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Autumn Summers

Last five threads posted in:
Autumn Summers 04/10/17 Favourite Ginger
So... Winter is back in London. We are going house shopping because he b*tched about mooching off his siblings when I mentioned living with one of us.
Me and Lucius are going to come over to your place once a week for dinner. I will cook and you two can bond... or whatever brothers and boyfriends do. Let me know what day works best for you.
Love you.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: Just Her
Welllllll... You are sadistic as f*ck and probably need criminal counseling asap but I think you still have your soul even if it is f*cked up.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: Da Future
Is that a british thing about gingers or? I always liked red hairs.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: Never Ever Ever
I heard painting is good for the soul. Any truth?
Well thank you, I kinda like living too.
Although have you been training yourself? Im sensing some slacking you know.
Lucius Dalca 04/09/17 Text: I'd Never
Well.... It was a special drink but sure. We talked it out and got things settled. How has things been with you?
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 You don't loathe me?!
-clears throat-
I That's cool.
Yeah! I love your brother. And Autumn and Summer. They're like family. Which is great, with a bun in the oven. I'm sort of afraid Autumn is going to steal my kid...
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 -deep breaths-
-has to be smooth af- about one day, future...close proximity acquaintances?
-tilts head-
I'm always good for alcohol! And food! And cuddling, but Winter usually occupies that time-slot.
Elouise Warrock 04/05/17 -jumps out in front of-
-waves bottle of wine-
Autumn says you like rhubarb! Can we be friends, yet?
-bats lashes at-
Summer 03/24/17 Summer blinked a few times as she read the incoming text. Face impassive and remarkably sober, she thumbed out a quick reply as she boarded the Gulfstream. Smiling politely at the flight attendant, she requested a glass of wine for takeoff. Flying private was privilege at it's highest. Summer planned to enjoy each and every perk.

Esoteric Brother
I suppose I can take the key as a gesture, having no plans to return to London in the near (or distant) future. It is far more practical that you keep it for other houseguests passing through.

Summer flashed her brightest smile at the owner of the plane as he boarded. The swarthy man wore an impeccably tailored suit and enough cologne to fill the confines of the private jet. Summer's smile didn't falter. She had long since mastered the art of looking pleased even when she wasn't. Flipping a strand of golden hair over her shoulder, she stood up in greeting. "Buongiorno, Signor Bontade." After he returned the greeting, Summer realized she hadn't hit send on her text to her oldest sibling.

....I am glad you are back though. You are the glue for the others; I think they need you more than they realize. Ciao for now, Blaizey.
Lucius Dalca 03/24/17 Text: Blaize
We will see..

