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Born: February 23, 2021 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 16 (House only: 0)
Affiliation: Eternal Embrace Mail Replies Sent: 50
Home City: Paris Mail Sent: 3
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09/16/21 at 4:24 pm
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Ice Queen




Katherine Pierce-


Last five threads posted in:
Ice Queen 08/31/21 "I know my love, I wasn't ready to be around others before but now I am besides it will do ima some good too. She has been hiding away in that cave waiting for her mate to come back" she said
Ice Queen 08/31/21 She laid her head on his chest as she felt the soft kiss upon her temple, "that sounds like a good plan my love at least we will be all safe and so the kids will be"
Ice Queen 08/31/21 "God don't look so worried, its nothing bad my love" she lifted up her hand and touched his face "I love you so much you silly been. I wanted to move closer to the family after what happened with our sister in law. Plus make amends on how I've talked about my PST and things"
Ice Queen 08/31/21 She chuckled softly and nods "well we better have this talk and have them over. Ima is sleeping in her room. I'm worried about her my love"
Ice Queen 08/31/21 "Oh so so tasty" she licks his bottom lip teasingly
Ice Queen 08/31/21 "Well yes as I have a very tasty man who I'm in love with" she looks up into his eyes as she smiled softly at him.
Ice Queen 08/31/21 "Oh going to get some excerise my love" she bit her lip as she goes to him, sliding her arms around him and kissed him softly,
Ice Queen 08/31/21 She sneaks up and licks his ear then runs off laughing
Ciaran_M_Boru 08/26/21 Welcome to the coven. I am Ciaran the coven confidate. If you should need anything just ask.
Ice Queen 08/26/21 Ice leaned against the doorpost and growled softly as she watched him sleeping after his journey with his brother's. At least he came home in one piece maybe her curse had been broken by this strange man who had captured her heart.
Ice Queen 05/18/21 She chuckled and kissed her husband "my bad ass mate"
Ice Queen 03/16/21 "My mate a bad ass got the guards on his tail" ice grins
Ice Queen 03/13/21 Ice slips up behind her mate and bites his earlobe "hello mah mate"
Ice Queen 02/23/21 She into his neck as she locked the door "baby then your in for a long night" she grinned as she kissed him deeply
Ice Queen 02/23/21 She reached out and growls against his lips as she bit him "damn baby, you ever die on me after that kiss I swear I will kick your ass all over the lake" slamming the door behind them until morning.
Ice Queen 02/23/21 "Baby, your mine now! so come here and kiss me before you can claim your woman behind closed doors out of sight" growling softly as she enters their bedroom.
Elizabeth ORourke 02/23/21 Welcome!
Ice Queen 02/23/21 Ice looked over her shoulder and gave a low growl seeing his naked chest. Her eyes turned to amber of her beast as she turns around to face away from him.
Ice Queen 02/23/21 Getting off the bike as she pulled her jacket closed to keep warm. Making her way into the cabin as she felt the earth caress her body. Her sister nodded and gave a smirk then left saying the girls were sleeping.
Ice Queen 02/23/21 The scent of this male filled her mind as she locked her hand over her wrist. Feeling his muscles under her fingertips as she let out a growl softly, he was her mind searching for the directions to her home. Next minute loving the wind in her hair.
Ice Queen 02/23/21 Ice swung her leg over the bike as she slid arms around his waist. Laying her head on his back "let us be out of here to mah cabin out of the city"
Ice Queen 02/23/21 She took a step back and signed "Yes i have heard of you and also baby, don't threaten me with a good time. Then in the morning I find you gone from this world"
Ice Queen 02/23/21 She walked to the bike and leaned into his ear, then whispered softly as she nipped his ear playfully" Then baby, I would say I'm in love with this hot ass bad boy "
Ice Queen 02/23/21 Rolling her eyes "baby, I haven't been innocent for three hundred years, I've seen dah bad boys in this world that make you look like pussy cat" she teased back as her claws retract, walking towards him.
Ice Queen 02/23/21 Ice started to laugh as she shook her own head, watching him walk towards his bike. She watched his ass in the tight leather pants "I'm no innocent woman, believe sweet cheeks. Maybe I love the bad boy image" she began to smirk and winked at him.
Ice Queen 02/23/21 Ice looked at him with a raised eyebrow and wandered around him biting her lip. "Welcome to dah realm, I be ice. If ye need anything just look meh up"
Ice Queen 02/23/21 Looking back at the male, she nearly knocked over as lifted her eyes that shone a pale blue with ice white around the edge. She was contented, before she disappeared into the alleyway where she left her clothes in a bag. After ten minutes of falling about cursing in her native language, ice came out to greet the stranger"
Ice Queen 02/23/21 A snowy white tiger pounds through the streets in search of big rats. She lifted her head as she sniffed the air before going back to her hunting.
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