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Born: April 21, 2014 Forum Topics Started: 0
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"Delusions of grandeur make me feel a lot better about myself."
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Addison's Biography

Appearance: Addison stands at a mere 5' tall, barely 100lbs., a petite, lithe form, with reflective light blue eyes and long straight dark hair. She is eternally 20 years old in appearance.

Date of Birth: unknown.

Place of birth: Swamp-land outskirts of New Orleans

Heritage: American, possibly some German

Orientation: Straight - Single

Status: Will probably die alone with 72 cats...

The facts:

Addison first came to the Realm as a vampire. She loved her life. She met a Slayer, who won her cold heart, and for his love, and with his help, cleansed herself of her vampirism and became a Slayer. She joined Azhi Dahaka immediately after.

Not long after settling into her new ‘life’, her Slayer lover left her. It crushed her. She was already quite insane, but this seemed to drive her over the edge completely.

She still has a psychological need for blood rather than food. How she functions is unknown. She also does not grasp the line between good and evil.

Addison can survive in a viral zombie infestation. They don’t seem to see her, or, see her as one of their own.

Addison is a High Priestess in the arts of Voodoo and Hoodoo. She has pacts with many of the Loa.

She carries a cursed Katana. A part of her own soul is housed within it, and, from a deal with Baron Samedhi, each person who dies from her blade, the blade collects the soul, adding to Addison’s own strengths.

Humor is Addison’s most dangerous weapon. She thinks she is a laugh riot.

She is obsessed with cats, saving strays at every opportunity.

Addison misses being a vampire, and the thoughts of being turned once again weigh heavily on her.

At close to 700 years old, Addison is terrified of bugs and being buried.

January's 2015 RPM -Third Place:
All the Glitters is not Gold...
Elena Lupei & Addison

August 2014 RPM - Second place:
The Path Home
Addison & Jabril Statham

August 2014 RPM - Third Place:
In War We Trust
Jabril Statham & Addison

June 2014 RPM - Third Place:
Death is the Road to Awe

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Livia Vlcek

Templar Knight

Dexter Gein
Templar Knight


Kiernan Tigra

Sabina Fairchild
Elena Lupei
Kenny R

Mercy Prescot

Dr Van Helsing

Morgan Laramee

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RealmThe Realm Origin Story - All invited
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Mortal ThoughtsWhat are you listening to right now?
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Dexter Gein 03/02/19
Livia Vlcek 01/17/19 A breath of relief sighed, Livia wraps herself in a sheet and finds a spot next to the snotbubbling Addison. The Slayer knows what it feels like to be considered 'icky' more than the Mambo knows. "You aren't icky or awkward.. you are speshul."

Slender arm wraps around the woman and Livia's head finds rest on Addi's shoulder. "You're even cute with the snot bubbles." she nods and adds, hopefully, reassuring words. "I'd do you if I had the plumbing for it.. of course.. I'd let you blow your nose first so you wouldn't suffocate."
Morgan Laramee 01/16/19 Uh, thanks! *eyes on the strange sock puppet*
I definitely will not touch your stuff!
Livia Vlcek 01/13/19 Livia stares wide eyed at Addison. She isn't icky, never that! But to cut her head off with a butcher knife? No.. that just wasn't efficient. Really. A Shoto would be the sword used for seppuku, the katana would be for removing the head and the Slayer's heard whispers about the one Addison owned. "You are not icky.. and if that is the only reason, then no."

Plus.. Livia loves Addison. Then again, maybe the Mambo knows this and it's why she's in Livia's bedroom. The Czech woman could give the woman a quick death but there has to be some other way. "You are not serious, right Milacek?"
ShawnD 01/13/19 Darn it! He felt like a jerk, he probably was and didn't really think she'll take it that hard. He thought they could at least be friends, but as she wandered off, he understands how most people like her longs for romance, if he had met her a long time ago, things may have been different. Times do change, time will tell. Sighing softly, he walked away not sure about what she is going through. He hoped she was okay.
Livia Vlcek 01/13/19 Pale eyes want to open, they really do. There is a presence in her room that she can feel but not account for. Whether it is some sixth sense or simply a shift in temperature or a new scent, Livia knows that someone is there.. she can feel it. Maybe it is the heaviness of emotion. A sadness? The hand that reaches for the firearm beneath her pillow stops. This is not a threatening feeling. Pale eyes open, the woman sits up in her bed to see Addison there. "Addi? What's wrong? What's going on?"
ShawnD 01/12/19 Well, wasn't she cute? But, he had to burst her bubble thinking of his sweetheart elsewhere knowing he couldn't do that to her even if he wanted to. "I am actually engaged. You're very considerate, thank you anyway" And, to be honest, she actually made him laugh, really, which was uncommon for him that someone such as her would have a funny bone around here. "Addison right?" He asked he's heard about her from another crew member around here.
ShawnD 01/12/19 Is she the one who the others warned him about, he noticed the head on his door and was told about it gives protection. Aye? Though he did most of that around here, but the welcome was nice despite the craziness. It's good to know how lively this place is, good to see that not everyone was like some soldier, face all straight and doing their jobs kind of person with no sense of humor whatsoever, he's met them types before, they were like walls unmoving. He tacked a note to her door thanking her for the opened arms. "Thank you. The head was farfetch'd, but it's okay, I can get used to it around here" Nah, he could learn to have fun every now and then, he left the hall of the lady's room and began to explore his new, but familiar territory, memories perhaps?
Jack Whitechapel 01/06/19 Jack shook his head once. Not hungry? Not wanting to get something to eat with this person? Not... what? He turned and walked away, his steps carefully measured and guided. He meandered back and forth to avoid stepping on wads of gum or moisture on the ground. Likewise, he avoided cracks, giving little hops when necessary or shortening his steps to make sure he stepped between the sections of the sidewalk with exactly three footfalls.
Jack Whitechapel 01/02/19 The boy's face was mostly placid but one might have been able to read the small tell-tale signs of contemplation. Home?

