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Spring Summers 03/24/17 Cvnty
Don't even f-cking try to come back here with your airy fairy d-ck.
Spring Summers 03/24/17 Casey
I'm burning all your naff sh-te. Barmy bell end.
Spring Summers 03/24/17 Casey
Jump the f-ck off the bridge gormless wanker.
Spring Summers 03/24/17 Chavist
Learn how to work your f-cking phone. Daft limp c-ck.
Spring Summers 03/24/17 D1ckhead
Are you f-cking dead yet?
Spring Summers 02/18/17 Spring had left her flat alright, she had stomped her arse down the hall with a list thanks to Winter. Order number 1. Edible Undies. Casey's dumpster baby f-cking @rse ate anything, but she knew Gray was his sodding favorite Memo freak. Spring used the tunnel maze to step into the head wanker's closet. Eyes of ire swoop over the items in the general vicinity. Gray was a neat b@stard. God fcking damnit. Closet b-tch boys weren't supposed to be neat. She huffed as she felt the heat of her anger bloom to her forehead.

She started to ransack his closet until she found what she wanted to thrust down aborted Casey's dumb@ss throat. A pair of Gray's underwear. He wanted to kiss Taylor's fcking @ss horn. Now he could f-cking chew it. Now onto number 2 from Winter's pointers. Cover herself in.. f-ck that sh-te. No. Casey didn't deserve anything sweet. Spring contemplated the next step. She could lather herself with lard. Then the idea came to fruition. Lather herself in blood & lard, so she could at least lick the blood while Casey offed his f-cking self by choking on Gray's d!ck tent.

Spring parted Mercy to purchase some lard, only because who the f-ck uses lard? She highly doubted anyone would. While she was out she compelled a random f-cking d-ckless c-nt and had them follow her home. Had them hold the f-cking lard. F-ck that. Even though soon she would be drenched in both lard and the b-tch's blood. She didn't even use her room. She used what used to be Winter's room to snap the flat-chested slvt like a twig.

What was third? Fire. Set the mood with fire. Spring sprinted from the vacant room, and headed towards her room. The sapling should help with being a fire starter after all. Once she tossed her door open her eyes fastened on the toe decorations on her sapling. Her undead blood boiled as she slammed the door vehemently. Just a -normal- day, except she looked like she had just came out of a Carrie spoof.

Fingers curled around one of the branches as she snapped it off, and furiously tossed memos aside.(Thanks f-cking Gray.) Then it sang a prelude song of destruction and demise. The lighter was brought home between her soaked fingers. Branch in hand she dragged it, with the underwear ripped at the end of the branch giving purpose such as a rebellion flag.

Spring also grabbed her Jurassic Park DVD, scratched to f-cking sh-te. The hidden closet labyrinth was all she needed to get close to Gray's new intercom system. For a second she almost smashed it with the branch, but instead she thought of the fourth point No music. This wasn't music f-cking Winter. This was Jurassic Park. With her blood saturated hands she placed the DVD into the device and blared it full blast.

Casey wouldn't hear her f-cking coming now. Nostril flared as she stomped her way back, the music muffled inside the tunnels in the walls. Spring removed the undies, and lit the branch on fire before she sailed that b-tch through Casey's closet.

"Let's f-cking do this. You f-cking dumpster diving, toe jam eating, p-ss puddle of a f-cker."

Number five. Make Love? Please. The only thing these two made was hate.
Gray Taylor 02/17/17 Casey
Permission? Support.
Gray Taylor 02/17/17 If you're trying to muster the strength to kill Spring, you've a bit more to go.
Sky Summers 02/16/17 Sky couldn't quite tell from his reaction whether he was happy with the little additives to his box or not, her brows furrowed slightly as she grinned at him, "You do like hobo toes don't you? I'm pretty sure ickle Spring Fling mentioned something about you liking hobos and toes....Welp either way no givesies backsies!"
Sky Summers 02/15/17 Sky pranced down the hall towards the room of her favorite person. Casey. Her older sisters f-ck up of a husband. She hadn't bothered to change since she'd gotten back from Paris because she'd been too excited about what she had in a box for her oh so fabulous brother in law.

The youngest of the Summers horde didn't stop to knock on the mans door as she barged through his bedroom door, her blood soaked doctor outfit dripping all over his floor. "Oh Caasseeeyyyyyyyy my favorite brother in law I brought you a present! Now I know we've had our ups and downs but I thought, why not put it in the past! Am I right? Of course I am! But anyways that's besides the point. So I was in Paris and I came across something perfect for you!"

