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Created by Asherah_Asturias
NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
Created by vamp_goku
NeighborhoodThe SS Katara
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NeighborhoodAnakins Cafe
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LondonKuroda Shipping
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WildKat 09/21/19 "I can't help but stare at you. You're....everywhere! I mean, I'm not complaining but...well..ya know what I mean, right? If not, Congrats on PotD! You've killed something..I mean, you're killing it!"
LillyEmperium 09/21/19 *walks up holding a poster* dare I ask
WildKat 09/11/19 "Wait, what? Why would you think that?"Feeling a bit confused, her hand extended and latched onto his."Then lets go. No need on waiting around, unless your expecting something or someone."
WildKat 09/11/19 "Yeah..I guess that would happen when someone is stressed and simply have had enough."
WildKat 09/11/19 "The only finishing touch it will need, is you. That's all I want."
WildKat 09/11/19 "Both? People obviously can be there but I would like some private time with you. But I'm not looking forward to leaving."
WildKat 09/11/19 "That's right, I do. I almost forgot. It was a green that matched the color of my eyes. I guess the room should be put to good use."
WildKat 09/11/19 "And that's supposed to be a bad thing? What's wrong with that? It's away from here.."
WildKat 09/11/19 "Hmm..been to Cancun a few times and found it boring. Never gave it much thought. Damn..I AM boring..."
WildKat 09/11/19 "So you're like a genie but not stuck in a bottle...interesting. Oh and you're not wearing funny clothes. And whyyy do I have to pick? I don't care on where we long as we go."
WildKat 09/11/19 "I would say stressful for both of us but you've grabbed my attention. I don't care on where we go, as long as it's away from here."
WildKat 08/02/19 "Sweet but lame. I have no words right now. You have me Speechless, which I will say is really something considering it's me. But yeah, that was really bad. Cute but bad."
WildKat 08/02/19 Kat couldn't help but smile and wonder what he was up to. The basket alone was a bit more than..odd. At least for Li it was. She had never seen him hold one before."I'm waiting..."
WildKat 07/24/19 "Cause you won't know when I'm being creepy."
WildKat 07/24/19 "Niiice! Take it your Demon powers are failing you? Congrats on getting yourself plastered. At least now I can stare at you without it being mad creepy."
Anakin Drake 07/24/19 I approached Li with Bo settled on my shoulders. The little boy clapping happily as he reached out for Li. "Congratulations Li."
Arthur 07/24/19 "Ever up to no good. Noe the entire realm knows your a troublesome demon." Arthur chuckled. "Congratulations though."
LillyEmperium 07/24/19 Hmmm soooo what did you do little brother? You're face is all over the place
WildKat 07/19/19 "And for the record, you can't ruin this one. If you plans on doing so, hands off. It could get ugly. I'm just sayin..."
WildKat 07/19/19 "Hmmm..interesting. It's good to know what you want but it could be better if you showed me...?"
WildKat 07/17/19 "This is true but I'm sure you can do more damage."
WildKat 07/17/19 Blinking, she wasn't sure what to do but the look alone made her swallow."So I guess I should go change?"
WildKat 07/15/19 "Yesss"
WildKat 07/15/19 "Stil. Not. Clean."
WildKat 07/15/19 " know. I mean, it works...?"
WildKat 07/15/19 "So..since I'm still not...clean...does that mean I can blame you?"
WildKat 07/15/19 "You're gonna have fun cleaning me up, eh? Ooh, this is gonna be sooo much fun! But I must ask, where are you gonna start first?"
WildKat 07/15/19 "Well s-see, I was gonna tell you but this..thing made me go all vampire on him. Well, long story short, it became messy and now I'm dirty.."
WildKat 07/12/19 "Could be.
WildKat 07/11/19 "Cause I play with my food..."
WildKat 07/11/19 "An hour. Ha, I'm not sure what to do. Even a kill takes forty five minutes. So..I guess I'll just give you a kiss and say..hello."
WildKat 07/11/19 "An hour? Why only an hour?"
WildKat 07/10/19 "Don't make me trip you.."
WildKat 07/10/19 "What 'else' are you doing?"
WildKat 07/10/19 "Interesting."
WildKat 07/10/19 "Just lookin at you. Sooo..what are you doing?"
WildKat 07/10/19 *grins*
LillyEmperium 06/30/19 *sighing Lilly looked to him* sometimes gals want to be fought for. Makes them feel special
LillyEmperium 06/30/19 You need a tall drink an a chica.....or you need to just go after her.
LillyEmperium 06/30/19 *Lilly understood why he was upset. Setting down beside him she looked to him.*
I'll tell you the same have to go after what you want..then again maybe she just wasn't right for you
LillyEmperium 06/30/19 Bullsh*t...if you were you wouldn't been grinding your teeth
LillyEmperium 06/30/19 *shaking her head, she looked at him* come on little brother....let's get you a drink or something
LillyEmperium 06/30/19 *seeing Li, Lilly sighed* stop grinding your yeeth
WildKat 06/26/19 That one word broke her. Why did things have to be like this. Of all this time, why now? Kat could feel every inch of her falling apart and over the course of what felt like several days, the weight seemed to become heavier. Turning away from him, her dry cheeks were damp and the only thing she could do was walk. It was bad enough he had to see her in this condition but now with the added, it wouldn't help. However, as she did, there was nothing left to say. Kat knew who she had loved and had loved him for who he was then to who he was now. Gripping onto her stomach, the affects of drinking were now going to haunt her but only until he couldn't she hoped.