Lucius shut his phone off, and looked back at his computer scheduling a flight out of London the same day.
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Spicy Chicken
I would never forget mashed potatoes with fried chicken!
Food is divine. Why do you think I love to cook? You'll be fed well while I'm there.
Lucius Dalca 03/24/17 Text: Blaize
Now is really really not the time. Your sister is doing on her own..
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gingerbread Man
Fried chicken it is!
I'm going shoe shopping, then to the grocery, and I'll be over. If you can think of anything else between now and then that you would like, text me.
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gingerbread Man
Humor me. Please?
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gingerbread Man
I just need room to breathe and work through my own issues. That's all.
What do you want for dinner? I'm assuming your pantry and fridge are bare, so I'll be going to the grocery.
Autumn Summers 03/24/17 Gingerbread Man
I'm coming to stay with you for a while. I hope you don't mind.
Summer 03/24/17 Blaize
I understand you are back.
Welcome back!
My key to the manor is in the small chest in the foyer. The room I was in should be clean and ready for the next guests.
Elouise Warrock 03/20/17 -clears throat-
Intense? Why, I would have never guessed...
You remind me of my husband. The Dalai Lama must seem high maintenance compared to you.
-tilts head-
I think we're going to be friends. Do you like wine? Beer? Or are you more of a liquor person?
Elouise Warrock 03/20/17 While he did inform me of the same policy, I happen to be happily married...and slightly pregnant.
-toothy grin-
You've heard of me? Only good things, I hope! I adore your siblings. Well. Frankly, I've only spoken to Spring on one or two occasions. She scares the sh*t out of me. Autumn, Winter, and Summer, however, are good friends. Winter lives with me, actually. Autumn and Summer have bailed me out of jail a few different times. How come we haven't met before now?
Elouise Warrock 03/20/17 Do I know Winter? He's my husband!
-squints at-
I'm Elouise. I'm also pals with Summer, but that's mostly for drinking and hard drugs. And she's fudging fantastic.
Elouise Warrock 03/20/17 -circles around Jaws style-
...Ohemgee. Autumn has shown me your picture before! You're the other brother!
Autumn Summers 03/19/17 Gingerbread Man
I know my big brother, and talking over alcohol is always easier. Besides, I like wine, too. See you soon.
Autumn Summers 03/19/17 Gingerbread Man
Don't be. Life goes on, brother mine, whether we like it or not.
I'll bring two bottles. Perhaps three?
Autumn Summers 03/19/17 Gingerbread Man
Close enough, though I wager you don't have to fear. Much has changed in your absence, but we can talk about that over a glass of wine. Or the whole bloody bottle.
Autumn Summers 03/19/17 Gingerbread Man
I'm just glad to hear from you, and to know you're alright.
Tell me where and when you'd like to get together and I'll be there. I've missed you.
Lucius Dalca 03/19/17 Text: Blaize
Perfect then! And I'll let her know now. She should be happy to hear ya back.
Sends him her phone number
Lucius Dalca 03/19/17 Text: Blaize
I know that feeling.
So are you here to stay now?
Lucius Dalca 03/19/17 Text: Blaize
It kinda is in a way. As for Spring, I think they are still married but not sure for how long. Things have been quiet. How was Cancun?
Lucius Dalca 03/19/17 Text: Blaize
It's not my idea to be honest. I do what I can and try to encourage others to do the same. As for your siblings.. I believe only one was kicked out. No marriages or deaths yet.
Lucius Dalca 03/19/17 Text: Blaize
Well just go by the building and read up on the memos.
Lucius Dalca 03/19/17 Text: Blaize
Well it is good to have you back. There has been a shift in the coven. You might notice a couple of things differently.
Lucius Dalca 02/28/17 Text: Blaize
Still alive?
Lucius Dalca 01/31/17 Text: Blaize
Relax. I don't roll for the home team. Drunk party dare killed that very early on in my teens. I do, however, enjoy having friends especially if they are family to my bestie and coven members.

Any whoser expense if no issue. Sometime around 8'o clock tonight?
{Sends him the location of the wine bar}
Lucius Dalca 01/31/17 Text: Blaize
Alright now we are getting somewhere! I think I know a place where we could go. Wine bar. Its quiet its chill and you can smoke if you want. Like I said, I am buying. You down?
Lucius Dalca 01/31/17 Text: Blaize
Its Lucius. Autumns bestie. And don't worry on the details but I figured since we in the same coven and all we might as well try to find some sort of common ground. No beer, no problem. What you like?
Lucius Dalca 01/30/17 Text: Blaize
Hey man I got your number from your sister's phone. Wanna get a beer sometime? I am buying.
W_Kat 01/28/17 Congrats on PotD!
Summer 01/22/17 Wise Brother
Oooo good one. He is so f-cking hot.
Imma catch YOU a kangaroo, then I'm gonna actually try to catch the real Hugh Jackman.
And before you say anything, shhhh about him being married! I'm able to overlook flaws such as that! ;)
Summer 01/22/17 Blaize
One kangaroo, coming right up.
Given you are making the request, it does beg the question:
Do you want it dead or alive?
Summer 01/22/17 Blaize
I forgot one thing I guess. I'm living in Sydney mostly, subletting my flat in London. Maybe next time you need a holiday, you can come visit!
Lucius Dalca 01/22/17 Still thinks they will be great friends. Eventually....
Autumn Summers 01/22/17 Autumn pulls her head back, the words hitting her like a physical blow as they cut deep into her already bleeding heart. So much for family always being there.

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Blaize is wrong.

"Get off your goddamn high horse and go to hell." She opens her mouth to say more but shakes her head. "You know what? You aren't worth arguing with" Autumn does see the bigger picture. More than Blaize knows, but he's just removed himself from the list of people to confide in and she refuses to carry on. She could've taken those hurtful words from anyone but Blaize.

