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"And now that you donít have to be perfect, you can be good."
-John Steinbeck
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RealmThere is a sense in which we are all each other's consequences.
Created by Rhiannon McKay
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 Rhiannon
I'm home, so I'm already sans pants. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 Rhiannon
I'm working. Come find me?
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 Rhiannon
I have a handprint on my ass, and it hurts to sit down.
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 -taps temple-
I'm getting used to kids. I'm a fast learner.
Tonight, then. You, me, short shorts and that whistle.
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 -is already straddling her hips-
No time for that, babe. Sesame Street will be over soon.
-pushes her back against the pillows-
Tonight, though. I think I could get into the whole gym outfit thing.
-nips at her neck-
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 -wraps arms around her neck-
-leans in close-
It is a stupid name. And so is 'SoMo.'
-plants kisses all over-
You're not cute, you're hot. Smoking hot, and I want you. Right now.
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 -is caught off guard by 'the Weekday'-
-leans away abruptly-
The Weeknd, babe. Weekend, not weekday.
You're so cute, oh my god.
Soleil Whitaker 05/30/17 -saunters back in-
It's fine, I told him that he can only used it when he's with us. Lloyd and Cait will never know.
-sits on edge of bed-
What's this about heavy petting, now?
Soleil Whitaker 05/29/17 -cackles-
Sure, babe.
-stands, sweeps Noah up into arms-
C'mon, little man. I think I hear Big Bird calling your name.
-leans in, whispers something about Callum being a 'poo head'-
-winks at Noah as he giggles-
Be back in a sec, darling.
Soleil Whitaker 05/29/17 -rolls eyes-
Yeah, yeah.
What were you gonna say? Huh?
-crosses arms over chest, arches brow-
No Sesame Street for the boys until you spit it out.
-tries to be stern, can't help but grin at Noah chanting 'Sesame Street'-
Soleil Whitaker 05/29/17 Rhiannon.
-puts hand out-
I know how to clean up, trust me. I'll have you know that before we moved in together, I kept both my apartments in impeccable order.
-pats her leg-
No need to apologize, beautiful. I get it.
-shrugs again-
I haven't seen her, so maybe she spent the night with micro-di...
-clears throat-
With him.
Soleil Whitaker 05/29/17 -feigns offense-
Yes, cleaned up the kitchen. We had a minor incident with the pancake mix, but it was easy to wipe up.
-smiles at-
Okay, we'll wait, then.
-cups her cheek-
I can't wait to start a family with you.
Soleil Whitaker 05/29/17 I like sleeping with you in my arms.
-grins back-
I just love you a lot, that's all.
Not at all. We're all good. We even cleaned up the kitchen already.
We don't have to, if you don't want. I just figured... with, you know, what we talked about last night and all? We can wait until the boys are gone.
Soleil Whitaker 05/29/17 -plants a kiss to her lips, despite Noah's presence-
-plops down on edge of bed, hands over tea-
Did you sleep well?
-puts hand on her knee-
I was thinking we could start looking into the adoption process today?
Winter Summers 05/29/17 Rhiannon
God you make me feel so f#cking special ya know that?
I can not stress enough how much I love having you in my life!
Oh well I am sure she is gonna visit soon!
And I'm sorry love, I'll be home before you know it!
Winter Summers 05/29/17 Rhiannon
You aren't big on sharing your house or your wife?
You share her with me and your home!
Also she hasn't been to our home!
Has she? Was I that f#cked up?
Winter Summers 05/29/17 Rhiannon
Now now that wasn't very nice!
Everyone has parents even if some of us would have been better off being raised by wolves.
Sorry touchy subject! Oddly enough I loath my parents for being drug addicts and selling me but there is still a part of me that loves them.
Winter Summers 05/29/17 Rhiannon
I'm sure it will be fine love!
My sister's lover is going to do it if I follow through.
I might not even do it!
Besides I'm not on my way to London right now I am with Elouise visiting her mother.
Winter Summers 05/29/17 Rhiannon
Eh we are all entitled to our moody days, god knows I have them.
And I may be gone longer than I thought...I have to head to London.
And keep this between us you are the only person I have told.
Seeing someone about a cure, a cure that will actually work.
Winter Summers 05/29/17 Rhiannon
Oh good! I bet you guys are gonna have the cutest baby ever!
Why are you being a Mr Grumpy Gills?
Soleil Whitaker 05/29/17 -knocks on bedroom door, Noah in tow-
Babe? Are you in here?
-pokes head in-
Are you still grumpy? We brought you tea and pancakes.
Winter Summers 05/29/17 Rhiannon
You guys got the baby and I missed it!?
Oh man! Now I'm gonna ugly cry!
Mostly because I don't have any ice cream it's my go to when I need to eat my feelings.