The young brunette eagerly shoved a heart shaped box full of exactly eleven hobo toes, one drugged up hobos heart, and the small amount of a pr!ck that the poor drugged up fool had left. Of course she'd wrapped the box in a pretty purple metallic wrapping paper with a white bow because she wasn't some uncivilized b!tch. "Welp, anywho happy belated Valentines Day! Hope ya love it!!"
Spring Summers 02/15/17 Stupid Git
Spring Summers 02/15/17 Chav Nugget
Oi. I'm not bloody giving you that fcking satisfaction. Daft fcking duffer. blimey gormless grotty git. Stop eating my fcking leftovers. You're getting fcking fat, then you can be a whole bloody FCKING CHAV CHICKEN BREAST. SINCE YOU LACK THE FCKING D-CK. GOD DAMN MOTER FCKING ARSEHOLE C-CKSUCKER. GO MARRY GRAY AND BE THE SECOND BALL TO HIS FCKING D-CK. STUPID MOTHERFCKER.
Spring Summers 02/15/17 Deadc0ck
How the sodding hell do we get a fcking divorce then? Fcking Memoist wanker says we need one. JFC Just fcking off yourself. Stick your scrappy head in a deep fryer and let's call this fcking marriage done.
Spring Summers 02/04/17 Punk Wanker
Where the f-ck is our blimey marriage license? Did we f-cking get one twig beater?
Spring Summers 02/01/17 God. Budha. Van Helsing. Somebody better save those f-cking @rseholes once she gets out of this place. Her eyes rolled vindictively as the teacher lifted one fork up to her. "This is a salad fork." If the sweat could steam from her forehead, it would have created a f-cking sauna.

"Oi. DO I LOOK LIKE I EAT F-CKING SALAD. MOTHER SODDING B-STARDS PISSANTS." Spring grumbled as she noticed the orderlies move toward her with the sedatives.

It was rather brilliant, and probably the only thing that kept her from escaping this fresh hell herself. Her knees push her back from the table, as she steered her head slightly. Did she hear Casey's high p-tch b-tch arse yell? Jesus f-cking Christ. They were turning her f-cking nutter without it being attached to a f-cking c-ck.

If it was Casey. He was f-cking late. She definitely wasn't going to divorce his p-ssbrain soiled backside now. A fragment of her thought wasted too long as she felt the jab of the needle against her shoulder. "F-CKING WANKERS." She swung blindly feeling her enclosed fist connect with the face of something. She made a swift leap to her feet from the chair, and grabbed one of the eating utensils.

"I'm going to shove this fcking piece of sh-t fork up your f-cking @rse." She murmured begrudgingly through her lips. The strange calmness overcome her huge ire. The room was spinning, and the anger spoke in the back of her inebriated mind. 'This has to be how that stank ass wh-re's t!t tasted.' Then she felt entirely committed to learning why the f-ck there were different forks.

Little did she know that Casey was in the facility. Also, she didn't know it was as easy as signing her ass out. Since that f-cking @rse turd happened to be her husband.
Gray Taylor 01/30/17 Casey
You're serious? That's brilliant. Hang on. I'm pitching in on that tuition.
Gray Taylor 01/30/17 Casey
Wait. She's enrolled in etiquette school?
Spring Summers 01/30/17 Nutter c-ck
I'll fcking haunt the living sh-t out of you Casey. Until you fcking die. I'm not going to fcking die here you sodding blimey idiot. Don't come then. See what the f-ck I do to you when I see your flaming f-cking arse again. My chicken legs will make your nutter f-cking head into FCKING CHAV NUGGETS. I will break your fcking bones with a god damn fcking bat. Try me b-tch. F-cking try me if you don't get the f-ck over here. I'll wifey the f-cking d-ck off you. F-cking c-nt. B-tch @ss motherf-cker. F-cking Moscow.
[Location Sent]
Spring Summers 01/30/17 Sh-testain
I don't fcking know where this backward a-s f-cking academy of pvssies is. Instead of having a limp fcking short d-ck, how about you think real hard and fcking find me. JFC. You fcking witless chav wanker.
Spring Summers 01/30/17 @rsehole
I'll give you a sodding divorce, if you break me the f-ck out of this etiquette class bullsh-te.
Spring Summers 01/21/17 "What the actual bloody f+ck are you fu+king up to now you mental git?!"

Spring raised a brow and unleashed a modest gasp at his use of profanity. "Casey. You don't have to use such language. I'm being a wife." She mentioned as if it was blatantly obvious. As if she had just pointed out to him that the sky had an overcast. She canted her head to the side and offered him the plate. "Here you go. I made you a sandwich. I brought you a sapling root & I'm foregoing clothes, because that's what wives do."

Her lips smacked together as she eyed him appraising his clothes in her head. Could Victor give those to a shelter too? "I can help you remove your clothes if you want." Her words coated seductively followed with a flirtatious wink. "After you eat your sandwich." A longing sigh departed her lips followed by a happy hum.
Spring Summers 01/21/17 Due to the spell, Spring was unaware what exactly followed Casey pissing in her room. However, she knew she took it as him marking his territory. Marriage was weird. Spring picked up the pot with the a piece of root of the sapling, and a sandwich just the way he liked it. She lacked clothes, and ventured through the closetopia to his room.

