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Born: July 13, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 18 (House only: 16)
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 1042 (House only: 440)
Affiliation: Eternal Embrace Mail Replies Sent: 910
Home City: London Mail Sent: 293
In Union With: Amethyst Boru Last Login:
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09/17/21 at 9:09 pm
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nuair a dhéantar éagóir ina dhlí Éiríonn dualgas éirí amach
Special Items:
 Minion Horde Raiding Party Leader
My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 12th Anniversary
I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm
I Survived the Red Death 2019 And All I Got Was This Lousy Trophy
Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Survived the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019
Best RP June 2020
Skull dripping blood commemorating the Bloodletting 14th Anniversary
I took a walk around the Realm for Thanksgiving 2020
Secret Santa - Christmas 2020
My head is pounding to much to be here, New Years day 2021
Sapphire Snowflake Pin ~ Yule Ball Participant 2020
Summer Bloodies 2021 ~ Best Business/Home RP
Summer Bloodies 2021 ~ Sexiest Person

Ciaran_M_Boru's Biography

((If you want to be friends start a RP with me. Sorry I dont randomly accept friend requests.The information here is OOC. Just because you read this bio doesn't mean IC you know it and can use it with out RP and being told any of it. ((Please do not attack me while I am online but feel free to steal til your little hearts are content anytime. Current moods are IC only.))

Original Start Date: October 08, 2010

Name: Ciaran Merlin Boru (Ciarán Merlin Bóruma)
DOB: June 15, 1989
Place of birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Age: 29
Race: Witch
Official titles:
Crown Prince of Ireland (Prionsa Corónach na hÉireann)
Duke of Mayo (Diúc Mhaigh Eo)
marital status: Married to Amethyst(6/24/2012 at 3pm)
Children: Paige Leigh (17) ,Hope Shauna(16) (Step daughter); Daughter Cierra Maeve (15),Daughter (adopted) Dessy Rose (15), twins Connor Arthur & Ciara Brianna ( 7 years old...born Feb.14, 2013), Elijah Ronan ( 6years old... born 4/09/14). Twins,Katherine Angel & Kristin Kerry (3 years old 1-27-16), twins Doran Brian Lillian Luna ( 9-14-2020).
In laws: Caitlin (Connors) Boru (sister in law) and Rafe C Whitmoore (brother in law)
Powers (if any): Earth elemental,Energy shield,orbing, conjuring, Healing, Energy blasts , telekenisis, Atomkenisis ( Weather Manipulation), Projection
Lanuages spoken: Irish Gaelic, Elven, English, French, Norwegian, Romanian and Spanish
Education: Druantia Academy of Magic (Ireland) : Graduated, Trinity University ( Dublin,Ireland) Majored in Medicine (Modern and Druid) : Graduated
Ronan Boru (father)
Lilly Emperium (Mother)
Cassandra Malinov (Aunt/God mother)
Siobhan Boru (Aunt)
Killian Doyle (God Father/uncle)
Airmid Boru (sister)
Matthew Boru (Twin Brother)
Alexander Boru (Brother)
Elessar Boru (Brother)
Marah Whitmoore (Sister)
Grania Boru (Sister)
Orchid Boru (Sister)
Tabitha Boru (Sister)
Arwen Boru (sister)
Cira Boru (sister)

Family History:

My name is Ciaran Merlin Boru. I am the oldest son of a witch and a vampire. I am 29 years old and live in Ireland. My father is a Irish warrior and the witch and would of been the last of the Boru blood had myself and brothers and sisters not been around. My siblings are David, Marah , Matthew , Alexander , Arwen , Elessar , Cira , Grania and Orchid. My middle name is Merlin. My father was a friend of Merlin's and this was his way of making the name live on. Most of the Druid's refer to me as "Beag Emrys" or little Merlin.

My father's wife Lilly is more mother to me . My father's ex wife , Maeve was more of a mother as well even though neither of them had to be when I was growing up. Besides Lilly and Maeve the only other mother like figure in my and my siblings lives was our Aunt Siobhan Doyle, My father's youngest sister.

I was married once to a lass named Liliana but that didnt last. She died and came back at one point as an angel along with our daughter, Cierra just as I was getting married again and happy to my current wife and love of my life Amethyst. Since then I have taken a potion to forget who she was so should she ever return again I will have nothing to do with her or her family. I love Amethyst as I always have and will. Cierra also has decided to forget Liliana and her 1/2 sister Liana via potion as well .Dessy has no love for Liliana due to the way she was treated in the past has also taken the potion. Dessy sees myself only as her father and Amethyst as her mother.