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 You better not be snuggling with anyone else.
-hoists Noah and Rigsby into arms-
C'mon dudes. Time for bed.
-hushes Noah's whining-
It's late, big guy. The adults are going to bed, too.
-peers over at her, grins-
Meet you upstairs?
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 Well...
You're right about that. At least I run a little warmer than others.
-blinks, flashes eerie gold lycan eyes-
I'm your personal source of heat.
-toothy grin-
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 -cackles-
Babe, I'm kidding. Even if you did marry me just for my youth, it'd be okay because I'd still get to call you mine.
-deflects swat-
You're pretty good at pulling things off, too. Namely my clothes.
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 -holds up hand-
No, no. It's okay.
-waves idly-
I know you married me for my youth. I understand that my body is just part of the package.
I'm okay with being used, as long as I'm being used by only you.
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 -rolls eyes-
I should've known the boob pillows would cheer you up.
-reaches up, strokes her cheek-
A bath and some cuddles sounds lovely, darling. It's a date.
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 Would it make you feel better?
-puppy dog eyes-
I just wanna make you smile.
-is such a sap-
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 Kimmy Schmidt it is, then.
-switches to Netflix-
-pulls her into a long, gentle kiss-
Of course we can spoon, babe.
-grins again-
Do you know that I'd do anything for and with you?
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 Beside you, darling.
So, the Notebook?
-scrolls through DVR'd movies-
Or do you wanna watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt instead?
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 -reaches over Noah and across Rigsby to catch her chin-
Hey, I love you.
-leans over to kiss her gently-
-grins at Noah making kissing noises-
Do you know that? I love you, woman.
Winter Summers 05/28/17 My Rhiannon
Just in case you weren't told today
You are breathtaking, brave, and you are like sunshine on a rainy day.
Also I love you!
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 The Notebook is a sad movie.
-waves at the tv-
What's wrong with the Food Network?
-pulls Noah up onto couch, fist bumps him-
We can watch the Notebook if you really want, though. Just anything to make you feel better.
-hates when she's upset, always feels like a lost puppy-
I'd do anything to see that beautiful smile of yours.
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 -is overwhelmed-
-hands Noah plastic bowl of Cheerios-
-ushers him back into living room-
No to the Notebook, we don't need to flood the brownstone.
-plops down beside-
Babe, please, please stop crying. You're making me nervous...
-is so concerned-
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 Babe. Please stop crying.
-kisses her forehead before rushing out to retrieve boys-
-stumbles in, juggling Rigsby and the bags-
Take Rigsby while I go find Noah a snack.
-holds baby out-
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 Babe, relax. This body is beautiful, and always will be.
-squeezes affectionately-
I don't know how long, but if you want to do it, we will. Okay?
-hears phone buzz-
We can't steal one, but we can certainly borrow some.
-shifts her off lap-
The Darrow boys are here.
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 -squints-
I know what a biological clock is. I just hadn't anticipated that yours would have anything to do with a baby?
Let's start the paperwork, then. You said the adoption process would be long, but it's worth the wait. We have the nursery set up already, too.
-pulls her into lap, slips arms around her waist-
Let's start a family. Yeah?
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 Rhiannon...
-shifts uncomfortably-
What are you getting at?
-brow furrows-
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 Please no divorce.
-presses kiss to her hair-
I love you.
-turns tv volume down-
What'd you realize, then? You've got me chomping at the bit here, babe.
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 -turns to Food Network-
-mutters about Guy Fieri-
The only thing I'll ever judge you for is that time you thought Peter Gabriel was still relevant.
-clears throat-
Talk to me, babe. That's all I want.
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 -squints-
-hands over bag-
Fine. Don't tell me.
-reaches over for tv remote-
Wanna watch Food Network?
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 Rhiannon.
-holds Snickers out of reach-
What's going on?
-knits brow-
What're you not telling me?
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 I didn't say anything was wrong, babe.
-disappears into pantry-
-reemerges with Snickers-
I said up. Why're you in a funk with work? What's going on?
-sits, pats lap-
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 I went grocery shopping today.
-hands her ice cream and spoon-