WildKat 06/25/19 "Tell me. What did you want more, my heart or what I have to offer? But before you answer that, be honest. So, this is something you have to think about first."
WildKat 06/25/19 "I loved you! I loved you back then. So much that that I'd let you do anything but I had to stop you because I didn't have your heart. Bella did and still does. I was there for you before you had to leave, do you remember? Because I do. But I was just another sex party and I was an idiot! Cause look where it got me. Then..then you came back and I spilled everything out. Telling you everything but what was I? Huh Li? What was I? But you're actually going to tell me that I didn't love you and that I didn't fight for you? You don't get that! Everything that you are, I excepted. I wanted you for you, placing my own destruction on the back burner. Or feelings...whatever. I was there." A hand cupped her mouth as she forced her stomach to stay down. Over the days, there was way to much drinking. "No..."
WildKat 06/25/19 "That's a lie! I told you exactly what I wanted. I even said...said that..those to you. I even asked a series of questions. Why? Ya know, what is with you men. You need a fcking invitation or a fcking sticky note slammed against your forehead that reads 'fight for her' but ya missed the fcking clue." Scowling, she let out a growl and kicked his shin. Looking up, losing her balance, the ground against her flesh was a bit of a wake up call but not enough. Barely standing up, she wanted to slap him but screamed instead.
WildKat 06/25/19 Reaching up, she swatted the second one out of his mouth. Kat was very much drunk and very much angry.Snatching her hand back, she pointed at him instead."No! You don't get that. I do. Why Kuroda, why?! I know I don't have your heart and never will but why?!"
WildKat 06/25/19 Ripping it away from his mouth, hands curling around the fabric of his shirt, she threw him once again."A shut up! Get that...that thing out of your mouth. Relaxing my ass! You. Assh0le!"
WildKat 06/25/19 A very drunken Vampire was headed in his direction and when she got there, hands lounging forward, fingers curling, throwing him, she spoke with grit teeth. "You and I need to have a little chat!!"
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 *kicking a stone, Lilly looked at him* Just Don't move that stone
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 Boy get your anger out
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 Kuroda....
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 Agreed...
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 *shaking her head, Lilly looked to him* little brother....that wasn't always the case. There is a long history there...long time of patience....and a point where I didn't see it ever happening...
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 Li.....I went through he...*she stopped and shook her head* yes he does. I know he does but what most don't understand, I wasn't always so fortunate. I thank the gods he ain't like my first husband, and that knowing what he knows he stayed....
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 Been there..... couple times Li
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 Give it time Li.....the right one will come
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 Hmmm.... will do...
LillyEmperium 06/25/19 *raising a brow, Lilly looked to him* what's up Li?
WildKat 06/19/19 "You sure?"
WildKat 06/18/19 "Or is it?"
WildKat 06/18/19 "It's not hard."
WildKat 06/18/19 *growls*
WildKat 06/18/19 *pinches*
WildKat 06/17/19 *bites you*
WildKat 06/16/19 *starts giggling*
WildKat 06/15/19 *smothers you with kisses*
WildKat 06/14/19 "Oh, I'm sure we can come up with something. Sooo many possibilities."
WildKat 06/14/19 "Fun? We could gross everyone out...?"
WildKat 06/14/19 "What shall we do next Mr. Crazy eyes....I mean, Mr. Kuroda..?"
WildKat 06/14/19 "I do love the sound of that."
WildKat 06/13/19 "Mmmaybe..."
WildKat 06/13/19 "Well, well, well. Hello wicked one."
WildKat 06/09/19 "Of course!"Image and video hosting by TinyPic
WildKat 06/09/19 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
WildKat 06/06/19 "And I can only hope you'll never grow tired of it."
WildKat 06/05/19 Granted it was an oops but as he spun her around, Kat couldn't help but smile. For the first time, in a long time, she felt happy. As his lips pressed against hers, she couldn't help but giggle but soon the giddy feeling was replaced with intense emotion as she deepened the kiss.
WildKat 06/05/19 She lost a breath when she felt his body holding her tightly and then she couldn't help but grin. "Someone who doesn't want to play nice, that's who. So tell me, what are your plans Mr. Kuroda or am I supposed to kiss..I mean guess?"
WildKat 06/05/19 She had a feeling someone was approaching her but it wasn't alarming. Then his voice filled her ears and she smiled. Li was so much taller than she was and then wondered if he'd grown. -god, I love his height- she thought to herself. Closing her eyes, feeling his arms curl around her waist, her own hands placed onto his forearms as they slowly slid down until reaching his hands. "Why Sir, is that you? Or am I delusional? Maybe I'm hopeful."
LillyEmperium 06/05/19 Told Kat throwing popcorn at ya would get your attention
LillyEmperium 06/05/19 Git your attention to
LillyEmperium 06/05/19 *standing quietly, Lilly threw a piece of popcorn at Li's head*
Crimson Belladonna Jones 05/30/19 Welcome to the realm!
Geoffrey Drake 05/30/19 Welcome.
Liana Ankov 05/29/19 "Everyone is welcoming you back but i will just bid you welcome." She held out a hand. "Im Liana Ankov if you need anything please let me know."
WildKat 05/29/19 Welcome back!!
Ronan Boru 05/29/19 Welcome back Lee.
LillyEmperium 05/29/19 Yes I do, and all three are very much the handful. My promise for filled, I'll bring them to you...also I wanted to make sure you were real first
Ciaran_M_Boru 05/29/19 Welcome back master Kuroda.
LillyEmperium 05/29/19 *pokes*
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