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Born: August 01, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 107
Affiliation: Carpe Noctem Mail Replies Sent: 352
Home City: Transylvania Mail Sent: 76
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12/09/19 at 6:21 pm
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Deir siad sula dtosaíonn tú cogadh is fearr a fhios agat cad é do troid. Is féidir liom ach an bhfuil tú?
Special Items:
 Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Survived the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019

Matt Boru's Biography
((This information is OOC. You do NOT know any of it unless Matt tell you it. Moods are IC. Please do not attack me when I am online.Steal from me when ever you wish.))

Name: Matthew Kian Boru (Matthew Kian Bóruma)
DOB: June 15 1989
Place of birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Age: 29
Nicknames: "Matt" or "Matty"
Nationality: Irish
Eyes :
Normal: Blue
Annoyed: Dark violet
Angry: Black
Hair: Brown
Race: Witch
Lanuages spoken: Irish Gaelic, Elven, English, French, Norwegian
Education: Druantia Academy of Magic (Ireland) : Graduated, Trinity University ( Dublin,Ireland) Majored in Education and History : Graduated
Powers : Air elemental, Healing , telepathy , Atomkenisis (weather manipulation), orbing, electrokenisis, conjuring
Family Motto: "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
Ronan Boru (father)
Angelica Star La Croix (biological Mother)
Lilly Emperium (Mother)
Ciaran Boru (Twin Brother)
Alexander Boru (Brother)
Elessar Boru (Brother)
Marah Boru (Sister)
Grania Boru (Sister)
Orchid Boru (Sister)
Tabitha Boru (Sister)
Arwen Boru (sister)
Cira Boru (sister)
Jamie Fraser (God Father)
Claire Fraser (God Mother)

Family History:

My name is Matthew Kian (Key-in) Boru. I am a witch. I am the son of Ronan Boru and the great grandson of Brian Boru, A famous high king of Ireland. I have NONE of the vampire traits of my "mother" , Angelica Star La Croix for which I thank the old gods .Ireland has always been my home and I come back to her now. back to her rolling fields of green and her fences made of stone. Back to my people and island that I have missed and only dreamed about the last few years.

My father is married to Lilly Emperium who my siblings and I have always called "Mama Lilly". She was there for us when ever we needed her to be. More of a mother then Angelica ever was to me and my siblings that share her as a "mother". Even my father's Ex wife , Maeve was more the mother then she was to us even though none of us were her biological children. Neither Lilly nor Maeve really had to do anything fro myself and my siblings but they choose to and that made the difference. The only other person that was there besides Lilly, my father for us was Aunt Siobhan Doyle, My father's youngest sister. Times have changed and people come and go from life. It is nothing that can be stopped no matter how hard we wished it in the end or with any amount of magic gifts. It is the never ending circle of life.

I have a white dire wolf named , Hedwig . She has always been with me. I also have a black panther named, Ivor. She too has always been with me since I was a child. I am here for those loyal to my family, friends and for my homeland. If you are any of those 3 consider yourself very lucky. There arent many that make the list.
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Caitlin Conners

Ronan Boru


Blood Demon


Marah Whitmoore


Raven D Morningstar


Sheridan _J Mayfair


Manannán mac Lir

Claire Fraser
Blood Demon


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Amethyst 11/11/19 "Thank ya Matty didn't expect to either but it's best to put me trust in family only. And be with family after all they are the only ones you can trust. By the way have ya seen your sister lately? She not a king so we'll. Just ask C."
Caitlin Conners 10/31/19 * I run up to youtaking your arm.* " Hey Happy Samhain. Guess what I just saw ? Your handsome picture up all over the place. Congradulations Matt on the profile of the day." * I hug give you a short hug and pull back a bit.*
Amethyst 10/31/19 "This is awesome your realms most wanted on Samhain. Double treat. Congrats brother in law."
Marah Whitmoore 10/31/19 +Taps foot shaking her head with a smile+
br>" Ooookaaaay little brother what did you do now? Did ya kill my ex? Oh wait he killed himself again. Made something go kaboom? Yep you made something go kaboom. Congrats on making the realms most popular. And A very Happy Samhain to ya."
LillyEmperium 10/31/19 *shaking her head, Lilly chuckled* don't know what you did, just don't get cought. Congrats
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/31/19 Congrats on POTD
Ciaran_M_Boru 10/31/19 HAHAH awesome a Boru as Most wanted on Halloween. Love it. Congrats
Ronan Boru 10/31/19 Well this is a good thing a Brou as POTD on Samhain . Maybe? Your grandmother would be so proud. Me I want to know what ya did and ya cant blame Ciaran for it. Congrats on Most wanted.
WildKat 10/31/19 Congrats on PotD!
Caitlin Conners 10/23/19 *I wink at you* " Okay Mr.I mean Matt."
Caitlin Conners 10/22/19 "Yes I do have one thanks to your Da. He is very kind and nice. I see where you get your good looks from. I have gotten away with a couple and broke out a couple of times as well. You see Mr. Boru I don't give up easily on something I want." *I smile a some**
Caitlin Conners 10/19/19 "Why thank you Mattie. I could use your advice and helpvwith crimes and dbs if you have any free time."
Caitlin Conners 10/17/19 "That is true. Always nice to be where friends are at."
Claire Fraser 10/17/19 "MATTY ... Your back it's been a long time for sure . How ya doing?"
Caitlin Conners 10/16/19 "Options? You mean there is more for me here? Egags"
Caitlin Conners 10/16/19 " Well your a great salesman Mr. Matt Boru." * I smile *
Caitlin Conners 10/16/19 "Oh yes it is. Being in strange surroundings it is nice to see a few friendly faces."
Caitlin Conners 10/16/19 *I smile* "Thats nice to know"
Caitlin Conners 10/16/19 "Thank you I will remember that if it is the thing to do. I see you are there at least I will know someone."
Caitlin Conners 10/16/19 " Thank you for your kindness Matt. My name is Caitlin. I'm hoping to stick around for a bit"
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