It's chocolate brownie. And I bought a bag of Snickers for you.
-pats couch-
Sit for a second, and I'll go get them from the pantry. Then we can talk about what's up, okay?
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 You could've run errands with me, babe.
-cups her chin, presses firm kiss to her lips-
I missed you like crazy.
-eskimo kisses-
What can I do to cheer you up, huh?
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 -wraps arms around-
-kisses all over-
Why are you grumpy?
Soleil Whitaker 05/28/17 Rhiannon
Come join me on the couch.
I have two spoons and a pint of Ben & Jerry's.
Winter Summers 05/28/17 Rhiannon
She is indeed beautiful and here I was just thinking to myself man I wish I could see her pretty face.
And yours of course!
I miss you two like crazy!
Winter Summers 05/07/17 Rhiannon
YES! He is SO nice to stare at especially when naked!
Also he has the whole bad boy but actually a sweet guy thing going for him!
Maybe that's where I am going wrong...but I don't think I can pull off the bad boy thing.
Winter Summers 05/07/17 Rhiannon
God I love how you remember their names!
Ultimately though cluster is bring the sexy!
Especially the one with the big trunk!
You are totally gonna get my reference I know it!
Winter Summers 05/07/17 Rhiannon
I will bring both of those things!
And probably candy! I have a serious sweet tooth!
And right!? But it's not even just the cluster!
Lito boyfriend would bang, Nomi's girlfriend would also bang!
I really hate how I can't remember their names right now...
Winter Summers 05/07/17 Rhiannon
Oh my god yes!
That show has the SEXIEST people in it!
You know what I am saying? Of course you do!
Sidenote will be bringing tissues that show just gets me sometimes.
Winter Summers 05/07/17 Rhiannon
What are we gonna watch?
If it's gonna be something that makes me board the feels train I am bringing tissues as well!
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 I think I'm good, now that I have that out of my system.
You're the only person I ever want to dream about.
-takes her face in hands-
You're my favorite person in the world.
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 -sits on edge of desk-
I'm still pleasantly surprised we went through with it.
I take it that I didn't get jealous like you had predicted.
-leans closer-
Do you know how much I love you, Rhiannon Whitaker?
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 -saunters in-
I'm sorry I don't remember much, babe.
-loiters out of arm's reach-
Did we really have a good time?
Soleil Whitaker 05/07/17 Rhiannon
I'm downstairs. Tell me all about it if I come up?
Or show me, sans Winter? ;)
Winter Summers 05/06/17 Rhiannon
You got it beautiful!
Any idea if your lovely wife would want anything?
Being slow as molasses on the whole texting thing today!
Winter Summers 05/06/17 Rhiannon
Oh well that is good to know!
I'm feeling kinda proud now!
Gonna celebrate with Chinese food!
Want anything?
Winter Summers 05/06/17 Rhiannon
Should I assume a good time was had by all then?
Soleil Whitaker 05/06/17 Rhiannon
Of course I do, babe.
Wow, that's actually kind of hot. Did we have a good time?
Soleil Whitaker 05/06/17 Rhiannon
... that actually happened?
Soleil Whitaker 05/06/17 Rhiannon
Except I don't know what the f*ck happened to me last night...
Did we smoke?
Winter Summers 05/06/17 Rhiannon
Did we eat shrooms together yesterday?
Did I sleep through a whole day again?
Did I drink too much?
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Rhiannon
I don't think you're in a position to tell me what to do.
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Rhiannon
Things to do, babe. Big day ahead.
Big night, rather. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Rhiannon
Yes or no.
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Rhiannon
Thoughts on edible body paint? On chocolate?
Remi Rose 05/05/17 Rhiannon
TSA ain't got sh-t on me!
Sorry, watching Training Day downstairs.
Ophelia Fraye 05/04/17 I'll never tell. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 05/01/17 Rhiannon
I'm always missing you.
Soleil Whitaker 04/28/17 Excuse me.
-leans away-
You got high without me?
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
Damnit, babe. I'm about to get out of bed just to carry you back here.
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
Bring a couple water bottles, then.
I restocked the fridge yesterday. Should be Gatorade, too.
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
I love you, too.
Now, ditch the kids. They'll be fine with Sesame St. for a hot sec.
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
What do you think?
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
Candle for what? Your dad already knows what you've done.
Omniscience will getcha every time.
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
It's either here or on the kitchen counter.
I don't give a flying f*ck if Margot and Callum are drinking their AM coffee.
Soleil Whitaker 04/25/17 Rhiannon
Was it Callum? LOLOLOL.
Sorry, that's not funny.
Did you get a look at him?