Spring hummed and stepped into his closet. Taking in a silent glance around. Maybe she should clean his closet too. He had to join her in nudity, at leas together. "Casey?!" Her serene voice carried through the flat, as she placed the pot down on the ground. Then started her venture to find him with the only thing covering her being a flimsy plate with a sandwich on it.
Spring Summers 01/16/17 Spring had been waiting for the charging steps of her f-cking husband to come down the hallway. She puffed the lit cig betwixt her lips, and stared idly at the mysterious bag by her couch. The scent of it made her lips upturn in disgust, but Spring was certain. Tonight would be the night Casey granted their divorce by taking his own life.

This f-cking thorn in her side would be expunged and she could go back to watching Jurassic Park. Like clockwork she heard it.


The cloud of cig smoke departed from her lips, as she smudged the butt of the cig down onto the duct tape coffee table. Of course she had heard his belligerence, and that scheming grin set across her lips once more.She was determined to make his poor excuse of a life f-cking Hell. Until he chose to board that one way train down to damnation.

Within seconds of his barreling insults, Spring was on ground. Her feet stomping towards the door, with the bag of a hideous odor in her hand. She could tell he was pounding something dead against his door, just as she had once threatened him the same way with a dead Russian.

"Oi. You didn't like your f-cking brunch? Ungrateful lecherous chav. SHUT THE F-CK UP YOUR TODDLER TW-T. YOU CAN'T EVEN BEAT YOUR WAY THROUGH A F-CKING DOOR. B-TCH. YOU PISS STAIN PUNK ARSE MOTHER F-CKING WANKER. GO F-CKING OFF YOURSELF ALREADY. I'M SQUARED UP B-TCH LETS GO." Her voice boomed equally loud as his own, as she threw open the door. The bag in her hand lifted in attempt to rain down on him.

Used cat litter.

"ON BEHALF OF YOUR F-CKING MUM. PRETTY F-CKING SURE THAT CAME RIGHT OUT OF HER V@GLIPS. PISSANT. DAFT RUBBISH C-NTFACE TW!T ARSE MONGER. NUTTER F-CKER." Spring shrieked and also raised her boot to kick at him where he stood in the hallway. Preferably right where his bloody sh!td!ck was.
Spring Summers 01/15/17 Fact: Spring Summers is a vindictive b-tch.

That little arsehole wanted to threaten her f-cking sapling? She had something for his toe eating flabby arse. Spring waited for the moment to present itself, as she dragged a bag of fresh manure through the closet maze on the way to her husband's room. The word itself made her face full of disdain, and made her jaw clench.

Daft f-cking cow was she? Spring kicked the entrance of Casey's closet in, and went to town scattering the cow sh!t everywhere throughout his flat.

Spring Summers had a lot of hate for the lifetime pain in her bloody arse. Vehemently she stomped back to her room, and dragged a body she had already drained the blood out of. This was sure as sh-t to get the barmy f-cking chav's attention. A sadistic grin spread across her lips, the smell of bodies didn't bother her. Yet, it was no secret in the medical world what a body did to itself before it died.

She set the sh-t scent body onto his bed, and rolled it around in the manure with her boot. Meticulously cutting each toe off, she placed them in the living quarters of his flat where she heard him b-tch the most. Then she went back through the closet maze into her room, and she waited with a satisfactory smirk.
Autumn Summers 01/11/17 Mid-reach, Autumn pauses. She straightens back up and doesn't even attempt to keep from rolling her eyes. The roll so hard it's a wonder they don't get stuck in the back of her head. Spring chose a f*cking winner with this one.

"That's your damage. Not mine. Shame. She's rather tasty."

Upon inspection, there are two dainty, almost needle-like puncture wounds on one side of the woman's neck. She isn't Autumn's typical fair but she'd been feeling generous and people stay out longer when they've lost a bit of blood.

"Take it. Leave it. I do not give a f*ck. And people wonder where all the hostility comes from..." Autumn shakes her head and turns on her heel, leaving the woman laying on the floor at Casey's feet.
Spring Summers 01/11/17 -charges down hallway- -lets out banshee shriek-
-grabs tv remote and tosses it with full rage at his ass-
-charges towards him, fists clenched-
-whirlwind fists at him- - tries to stomp his ass with her boot-
Spring Summers 01/10/17 You daft tosser. I'll knock your f-cking teeth out first. I'll have all my f-cking fingers, because you can't bite worth sh-t with your rotted to f-ck teeth. I DON'T THINK THEY CAN F-CKING HEAR YOU ACROSS THE F-CKING EQUATOR. YOU SON OF A F-CKING SLAG. GO FIND YOUR MOM AND STICK YOUR FCKING HEAD UP HER COOCH AND GO BACK TO WHERE YOU FCKING CAME FROM. SHUT THE F-CK UP CASEY. YOU HAVE NO F-CKING BALLS.

