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Born: April 13, 2009 Forum Topics Started: 2
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 595
Affiliation: The Menagerie Mail Replies Sent: 4469
Home City: London Mail Sent: 5273
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12/15/18 at 12:18 am
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Ranked out on March 12th, 2018
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 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
I went trick or treating at DemonKnight's Lair
I got fooled on April Fools Day
Dark Chronicle - Golden Donor
Silver Goblet Commemorating Ringing in 2010 with
Dracula scared the $@&% out of me this Halloween, 2010
Golden Goblet Commemorating Ringing in 2011 with
I survived the great Bloodout of 2011...with only minor withdrawal symptoms
Ruby hilted Sword commemorating the Bloodletting 5 Year Anniversary
bad_kitty threw a Halloween party and I won scariest costume!, 2011
Santa Van Helsing dropped down my chimney this Christmas with a package - Christmas 2011
Limited Edition Elphaba Trading Card for 6 Year Anniversary
I visited the Realm Haunted House on Halloween 2012 and an Elder took all my candy!
Best RP November 2012
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2012
Make fun of Santa? Naughty list for you!
Best RP December 2012
Best RP January 2013
Summer Bloodies 13 Figurine- Best RPM Cry Havoc, and let slip the Dogs of War!
Realm-A-Thon 2013 ~ Donator
Click Monkey Award
Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
Best RP September 2015
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2015
I wasnít a Grinch for Christmas 2015
2015 Bloodies Figurine ~ Best Witch
A limited edition assortment of peanut butter Admin eggs - Easter 2017
2017 Summer Bloodies - Best Witch
2018 Summer Bloodies - Best Witch

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Eloise Buchanan 12/10/18 *Elle notices the note under her door as she awakes and faster than the eye can see grabs it and races back to bed* Thank you, I have been made very welcome.
Maycee Thomas 12/09/18 Iím also going to need a large plot of forest, giant lollipops, and a ridiculous amount of frosting. Oh, wait. No. I think itís faux pas for witches to eat children nowadays.
Maycee Thomas 12/09/18 Thank you! I have the sudden urge to make a gingerbread house with a very large oven for some reason...
Santa Claus 12/01/18 You can expect a spanking...or two.
Edward Brollachan 11/20/18 "Tapadh leat, lass... and ye were in my corner the whole time. I shall ne'er forget that!"
Kyla 11/16/18 Monkeys, tigers and wolves, oh my. I need to check the list Dita mentioned...
Marah 11/15/18 "Hello Im Marah and I would like to welcome you to The Menagerie."
Edward Brollachan 11/12/18 My goodness, Mar a bhios teangannan a 'falbh.
Valentin Metzger 11/06/18 A blur. Someone grabbing a handful of his ass. Valentin visibly jumps as.. Fraulein Ravencroft?.. zooms by. Large hands pat at the pockets of his jeans, his jacket. Nothing is missing except.. the wad of lint he is collecting? A large fist shakes in the air. "That is my special lint! I was to knit a sweater for Ariel!" He quiets quickly, turquoise optics furtively surveying the area. Hopefully none of his male comrades had heard this statement. "Welcome back, Fraulein."
Edward Brollachan 11/04/18 One of his oldest friends had reemerged from where ever it was that witches went, presumably under a house somewhere. He was quite pleased to see her.
"Well hello, darlin'... aren't ye a sight for these golden eyes? Tha e cho math dhut fhaicinn."
Stalker 11/04/18 I know...I look better in person, right?
Dita Morgenstern 11/03/18 [dances around with a box of pastries for the Bedlam.]
[gives the box to Miss Bree.] Miss Bree! Can you eat these for me?
[runs off to bed with a wave.]
W_Kat 10/27/18 Congrats on PotD, Bree!
Valentin Metzger 08/14/18 -blows a kiss-
-sassy voice- Thannnnnnk yoooooou gawjuss!
Valentin Metzger 08/13/18 -stands still-
-remains quiet even as Fraulein Ravencroft colors on his person-
-hand on hip, sassy voice- Am I beautiful?
Valentin Metzger 08/02/18 -nods- I think I would as well. If I could make it to retirement.
Valentin Metzger 08/01/18 -chuckles- Ja.. I am a bad person. Horrible. Criminal.
-winks- How are you Fraulein?
Valentin Metzger 07/31/18 -chuckles- I think it is best if we didn't discuss it.
-then again, he knows she is trustworthy of character- I may have..
-leans in close to whisper- Stolen a few doughnuts.
-offers a maple bacon cronut-
W_Kat 07/02/18 WOOHOOO!! Congrats on PotD, Bree!!
Dita Morgenstern 04/30/18 [giggles quietly.] Thank you Miss Bree!
[is probably not going to give the extra one to Dresden.]
[is greedy.] These are delicious!
Dita Morgenstern 04/30/18 [drools as Miss Bree speaks.]
[accepts the treat greedily.]
[nibbles at the smore, savouring the delicious taste.] Thank you, Miss Bree.
[smiles.] May I have an extra one, for Dresden?
[contemplates if she really wants to share it with Dresden.]
Dita Morgenstern 04/29/18 [steps back out of closet she arrived from Narnia.]
[sits quietly, patiently, for smores.]
What are smores Miss Bree?
[has never had smores goodness.]
Dita Morgenstern 04/29/18 [is bathed in confetti.]
[dances merrily.] Yes! Yes I did! I have great teachers!
Dita Morgenstern 04/28/18 [scurries towards and smiles.]
[hands over a jar of peanut butter.]
[disappears into the closet.]
[may have found Narnia.]
Mackenzie 03/23/18 Despite her split lip and various broken bones, Mackenzie still grins up at Bree like a fool. "You just kicked my arse...and I think I liked it."
Sprew 03/17/18 I see that all of those beloved city street magic gigs have finally paid off...Congrats!
Valentin Metzger 03/13/18 Bitte Frau Ravencroft. -an unusual smile reaches his eyes- It has. I hope the journey has been worth the effort?
Valentin Metzger 03/13/18 Congratulations on Bedlam!
Dessa Chambers 03/12/18 Congrats on 20!!!
Livia Vlcek 03/12/18 *hugs tight, but totally lets her howl*
*ugly cries*
Livia Vlcek 03/12/18 *nods* Just an eyelash...I see it.
*starts to well up with tears*
Livia Vlcek 03/12/18 *locks the blueberries up >.> *