I have my Panther familar with me . His name is Cre . He is always near by me and a protector.I also have a White Dire wolf with red eyes named Dagda with me as well .I have a dragon named, Kilgharrah as well who has been my protector since I was born though he is many many years older then me. I am a Earth elemental and full blooded witch as I inherited none of my mother's vampire traits at all.I have blond hair and blue eyes. I stand at 5' 10". I have a tattoo of a double Celtic trinity knot in black on my left wrist like my father has . I am the same Irish warrior prince as my father is.My healing power has one flaw to it I can not heal the dead. Family means the world to me and I will protect them even if it means my own death.
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Amethyst Boru

Ronan -R Boru



Matt Boru

Caitlin Boru

Marah Whitmoore

Rafe C Whitmoore


Killian _Doyle

Siobhan Boru

Koa -J La Rue

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Mya Kravenoff
Blood Demon

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Ophir _T_ Jadu

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October Dragon 09/16/21 *Bows* Thank you kindly for the warm welcome sir. My name is October, and I look forward to meeting others and learning more.
Luminita Aldea 09/16/21 "And I am Lady Luminita Aldea but for your kindness you may just say Luminita. Also I will attempt to stay out of trouble but it always seems to find me."
Luminita Aldea 09/15/21 "Thank you young man for freeing me from that dreadful hole they call a dungeon."
Vivian_Fox 09/03/21 "Thank you Ci, it definitely is good to be back"
imashe 08/26/21 "Thank you"
Briahne Christiann 08/09/21 Thank you Ciaran, it's good to be back.
Matt Boru 08/08/21
Name: Zacarias Josef Boru
DOB: 1 August 2021
Weight: 6 lbs 9 ozs.
Parents: Matthew and Caitlin Boru
Marah Whitmoore 07/14/21 You managed to break out Ciaran_M_Boru.
Amethyst Boru 07/13/21 Rolls eyes.."Figures but can't you wait till we get home...? Really...." winks and grinsl
Cataleya Ambrosia Garcia 07/13/21 Thank you Ciaran, it is good to be back.
Amethyst Boru 07/11/21 Ami sneaks up and pinches her husband's butt.
" Really love!! You felt you had to pick my pockets or were you just coping a feel?"
gives him shifty eyes.
Matt Boru 06/23/21 "Aye thanks but at least I dont try to say it was you and a case of mistaken identity now do I?" ~ Matt looks at his brother and smiles then laughs~
Katherine Pierce- 05/21/21 "I'm glad she is safe, it makes me wish I was stronger in a away. To help with protecting her"
Katherine Pierce- 05/21/21 "I hope he protects her or he will have a seriously pissed off grandmother on his back" she began to laugh happily as she fiddled with her wedding ring. "All I ever wanted is to belong and yes I've got a bad history of being a nightmare."
Elijah Mikaelson 05/21/21 *laughs*"Yes it does as I have heard myself through sources. I congratulated her and made a point that I hope she told our daughter. And I use that term lightly. I've noticed the change in my daughter these past months since Lilly adopted her. She's more self assured of herself. Something I tried to tell her for years now. I guess she just needed a mother to help her see she is worth something."
Katherine Pierce- 05/21/21 "I'm glad that hope is safe Ciaran. Please let her know I'm happy" She wiped a tear out of her eyes "I maybe a bitch and a hopeless mother, but don't I deserve someone that makes me happy and calm"
Elijah Mikaelson 05/21/21 *Elijah chuckles* " Again someone spoiling my fun. But yes it's great. I've known Ray for decades and we finally decided it was the right time. As for Katerina I've heard that as well. I'm sure my daughter has heard as well . "
Katherine Pierce- 05/21/21 "The winds are telling the truth, I am wed again and very happy to say the least" she smiled and nods "I will let my daughter know"
Amethyst Boru 02/08/21 "Don't say that. I love my father he's been there for me since day one when he found out about me. Not all family get along with each other but remain civil for the children's sake. That's something I tried with Zarek but he was alot like you and still is. He has nothing to do with Hope. She went to him and tried to talk and all he could do was talk down my husband,his family and me. Hope now wants nothing to do with him. So C had his lawyers make up papers I signed them. Hope is a Boru now something she shod have been when she was younger when she wanted it."
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