-shrieks when kicked- -stomps after, cracking knuckles- -huffs angrily-

Spring Summers 01/10/17 If you want me to f-cking leave.. You toe fungus eating, mother f-cking stupid git. Just leap out the f-cking window. F-ck you. I'm not offing myself for your fugly arse face.F-cking bullsh-te. GO CHOKE ON A HOBO D-CK, BEFORE I F-CKING KNOCK YOU THE F-CK OUT WITH MY CHICKEN LEGS YOU CANKER SORE. I'LL MAKE YOU CHOKE ON YOUR OWN F-CKING TONGUE AFTER I RIP IT THE F-CK OUT OF YOUR MOUTH AND SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT WITH A RUBBER F-CKING D-CK. GOD F-CKING DAMNIT BLOODY F-CKING WANKER.
Spring Summers 01/10/17 Have you f-cking choked on hobo c-ck yet?
Autumn Summers 01/09/17 Casey's irritation serves as a great amusement for the fiery redhead. Her smile broadens. Her weight shifts, one arm folding across her chest, hand catching on the opposite elbow. The fact he is hungry in a painfully obvious way and denying it amuses her further.

"Poison?" Autumn scoffs. "Please. I am more direct than that. I much prefer doing the dirty work myself. Far more pleasure to be had."

Her shoulders shrug in a careless motion. "Suit yourself." Bending at the waist, she reaches down to grasp one of the still unconscious woman's wrists, intending to drag her back out.
Autumn Summers 01/09/17 At the core of her being, Autumn is and always will be, a predator. Most of the time that facet is neatly concealed beneath a layer of civility, if one could call any of the Summers civil.

The smile which touches her lips, however, is anything but. It's her inner sociopath making an appearance, and Autumn gives zero f*cks.

"As my brother-in-law, you're entitled to certain... perks. Consider it a belated wedding gift." Her eyes sharpen, taking a drag from the smoke.

One shapely brow arches. "That is, if you want it. If not..." She makes a tossing away motion with one hand.
Autumn Summers 01/09/17 Humming tunelessly, all out of proportion with the current situation - that being the fact Autumn is dragging an unconscious woman behind her - she makes her way to Casey's door. The body gets dropped so she can first light a smoke and then bang on the door.

"Oi! Open up, pissant. I have something for you."
Gray Taylor 01/08/17
How's married life?
Spring Summers 01/04/17 Chicken legs? ****ing bull ****. At least my fcking legs aren't weenie appetizers b-tch. YOUR FCKING MINIATURE TWIG ASS ARMS. TRY ME HUBBY. I GUARANTEE IM GOING TO WHIP YOUR ASS LIKE WILLOW SMITH WHIPS HER FCKING HAIR BACK AND FORTH.
Blaize Summers 01/04/17 Gone Boy
Hope you didn't enjoy freedom too much. Until this marriage in annulled, you shall be living uncomfortably is downright agonizing conditions. Keep one eye open, boy.
Spring Summers 01/04/17 Calm the bloody f-ck down, HUBBY. DAFT DOGSBODY. Jesus f-cking Christ. I'm not going to f-cking touch you, and let's be real here you little f-cking minion. My legs knock you the f-ck out whenever we square up. Come the f-ck at me, I'll beat your f-cking arse with my fists or a dead f-cking slag. I DON'T GIVE A F-CK WHAT THE MEMOSIT B-STARD SAYS. GO STUFF YOUR F-CKING FACE WITH HOBO TOES YOU STUPID GIT. I HOPE YOU F-CKING CHOKE AND DIE, YOU'RE ALL BLOODY MOUTH AND NO TROUSERS. F-CKING MENTAL BOUNDER.
Spring Summers 01/04/17 Get bent and make your own stupid sh-te sandwich. You're my fcking punk arse b-tch. F-cking shrimp d-ck wanker. Let's see how fcking long you survive now. Cruddy manky tosser.
Autumn Summers 01/04/17 MR. SUMMERS
I may have to let you live just to let my sister torture the f*ck out of you. Come at me, b*tch.
Autumn Summers 01/04/17 MR. SUMMERS
Welcome to the f*cking family, pissant. I'm going to f*cking murder you.
Spring Summers 01/04/17 I made you my f-cking b-tch. Let it soak the f-ck in, f-cking chav.
Noura Orlav 12/31/16 Wrong Number
omfg. I can't zip up my footie pajamas. I need a f-cking adult.
Spring Summers 12/31/16 Did he just f-cking threaten her sapling? Oh hell to the no. It was on like Donkey Kong. The raging shriek of Spring down the hallways, as she blindly swung her fists and kicked towards him effectively. A swing for each word, as her eyes lit up like Hiroshima.


