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Nyx Photine

Black Lord

Dessa Chambers

Dresden Morgenstern

Camille Hammond
Dark Embracer

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Last five threads posted in:
W_Kat 04/05/17 Congrats on PotD!
Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 Mountain View

-is clearly unamused-
Yeah, no. You can stay the f*ck away from me.

Soleil Whitaker 04/01/17 -shakes head-
Why you gotta do me like that, man?
Lucius Dalca 04/01/17
Lucius Dalca 04/01/17
Lucius Dalca 03/16/17 Lucius chuckled at the tabloid.
You were successful in stealing $163.00 from That Girl.
"The Wedding Funds!"
Autumn Summers 03/16/17 Maaaaybe...

Soleil Whitaker 03/16/17 Mountain View

I better not have just been accused of being a homewrecker.
Remi Rose 03/16/17 Love this issue!
You're the best, That Girl!
Sofia Johanneson 02/16/17 Rereads the paper and cants her head to the side not recalling any attempts on said person but... whatever. You Transferred Money to That Girl - $10.00 Damn expensive flower.....
Bree Ravencroft 02/14/17 You love me. You really love me.
*sheds a single tear*
Lloyd R Darrow 02/14/17 I didn't have my contacts in. Could have sworn they were Caitlyn.
-clears throat-
Lucius Dalca 02/14/17 *reads the tabloid*
Not bad at all, madam.
Jameson Orlav 02/14/17 How you gonna play me like that, girl?
Autumn Summers 02/14/17 He's quite photogenic, isn't he?
*sends text*
Remi Rose 02/14/17 -sticks with good ole' reliable-
deny, deny, deny..
Elouise Warrock 02/14/17 He's a hot dad, so I don't care.
Soleil Whitaker 02/14/17 -peruses-
-mutters about how Elouise has more than just the seasons in her pocket-
....what, what'd I say?
Dita Morgenstern 01/06/17 [erases the 'Th' in 'That' and replaces with a 'D'.] So all of my friends' names start with D.
[nods sagely.]
Soleil Whitaker 01/01/17 Soleil grinned at the last part of the stranger's greeting. She quite liked the idea of being a badass. "Thank you," she replied, "Thank you for the welcome."
Autumn Summers 12/24/16
Dita Morgenstern 12/21/16 [whispers.] I didn't mean to, honest. [pouts]
Summer 12/21/16 *Painstakingly cuts out the image of Hero Cheeto, takes it to the print shop, has the image blown up to poster size.*

*tapes that sh-t up above her bed so she can stare at her one true love every night as she falls asleep!*
Thanks, That Girl!!
Dita Morgenstern 12/21/16 [tosses the Vanity Fair and her cigarette.] It was all the airport had! I swear! I needed a fix! [sobs.]
Camille Hammond 12/06/16 I will win best beard.
Caitlyn Darrow 12/05/16
Jameson Orlav 12/02/16 You probably should have kept that $2.00 so you could bribe your way to some better news.
Galen C Lynch 12/02/16 Thanks for the welcome but I think I can find my way around well enough with out any worry .I have been here before . Oh and the pun with my last name don't its been so very over done.
The Light 11/30/16 Yes.
Elouise Warrock 11/29/16 I'm mildly offended.
Ciaran_Boru 11/28/16 *Reads the newest trash tabloid and tosses it in to the trash can with the other where it belonged.*
Nyx Photine 11/28/16 Cracking her knuckles, the petite witch sat at her bureau and pulled out some monogrammed stationary.

Dear Editor,
I wanted to commend you on your first issue! I read your little publication with a surprising amount of pleasure. Truly, tabloid is an irreverent form of art, isn't it?

I won't even use your old editions to line Gigi's cat pan. You should know that is very high praise.

Nyx Photine
Cassandra Carnivale 11/28/16 Cassie looked at her with a smile then spoke.

"Oh well I am sure you need it more then I do. You are a big woman suck it up buttercup. Go get a real job my dear. Like I said you have yourself a lovely night."

With that said Cassie continued to smile at the vile ridiculous woman she probably didn't know what was real news was if it bit her in her a$$. She then turned and walked away still smiling.
Summer 11/28/16 *prances through*

Killian Doyle 11/28/16 OMG!!! You are so clever. *Busts out laughing at them*
Summer 11/27/16 I hear your publication has gotten some peoples panties in wads!

*runs to watch!*

Killian Doyle 11/27/16 Oh good gods of old another tabloid rag just what this world needs. NOT!!
Ronan Boru 11/27/16  photo Robb-and-Grey-Wind-robb-stark-30440551-446-251.jpg There is the guard WOLF so yeah go fall off a cliff. Get your facts right before writing crap, loves. Oh sorry you wouldn't know fact from fiction any more then that other rag.
Ronan Boru 11/27/16 HHAHHA no see this is why you get nothing and are nothing. Bye Felicia.
Ronan Boru 11/27/16 yeah I dont befriend the Paparazzi. I let my guard dogs on them when they show up and spreads lies . Have a wonderful night.
Cassandra Carnivale 11/27/16 Sorry darling not excepting any friends request from anyone who does not know how to report real news or spreads lies. Besides So not interested in talking to anyone that I do not know. But you have a awesome night. Watch out for houses they do seem to fall on wicked ones.
Phantom Wraith 11/27/16 He grins evilly and pulls out a shock baton, "Oh I would never "abuse" someone...unless they somehow started trying to learn things they shouldn't...or tried to steal my job of breaking into places to watch people, thats my job!" He even pulls out the business card proving it.
Phantom Wraith 11/27/16 Walks up to the woman and stares at her for a bit before simply pepper spraying her, "Does this hurt you anymore or have you had ir happen too often to even feel it?"
Spring Taylor 11/27/16 God f-cking damnit. WHY THE F-CK ARE YOU EVEN HERE. ONE OF YOU B-TCHES WEREN'T ENOUGH.
Elouise Warrock 11/27/16 depends on what I get in exchange.
Jameson trades food. Food is the real currency.
Elouise Warrock 11/27/16 Is it really cheating if he's sleeping with men?
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