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Born: January 01, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 9
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 2017 Winter Bloodies ~ Most Promising Character
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Sheridan J Mayfair

Ronan Boru

Marah Boru

Last five threads posted in:
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NeighborhoodCici's Apothecary
Created by Circe De Pont
New OrleansJackson Square Park
Created by Sheridan J Mayfair
W_Kat 03/06/18 Congrats on PotD!
Ronan Boru 03/06/18 Congrats on POTD
Sheridan J Mayfair 02/14/18 Happy Valentine's Day my love and my angel of the dark. Not your typical rose I assure you. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Declan A Black 01/15/18 With another roll of the eyes he watched her for a moment, she as having fun and he just shook his head before letting out a little chuckle.

"You think you're cute, huh?"
Circe De Pont 01/14/18 Pulling the card Isis had given her from her pocket she sends the other woman a text.
" The boys and I will be doing a hunt later this evening if you care to join us. As for the other I've found a few interesting possibilities but need some info from you. Come by the shop or call me and we'll talk."
Declan A Black 01/10/18 With a slight roll his his eyes he watched as her fingers came close to his chest with a soft chuckle. "You are quite small.. like.. smaller than I thought for such big talk you have." He teased a bit as he ran his hand back through his short hair again and then watched her closely.
Declan A Black 01/10/18 His face went from amused to a little angry. "Okay now it's not really about my fiance.. now it's just uncomfortable." His hands came up and made a circle around him. "Okay.. this is personal boundaries. The only people allowed to break it are my sisters, brothers, parents, my fiance, my daughter, and eventually the twins."
Declan A Black 01/10/18 Declan let a little chuckle escape his lips to lighten the mood a little before he shook his head. "To my fiance... that's grinding.. that's a lot." He made a little face and looked around for a second. "I feel like I'm getting punked.. like any second my pregnant fiance's gonna pop out and pretend this was all some sort of f*cked up joke."
Declan A Black 01/10/18 His eyes lowered to her look at her as he saw amusement on her face, shaking his head. "See I know you think this is some sort of game.. fine.. I joke, I play, and I tease everyone... but you're pushing it and you're stepping over a boundary." He stepped back a bit and then awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, chuckling. "I'm not trying to be mean and you seem like a nice girl... but listen. There will be so many people dead if my fiance knew you were practically grinding on me." Then he held up a finger for each of the following. You... me... Her... my entire family... anyone you've ever known... and this entire realm. Not to mention if she found out and told my little sisters..." He trailed off, looking at her, raising his eyes brows to see if she was going to try and really tempt fate.
Katarina Black 01/10/18 Katarina looked at the vampire as her eyes changed to a fierce golden yellow. "You're new around here so I'm going to say this as nice as I possibly can...Keep your hands off my fiance...Declan is the father of my unborn twins and we are very happy together"
Declan A Black 01/10/18 As she pulled him closer he chuckled and pulled back again, nervously laughing as to not make things awkward between the two of them. "Why do you keep calling me a pup? I died.. but I'm far older than you think I am, darling." he moved a large muscular hand through his short hair and then down through his slight beard.
Declan A Black 01/10/18 As the female stumbled, his eye brow raised in such curiosity. Watching her for a second before she gripping his arm, he chuckled a bit. "Well.. I have been around longer than you think, darling." Being taken back slightly as he felt the female press herself to him he cleared his throat and took a step back before taking his arm from around her, where she put it. The first thought that cross his mind was to pray to god Kat didn't find out about this before he chuckled. "My Fiance... She keeps me pretty occupied... " He said in a slightly awkward tone of voice.
Declan A Black 01/09/18 A bushy brow raised as the male watched her, looking behind for a second to see who the hell she was talking to until he felt her hand in his hair which cause a slight glare. "I've been around a lot longer than you think, cutie pie." His large muscular finger popping her gently on the nose. "Now, if you have any questions you know where to find me, sometimes I make it months but odds are you'll find me in this same spot a week from now." He furrowed his brows slightly at her watched her, curious.
Sheridan J Mayfair 01/04/18 -A small box appears and sits on a table with Isis name o written in silver blue shimmering lettering.inside sits something the NOLA witch was very protective over. Something NO ONE else has and something he has never given willingly to another person.If the flowers didnt get her attention this would or at least he hoped. A note is in side the box.- Isis: I figured you ignore the flowers. I know predictable and completely human. I am sure you know what is in this vial just from the smell of it. I can tell you NO ONE else has this vial. Not even family. You are the ONLY one. Will be the Only one to have it. Always, Sheridan Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Isis Dracul 01/03/18 Returning from a shopping trip Isis saw flowers on her stoop. She knew they were for her. She stepped over them and left them sitting where they had been delivered.
Sheridan J Mayfair 01/03/18 Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic -He had found her address from a friend on the NYPD. flowers were typical but it was a start.-
Sheridan J Mayfair 01/02/18 "If you can hear me and I know you can. Jackson square park near the fountain and I dont care about changes. We all change but hearts don't lie Mon ame. You can find me in the park.If you dont come in the next hour I will be back at Riverbend. Julian back of you old lying goat.Bring Mona or whoever I dont care." - Sheridan walks to the square and sits near the fountain to wait.-
Sheridan J Mayfair 01/02/18 -Sheridan walks the streets of NOLA. His head and heart calling out to her hoping she hears him.- "I know you are out here.I can feel you. The question is where are you my goddess?"
Ronan Boru 01/02/18 * Ronan laughs* "apparently it has. It is a good thing. I know it has changed others as well from what you might remember them as. If you should have need of anything let me or any of my kin know like my wife Lilly, Marah or Ciaran. know. It is good to see you as well again." * The Irish high king and druid witch grins.*
Ronan Boru 01/02/18 Welcome back lass. Long time no see. So has death and rebirth changed you as much as it did the rest of us then *Ronan smiles at her*
Marah Boru 01/02/18 "Marah turned when she heard the woman speak to her in a more soften voice. She gave her a smile and nodded+

"Yes he is I am one of the triplets that he had with Marie Reilly. Although he will say I am a hand full and just like my mom. I like to think I am a little like him as well. But he loves me. Hes Married to Lilly now and surprisingly she has become a great mother to me. Look I am sorry if I frightened you or did something wrong. Its just when I saw your name on the list... I thought of Sheridan and how he would feel knowing your here. Forgive me if I did offend you."
Marah Boru 01/02/18 +Marah's eyes followed the woman's movement if this was a few months ago she might of froze her or worse not meaning to. But thanks to her father and mother mother she was not like that any more. Marah remained calm and and soft spoken. She had the list of the new arrivals and when she saw this woman's name she knew who she was from the stories Sheridan told her. Slowly she answered the woman's question.+

" Look I don't mean to offend you but I have seen your picture and heard stories of you from your one time husband. Detective Sheridan Mayfair. He is a good friend of my fathers...Ronan Boru. Your right I don't know much of your affairs but a good friend of mine will be happy your here. Hes missed you .. and I can truly say he still loves you very VERY much. "

+Marah turned to leave then looked back at the woman+

" " I'm sorry if I offended you. I hope your stay here is long and healthy. There are others I have to greet."

+Marah turned around again and started to leave.+
Marah Boru 01/01/18 +Marah walks up to the new girl and smiles extending her hand.+
"Hello my name is Marah and i would like to welcome you to the realm. I think someone is looking for you "
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