Needless to say, the sapling definitely struck a nerve.
Spring Summers 12/31/16 That sounds pretty f-cking feelsy coming from you, a dried out, d-ckless shrimp. Obviously you lack the set of f-cking balls I have. Now go suck your c-ck, f-cking lying piece of sh-te. I would not bloody f-cking care if you both choked on each other's d-cks and got smashedBY MY F-CKING SAPLING. CASEY. SHUT. THE. F-CK UP. UNLESS YOU WANT MY F-CKING FIST THROUGH IT. SQUARE THE F-CK UP PUNK ARSE MOTHER F-CKING GLAIKIT.

Spring Summers 12/31/16 Oi. Victor's down the hallway for your bendo f-cking session. I guess it's a smashing idea to have him move in after all.

Spring Summers 12/31/16 I knew you wanted to bloody bang me. BUT. I'm not a f-cking pedophile nutter bellend. Don't make me beat your f-cking teeth out with a dead slag.

Spring Summers 12/31/16 Glad to see you're f-king choking on something that resembles your shrimp d-ck, f-cking chav.

Autumn Summers 12/24/16
Spring Summers 12/23/16 Mercy was already in questionable condition when she walked through the hallway. Another pair of steps and a bag wheeling behind her. Unbeknownst of Casey's vile ways, she had brought him dinner after all. She called the leggy Russian girl Posh. Only because she hated to name her food, and the name of dinner was irrelevant. Spring grunted as she stomped down to her door, and used the key to swing it open.

There was something off as soon as she walked through the threshold. Just like everything in this goddamn f-cking building. She turned to her guest and offered a cheeky grin. Inviting the woman further in, who seemed to be stuck in awe at the sapling. It was an impressive sight after all. Especially as the tip of the tree bent and continued to spread across the ceiling without bursting through the foundation yet.

It wasn't until after she opened her fridge to brandish a few cans of beer, that the scent hit her in the other room. "Oh. what. the bloody. f-ck." She growled into the fridge, before she slammed the door shut. Spring found the remote control and turned on the tele in the living area purposefully. She was being nice. She locked the front door to her flat, and started to drink her beer. Snapping her fingers she pointed towards the couch with small rips in the cushion, from a previous tantrum.

Dinner was distracted. Good. Now with her can of alcohol after a long flight, she went in sought out the source of the scent. It didn't take her long. Spring stared at the dismembered toes under her pillow and gnarled skulls between her mattress. It took a minute to sulk in. Who the f-ck would do this? Casey's message burned into her memory and surfaced above her boiling blood.

"Oi. Okay.. okay. aye." Spring nodded to herself, and crushed the can into her hand. She used the spike in her ire to toss the aluminum can in front of her. Only to have it lodge into the cracked wall. "SON OF A MOTHER F-CKING B-TCH." Spring screamed, only causing her company in the other room to check on her. Two steps in, and Spring had her hands curled around the woman's neck. A grotesque snap echoed in her room, as she dragged the body into the living room next to the sapling. The snap was followed by a massive crack that quaked through the halls of Mercy. As if lighting had struck against the sapling and possibly zapped a large branch off of it. Mercy wasn't so lucky.

Spring moved in a blur and dragged both unconventionally down the hallway. She only had to pause at the door next to hers. Thanks to Gray Memoist F-cker Taylor. Casey was right bloody next door. Spring placed her foot atop of the woman's frozen colorless face, as she swung the branch against the door violently. "KNOCK, KNOCK, B-TCH. YOU F-CKING C-NT. OPEN THIS F-CKING DOOR. LITTLE F-CKING MOTHER F-CKER CHAV WANKER." Her voice shrieked down the hallways, and it was enough to send a banshee to flee in defeat. The banging of the branch against the door continued unmercifully to anyone else. Spring gave no sh-t. F-ck this f-cking ar-ehole. He would f-cking pay.

Mission accomplished. Spring was p-ssed the f-ck off.

She angrily stomped her foot into the head of the corpse, and the blood splattered onto her face. This further infuriated her, and caused her to opt out of waiting for him to open the door. Instead, she placed the sapling under her arm, and went to full on kick the f-cking door. One way or another this door would f-cking open. Each loud noise of her creation, oddly enough spinning its own wrathful language.

Bang. Spring. Crack. Is. Shriek. Home.
Mackenzie 12/20/16 You're the one I keep seeing hit people over the head, aren't you? With the goddamn metal baby shaker thing? Love your work.
Miryam 12/19/16 Once he was made aware of her presence she pulled her leather jacket collar up to shield herself from the winter elements, leather gloves adorning slender digits for both her personal warmth and to protect him from risk of infection. As she heard his response she she scoffed in confident mocked demeanor.

“Who the f+ck am I?”

With that she paused feeling they might be getting off on the wrong foot and she was not here to make enemies.

“My name is Miryam and I am the Queen of the Viral Undead. I do believe my consort Izael spoke with you? I was made aware of your twisted potential. If you're up for it I have come with a task for you?”
Miryam 12/19/16 The ghoul Casey Noire had not gone forgotten as her Master Izael had informed her of his whereabouts. A slender decrepit frame clad in black leather slithered around the corner, the gore of her face only partially obscured by the shadows of a building. The chilly wind swept up dark locks of hair as she snuck up behind his person, uttering his name in a bold alluring tone.