Jack looked around and waved his hand toward the street. He gave no response to her mentioning her abode or of her offer to getting anything he needed seeing as she was an adult. It really didn't matter to him. He traded for everything he wanted. At that moment, Jack's stomach gave a lurching growl. He didn't seem to notice or care.
Jack Whitechapel 01/02/19 The Junior Mortician straightened his body and then his clothes. He brushed his hands down the front of his coat, brushing away imaginary lint or dirt. He looked up to Addison and observed her with carefully analytical eyes. Finally, he smiled. It was a small, barely existent smile that tugged at the corners of his lips.

"Add-is-son," he said, pronouncing every syllable carefully. It's not that Jack cannot talk or even talk well. He simply chooses not to most times. People lie when they talk. Or they tell tales and get people in trouble.

"John," he said in response. It wasn't his full name, of course though it was a piece of his True Name which, in itself was dangerous to be bandying around, Jack knew instinctively. He stared at her expectantly as if he might be waiting for something. Conversation?
Jack Whitechapel 01/02/19 Jack didn't bother trying to fight her attempts to sooth the pain of his hand. It's not that he was really worried about it, though. He had had worse over the years. He was curious when she cut his skin. He was more curious when she began to suck the poison from the wound. He could feel the toxin winding its way out of his body and into hers. He reached down and stroked the band aid over and over, accepting and understanding the texture of it.

He reached up and patted her cheek with his freshly bandaged hand. Maybe that was his way of thanking her...
Jack Whitechapel 01/02/19 "It bit me," Jack said. His voice was the voice of an angel. Choirs would be jealous of his quiet speaking voice. It was a statement of fact and not something that was meant to invoke pity. Maybe he was relating to why she feared creatures like spiders. He didn't speak much and the eight syllables he had uttered to Addison were almost unheard of.

He didn't follow with anything else. He crouched down and started tracing the antihelix and fossa of one. He seemed to have completely forgotten the existence of the woman. For a time, he 'petted' the ear but found himself distracted by the angry red swelling along his tiny fingers.
Jack Whitechapel 01/02/19 Jack shook his head. He grabbed the jar with the moths, yes. He clutched it to his chest with one thin arm. With his other, Jack reached out and tapped the female's hand. His carefully manicured nail tapped on the index finger's first knuckle of her left hand.

"Trade," he insisted, enjoying the curve and length of the finger. "I have a spider."
Jack Whitechapel 01/02/19 A small child sat alone on the ground. He was currently tormenting a black widow with a small twig. He was poking it gently. It wasn't enough to hurt the shiny spider, but it was enough to keep her aggression up. He chased the poor spider in circles. After a little while, he began to reach down with his finger and poke its shiny carapace. The spider was getting more and more frantic. Jack was about to decide what to do with it when he was distracted by the approach of a stranger. The moment of distraction cost him and the spider made a break for it.

Jack didn't allow his distraction to lose him his prize. He jumped forward and dropped his cupped hand over the running spider. His eyes widened when he caught it but he showed no other outward sign of pain when the little monster started biting him. Jack squeezed his fingers and popped the thorax of the arachnid. He shook his hand violently a few times and shoved the faintly twitching spider into his pocket.

The small boy turned his full attention onto the woman. He studied the moths and the scalpels. They definitely intrigued him... but there was something much more interesting on offer. He reached out his thin hand, already swollen and discolored from the venom of the spider.

