pulled away slightly, grinning up at Aurora. "I can't believe I have a new mommy. God must like me, since he made me an angel first and then helped me find you."
Josie Nathan 09/28/18 Josie's eyes brightened at Aurora's words and she nodded, wrapping her arms around Aurora's shoulders in a hug, hiding her face in the woman's shoulder. "I'm so happy!"
Josie Nathan 09/26/18 Looking to Aurora as she spoke, Josie listened quietly, giving her her full attention. Upon hearing her words Josie's eyes widened in wonder, biting her lip. "D-Does that mean you'll be my mommy now?" she asked softly, nervous herself in case that wasn't what Aurora had in mind.
Josie Nathan 09/26/18 Josie nodded and followed after Aurora, giving a quick look around at all the pretty flowers surrounding them. She felt like she was in an enchanted forest. If only there were unicorns, she thought to herself with a giggle. "What did you want to ask me Miss Aurora?"
Josie Nathan 09/26/18 Josie giggled at Aurora's reaction, slowing down so she wasn't pulling on her hand as much. "Can I tell you my wish?" she asked sweetly, tilting her head to look up at Aurora.
Josie Nathan 09/26/18 Josie giggled as Aurora poked her nose, pushing her hair back from her face. Tugging Aurora's hand she walked towards the butterfly exhibit again.
Josie Nathan 09/26/18 Smiling Josie looked to Aurora as she moved to stand next to Josie, reaching up for her hand. "Do you think my wish will come true, Miss Aurora?"
Josie Nathan 09/25/18 Smiling, Josie gave a nod as she looked around at all the flowers as they approached the butterfly exhibit. Looking over to the fountain her hands wrapped around the planks blocking the edge. "A wish?" she murmured, turning to Aurora and holding her hand out for the quarter. Smiling brightly she turned back to the fountain, squeezing her eyes shut and holding the quarter to her chest. "I wish... For Miss Aurora to be my new mommy," she whispered. Reaching forward she tossed the quarter into the water, smiling as she watched the ripples.
Josie Nathan 09/25/18 Giggling as she twirled her, Josie skipped her way towards the butterfly exhibit. She couldn't remember the last time she had seen a butterfly in real life. The last movie she had seen one in was a weird movie, with a lot of vibrant colors and a disappearing cat. She had just liked the silliness of it all. "What's your favorite kind of flower, Miss Aurora?"
Josie Nathan 09/25/18 Josie gave an excited nod at the mention of finding the movie the song was from. Standing quietly as Aurora paid so they could go in, she stood on her tip toes as they studied the map. "Ooh butterflies? They're just as pretty as flowers!"
Josie Nathan 09/24/18 Looking up at Aurora's question, Josie smiled brightly, looking around as they started to enter the garden. "When You Wish Upon a Star. It's a really pretty song. I think it's from that movie about a puppet."
Josie Nathan 09/24/18 Josie hummed as the entered the park, looking around at everything around them, taking everything in. As they made their way to the garden, Josie thought quietly, smiling up at Aurora. "Maybe roses! Or lilies, or daisies."
Josie Nathan 09/23/18 At the mention of whipped cream her blue eyes widened and she grinned. "Mmm, whipped cream!" Holding tight to her hand she stayed close to Aurora's side through the crowd, not wanting to get separated.
Josie Nathan 09/23/18 "Ooh ice cream! Can I have chocolate with rainbow sprinkles?" the child giggled, following at Aurora's side, fingers wrapped happily in Aurora's hand.
Josie Nathan 09/22/18 At the mention of a garden, Josie nodded her head quickly, giggling softly. "Yeah! That way we can see all the pretty flowers!"
Josie Nathan 09/22/18 Josie giggled, taking Aurora's hand once more. "Now what are we going to do, Miss Aurora?" the girl asked sweetly, smiling up at her.
Blood Maw 09/21/18 THank you
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Smiling she pulled away, looking to the princesses. "This was really fun! Thank you Princess Jasmine and Princess Ariel," she giggled, trying to do another curtsy for them, lifting out the edges of her princess dress.
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Josie perked up even more as Ariel addressed her directly, sitting her cup down gently before answering. "It's delicious! I've never had such a fun tea party." Pausing she turned to Aurora, giving a big smile. "You're the best Miss Aurora. Thank you." Standing up she wrapped her arms around the woman's shoulders, hiding her face in the woman's shoulder.
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Josie settled down as the tea and little treats were brought out, trying to behave like a princess would even when another person dressed like Ariel came out. Biting her lip she folded her hands in her lap properly, watching how the other princesses acted so she knew how she should act too. Reaching out she picked up her plastic cup, sipping the juice gently from it, grinning widely as the other Ariel smiled at her.
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 A content smile spread onto the child's face as her hair was stroked, something she had missed. A safe feeling. Following the other princess inside she sat down after getting her Ariel dress, nearly bouncing in her seat in excitement. "I get to be a real princess!" she giggled, smiling up at Aurora. "Thank you Miss Aurora!"
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Giggling as Jasmine smiled at her she hugged her arms around Aurora's legs. "Can Miss Aurora be Belle? Because Belle and Ariel would be best friends because they're so nice!"
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Josie smiled brightly and nodded, following along to the store. A tea party sounded like a lot of fun. Seeing a princess in front of her, her blue eyes widened in surprise. "Oh! Princess Jasmine! You're so pretty!" she giggled, doing her best curtsy that she could muster.
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 "Yay!" Giggled Josie, skipping next to Aurora as they made their way back to the store. "Do you think they'll have little princess cakes?"
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Grinning Josie shook her head, taking Aurora's hand once more. "They're both really pretty. Belle's dress is gold with pink roses! And she gets to wear a matching golden tiara."
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Josie smiled, doing a spin so her skirt would flare up. "Belle is the most kindest special and prettiest princess. She loves to read and she makes friends with everyone!"
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Josie pursed her lips as she pondered Aurora's question, trying to think of the different princesses that she knew of. "Oh! I know!" Giggling she tilted her head up to look at Aurora. "How about Belle? From Beauty and the Beast?"
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Josie practically skipped at Aurora's side, excitement filling her now that her very best friend was back. "Are you going to dress up like a princess too? We could both have matching tiaras!"
Josie Nathan 09/20/18 Josie smiled widely at Aurora's words, reaching to take the woman's hand. "Can we go play princesses now? Pretty please, Miss Aurora?"
Josie Nathan 09/20/18 Josie squeezed her arms gently as she felt Aurora's hug, pulling her head back to look up at her with a grin. "I was so afraid! You're my best friend!"
Josie Nathan 09/20/18 Looking up as she heard a familiar voice, Josie's downtrodden face lifted immediately as she closed the distance between herself and Aurora. Her arms wrapped around the woman's legs in a hug, a bright smile on her lips. "I missed you Miss Aurora!"
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