“Casey Noire I presume?”
Winter Summers 12/18/16 Winter had been in and out of the dungeon all night, and every time he entered he saw Casey just sitting there. What was he doing? What was he gaining from sitting in the dungeon? Well luck finally struck! Winter picked his lock and then turned and picked the angry wanna be Spring's lock.

You managed to break out Casey Noire.

"You are doing no one any favors by sitting in here. Plus you will start to smell like hobo piss. No one wants that. Unless it's your thing. I try not to judge."
Gray Taylor 12/18/16 Casey
Not quite the answer I was looking for.
Gray Taylor 12/18/16 Casey
Why do women torture themselves?
Sky Summers 12/17/16 Sky looked at the bloke before her, blinking slowly as she thought of all the things she could be doing rather than arguing with some halfwit, like go to the bar for example! That was always a fun thing to do between the entertaining mortals and the booze it was like a recipe made in heaven for her. She'd been tuning what the bloke had been saying in and out, but what really caught her attention were the words, "never eaten a vampire but I'll make quick f*cking work of you."

Sky couldn't help it as her mind replayed the words slowly, trying to figure out what he'd meant by that since her head was still stuck off in lala land with the hot guys in the bar that she'd envisioned. She wasn't entirely sure if he'd meant that as a threat or whether it was a suggestion and she wasn't quite sure she wanted to know either but that was all she'd heard from his little spiel.

A small smirk flitted across her lips as a mischievous look took over her features, "You want to eat me? Kinky."
Sky Summers 12/17/16 Sky's face contorted between a mixture of emotions before settling upon annoyance as the bloke continued to speak, but by the end of it her face resembled more of a p!ssed off look than anything else. "Hold the f*ck up mate, hang on a minute. Did you just call my f*uckin' sister 'Satan Spring'? B!tch are you f*ckin' stoned off your rocker? My slag of a sister isn't f*ckin Satan and if you think she is then you'd best get the f*ck away from me because I'm ten times worse ya manky git. Oh and don't tell me to calm down because that just makes me wanna throat punch your ugly mug and you wouldn't want that now would ya?" Having finished her rant she closed her eyes, breathing in deeply through her nose, trying to remember what Will had told her earlier about how she didn't look good in orange, well that was until she remembered the last bit of his spiel. Her eyes snapped open in a flash as a growl left her lips, "Don't you f*ckin' think of layin one of your grubby little fingers on my siblings or I can promise you it'll be the last thing you f*ckin' do ya bloody chav. Only I get to torture their sorry a$$es, ya get that? Me. Not you. Me."
Sky Summers 12/16/16 Sky's nose crinkled slightly in confusion as she eyed the sorry bloke who'd decided to cross her path, "You f*ckin' what? Who do you think you are comin' up 'ere ya bloody tosser? Is there somethin' on my face that reads, 'yea come up and talk to me it'll be a grand old time'? Nah I don't think there is so mind you're f*ckin' manners. I get it, I'm pretty damn good lookin but still, learn some f*ckin self control."
Spring Summers 12/16/16 NaffMuppet
Oi. The other FCKING day I fanged this FCKING lonely city slag. Had so much FCKING Perfume on. I spent bloody fifteen minutes sneezing her blood. Daft plebs. Aye, a real fcking Russian.
Autumn Summers 12/16/16 Casey
Aye, it's bloody f*cking cold. That's about it. If you're curious, come see for yourself.
Spring Summers 12/16/16 MankyTosser
F-ck feelings. Deal. If you start to bloody show feelings, I'm going to kick your fcking balls into your fcking throat. Jesus fcking Christ. I'll bring you a Russian nutter to eat so you calm the FCK down.
Spring Summers 12/16/16 Stupid git
Because you are a fcking arsehole and no one will bother me there. Fcking tw-ts and their god damn fcking feelings. HIS NAME IS RA.
Spring Summers 12/16/16 Arsehole
When I get back from Moscow, can I hide in your fcking closet?
Spring Summers 12/15/16 F-cking chav. My eyes are up here, b-tch

Stupid bloody c-ck.

You hit Casey Noire for xxx damage. You won the encounter!
Spring Summers 12/15/16
Oi. Ready to be my f-cking b!tch?
Maya J Lawson 12/06/16 Maya looked at the man with her brows furrowed as he grumbled on about manicures and dollar amounts. He was clearly agitated and slight amusement crossed her features as she watched on. Everyone was incredibly touchy but she had yet to meet anyone more grumpy and violently angry than the a$$hole she spent most of her time with. She could toy with this new stranger, or snap back matching the unamused intonations of his words.

Instead, Maya lifted her fingers and twisted them in front of her face as if contemplating her nails and the idea of a manicure. Shrugging she took a step closer to him, a chesire grin spreading across her lips. Her eyes were completely focused on him, letting the world around her fade as she stalked the prey in front of her.