Come back to bed, and we can see who's louder. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 04/22/17 SW

Soleil was teetering on the edge of intoxication, and Rhiannon was using the night's high to her advantage. Not that the younger woman cared at all. She was too busy being mesmerized by the way her wife moved, and by revealing red dress she had on. It made saying 'no' admittedly very difficult.

"Let's sign before we return to Moscow." Although her mind and judgement might've been impaired by the booze and feverish dance music, Soleil meant it. She was ready to start a life anew with the woman she loved - she'd always been ready, afterall.
Soleil Whitaker 04/22/17 SW

"Yeah, maybe. But, you --" was all she could manage before she was pulled into a fervid kiss. She blinked as Rhiannon pulled away, slightly discombobulated from being embraced so abruptly. Goddamn, this woman was hot.

She could only smile at what Rhiannon said next. Although she was getting better about her insecurities, Soleil still sometimes worried that her bride was unhappy in their marriage. Hearing Rhiannon vocalize her feelings, in that moment, in that particular setting, made Soleil beam with pride. "I'm really glad we're doing this," she responded, leaning in close to Rhiannon's ear, "It's about time we had a night out together."
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 SW

She smirked as she stepped away, giving Rhiannon some space to breathe and to dance. She apologized half-heartedly - sorry for smothering and for being perhaps a tad too possessive, but not at all sorry for turning their dancing into a spectacle for all to see. Rhiannon was a very, very attractive woman, that was plain to see. So, Soleil was determined to make it clear to the world that Rhiannon was a married woman.

For the first time in days, Soleil felt comfortable. And happy. And at ease. Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the heat of the club that left her feeling loose and relaxed. Either way, New York was finally starting to feel like a vacation.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 SW

Soleil sauntered over to her wife, the heavy bass of the music pounding in her ears. She'd had a few drinks, and now she was ready to dance. It'd been a while since she'd indulged in the nightclub scene but, she was in New York City with her gorgeous wife. How could she resist going out to show off?

She took Rhiannon by the waist and pulled her close, their bodies pressed flush against eachother. It didn't take much to let the music dictate her movements, and soon, the couple was turning heads. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught two men staring. "Looks liks we've got some admirers," she teased before pressing a long, searing kiss to Rhiannon's neck.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 SW

Is that what you really want, babe?
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 SW

Why don't you come on over here, and dance like that on someone who'd appreciate it?
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 SW

I guess we'll just have to find out if you're right.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 SW

