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Born: March 13, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
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-Mona Marie-


Belinda Arch

Doom Bringer

Grace McKenna
Black Lord


Manannán mac Lir


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New Orleans... In threes
Created by Kyon-gel
Grace McKenna 04/11/19 Grace allowed the woman to bring her in, eager to taste her lips, to get her hooked. She would make a wonderful toy for her mate, and she would enjoy her well herself. Her hand reaching back to firmly cradle the other woman's head, she kept her in the embrace far longer than might have been acceptable by conventional standards. When she pulled back, Grace licked her bottom lip, savoring the sweetness.

"I don't owe you a date, but I would love to take you home."
Manannán mac Lir 03/28/19 The mesmerising woman with the ethereal and wild beauty came closer almost as if gliding along the grass. He thought he could see sprites and sylphs surrounding her worshipping her essence. Nature’s elements reached out for her grasping at limbs and becoming part of flesh. She was a vision that silently begged for endless admiration.

Once she drew closer an elegant hand was extended, her touch a soft caress as of butterfly wings alighting upon his skin, barely there yet electric in vibrancy.

Taking a breath, he answered her. “My reason for being here, Amaranthe, like so many others, is a woman. A rare Irish beauty whose heart, it turned out, is already given. Since then, I have a mind to stay awhile and soak up the…” he gestured around himself then towards her form. “beautiful views.”
Manannán mac Lir 03/27/19 Manannán watched as a beautiful creature approached him, close enough to observe but not come any closer. She reminded him of a wood nymph or some other type of delicate, ethereal and otherworldly creature. Tresses of flame shot with spun gold and mismatched eyes that lent themselves to her magnificence, in the same way, a rainbow might over sun-drenched beach - blue and green hues juxtaposed with stunning surrounds.

As she looked away then back again, mesmerising eyes coming to him, he could see a rose attached to her shoulder, and her words flowed to him smooth as silk. He smiled, both dimples forming as he replied.

“I’ve been walking between various worlds for many years, beauty. This place is not so different from others I have ventured through in my lifetime. I’m Manannán. By what name do you call yourself?
Kyon-gel 03/25/19 *snuzzles up and purrs... taking a dollar*
Grace McKenna 03/24/19 "Hello, Gorgeous!"

No longer bound by a promise to try being kinder and gentler, though Beau still owed her a bottle of top shelf whiskey for her efforts, Grace began to prowl the streets looking for new playthings to add to her collection. Some habits die hard. At least she wasn't going to drain precious vitae from this woman.
Belinda Arch 03/23/19 Petite celestial turned ice blue pools upon the voice that caught her in her tracks. 'Little Dove' It had been ages since she had been called that. Could it be? There did seem to be a sudden resurgence in people long past returning to this realm. "... Mara?" Glacial hues questioned the woman, needing to be sure this was, in fact, the same woman who had left an infant in her care so long ago.
-Mona Marie- 03/14/19 "Stubborn, willful, pain in the..." If she didn't control her temper, she'd light a fire under the woman's ass to get her moving. "You can't kill me childe, the succubus won't allow it." She offered her hand to her daughter. "I know just the meal ticket that will help you, but we have to get you to him."
-Mona Marie- 03/14/19 Mona had fed herself, recently, from old blood, powerful. If it wasn't for the pain she was causing her daughter, she could have shared of herself, transferring in a kiss enough to make her mobile. The succubus was always hungry, lusting after her next snack to toy with, though never taking enough to destroy the vessel. The witch had learned how to share the space, and both get their needs met. In return, she was given the ability to transfer energy as well as claim it. "Mara, my darling, let me help you, then we can find you a snack to regain your strength."
-Mona Marie- 03/13/19 Answers would come in time, was it not her duty to the returned childe? Mona's memories had not been kind enough to erase themselves, and some treacheries would not be forgiven. Manicured fingertips reach to draw the woman back out from her resting place, and into the waking world, again. "Yes, let's get you cleaned up. There is much to do."
-Mona Marie- 03/13/19 Jasmine on the wind follows the stiletto-clad woman as she meanders through the night. The spirits tugging at the woman's very senses. She had somewhere she needed to be, and soon she found the purpose. "My Darling, welcome back among us. I had prayed the Goddess wouldn't hold your body long." Mona leaned in to kiss the woman-child she had borne, a mere carrier to an older spirit needing a new body. "Too long still, but I trust that you have rested, no?"
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