She wiggled her fingers in front of his eyes for a moment before resting the hand harshly against his chest, letting her nails scratch at the surface of his clothing.

“I think I like my nails just the way they are.” Grinning she removed her nails from his chest and began to step away with a twisted smile and soft chuckle.
Maya J Lawson 12/06/16 Maya leaned against the wall, watching the busy people run by with frantic expressions on their faces. Everyone was in a hurry, never slowing down to witness the world around them, soon they’d all vanish and wonder what they were doing with their lives, but in the meantime, Maya stood idly by watching with amusement.

Her feet were just growing numb when she decided she should walk amongst the chaos and leave her observations for another day. Perhaps she could go back home, stop for a drink, or shop for warmer clothes. Bitter cold brushed against her arms as she pulled her sweater tighter around her body. Shopping for warmer clothes sounded splendid.

As her feet travelled along the sidewalk she suddenly felt someone’s presence, it was too close for comfort. Swinging around she came face to face with a man whose fingers were stretched out towards her. ****ing her head to the side she lifted a quizzical eyebrow. Was he really trying to steal from her? Damn these criminals in this city. It seemed everyone was a thief, a fighter, or plagued with some type of addiction. Heck, Maya was all three but sometimes it was exhausting staying alert.

“Sorry Sir, but I got plans for my money today. Better luck next time.” Maya pulled her lips into a friendly smile, tucking a strand of dirty blonde hair behind her ear.

Casey Noire just failed at stealing money from you!
Elouise Orlav 12/06/16 Aw. Who pissed in your cheerios this morning?
Gray Taylor 12/05/16 Casey
Who would be a good date for Spring?
Winter Summers 12/05/16 Winter's eyes followed people as the walked past them. Who would be his new target? Perhaps that man? Or the one next to him. He tensed as someone stuck their hand into his back pocket. Someone was being bold! He turned around to get sassy on the person however upon seeing it was Casey he frowned.

Casey Noire just failed at stealing money from you!

"Hey wanna be baby Spring keep your f#cking hands out of my pants. You aren't anywhere near my type and I don't wanna end up on a list so please f#ck the f#ck off."
Spring Summers 12/05/16
Blimey. You're off the f-cking rails, mate. Your yampy head goes there? Stupid git. Don't f-cking tell me your weird fcking fetishes arsemonger. Jesus f-cking christ.
Spring Summers 12/05/16
Oi. Show those barmy fingers at me af-cking again. I'm going to rip them off and shove them down your bloody f-cking throat. Top of the morning to you too. F-cking arsehole.
Spring Summers 12/05/16
No one wants to hear your f-cking screeching voice, sh-tface.
Gray Taylor 12/03/16 This is why I like you. You're a total d-ck.
Gray Taylor 12/03/16 Please, inflate my ego a little more.
Gray Taylor 12/03/16 You know.. maybe you should showcase that charm more often.
Gray Taylor 12/03/16 I just cannot wrap my head around why people wouldn't like you. What's not to like? Makes no sense.
Gray Taylor 12/02/16 That is not how that works.
Ra Seo 12/02/16 Has not heard the best things about this kid. Will try to introduce himself anyway. Doesn't mind rudeness and has found that bad language doesn't bother him. Gently and quietly approaches, fluffy white kitten with the bluest eyes tucked into his front shirt pocket.

"Hello." Brow raises. Thinks that this kid cannot be older than a teenager. Though that would still give him considerable experience over Ra. "You're new. Welcome. I am Ra."

Tiny fluff ball of a kitten pokes her head out of his pocket and 'mews'. "Oh. This is cheddar. Say hello."
Claire Cross 12/02/16 Wise young man. Don't ever date. It's awkward and a snore. Women are moody creatures, girls are the worst. Be a dear and point me in the direction of the nearest bar. I crave their nuts.
Claire Cross 12/02/16 Hey! Hey you! Want to date my daughter?
Spring Summers 12/01/16 You hit Casey Noire for 64 damage.
You won the encounter!

"Oi! How's that for chicken legs? F-cking d-ck."
Spring Summers 12/01/16 No.
Winter Summers 12/01/16 Winter stares at Lacey, Macey whatever this things name was. He never listened when Gray spoke. Well choice words he did. "You act just like my sister though you are ten times worse at it. Oh and while I am talking to you, stay away from her. No this isn't me being a protective brother it's a warning. She will rip you a new one."
Autumn Summers 12/01/16 Funny, I don't recall having said a goddamn thing to you, boy, but it's nice to know you're an eavesdropper and are not to be trusted. Cheers. Now bugger off.
Will Summers 12/01/16 "Ya still bleed, doncha?" casually stuffs her hands into her leather jacket, fingers hidden within her pockets.
Will Summers 12/01/16 Stares at

"I just don't see the resemblance. Sure, there are rumours going about but, still. I think we need a DNA test done."