Anger glitters in her jade green eyes. Not hot anger. It's cold, dangerous. The kind that is difficult to come back from. "Aye, get out. You are no longer welcome here," Autumn hisses.

She doesn't wait for him to get completely out the door before slamming it shut, no doubt smacking him on the back in the process. Good riddance.
Summer 01/22/17 Smart Brother
You missed nothing. Not from my neck of the woods anyway. Well, some dude DID tip me 100 quid because I played some Lords of Acid during one of my sets. Gotta love weirdos. That's the extent of my excitement.
I hope you had a good respite. Any new paintings as a result?
Lucius Dalca 01/22/17 Lucius chuckles genuinely amused. What is it with every Summer and threats? Jesus!

"So does mine." He grin widely at him, "Not the first time I have heard that and probably not the last either."

He blows a kiss at Blaize and makes a gun with his free hand, "Pew pew pew.."

Taking another pull from his cigar, he blows three rings of smoke inside the other with accurate precision. "Smoken..."
Autumn Summers 01/22/17 "It's nothing more than the truth." If Blaize chose to think otherwise, that's his damage, not hers. Gray is dear to her. That hadn't changed.

Autumn sighs heavily. "Aye, Spring is capable to taking care of herself in any situation. We know that." She pinches the bridge of her nose between thumb and index finger, temper slowly rising.

"What the f*ck do you want, Blaize? You've done all but say 'I told you so'. Jackson is dead. Gray is no longer in the picture. I'm blissfully f*cking single again. Yay!" She waves her hands in the air, emphasizing the sarcasm.

"Leave Lucius alone. He is my friend. If you attempt to chase him off, or intimidate him, we are going to go rounds. I'm sick to f*cking death of everyone thinking they know what's best for me. F*ck off, Blaize, if you're just going to be a d*ck."

Yep, there's that anger... Right this second, she is less than thrilled with most of her family.
Autumn Summers 01/22/17 "And I don't regret him, regardless of your opinion"

It isn't spoken in anger, it is merely a statement.

Autumn follows her brother and can't help but scoff softly. "She's having another one of those odd Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde moments. It's been going on for the last few days. I've just been trying to keep clothing on her. As for the scent, he isn't a new friend. We've known each other for years."
Lucius Dalca 01/22/17 Another Summer. Sighs. At least this one is polite-ish. Lucius shook his head, "Christian didn't recruit me. Autumn and Spring did. I know Autumn from school wayyyyy back.. I can't promise I will stay away from those two considering the circumstances.." Not that Spring will stay away from anybody. Mrs. All-In-Your-Face.

He took another draw from the B&M. "We gonna be good friends, you and I."
Autumn Summers 01/22/17 *hugs back and steps out of the way*
Please, make yourself at home...
*rolls her eyes*
What's to swear off? You're well aware I don't date.
Lucius Dalca 01/22/17 Lucius looks very chill and calm while smoking his Black&Mild.

"Who wants to know?" Blows some the smoke in his direction to give him something to sniff at.
Autumn Summers 01/22/17 *just happens to be there*
*opens the door*
Blaize. Nothing has happened worth bothering you about, I guess.
*smiles faintly*
I'm glad you're back. It's good to see you.
Autumn Summers 01/05/17 Autumn can't quite suppress the flash of annoyance when her new phone bings no sooner than everything gets properly programmed. This crap is one reason why she threw the damn thing in the first place.

Opening the message, she has to read it not once, but twice.

Gingerbread Man
Married? Me? You're joking, aye?
They're your siblings, too. Gray is busy, and I have no desire to go back to Mercy until the soirée this weekend, but thanks for letting me know.
Summer 01/04/17 *stares at the screen of her phone in disbelief*

The Smart Sibling
Sweet christ on a cracker, someone with the last name Summers who isn't mad at me for living my f-cking life!
Thanks for your words. They mean a lot.
Wait. Twig is around? Welp, we clearly need to find his horcruxes once and for all.
Camille Hammond 01/04/17 Blaize-d
Affirmative, but don't assume I'm not going to come knocking at your door with goodies anymore. You're not out of the woods, yet.
Autumn Summers 12/24/16
Spring Taylor 12/20/16 Blaize
What the f-ck did you do? If my sapling is fcking crooked..I'm going to FCKING cut a b-tch
Autumn Summers 12/20/16 Gingerbread Man
What the actual f*ck, Blaize? I'm f*cking coming home.
Spring Taylor 12/20/16 Flamejerk
What the f-ck kind of question is that? No.
Autumn Summers 12/20/16 Gingerbread Man
Well, for better or worse, I've decided not to follow through. I should be coming home... soon.
Summer 12/13/16 Red Brother

Of course I'm well versed in vegetation maintenance. What the f-ck do you think I have up in the attic? My rosary collection? Just kidding, those are kept on the ceiling above my bed. What? It keeps the boys from lingering too long. Damn, what was your question? Oh yea, plants. Yea, dude. I gotchu. Can you bring it here? Or do I have to come to it?