"Yes," he replied and reached into his pants pocket. He pulled out a small zip lock baggie filled with large grains of salt. With exacting care, he dug his fingers into the grains and rummaged around. A few moments later, he pulled out a small red-brown-gray, dry-as-a-bone piece of flesh. It was one of his prized pieces: An adult male's pineal gland, saved from rot by the salt that it had been sitting in since he had first traded for it.
Synetta 12/24/18 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Jackson McCarthy 12/19/18 Uh..I mean...Why does everyone think that?
*still takes what is handed to him*
*super dumbfounded*
*blood drips from the bag*
A paper bag though????
*watches as she leaves him*
*shouts after her*
I hope it was worth it!
Will Summers 12/13/18 A slender brow arches at the woman as she seemed to ramble on, asking may things, saying others, and barely giving the darkly crowned female a chance to respond. And so, Will merely cants her head to the side in curious, lupine manner, luminescent blues flaring an chilling shade of ice before settling into a lighter hue of sky.

A quirking of her lips put a wry smile spreading across plush tiers of cupid's bow and Willow is finally speaking.

"Considerin' that I'm alive again, I'd say mah pain threshold is pretty damned high up there. Why, ya wanna Mommy-Dommy me? Is this where I say that I've been a bad, bad.... Bad girl and need to be punished?" And there goes Will's sense of humor.
Summer 12/13/18 *gives a start, surprised to see Addison since it’s been quite a while.*
*nods, with a chagrined look on her face*
Yea, some of mine roam these halls. Fret not- my kin seem to die as quickly as we pop up.
*gives an angelic smile*
Dexter Gein 12/13/18 :) Glad to see you back and thanks.
Malek 12/13/18 The powerful young lycan stares hard at the girl when she approaches, his eyes narrowing ever so slightly as he studies her features, her diminutive size. His breath is released with a single, long semi-growling sigh.

The Beast fights its way toward the surface, appearing feral in Malek's yellow-green eyes that focus iridescent ire upon the approaching creature.
Malek barely suppresses the monster that lives within.

A grunt follows as the girl scampers off. A long drink of Wild Turkey 101 straight from the 150ml bottle. A deep drag from the cigarette that dangles from his fingers.

Strange girl.
Genesis 12/13/18 Oh, yay. Addison is back.
~plots her death~
Livia Vlcek 03/02/18 *snuggleluffs* You're the best...seriously. You are. *luffs*
Livia Vlcek 02/28/18 HOOOOOOOOOOOMG...*dies* Build a bae!!!
You're killing me, smalls. *falls over*
Livia Vlcek 02/28/18 *hands clasped at her chest, Livia looks at the suitcase* You're so sweet!
*bounces excitedly* I'll go get the fishing wire...
*smiles devilishly* Gotta stitch him up somehow...
Livia Vlcek 02/27/18 *blinks* Assembly?! Did you break another one Addison? *chuckles quietly*
EirieNightBreed 07/02/17 Congratulations on being picked for PotD :)
LillyEmperium 07/02/17 Congrats on pod
Kat Steel 07/02/17 Congrats on PotD!
Kristian Mcloud 05/06/17 Grats on POTD!
Kiernan Tigra 05/06/17 Approaching his friend and cohort from behind, Kiernan wrapped his arms around her midsection in a bear hug, picking her up and squeezing her as he did so. "Addison!!" Laughing as he set her down, smiling, letting her go to lean around to look at her face. "Somebody put a poster up with your face on it. I don't think they got the right angle though." With a contemplative look on his face, he pretended to debate what to do about that. "Ah well - the real deal's better anyways! Glad to see you home again!" He was positively beaming to see her again, genuinely happy to have caught her while she was out and about.
Kat Steel 05/06/17 Well ju better hide :O
Kat Steel 05/06/17 Congrats on PotD!
Livia Vlcek 02/07/17 *looks around for the doll*
*whispers* I'll show you when we get back to your room...
*shifty eyes*
Livia Vlcek 02/07/17 *wide eyes* Her room sounds freaking amazing...does she have grenades?!
*does a happy wiggle*
*contemplates* Grab me a wig while you're at it. I need a new look.
*realises* Do not pee...oh god. Don't! Don't do it!
*cries* I'm not into those kinds of kinks!
Livia Vlcek 02/07/17 *shudders* She has the grabby hands.
*sniffles* Once, at band camp...
*cannot go on*
Just...grab them from the room as quickly as you can. Be like Jahu, Fast...and Furious.
*shifty eyes*
Livia Vlcek 02/07/17 Hoooooomahgawd! *is excited*
*thinks of whose rooms they could pilfer*
*grins* We should totally raid Genesis', Sprew's and and Dexter's rooms!
*furrows brow* Though...Dexter kinda frightens me. Who am I kidding. They all terrify me.
*blinks* Mrs Sprew is so mean...and grabby. Oh god.
*whispers* Have you met Mrs. Sprew?
Livia Vlcek 02/07/17 *thinks this might be the most action she's seen in a long time*
*enjoys the ride*
*inches along with Addison* Wooooo! I like closets! I get to play dress up right?
Livia Vlcek 02/06/17 *leans little as she could*
*grins devilishly* Are you trying to woo me? I have hand sanitizer.
*whispers* Don't threaten me with a good time...I'll be your blood doll.
Livia Vlcek 02/06/17 *continues to hug*
*may have coated the front of her jacket in super glue...purposely*
Now you'll never be rid of me...*ebil laugh*
Livia Vlcek 02/06/17 *hugs tightly*
*doesn't let go*
Summer 01/19/17 A small, slightly amused smile tickled her lips as she watched the petite brunette walk by. Sniffing. It wasn't unusual, so she just rolled with it. Grinning right back at the twirling figure, she retorted, "New car smell? Damn, I must be too sober."
Summer sniffed her own arm and decided she did indeed smell far too sober. She aimed to remedy that as soon as possible.
Roman Pierce 03/13/16 Always..
Genesis 03/06/16 ~eyes her team-mate~ "What do you mean, for now?" ~is hit with a foul smelling bag~ "GAH...GROSS...ADDISON!" ~punches freaky little woman in the face~
Kiernan Tigra 03/06/16 With a wide grin on his features, Kiernan rolled his eyes. "Hey," He pointed at her for a moment, "you promised you'd come home. I'd have been sad if you hadn't. But! You're back and that's what matters right?" He barely caught the bag that she'd tossed to him, though he looked within it curiously. It did in-fact contain sea shells. Looking up as she revealed her make-shift bra, he couldn't help but laugh. "Well, they seem to suit you very well Addi." He rolled his eyes at her pun, whether she could tell or not was another thing. "I've missed your craziness. Things got a little quiet without your laughter all the time." He joined in her laughter, though it didn't scale to quite a maniacal degree as hers did however.