Stares at him more.
Will Summers 12/01/16 Well, if we're a plague, ya little bint, then am I the one that affects all the first born sons? I suppose Blaize will just deal with it.
Gray Taylor 12/01/16 They're warming up to you already.
Spring Summers 12/01/16 Bloody hell f-cking no. You can't see my f-cking list. Wanker.
Spring Summers 12/01/16 Just you f-cking wait. You're on my f-cking list, now.
Spring Summers 12/01/16 Run the f-ck over? I'll make you my f-cking b1tch. Punk arse.
Blaize Summers 12/01/16 -stares coldly at-
"The paper is calling you my love child with a Caitlyn Noire...I don't see it. You look more like Spring to me."
-gives a scoff and walks off-
"Oh, and welcome to Mercy, where we have anything but mercy."
Spring Summers 12/01/16 Stay the f-ck out of my f-cking way.
Gray Taylor 12/01/16 (Gray Taylor is a goddamn brat)
Aside from a fully loaded suite to call him, as well as an endless supply of anything legal money can buy? ...Greatness.
Gray Taylor 12/01/16 I'm saying I collect potential, and your intelligence has just that.
Gray Taylor 12/01/16 Spring is the easiest person to make angry, and the sh-t that comes out of her mouth is hilarious. Best source of entertainment. I also appreciate the lack of eagerness from you.
Gray Taylor 12/01/16 Hear you are making tons of friends. Sure you don't want to reconsider on that offer?
Elouise Orlav 12/01/16 You're a real sh*t, you know that?
Elouise Orlav 12/01/16 Threats like that are probably why you're in detention, bud.
...did you take your meds this morning?
Elouise Orlav 12/01/16 Not in high school? Are you still in middle school?
Elouise Orlav 12/01/16 How the f*ck did you get out of detention?
Spring Summers 11/30/16 Shut the f-ck up. Of fcking course you would mention a bloody drug. You f-cking tweaker hobknocker. P-ss off. Don't fcking stalk me the f-ck again. Pop that Xanax like I'm going to pop those balls with my f-cking boot.
Gray Taylor 11/30/16 She's all bark. Keep the offer in mind. I can't be the only one causing her grief. Good luck. You're on her radar, now.
Gray Taylor 11/30/16 That is precisely the one, yea. How'd you like a chance to annoy the piss out of her whenever you damn well pleased?
Spring Summers 11/30/16 Why don't you come closer sh-tface? I'll show you how high I can fcking kick. Creeper nothing you f-cking say? Exf-ckingscuse Me. I would not bloody stand around looking at f-cking fingernails. You tottie c-ck.
Gray Taylor 11/30/16 I'm Gray Taylor, and Spring is the angry girl that calls everyone a f-cking wanker. Who are you?
Gray Taylor 11/30/16 I could hear Spring reading you the riot act from a mile away. If you ever want a chance to further annoy her, let me know. I'm sure we can work something out.
Spring Summers 11/30/16 Oi. F-ck off you bloody f-cking wanker. I'll shove my f-cking foot so up your @rse that you'll choke on your own f-cking sh-t. Stop being a creeper, stupid git.
Elouise Orlav 11/29/16 You're so not getting any candy now.
Elouise Orlav 11/29/16 -gasps-
You're not even that much younger than me!
You just can't grasp the power of a classic.
Elouise Orlav 11/29/16 What was that? I can't hear you over the sound of nostalgia.
Elouise Orlav 11/28/16 Gross, no. I just enjoy annoying you!
Elouise Orlav 11/28/16 You're mouthy for a toddler!
Don't they teach respect in daycare?
Gray Taylor 11/28/16 You intrigue me. Are you sure you're soulless?
Elouise Orlav 11/28/16 Ohemgee. Watch your mouth!
...and don't do drugs. You're too young.
Elouise Orlav 11/28/16 You're like... fetal.
Where are your parents?!
Elouise Orlav 11/28/16 You managed to break out Casey Noire.

...are you even allowed to be in here?
Kai Noire 11/28/16 Walks by eyeing the kid. "Yes you aren't from are far too ugly. I worried for not." Flicks his cigarette to the ground stepping on it as he continued on his way.
Atom Noire 11/28/16 - stares at-
Camille Rameau 11/28/16 Wow. Sassy little b@stard, aren't you?
Let's hope it doesn't get you whooped.
... Or let's hope it does.
Camille Rameau 11/28/16 Are you... Do you have...
Another Noire?!
Caitlyn Darrow 11/28/16 What are you doing here? I don't need to buy from you, Casey. I don't need many things. I follow my nose.
Caitlyn Darrow 11/28/16 *spits deflated squeaky toy to the side*
Caitlyn Darrow 11/28/16 *cracks knuckles, deflates squeaky toy in mouth*
Who are you?
Caitlyn Darrow 11/28/16 *Eyes*
Lloyd R Darrow 11/28/16 -wails-
Good God, you're all multiplying too!
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