Wait. Why does Spring have a sapling? Am I the only normal one in this family?
Autumn Summers 12/12/16 Gingerbread Man
Your support means a lot. More than I can rightfully explain. Trust me, dying isn't in the cards. I have too much to live for.
Autumn Summers 12/12/16 Gingerbread Man
I expected it but thank you for letting me know, and for the offer. Love you, Blaizey.
Autumn Summers 12/05/16 BLAIZE!
*pokes him on the side*
Be nice, you. He is charming and handsome. He is Gray, spelled with an A, not an E, and it suits him. If... IF... he ever does, my right may not be your right. Please respect my decision, whatever it may be.
*her shoulders slump suddenly. She hates the thought of her big brother not being supportive*
Autumn Summers 12/05/16 *laughs softly, unable to help herself*
Nay, we have had a few fantastic fights. He is far from perfect, and I appreciate that. For the record, Spring came to Mercy before I did.
*she purses her lips together*
I can understand your worry, but you shouldn't. I truly believe our family is safe here. Also, I do still stay at my own house. If you can't trust him, then please trust me.
Why do you keep calling him Gary? His name is Gray.
Autumn Summers 12/05/16 *wraps both hands around the tea cup and listens*
*sighs again*
Blaize, I care for Gray. He makes me happy. Very happy, and I trust him. You, of all people, know I don't give my trust easily. We are not engaged.
*reaches out and touches his knee gently*
Please, try not to let your prejudices color your opinion of Gray. He is not a bad man. If it ends badly, or if it ends up forever, is it so much to ask for you to be happy for me?
Autumn Summers 12/05/16 *takes a seat next to her brother*
*accepts the cup of tea and brings it to her nose, inhaling deeply*
Smells divine. I do. So, say what you need to say.
Autumn Summers 12/05/16 *sighs*
*slips her phone into a pocket*
Aye. What's on your mind, Gingerbread Man?
Summer 12/05/16 Text to: Blaize
I take your lack of response as consent to go downstairs.
Just teasing, I'm not going down there. I have some chaps coming over to get my stuff later this week, on the very off chance you're around. It's time to kick out on my own. You know, to a place where I can go in all the rooms and is mine. I'm looking at a flat in Hoxton.
Elouise Warrock 12/04/16 You managed to break out Blaize Summers.

Let's go, bish!
-pauses, squints-
You're the cute brother!
Camille Hammond 12/01/16 -eyes go wide-
Oh, Blaize.
Or should I said, Blaized?
'Cause that's what you're about to be!
Summer 12/01/16 To: Brother Bear
Where the f-ck have you been? This house is empty. Where is everybody? House of Summer is right. Since no one is around, Imma go speluncking in the basement. Cool? Cool. Looove youuuu
Camille Hammond 11/30/16 -wide, glistening irises-
-produces a small palmful of gummy treats-
Well, good sir, what'll it be? Red or blue?
Camille Hammond 11/30/16 -whispers-
"How do you feel about gummy bears?"
Camille Hammond 11/30/16 -eyes dart-
Spring Taylor 11/29/16 Blaize
Leave the f-cking bandaids alone.
Autumn Summers 11/28/16 Blaizey
Aren't you coming?
Spring Taylor 11/25/16 Blaize
I'm sending you a f-cking key to the loft. That way you never perform the f-cking Cats again. Cheers.
Autumn Summers 11/22/16 Best Big Brother
But don't tell Winter.

May I collect on that offer..? I really need a Blaizey hug.
Autumn Summers 11/22/16 Fireman
Is that hug still on the table?
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 Spring had made it to her door with every intention of just abandoning the creeper older brother in her loft. However, then he dropped the exact point. What happened? She eyed the door he had placed back on the hinges, and slammed it shut. Her fingers tracing the locks meticulously before she spun back around to face him.