"I've got a question for you actually, when you feel you're comfortable being back and in the swing of things." He didn't want to ruin her happy mood, but there was something rather important on his mind.
Kiernan Tigra 03/06/16 Kiernan approached his friend and enveloped her in a warm hug before she could do anything. "You came back!" He said with happy smile on his features before finally letting her go, and holding her at arms length. "You were gone much longer than you said, and I started to get worried." His expression was a little worried, but overall he seemed happy.
John Doe 01/27/16 Don't forget to post it in the Fan Club so you can get your special shiny Member Pin.
John Doe 01/27/16 John Doe Fact #917: John Doe climbed Mt. Everest in reverse, he started at the top and walked down.
Valentin Metzger 01/25/16 Duty keeps him occupied and time passes all too quickly. The male never forgets the kindness of fellow crew mate Addison on New Years, the basket she left. He has just been unable to contact her, until now. In neat, perfectly executed block print, the Butcher pens a note and orders Himmel to quickly deliver it to the woman.


Please forgive my lack of response, the rudeness I have shown. I have been quite busy but that is no excuse, ja? Thank you for the meal you left. While they are not traditional meal in my country for New Year, the ingredients used are. I wonder if this is a coincidence? I enjoyed the meal greatly and what little my compatriots Himmel and Holle could wrestle from, they seemed to enjoy as well. Prosit Neujahr.

Genesis 01/01/16 "Happy New Years and thanks for the basket, you little freak. :P ."
Sabina Fairchild 11/30/15 This was going to be an interesting night ”Between Dex, you and Addison, I am feeling at home all ready. As for that drink, lets kill that bottle.” Sabina begins to work on the cork upon the bottle of Tequila. Once the cork was cleared, she stuffs it in her pocket to save. Glancing to both, she brings the bottle to her lips ”I hope you don’t mind?” She takes a drink from the bottle. The liquor washed over her tongue and down her throat, burning at first, but it was that good burn that was going down. Clearing her throat ”MMM… Good stuff. Whose next?” Sabina extends the bottle out towards Genesis and Addison.
Sabina Fairchild 11/30/15 Sabina turns to look within the direction of Addison while listening. She glances back and forth between Genesis and Addison while holding onto the bottle of Tequila. This was going to be rather interesting. “Well… Uh… mmh..Um….. I don’t believe Genesis would appreciate us going through her things at all.” She scrunched her nose while trying to make sure not to offend either one. ”I say, why don’t we crush this bottle and see what kind of trouble we can get into? I’m game if you are?” She glances to both Genesis then Addison.
lacigam 11/19/15 Grats on POtD! Hope you have a wonderful day! :)
Elena Lupei 02/22/15 THIRD PLACE

"All the Glitters is not Gold..."
Elena Lupei & Addison Statham

New Orleans
KrystalSkye 07/17/14 Hey pretty lady. Hope you are having fun and finding everything ok
Dessa Chambers 07/14/14 Thank you!
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