Did you cry? I cried.
Livia Vlcek 03/12/18 Holy mother of God. *blinks* I really did infect you...

CONGRATULATIONS ON 20!!! No one deserves it more than you worked hard for it.
Livia Vlcek 03/12/18 *rubs herself all over Bree...hoping it spreads* Yas, we're diseased...*sniffles*
Livia Vlcek 03/12/18 *nods* I think they are diseased ones. *frowns*
Livia Vlcek 03/12/18 I ish purples. *stares* Had a bad allergic reaction to some blueberries...
Livia Vlcek 03/12/18 I'm fine. *clings to*
Livia Vlcek 03/12/18 Haiiiiii... *snuggles* Anno! How's you?
Livia Vlcek 03/12/18 *sees the pretty woman*
W_Kat 03/05/18 WTG Bree!!! Congrats on PotD!
W_Kat 02/09/18 Congrats on POtD!!
Mackenzie 01/26/18 -catches whiff-
Oh hey girl, heeeeeey.
Sprew 10/08/17 Hrmmms, perhaps....has one missed their spankings?
Kiernan Tigra 06/01/17 Methinks you should buy a lotto ticket with how good your luck has been on PoTD the past little while! Hope it's a good day for ya as well!

W_Kat 06/01/17 Congrats on PotD!
Kristian Mcloud 05/29/17 Crown Grats on POTD! May your day be a wonderful one 🌹
W_Kat 05/29/17 Congrats on PotD!
W_Kat 05/09/17 Congrats on PotD!
Livia Vlcek 02/03/17 *turns a lovely shade of green* No more celebrating for a few days. I think I need to sleep it off. *holds up pedialyte* This is like, the greatest cureall to anything. ANYTHING. *giggles*
Livia Vlcek 02/03/17 You are too kind Bree. Thank you. *sheepish smile* I over indulged in some cheap tequila last night. *groans* Should have gone with the balsamic instead. *sips her pedialyte*
Edward Brollachan 11/14/15 Good gawd, woman... if half of the rumours are true, then that's a wanted poster.
Edward Brollachan 11/14/15 Now what ha'e ye done, to ha'e yo'r pretty face plastered all o'er the Realm?
Missing again, or engaging in more hooliganism?
Alice Barbour 10/12/15 *blushing softly*
I'm afraid I haven't been very good at keeping in touch.
Alice Barbour 10/12/15 Oh my! I've been keeping to myself, since... you know... that thing in Japan last year. And that thing Mr. Julian went through. I still going through, I guess. I was in London for a while, then Paris, and I'm thinking of going up the coast from Los Angeles to Fontana.
Alice Barbour 10/07/15 *shocked look*
*checks rank card*

Sankoes, Miss Bree!

*looks over shoulder*

Durn... does this rank make my butt look big?
Sprew 09/23/15 Thankies *aids in fanning*
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 *vogues*
*squeals with joy at the new photos*
*runs off before Bree takes them back* Thannnnnk yooooou!
lacigam 08/30/15 *Smiles* Grats on POtD! Hope your day is a wonderful one :)
Edward Brollachan 08/30/15 *arches eyebrow*
I see ye ha'e managed to alert the authorities again...
What did ye do this time, to ha'e yo'r portrait posted all o'er the Realm?
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 *wakes*
*notices her photo is wet*
*cries* Mai phooootooooo!
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 *fangirls*
*clutches photo to chest*
*passes out*
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 Well...milk is good for you. *ponders* But! Scotch is better! *shifty eyes* So pretty...*swoons*
Livia Vlcek 08/30/15 Chur face! *waves hands around Bree's face* So beautimous they put it up all over the Realm...and on Scotch bottles!
Edward Brollachan 02/05/15 *Arches eyebrow suspiciously*

I think I shan't be sitting on any strange cushions I find, especially if there is a scent of witch about them.
Edward Brollachan 02/05/15 *blinks*

What's a 'whoopie cushion? Does that have anything too do with that song 'Making Whoopie'?
Branwen 01/31/15 ~Blushing~

I'm afraid I am not used to such attention.
Edward Brollachan 01/22/15 *Blinks*

"Neither or both, I suppose..."
Edward Brollachan 01/22/15 "Do ye mean, I look like a milk carton kid, or like a wanted posted at the post office?"
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