"Was that so f-cking hard to ask? You bloody f-cking wanker. I'll f-cking tell you what happened." Spring paused to fish a cig from underneath her brastrap. Middle finger held up in a 'please hold' fashion. She took a long drag and exhaled out the fumes.

"I'm not going to watch her f-ck herself up. I originally was p-ssed to sh-t at Gray. Autumn f-cking wanted him, and I didn't f-cking understand why." Spring started and took another drag from her cig. "I thought I was f-cking protecting her by trying to beat the skin off of that bloke. She stopped me. I told her to f-ck off and that she would end up like mum and dad. I'm not going to f-cking protect her, if she's just going to do the same f-cking ****."

Smash. R.I.P. Tequila bottle. "I'm not going to f-cking watch her waste away and fall in love with some arse. Love just makes her end up like f-cking them. I'm not going to watch her kill her f-cking self. Do you f-cking understand now? As far as I'm f-cking concerned she f-cking died the minute those coffin dodger f-ckfaces did. She's dead to me. So I don't have to be f-cking bothered wondering if she is actually dead."
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 Why did Gray have to be a selfish sh-t? Why couldn't she have a magical f-cking closet. The thought made her balance the bottle in one hand, and type out a quick message before she turned back to her brother on the couch. "I'm pretty f-cking sure I know my f-cking emotions." Spring grumbled, and tucked her phone into her back pocket.

"I don't need you here. I do not f-cking need you here." She paused and emphasized each word, with one of her hands wildly whirling around in the air. "I'm f-cking fine. Everything is f-cking fine. God f-cking damnit."
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 Tequila bottle was caught and secured with one of her hands. "Shut the f-ck up." She grunted afterwards. Her narrowed gaze frozen on her elder brother.

Blah de f-cking blah.

"I'm f-cking aware. You don't f-cking leave me alone." Her arms fold stubbornly across her chest, while two of her fingers teetered the bottle thoughtfully. "What the f-ck do you want Blaize? Get to the f-cking point."
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 Spring's fingers comb through her disheveled curls, and run down her face in clear annoyance. "I don't have f-cking friends. I have two f-cking neighbours and my main b-tch. That's f-cking all. How about you just f-cking go?"

Tequila. It causes the anger in her eyes to subside for a micro second, before the hurricane blows back into place. She stands from the couch and stomps towards him. "Cheers. Now f-cking go Blaize. Go f-cking creep on some other f-cking person."
Autumn Summers 11/21/16 "Spring needs a muzzle." The words are cold, so cold.

Autumn reaches down her bra, pulls the bag out and hands it right back. "Keep it. Don't want it. I'm not capable of happiness, remember? I don't know how to be happy. Anyway, see you later."
Autumn Summers 11/21/16 Autumn doesn't so much as blink.

"Don't hold your breath. Look after Winter and Summer, will you?"
Autumn Summers 11/21/16 "Yeah, you're not the first person to tell me that recently. I don't want a hug, Blaize. I want to be left alone."
Camille Hammond 11/21/16 Hmm. I guess we will find out, won't we?
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 Spring leaned forward with a look to kill on her face. The serious of her anger drowned in comparison to the large couch cushion earmuffs she was rocking. With an angry shriek, she starts to toss anything and everything around her towards her brother.
"Just leave me the f-ck alone! LEAVE ME THE F-CK ALONE!"
Camille Hammond 11/21/16 -beguiled laughter-
Sure. If you think you've got both the patience and a steady hand. Otherwise you may need to settle for being a spectator.
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 -growls and presses cushions to her ears-
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 -Turns up the tele to drown out the dying alleycat brother-
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 -Eye twitches-
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 Spring groans audibly and facepalms. Why the f-ck wouldn't they just leave her alone!? Blue eyes narrowed in the direction of the door. "No. Go the f-ck away."
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 Blaize
No. You want in. Come the f-ck in.
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 Blaize
What the f-ck ever, Jerk.
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 Blaize
News flash. I don't give a f-ck. You don't even know where I live wanker. Now please, leave me the f-ck alone.
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 Blaize
It's not about my f-cking neighbour. It's also none of your f-cking business. Leave me the f-ck alone.
Spring Taylor 11/21/16 Blaize
I'm not f-cking broody. Gray is my f-cking neighbour. F-ck off.
Autumn Summers 11/21/16 Blaize
So we are clear, I'm not angry at her about Gray. I'm angry at her for the bullsh*t she f*cking said to me. For some reason, being told how I do or don't feel, am incapable of feeling happiness at all, that I am heartless, and Spring being little more than a petty, petulant child after all I've tolerated and done for her pisses me off.