Yeah, you're definitely not dancing with anyone else tonight.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 Great. Just don't dance with anyone, and we'll be alright!
This woman will be the death of me.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 -presses a firm, lingering kiss to her lips-
You're learning, babe. Color me impressed.
I'm definitely gayer, though.
-flashes teeth in wide, sh*t eating grin-
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 Bullsh*t.
-continues to smirk-
Are we really having the 'who's gayer' debate?
I can prove to you just how gay I am.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 -rolls eyes-
We both know that I'm better with my hands than you are.
-huge smirk-
I'm the OG lesbian, remember?
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 I'm a little sh*t?
Honey, you have no idea.
-proceeds to kiss her all over-
At least I love you. And I've gotten better about the popcorn.
Soleil Whitaker 04/21/17 -catches pillow, whips it across the room-
You know...
-flips over, pins her down-
I wonder that every single day.
-wide grin-
Too bad you're stuck with me.
Camille Rameau 04/17/17
Soleil Whitaker 04/17/17 Rhiannon
Come back to me. Let me hold you for a bit.
Then, we can grab breakfast at my favorite diner.
I love you too, Rhiannon. You're my heart and soul.
Soleil Whitaker 04/16/17 Wife of Mine
[IMG attached]
Soleil Whitaker 04/14/17 Alright, night.
-nudges her off the couch-
-spreads out-
-is a stubborn, stubborn little sh*t-
Lose-lose since neither of us get cuddles.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 Rhiannon
Stop texting Winter. Come pay attention to me.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 -shuts up with a kiss-
No cops, babe. And I'm not getting rid of you.
-cups cheek-
You're mine. You're not going anywhere. Okay?
-boops nose-
Stop being so paranoid.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 -bats eyelashes-
Not a trick question at all.
-leans in-
I was just making sure my wife is happy. Is that so wrong?
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 -backs her into countertop-
Not fast enough, huh?
-plants hands on counter either side of her-
Tell me, darling wife, is there anything I do in this lifetime that pleases you?
-arches brow-
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 Do you promise?
-catches her around the waist-
How'd you manage to get water everywhere? Who are you, Fish?
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 -scoffs-
It's not the yoga, babe. Believe me.
-is incredibly amused-
-pauses to observe-
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the love of my life.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 If that's how it's gonna be.
-wraps arms around, stands-
-pads into kitchen-
-plops her onto counter-
Stay while I heat up some food. Do you need water for that cottonmouth?
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 I'll take you with me if I have to, Rhiannon.
-nips at-
Because now you've got me thinking about that leftover pesto pasta...
-eyes refrigerator-
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 -chuckles-
Seems this stuff still gets the job done...
-nudges playfully-
What do you want? Water? Devil Dogs? Kale?
-taps lips-
Kiss first.
Soleil Whitaker 04/12/17 -snickers-
Sorry it's not the same as your Woodstock grass, you f*cking hippie.
-presses kiss to her hair-
Chewing Gum, then?
-takes a hit, settles in-
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 -hops down-
-saunters away-
-drops towel-
Your loss, my darling wife.
-smirks before disappearing into bedroom-
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 -hooks leg around her waist-
I'm done teasing, so you're welcome to take exactly what it is you want.
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 -pulls her in by her shirt-
-leans in-
But, can you blame me? I've got a smoking hot wife.
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 -scoots up onto kitchen counter-
-waves her over-
And why I can't have both?
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 -feigns offense-
-hand over heart-
I'm not doing anything, Rhiannon. So, I don't see how your 40 year long stint as a nun is relevant.
-shoots sly grin over shoulder-
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 I'm not testing anything.
-bats eyelashes-
-kicks off quilt in order to get up-
Do we have anything to eat?
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 -scoffs-
Since when did you learn about privacy?
-plops down on the couch-
-grins smugly-
What kind of recommendations?
Soleil Whitaker 04/10/17 I'm right here, you dingus.
-emerges from the bedroom wrapped in a towel-
Funny you should text me something like that.
You're not helping the whole 'I'm not a f*ckboy' case...
Soleil Whitaker 04/09/17 Rhiannon
Oh, you'll come home. No doubt about that.
Love you, wife!!
Soleil Whitaker 04/09/17 Rhiannon
Oh, I know where it is... trust me. 😏
Soleil Whitaker 04/09/17 Rhiannon
Just trying to get you to come home asap.
Also, I can be romantic.
Soleil Whitaker 04/02/17 You're something.
-kisses all over-
Most importantly, you're mine.
Soleil Whitaker 04/02/17 Now, that was the sexiest thing you've ever said to me.
-has serious heart eyes-
You might be my soulmate.
-pulls close-
Come here so I can love on you. Good god.
Soleil Whitaker 04/02/17 -rolls eyes-
I told you, babe. We'll get the farm someday.
-puts hand over heart-
I promised, remember?
-eyes widen-
Tiramisu? We have some?
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
More like I'm going to show you off. ;)
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
Are we still going out tonight?
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
I wasn't insulting her. I was making an observation.
I don't neglect you either. I'm coming home.
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
Her eyes are so big, omg. She looks like an orange alien.
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
When was I going to get a picture?????
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
I know what a kitten is. I thought for a second you said you bought one.
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Rhiannon
I'm sorry, what about a kitten?
Soleil Whitaker 03/31/17 Rhiannon
Called it in, gonna swing by the grocery store.
Be home in 20ish.
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