Oh, right, she also said I was going to end up like our parents., and I am dead to her. I am done with that spoiled f*cking c*nt, Blaize. So don't tell me to put my big girl panties on when you have no f*cking idea what you're talking about.
Camille Hammond 11/21/16 -raises a brow and taps her chin-
Well, the smaller the better. The easier to really get into the nooks of the eye socket. However, one time I tried a potato scoop and honestly, I fell in love.
Creativity is the spice of life.
Camille Hammond 11/21/16 Spoons are for whatever the hell I say they're for. Cold spoons? Remedy the bags under your eyes. Warm spoons? Good for scooping eyes out of sockets. They're multi-functional.

-wide, sweet grin-
Autumn Summers 11/20/16 Gingerbread Man
If you're talking about a kitten, yes, I did. Winter gave her to me. At least she'll never say f*cked up sh*t to me. I seem to be on a f*cking roll for disappointing people lately.
Camille Hammond 11/20/16
Autumn Summers 11/17/16 Indifferent her arse. Autumn knew her older brother far better than that, even if not for their shared bond giving it away. She understood that rage all too well. Not the root cause, perhaps, but the rage itself. Absolutely.

"Just be sure to invite me along when it does. At the very least to watch. We all owe him one but you get first dibs.

Jade green orbs peered up at Blaize. "I suppose the why and whereabouts don't matter. She's alive. And you're here. Even Winter is here. It's been too long since we've all been together and I'm glad to have you." More than normal. She chose not to elaborate on why. Let him wonder, or figure it out for himself.
Camille Hammond 11/16/16 Thin, bruised fingers curl and uncurl inside of her palm. Her fist balls so tightly that the prick of her fingernails nearly breaks the skin, but she releases her grip with just enough time to relieve the pressure. So he was serious. The revelation brought a mischief grin to her lips, which jut out as her teeth run along the front of her teeth.

"Yes, well. There's plenty more of that..." He declines the smoke and so she stubs it out against her free palm, the skin of her hand icy-cold to the touch. "I think you'll find that I can be quite accommodating."

Camille Hammond 11/16/16 Sassy, this one. Camille watches him in silence as he picks himself up off the dirty sidewalk and brushes off his front. Sarcasm, she wants to assume, but that was hard telling. People in this city were f-cking masochists.

"You want some more?" The blonde retorts, pushing her small frame from the side of the building as she simultaneously takes a hard hit from her joint. She allows for pause, the smoke swirling through her lungs before she exhales in the males direction. An extension of her arm would offer the half-smoked doob to the stranger.
Camille Hammond 11/16/16 London. She hates this place. Yet somehow, she's continuously drawn here. Its the lack of scrutiny, maybe. No one seems to give a sh-t what she's doing. The buildings are old and cold, much like herself, and the stone offers comfort against her chilled skin as she leans back, facing the street. These people are so boring. Back and forth they flock- Off to work. Heading home from work. Off to meet a friend for the end of the world. A long, satisfying hit off the joint in her hand births a whelming cloud of smoke. Up into the air it disappears until its evaporated into the atmosphere.

Camille grins maliciously, sticking her foot out into the street just before a man happens to catch her doing so. If she had her way, he'd trip and fall. Maybe scrape up that beautiful face of his. Like destroying a masterpiece.

You hit Blaize Summers.
You won the encounter!
Spring Taylor 11/16/16 Ugh. Blaize. Where the f-ck do you get your info from? First of all I was f-cking being annoyed by this diseased trol-lop. I did some f-ckig cleaning. She came back, tried to put a f-cking hit on Summer. Summer was already back as what-the-fvck pink winged tweaker. I ate some extra cheese grace that night. Problem f-cking solved.
Autumn Summers 11/14/16 "That's what matters. He was yours. He made you happy. Our brother needs to die." Cold, hard truth. A sad day when siblings are saying such things about one of their own but there's no coming back from that.

Autumn's doll-like face twists into a scowl. "How the f*ck? I swear to you They killed her. She's either a zombie or has somehow managed to... What? I don't know how this sort of thing works. Is she still one of us?"
Summer 11/14/16 At the comparison to her hotheaded, firebrand sisters, Summer's left eye twitched nearly imperceptibly. In her present altered state, she hoped on the off chance he caught it, that he'd brush it off as a symptom of whatever the hell she'd been experimenting with earlier. Pulling a prerolled from behind her ear, she adopted an easy smile as she lit it.

"I've been painting. I remember watching you when I was younger and when I returned back to earth, I just needed an outlet, you know?" Giving him a sidelong glance, she says wryly, "I use conventional paints, not what you use." She pulls out her cell and shows a picture of her most recent painting- that of a woman, an owl, a tent, and a dark sun in a surrealist style. Giving him her most lucid, sober smile, she says with a chuckle, "Not as good as yours, and not monochromatic crimson. But I think it's alright."
Autumn Summers 11/14/16 Upon hearing of Desmond's fate, especially at the hands of their eldest brother, Autumn's smile falls. "I didn't know, Blaize... Damn. I'm sorry. He was a good man."

Gray's face pops up in the back of her mind. This is exactly why caring about anyone is only asking for heartache. It never ends well, because it always ends.

Autumn shakes herself. "Summer? Summer was killed. What are you playing at?"
Autumn Summers 11/14/16 Grinning, Autumn shakes her head. "You're rotten to the core. I love it."

She tilts her head and then ruffles his hair. "You do also have an excellent point. I bloody missed you. Don't go running off again."
Summer 11/14/16 Laughing and grinning, she gives her brother an odd look. "Dude, we aren't velcro. We're people. We aren't meant to stick with the same ones. Immortal or otherwise. I leave, they leave...we all get what we want out of it." Furrowing her brow, she peered at Blaize curiously. Did she actually know something more than him? Nah, couldn't be.

Watching him demonstrate how and what to do, her confused face softened. "I'm sure glad you got here, Blaizey. I don't mind if you took your time."
Autumn Summers 11/14/16 Yes. Yes, they were. That's what siblings do.

She plants a smooch onto his cheek before he lets her down. "Me? Sk*nk? Pr*ck. I show some skin but I do have higher standards than our wonderful f*cking mother. Though I honestly can't confirm she cheated on dad but whatever. You're here!"
Autumn Summers 11/14/16 Autumn folds her arms across her chest, eyes narrowed. "Took you f*cking long enough. I ought to let you pee yourself."

Then a brilliant smile splits her lips and she literally bounds into her brother's arms, legs dangling. Bound and dangle because he's got nine inches on her. "It's good to see you. P*ssy," she grins.
Spring Taylor 11/14/16 Whatever, stupid. Stop trying to sound all f-cking proper. We came out of the same f-cking c-nt. You know that tw-t only comes around on truce day. Unless he wants to snipe us like a god damn f-cking honkey.
Camille Hammond 11/14/16 Christ. They were f-cked up all the time, weren't they? Bred like rabbits, too. Jesus.
Summer 11/14/16 Shaking her head while grinning, she replies, "All good, my brother. As for boys..and girls..." She pantomimes locking and turning a key at her lips. Summer winks and laughs hard.
Camille Hammond 11/14/16 I do believe that soon we'll have enough of you to build a rainbow. I bet you have a sister called Violet. Brother named Red?
Camille Hammond 11/14/16 Jesus f-cking Christ. You all just keep popping up. How many of you are there? Hundreds? Thousands?
Summer 11/14/16 She fully didn't understand the look of disgust- her dreads were combed out in heaven and patchouli oil remained in hell (where it belongs, natch). Regardless, she hugged him back. If for no other reason than "Blaize" was her favorite name of her siblings. It made her want to light up a fat one.
Summer 11/14/16 *Is just really glad to no longer be considered 'the slowest motherf*cking sibling'!*

*is probably still technically the "slowest".*
Spring Taylor 11/14/16 You have to be the slowest motherf-cking sibling ever. Wait. Never mind. There's always tw-t... I mean Twig. F-cking brothers.
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